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  1. Alexander Hawkins - Iron Into Wind

    I look forward to listening to it once it's available on Spotify.
  2. Amazon Music Unlimited

    From my experience it's the same tracks that are unavailable both at Spotify and amazon unlimited. This is rights holders' decision, not that of the streaming service. You have to have "show unavailable songs in playlists" setting activated in Spotify to see what you are missing.
  3. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Just started listening to this one. Check back with me in what, five hours?
  4. Morton Feldman

    I really like (relatively brisk) Ivan Ilic's version of 'For Bunita Marcus': http://paraty.fr/en/portfolio/ivan-ilic-plays-morton-feldman/ . Beautifully recorded too.
  5. Marty Krystall "Marty`s Mode" (K2B2) 2018

    Sidestepping a bit, don't forget this one by Neidligner's String Jazz (with Krystall) on SoulNote: http://www.camjazz.com/8024709076526-locomotive-cd.html
  6. Marty Krystall "Marty`s Mode" (K2B2) 2018

    I ordered a few CDs from K2B2 after Neidlinger's passing, and the order was handled (very promptly) by Marty Krystall. Don't have this particular CD, but I liked everything I have heard by Krystall, he's an excellent musician.
  7. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Very nice, this one. Great composer, Cerha.
  8. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Very nice, this one.
  9. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Ensemble Zefiro / Alfredo Bernardini - JS Bach, The Brandenburg Concertos. I like it, quite different to any other version I have heard.
  10. Cafe Zimmermann

    I love Zimmermanns! I do not find the tempos rushed, in fact I don't think they are faster than most of the modern recordings, it is just that they have this springy tight feel about them, which I actually find very appealing. I really like the way they are recorded too - such a full warm sound. Yes, harpsichord on Bach recordings is a bit in the background, but in general harpsichord loses a lot of its timbral colors when recorded with an orchestra (IMHO), and I still have to hear a record where a harpsichord would sound good with a larger group (I love good solo harpsichord, no problems with the instrument in general). And Zimmermanns' Vivaldi is really excellent (definitely not the fastest I've heard and with very audible harpsichord):
  11. Ives - great. Will check this one.
  12. Constant Lambert - Romeo & Juliet an other works (on Hyperion) Inventive music. Abundance of great melodies. The flow is seamless, it all develops so naturally. Lambert should definitely be better known, IMHO he is easily on par with somebody like Prokofiev. Here is a Hyperion link with generous samples: https://www.hyperion-records.co.uk/dc.asp?dc=D_CDA67545 . The CD costs just 5 pounds .
  13. Andrew Norman?

    Listened to "Play". Sounds OK. Does not really work as a whole, IMO, but a lot of nice hooks. Sounds like a Hollywood film composer who decided that he needs to go wild. Will listen some more.
  14. Brandenburg Concerti

    Cafe Zimmermann's versions are my favorite. Energetic HIP performances in outstanding sound.