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  1. An extremely irritating thing that Windows does to me

    How do you change the details you want to display? Do you right-click on the header of the frame displaying the details of do you use the menu? I've the German version installed, hence I'm not sure about the wording. If you chose the last menu item before ? (Help) which is "Extras" in German you can chose something like "Directory options" (Ordneroptionen) and then get a window with four tabs. Chose the second tab which should read like "Views" (Ansicht) which provides you with an extended list of options. Maybe that works. I run Vista on my desktop and XP on my laptop which I don't use extensively, hence I'm no longer this familiar with XP.
  2. Promising Music in trouble

    Assurance: - given you trust me - I just talked to Bodo Jacoby. It's no SPAM. The email posted by J.H. Deeley was sent by Bodo. Yes, it's SPV, his distributor in Germany. I don't want to disclose any further details on a public forum. So if you're interested/willing to offer help please contact Bobo.
  3. Charlie Mariano R.I.P.

    Two pics I took on November 21, 2008 to the left: Booby Stern's sax Charlie Mariano's alto sax See more pictures from the Birthday Concert at the Theaterhaus, Stuttgart, Germany.
  4. Charlie Mariano R.I.P.

    Charlie Mariano was accompanied by his wife Dorothée and his daughters Cynthia and Zana.
  5. What music did you buy today?

    Renee Rosnes: Black Narcissus (A Tribute to Joe Henderson) A fine trio session with Peter Washington on bass and Lewis Nash on drums.
  6. What music did you buy today?

    Promising Music, latest batch: Jan Hammer Trio: Maliny Maliny [Live] (1968) Stu Goldberg: Eye of the Beholder (1981) Alphonse Mouzon: Virtue (1976)
  7. what is that thing when you hear music b4 the song starts on an lp

    Thanks for that link. I new about the problems with magnetic tapes and always thought it was the only reason for those echoes. You live and learn...
  8. jazz standard that has the word "velvet" in the title

    I found two titles in my database, but I think they both aren't "standards": Velvet Sunset, composed by Earl Bostic Velvet Scene, composed by Mal Waldron
  9. Monday Michiru Corner

    Great suggestion! Result: "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation." Thanks a lot for the dead link.
  10. Happy Birthday Charlie Mariano

    Your wish was Charlie Mariano's command. Charlie Mariano wrote more than 130 compositions. The majority of these compositions do not even have the slightest suggestion of any influence of Indian music. Charlie Mariano recorded more than 300 albums - most of them as a side musician. There are lots of albums proving that black is white. I assume that your opinion is based on your experience from listening to a small part of his work.
  11. Happy Birthday Charlie Mariano

    Today, November 12, 2008, Charlie Mariano celebrates his 85th birthday. On November 21, his friends will give him a great party at the Theaterhaus in Stuttgart. Personnel, as announced so far: Philip Catherine (g), Wolfgang Dauner (p), Wolfgang Haffner (dr), Mike Herting (p) Dieter Ilg (b), Ack van Rooyen (tp, flh), Paul Shigihara (g), Quique Sinesi (g), Chaouki Smahi (oud), Jasper van‘t Hof (p), Bobby Stern (ts,ss, cl). See Theaterhaus
  12. Charlie Mariano discography

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE! Today, November 12, 2008, Charlie Mariano celebrates his 85th birthday.
  13. Well, that's really bad luck! I called the guy who is running the Musicland in Erlangen. He told me that he just went bankrupt and the bank just cleared his stock. He wasn't able to find the item in his database anyway. So the reference given by INXTERBOOK is no longer valid. Sorry, I would've been glad to be of help with this.
  14. Renee Rosnes - Black Narcissus

    To put it another way - this is exactly the type of album that I usually enthuse about, in terms of either personnel, concept, or "style". Thanks for recommending this one, JSngry. You might also like Renee Rosnes' collaboration with Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen: Friends Forever, which was recorded "in memory of Kenny Drew."