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  1. Come back, we miss you!

  2. Job Description

    And good luck to K.!
  3. Job Description

    Sounds to me like the IT part of job is to coordinate between in-house IT and external IT vendors, as well as the divisions within the company that require IT applications. Basically someone to: * poke IT when they snooze * keep track of all the purchase requisitions * organize planning meetings, take copious notes, keep good records, and make sure everyone's delivering what they promised on time I don't see where the person has to BE an IT person. Just computer-literate, and savvy enough to understand what various project needs are. The various department needs could be -- designing databases, and insurance forms (web-based? paper? telephone entry? probably all of the above) that interface seamlessly with the databases, making sure the database design anticipates all the queries that the department will need to run on the database -- that's one of the kinds of projects I could envision. Seems like the position your friend is applying for would be to make sure the department's needs are met by inhouse/external IT. (Did I just repeat myself?) Anyway, that's what it sounds like to me -- and she should emphasize any experience she has in planning, coordinating meetings, overseeing any kind of project with a budget and timetable, any administrative experience.
  4. Happy Birthday Phil Kelly!

    Hope it's a good one!
  5. Richard Pryor Has Left Us

    Wow. Thanks for posting that, Valerie.
  6. What about... John Beresford Tipton???
  7. Happy Birthday, Jim S.

    Here I've been thinking of you as older and wiser, but man -- when I was in 7th grade, if I'd lived in your hometown, I coulda been your babysitter! Have a great birthday, Jim, but save room for the coming festivities, and that package from Corsicana...
  8. Richard Pryor Has Left Us

    I did -- very vivid pictures of his childhood, and up to about age 21 -- my impression is that the book ended there -- but maybe just the detail ended there...
  9. The Organissimo forum world map

    (paging Kenny Weir -- we need Australia in the house!)
  10. Show yer face to us!!!!!!

    Awww... (do you remember what you were playing?)
  11. Real maple syrup from Canada -- fairly cheap in the grocery stores here.
  12. Richard Pryor Has Left Us

    Loved, loved, loved Richard Pryor.
  13. Live Chat?

    Couw seems to be in the Chat Room all by his lonesome... What are you saying to yourself, John? (I'd join ya, but the java thing is a problem...)
  14. Hope you're having a great birthday, you kid you!
  15. 7/4, thread killer

    My previous post reminds me of the very apt nickname given to me by Deep (or was it The Groper???): "maren(thetical)" Can't we all just get along????