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  1. BFT31 Bonus Tracks and here's the rest just right before Christmas..... The whole record is guiding the live audience through a decade of Jazz from the Ragtime beginnings to modern electronic Jazz. Its quite a nice travel although I prefer not to mix the styles that much. The Vienna Art Orchestra definitely belongs to the forefront of modern Big Band sounds: Anna Lauvergnac – voice (not heard on that track) Thorsten Benkenstein, Matthieu Michel, Bumi Fian, Thomas Gansch - trumpets Robert Bachner, Christian Muthspiel, Ed Partyka - trombones Klaus Dickbauer, Florian Bramböck, Andy Scherrer, Harry Sokal, Herwig Gradischnig - reeds Martin Koller - guitar Georg Breinschmid - bass (acoustic rhythm section) Mario Gonzi - drums (acoustic rhythm section) Robert Riegler - bass (electric rhythm section) (not heard on that track) Thomas Lang - drums (electric rhythm section) (not heard on that track) Bonus Track 2: Zanzibar (from Mel Martin plays Benny Carter, 1994) Mel Martin, and Benny Carter himself, together with Jeff Chambers, Roger Kellaway, Harold Jones (ENJA) This track is taken from a disc mixed with three live tracks feat. Benny Carter and the rest –six more- are Studio recordings with Mel Martin, Kenny Barron/Rufus Reid and Victor Lewis. All in all it's a very enjoyable disc. Bonus Track 3: What's Going On (from same CD, 1994) Dieter Ilg (b), Marc Copland (p), Jeff Hirshfield (dr) (Jazzline) This is from an already out-of-business Cologne Record label called Jazzline (ran by the Alex Merck Music Group). Although this track is a bit lengthy, I always had the feeling that the three have met Marwin Gaye's tone quite well. To me Marwin Gaye always sounded very jazzy in his songs. Unfortunately this is OOP since a longer time. Dieter Ilg and Marc Copland have recorded one more trio album during this period. Bonus track 4: Con Alma ( from Masterpieces 1995) Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination and Brass (MPS recorded 1972-77), originally on an 1974 LP called Scenes, Live at the Ronnie Scott's One of the few Herbolzheiner re-issue currently available on MPS but even not a re-issue of a complete record but a compilation only….., here I selected one Dizzy classics. I hope there will be more soon, as there are many great albums on Vinyl only as this is a sampler containing tracks of various LP recordings of the seventies, !!Sorry!! guys, just checked and found I copied the wrong personnel listing from another track of the compilation, here the correct one: TRUMPET: Kenny Wheeler, Art Farmer, Palle Mikkelborg, Ronnie Simmonds, Ack Van Rooyen FLUTE, ALTO & SOPRANO SAX : Ferdinant Povel TROMBONES : Ake Persson, Jiggs Whigham, Rudi Fuesers, Peter Herbolzheimer ORGAN, SYNTHETISER, EL. PIANO : Dieter Reith GUITAR : Philip Catherine BASS EL. BASS : Gunther Lenz, Jean Warland DRUMS : Kenny Clare CONGAS PERCUSSIONS : Sabu Marinez MISC PERC, EL PIANO, : Horst Mühlbradt , BTW they show a Herbolzheimer feature on german TV WDR3 but very very late Bonus Track 5: Phrase Second (from Sometime Suite, 2001) Munich Jazz Orchestra & Kenny Wheeler (Bassic Sound) A very ECM'ish sounding record..... Kenny Wheeler - flh Franz Weyerer - tp Claus Reichstaller - tp,flh Merit Ostermann - vocals Johannes Herrlich - tb Johannes Enders - ss,as Thomas Zoller - bs Roberto Di Gioia - p Peter O'Mara - g Thomas Stabenow - bass Falk Willis - drums Bonus Track 6: Home (Live in Tokyo, 1996) Michel Petrucciani, Steve Gadd, Anthony Jackson (Dreyfus) …I know that this type of song is not everyone's taste but I liked the nicely floating song from the first moment I heard it, Allmusic calls it a "lilting ballad" so it's a very personal choice. It's a kind of either love or hate thing…..needless to say I love it EDIT: I did some "tests" upfront and track 3/5/6 from that bonus selection had heavily different responses that led from oh great to arghh I took them out there. Bonus Track 7: All Blues (live with the Berlin All Stars, 1966) Annie Ross &Pony Pointdexter (MPS) (as its filed under Annie Ross….) Yeah ! (Mike said it all! so no further comment needed from my side ) vocals: Pony Poindexter & Annie Ross (not heard on that track) alto saxophone: Pony Poindexter, Leo Wright flute: Leo Wright acoustic guitar: André Condouant piano: Fritz Pauer double bass: Jimmy Woode drums: Joe Nay soprano saxophone: Pony Poindexter trumpet: Carmell Jones Bonus Track 8: For heavens sake (Live at the Feuerwache Mannheim, 1995) "Just Musician" Frank Foster, Professor Jürgen Seefelder, Professor Thomas Stabenow, Professor Keith Copeland (Bassic Sound again but this is OOP, sorry) A very intensive interplay of Frank Foster with the three academics… Bonus Track 9: Albert's waltz (Live at Berlin jazz Galerie, 1970) Fritz Pauer (p), Jimmy Woode (b), Billy Brooks (dr) (and just another one from MPS) Pauer&Woode again …… and just for fun: Bonus Track 10: H and B Guitar Boogie (from Great Guitars, 1975) Herb Ellis and Barney Kessel, with -as completing the great guitar trio- Charlie Byrd but not featured here (Concord). Sidemen are brother Joe Byrd on Bass and Wayne Philips on drums. Cheers……
  2. All, for the 2001 aficionados they are currently having roughly 60 CD's in store from the Black Lion 24Bit series that normal sells at 15-18€ regular price tag. Not sure if that is attractive for US folks but within europa that might still be a bargain. Best regards, Oliver edit: for those (still) not knowing the URL:
  3. Black Lion 24Bit remasters at 2001

    and skip the Mclaughlin plays Evans... its a dull one specially if you like both Artists
  4. Jan Johansson reissue coming?

    Some news on the Jan Johansson remasters: it seems that there is a new rematser of Musik Genom Fyra Sekler out at cdbaby... Has anyone checked that out and compared to the original version and can either recommend an upgrade ? Is there as well some additional footage embedded ? Cheers, Oliver EDIT: the new 2CD set is as well available at for european orders.
  5. Pick my next Horace Silver

    for me its hard to choose one single disc out of the bunch but if its a single one only... as well the Cape Verdean one. Cheers, Tjobbe
  6. Black Lion 24Bit remasters at 2001

    mhhh, just listened to the three Pettifords (which I was mainly interested in beside the Monk in London Vol.1-3) which are live recordings from 1959 and I would not complain about their quality. I have non of those duplicate as original Black Lions (16Bit transfer) so I cannot comment on previous transfers. The sound is acceptable for a pre-60's live recording, heard much worse stuff. When I recall correctly there was an older thread somewhere in the re-issues vault that as well complaint about the 24bit were a bit "sharper" than the first transfers. Cheers, Oliver BTW: I wouldn't buy them for the full price like JPC charges for them here at 19€
  7. yes Claude have seen that as well, that pricing schema might be now a bit weird but there are two interesting aspects a) download and Hi-res can go together and there will be an alternative. I believe that there are/will be hi-res streaming clients soon as well that have high quality DAC's build in b) that a record company (though being indipendent) is explicitely mentioning to avoid any DRM That is a promising signal... Cheers, Oliver
  8. since few weeks Linnrecords is as well providing all of their catalogue as download without ANY DRM at all. They as well provide artwork with it for downloading and printout as well after successfully loading a record. What I found rather promising is the fact that they as well provide you with different quality for different price model so that you can choose between MP3/320k and WMA lossless but for some they as well provide hi-res WMA download comparable to their SA-CD quality (right now, its 5 records only, but who knows). Best regards, Oliver
  9. it was Mr. And Mrs Google. if you decide to stay longer, be prepared to need one soon.... Cheers, Oliver
  10. the 20bit jewel case and that sounded way superior to the 16bit german version. Cheers, Oliver
  11. Hans, I sold my German 1987 Out of the cool version recently after I compared it to the Japaneses version (guess who that sold to me ) Sonically that was definitely worse than the japanese one. I meanwhile checked my Inpluses and found others (not for sale of course ) which are the Blakey, the Coltrane&Ellington, the Jarrett Treasure Island and the Coltrane Ascencion being manufacture at Record Service GmbH Alsdorf and from 1987. Cheers, Oliver
  12. I got that with booklet and disk in mint condition Hans... the jewel case is not that good. In case of interest (trade possible as well) please PM me. I still have the village vanguard three track as duplicate here but without the booklet but pure CD so maybe that is not what you're looking for Best regards, Oliver
  13. Black Lion 24Bit remasters at 2001

    haven't compared it 1:1 but according to here (go to catalogue) it seems like the 2001 offering is complete. That side is I referenced above is a one from the the german owener of the black lion rights. hope that helps, Oliver
  14. How's the weather?

    Thanks Mike, my direct neighbors suffered more heavy with a destroyed car and the other with lot's of scratches in the roof of his house we couldn't fix during the night so the rain go in there poring into the bathroom where the tried to catch and stop it somehow. In other cases only some damage to trees. The leak I have in the barn's roof is at clear sight not that bad as it is only at an area where few bales where stapled so the majority has not suffered from the rain at all and kept dry. Due to the height of the roof, there was not much chances to fix anything myself. I'm waiting for the guy to fix it at least temporarily but he's late due to all the damage Cheers, Oliver
  15. How's the weather?

    sunny now , the storm was rushing through quicker than expected and left over some rain the night only, so as my Mosiac'S are all save its only the straw that gets a bit wet... Btw, Mosaic's... the famous Dionysos mosaic in the cologne Museum of roman art is potentially damaged by a wooden pannel protecting a fountain 100m nearby crushing the window and falling on to it Cheers, Oliver
  16. How's the weather?

    Do you mean "oops"? Or do you mean the roof flew ups in the air? .... both Scott, the german ups=oops and the ups=up as 10qm is gone with the not where it landed at least not on my property. Hope that the worst is over now, but I fear it might start raining before I can close the holes. Have about 100 (missed a "0" there...should be 1000) bales of hey and straw in the barn. Cheers, Oliver
  17. How's the weather?

    lost again power for 1h and 1/4 of the roof of my Cheers, Oliver
  18. How's the weather?

    got some power outage 1h ago and the wind is ugly right now, shouldn't go outside , Railroad traffic in our area widely suspended for today. Cheers, Tjobbe EDIT: again power gone since 25min and using UMTS mobile to check weather conditions....ugly, ugly, ugly
  19. Black Lion 24Bit remasters at 2001

    2001 is the shop name and the label releasing them here is DA (Deutsche Austrophon, The Cybermusic's offerings is nice but not that attractive for me in Europe with Shipping and custom&tax added on larger orders. Cheers, Oliver
  20. All the best Patricia ! Cheers, Oliver
  21. Devilin Tune Vols 3 and 4

    mail send for Vol3&4 Cheers, Tjobbe
  22. BFT #42 CD 1 - Answers

    thanks for that set of discs ! Was fun to listen and guess it a re-issue of the Jeton 125/1 Cd that came out in 1985. Bell has taken over the vault of jeton after they went out of business. The Jeton CD is a japanese manufactured one and still sounding great compared to other "HighEnd" stuff. Cheers, Oliver
  23. BFT 43 Sign-Up Thread

    downloaded without problems ....Thx a lot ! Cheers, Oliver
  24. Lee Morgan's The Cooker

    ok ok.. I put it in the player now...
  25. ok Mike, many shoes does she have ?