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  1. What Are You Watching

    As a long time fan of British adaptations, going back to Upstairs,Downstairs (not a true adaptation, but what the hell), I agree with you. I think Bleak House was their last truly great adaptation, and probably the best Dickens they've ever done.
  2. Keith Jarrett: Somewhere

    That alone makes me want it. The other night while I posted about the Blue Note box, where he REALLY let his vocal thing fly, the music was so good I was able to overlook it, and this while listening to it with a good pair of cans. Speaks to how great that trio can be/has been.
  3. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    Johnny Hodges - Small Groups (Verve). A compilation burn of all tracks including Lawrence Brown.
  4. Keith Jarrett: Somewhere

    I'm still very fond of the '94 Blue Note box. His vocalizations were never more annoying. But the trio was in peak form.
  5. Ok I'm here. I did the lazy thing and signed in with FB. New leaf, and all that.
  6. On one occasion they kept me in limbo. The item was on "back order" which should never happen when you order from an Amazon seller. They issued a refund after a single query. All other items ordered from them have arrived promptly. So, I'm not leery about ordering from them in the future. They usually have the lowest price so I don't mind the occasional screw-up.
  7. JazzCorner down?

    Is Jazzcorner down again? Anyone else having trouble loading it? agenbite aka stonemonkts
  8. How do you choose your avatar?

    I chose mine based on this election year (and it could be said of me at times too)
  9. Favorite or least liked Roland Kirk albums

    Favorites: We Free Kings Domino Rip, Rig, and Panic Now Please Don't You Cry... Least Favorite: Volunteered Slavery Blacknuss Bright Moments
  10. no thread on The Passion yet???

    You can always do what another poster (from another board) did...that is, see it at a multiplex, only pay for another movie ticket, and then stroll into the Passion. This way you can donate to "Barbershop 2" or whatever strikes your fancy. I agree that it is a loathsome prospect to contribute to Gibson's deranged thinly veiled piece of pornography.
  11. Your First Mosaic Set Purchased

    I've only recently discovered Mosaic in the past year or so, but once I did I went on a tear. First purchase was the Select Moncur, last was the Gerald Wilson box. In between those purchases: Select Randy Weston Byrd/Adams Max Roach Blue Mitchell Bix/Tram/Teagarden Mulligan Concert Band Horace Parlan Teddy Wilson Trio yum yum eat 'em up.
  12. Why I hate Miles

    To anyone who disparages Miles' chops as a trumpeter, I challenge them to listen to "Right Off" (track one from "Tribute To Jack Johnson") and tell me that extended solo isn't one of the most brilliant they've ever heard. In other periods of his amazing career he made up for his lack of athletic chops (ala Morgan, et al) with his sense of lyricism and timing. He played his horn with a high degree of intelligence. His talents as a bandleader are unquestionable. The hiring of Cater, Williams, Hancock, and Shorter was a stroke of genius, serendipity aside. Of course one can make similar claims regarding his 50's bands too. I would never express disdain towards anyone who doesn't "get" Miles, but I'll just say I feel very fortunate that I do.
  13. I can't take the Deep

    I found DEEP entertaining. Sure, he was a caricature of a total asshole, but so what? That was part of the entertainment. Perhaps I'd feel differently if he attacked me, but I doubt it. His posts attracted a great deal of morbid curiosity which I believe also engendered a certain guilt in those who were simultaneously attracted and repelled by his vulgar displays. I simply found him a source of amusement, and do not hesitate to admit I'll miss his wit and charm, as it were.
  14. DEEP, I had MRIs done last year. The first attempt at the traditional MRI tube lasted about 3 minutes. I freaked out completely. Screamed bloody murder, and almost choked the dickhead technician when he asked "why are you so excited?" So I was sent to Elmira for an "open" MRI. Open my ass. You still have a freakin' wall a few inches from your mug, yet it IS open at the sides. No dice. I freaked but somehow lasted the full time in that fucking metal sandwich. I stood in the corner when it was over shaking. And I'm no pussy I can assure you. Claustrophobia! agenbite
  15. Patricia, Are you jazz corner Patricia? Deep will blast me for asking this here, but, are you able to access JC yet? I still get a blank page. Mr. D, sorry but you are one very funny motherfucker. stonemonkts