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  1. Honoring the Teachers

    I stumbled into a JALC rehearsal (2004, before Time-Warner). They were rehearsing Peace, by Ornette, Wynton had written a chart with a great sax soli. Sitting in a corner, quietly listening while stroking his chin, was a certain Ornette Coleman. I approached him and said: 'Mr. Coleman, at first glance your music wouldn't seem suitable for big band'. He nodded, thought for a moment. 'That's the thing about music: It's so....' I was hanging on his words, could hardly wait for him to finish the sentence. Was expecting a word like 'pliable'. 'Democratic', said Ornette Coleman...
  2. 'Red' Notes

    My old friend (trumpeter-arranger/composer) Tim Ouimette calls them 'Polish red notes'. They are little anomalies that offset a chord by not exactly 'belonging' to it. Like little, attractive wrinkles. An example: Benny Golson, Out of the Past, has one I love: an A natural against a straight Ab7 (no b9), coming from Eb Min7 (5th bar from the end of the form). Works great, and 'rubs' against the chord beautifully. Perhaps he was foreshadowing the next chord (D Min7)? That's what I'm talkin' about! That's writing. Any other examples you care to name?
  3. Edward Albee RIP

  4. Gentle bump: gig is tomorrow night. Update: Alessio Menconi and Kevin McNeal have been invited to sit in, and have confirmed they are coming. There may be other surprise guests whom I also invited. The main event is still Sean and myself, and I have a bunch of new material to try out---plus Sean also composes, and quite well. Hope to see some of my O friends there. Or please pass the info on, so the event may be well attended. Thank you in advance, Joel
  5. This Sunday: Joel Fass, Guitar; Sean Smith, bass Walker's Restaurant 16 N. Moore St., Tribeca (corner of Varick, 1 block north of Franklin St. stop on 1 train) 8-11 PM Music in back room Excellent food, spirits, service http://walkerstribeca.com/ Sean and myself have played this room around 6 or 7 times this year, plus my gigs. We're old playing friends, and are getting tighter all the time. Please give us a listen. Thank you, Joel
  6. Edward Albee RIP

    Well, he also had the courage to be openly gay way before that was acceptable, And 88 years is a hell of a run for anybody, no? RIP,,,
  7. Honoring the Teachers

    Wow! That reminds me of Andrew White's Andrew's Music. He took off maybe hundreds of Coltrane solos. He advertised himself as 'Transcriber, janitor, mail boy. I wrote away for solos once. Some cost like $5, other short ones were like 7 cents. Weird. I bet he worked his ass off on those solos, though...
  8. Indeed I do, thanks. One can't change a thread title, can one?
  9. Denis Charles

    Could be. Haven't heard many drummers using that set-up...
  10. Denis Charles

    Anyone here remember Denis? He was a good guy and player. We played in a street band years ago led by a trombone player who jumped up and down while playing what seemed like 80 choruses on what he called 'Tenodd Medness'. Denis would stand up after a while and tell the guy 'I love you, but why don't you learn some new songs?' I hope Denis isn't forgotten about: http://www.denischarles.com/
  11. Denis Charles

    FWIW, one guy in that street band complained about Denis: 'I never heard him on a full set', etc. (I think he just brought a snare and 2 cymbals). I thought he sounded pretty good, though...
  12. Musicians - Post Your Music Here!

    Thank you, too! Old, though. I'm planning to record commercially shortly, and to have my music published. Thanks again, Joel
  13. How's the weather?

    Sadly, hot as Hades in NY. Again...
  14. Honoring the Teachers

    A good idea. They are heroes. I'm so lucky. Aside from the aforementioned there was Chuck Wayne, Jimmy Raney, (unofficially but greatly) Eddie Diehl, Barry Galbraith, before that Carl Barry---and that's just guitar. For writing: Manny Albam, John Carisi (one lesson, then he went into a coma), and especially the great Bill Finegan (who I so adored, and who never charged me a dime for lessons). Every one a special person and a giant in some way---at least to me. What can I tell you? Though I may not be a major 'success' in the way it is often gauged, I am tremendously rich in the people I've known who helped mold me. Like I said, lucky as hell...
  15. Honoring the Teachers

    Should I delete this? No one seems interested. Or they are otherwise occupied, probably...
  16. Musicians/jerks

    Thank Joe, not me. Granted, that might be hard to do in his current state...
  17. Musicians/jerks

    Ron was nice and on my side as a student at CCNY, and has been loving to and concerned about a mutual friend. But I can't resist recounting two Joe Puma-Ron Carter stories that also show Puma's withering wit: Puma was working a duo gig with Ron. Supposedly Ron had complained on break that he didn't want to play any more Gershwin because 'he ripped off my people'.The comeback:'Tell you what: Next set we won't play any tunes at all, and you can beat on a log'.Ouch, and with more than a dollop of uncalled-for racism, but still a classic one-liner.When I recounted this to (guitarist-luthier) Carl Thompson he told me 'You don't know the other story'.'What story?''Joe couldn't find a bass player for a gig, and someone said 'why don't you call Ron? I think he's open'. Joe declined, and kept calling bass players and striking out. Again, someone said 'No, really. Call Ron'.'Nah, I don't wanna work with a bass player who talks like David Niven'.
  18. Honoring the Teachers

    No one else? I'm disappernted. I also studied with Marshall Brown, possibly known here for his Newport Youth Band (including an international version). He had a workshop every Wednesday afternoon. Gene Allen and Hod O'Brien were there with us kids. He recorded all the sessions, and afterwards would sit in his easy chair, pick his nose and critique guys' performance on the tape. That was a great idea, because recordings don't lie. He enumerated what he liked and didn't, and why. An aggressive brusque man, he would grab the guitar out my hand, saying 'here, gimme that, kid'. He didn't play well, except in his own mind, but he played enough to dramatize a point. Or he would show me off to Hod, telling me to play Lush Life on his D'angelico. He's the guy that started me playing 4/4 rhythm guitar, because when I got there my comping, he observed, 'has no rhythmic impulse. Sounds like a f%^&ing washing machine'. The rhythm guitar thing was some of the best advice for a young player. I don't believe you can swing in your solos if you don't know 'the circle'. Humiliation and torture were part of his palette, too. He had a hapless piano student, Timothy. Once Timothy played an intro not to Marshall's liking, so he lit into him: No, no, no Timothy! I don't want anything fancy. I don't want anything flowery. I don't want anything creative. (voice rising in a crescendo of wrathful, contemptuous hostility, with white spittle emerging from both sides of his mouth) I just want some fucking time, Timothy!!! Timothy would put his head---by now the color of a purple sofa---down. But he learned, as we all did. Marshall's immense, thick-skinned ego sometimes interfered with good pedagogy, like when he would say 'as you know, Joel, no one plays more compositionally than me'. I'd be thinking 'right, no one but Pops, Bird, Pres...). He was not a great player, despite his brazen statements to that effect. What he was was a great thinker, and astute critic who could hear immediately hear what a student's weaknesses were and the proper remediation. He was a guy with a polar bear hide who brazened his way through life on brute force of his personality, but he taught us all well---and before us Ronnie Cuber, Eddie Gomez, Mike Abene and others as kids. Marshall's intensity and antics, like his spittle shower on poor Timothy, would eventually lead to a stroke. He recovered, taught and played again, but finally succumbed to a worse stroke. I thought he was a hell of a man and great teacher for me, personality flaws be damned. He gave me my first real ensemble experience (I had been playing guitar duos, mostly in guys' apartments) and evidently saw potential since he took me on as a 'scholarship student'. I never paid a dime for that Wednesday workshop...
  19. Musicians - Post Your Music Here!

    Thank you for taking the time. Appreciated...
  20. Death of the iPod (Everyone's buying vinyl)

    Rarely do I watch TV, but I'll look into it. Thanks...
  21. Death of the iPod (Everyone's buying vinyl)

    I don't wanna live in the country. Like Danny Rose I got carbon monoxide in my bloodstream. Just want the city to return to the days of old. Sort of like a Jewish Miniver Cheevy... ...And their conversations are so mundane. 'I'm in the supermarket', or 'I just got on the bus'. Who f$%^ing cares? And loud. Total atomized, boorish and selfish self-absorption...
  22. How's the weather?

    Low 70s in NYC. Window open, AC off, cool breeze wafting in . The nicest thing about September is that right on its heels comes my favorite month, November...
  23. Death of the iPod (Everyone's buying vinyl)

    Nah. Can't afford it on musician bread, and anyway I'm still proud to be a NY gutter rat. All my friends and the world's best music are here. Just letting off a little steam. Nice thought, though... ? Who he, and where he?
  24. Musicians - Post Your Music Here!

    Some stuff from an old website. Personnel and dates on link. Solo, groups, my tunes, a radio date:
  25. Death of the iPod (Everyone's buying vinyl)

    Had enough of this s^&t. I'm only human, and have reached my breaking point. My online complaint form to MTA: :This morning, just after 9 on BX19 #4333, a woman was talking loud and using vulgarities on her cell. I politely asked her to modulate her tones, as there was no seat available to move to. She unleashed a barrage of unprintable mean-spirited vulgarity at me. I next approached the driver, explaining what had occurred. His answer? What do you want ME to do about it? I wanted him to, next time he stopped, go to where she was sitting and politely ask her to modify her behavior. I soon found a seat in front, but she continued her verbal spraying, sometimes staring defiantly my way. I again approached the driver. Silence. Me: 'No answer?" He: 'No answer'. I paid my fair, and am entitled to ride with my ears and self unmolested. IMO the driver could have done as I asked, but opted to co nothing. What do you have to say to this? Thank you. Sincerely, Joel Fass