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    Yes, those high-speed automated mail-sorting/ZIP-readers machines can sometimes miss the essential information, the country! The Jazz Epistles record (2014 RE) arrived fine about 10 days after my post. Great music but a bit désappointé that it's more a compilation than a proper reissue.
  2. Very sad news. So long, John, it was a pleasure to cross our ways on the board!
  3. Jazz musicians who became expatriates

    Bill Coleman
  4. Roy Eldridge And His Orchestra ‎– Rockin' Chair
  5. Great fun BFT, Pim! Our men Waldron and Harper are present ! I almost thought it was a cut from Candy Girl, but it's the Call! Cora Jazz Trio for the third track. I know the tune, and it's not on Part II, so it has to be on Part I ! I still have to listen to Part III and IV. Wardell Gray on the fifth track ! It's on a great Fontana record with early Dex! Not much clues about the rest. Pianist on Tr10 sounds like Barron. Tr12 sounds like E.S.T. featuring A.M.Z on vocals, it might me Aziza all the way. I like Tr14, and it sounds quite familiar. Bojan Z on piano?
  6. Here Is Phineas (London) Bud Shank ‎- Heritage Gene Ammons ‎- Up Tight! (Transatlantic)
  7. Dizzy Gillespie Quintet - The Cool World The record and the movie director with the OST composer: two others, is it Moody on the back on the first picture?
  8. Joe Albany Trio - Birdtown Birds J.R. Monterose, Jon Eardley, Rein De Graaff, Henk Haverhoek, Pierre Courbois ‎- Body And Soul Lee Konitz ‎- Inside Hi-Fi (Atlantic Special)
  9. Post a pic

    Good call!
  10. Yes, a great new-to-me record. I also acquired Richie Kamuca's Charlie that I will listen to very soon. NP:
  11. Richard Kamuca Quartet -1976 (Jazzz)