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  1. Amy Winehouse

    You Americans must have a different version than us Brits! I saw her live just after Frank and she was excellent....as was her band. No American here! The thing is I bought the single "Take the 'B' Ox" which contains a version of 'RM. I did not realize that this tune did not appear on her first album.
  2. Name Three People...

    La Comtesse de Ségur La Comtesse Pietranera The Countess
  3. Help finding tunes !

    A third tune from Rollins from the same night : Unknown 21 Sonny Rollins June 29th, 2006 Jazz à Vienne 2006 Théâtre Antique, Vienne, France Sonny Rollins, ts Clifton Anderson, tb Bobby Broom, g Bob Cranshaw, b Kimati Dinizulu, perc Victor Lewis, dms /* 'I See Your Face Before Me' , thanks JSngry /*
  4. Help finding tunes !

    Unknown 20 McCoy Tyner Winnipeg Art Gallery Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 1984 Personel: McCoy Tyner - solo piano
  5. Help finding tunes !

    Unknown 19 Mal Waldron Quintet July 13, 1994 Brescia, Italy. Woody Shaw, t, Charlie Rouse, ts, Mal Waldron, p, Reggie Workman, b, Ed Blackwell, d
  6. Help finding tunes !

    Perhaps an improvisation, but the theme reminds me something: Unknown 18 bojan z grand auditorium du nouveau siècle lille, france 16.09.2007 bojan zulfikarpasic - piano
  7. Amy Winehouse

    Her rendition of Round Midnight on her 1st album made me smile. Her last album is entertaining enough not to change radio channel in the car.
  8. Swinging Bach - J.S. Bach, that is...

    Oops, realised during my current house moving that I had this CD : Oscar Peterson Live including Bach Suite: allegro/andante/bach's blues
  9. Tonight: Requiem de W.A. Mozart pour soli, chœur et orchestre dirigé par Marc Tardue et le Grand Choeur A Coeur Joie de Grenoble Messe de Vaughan Williams pour double chœur Very inspired ! Tomorrow: Alfio Origlio Quartet
  10. Name Three People...

    Jules Ferry Charlemagne Olivier Magne
  11. Happy Birthday, Chris A!!

    Happy Birthday, Chris!
  12. Joyeux anniversaire !!
  13. Name Three People...

    Catherine Zeta-Jones Miriam Makeba Michel Piccoli
  14. Name Three People...

    Thomas Jefferson Elizabeth Montgomery Dannie Richmond
  15. Name Three People...

    Anaïs Nin Jackie Leven XIII
  16. Name Three People...

    Terence Blanchard Noir Désir Desireless
  17. Swinging Bach - J.S. Bach, that is...

    Bud Powell (piano) Home of Francis Paudras, Rue de Boursault, Paris, 1961 Prelude de Chopin/Bud on Bach
  18. Swinging Bach - J.S. Bach, that is...

    Richard Galliano New York trio special guest Gary Burton March 29th, 2006 Grenoble Jazz Festival MC2 - Grand théâtre de Grenoble, France Sinfonia 11 in G Minor (J-S Bach, arr. G.Burton)
  19. Swinging Bach - J.S. Bach, that is...

    Uri Caine - Goldberg Variations
  20. Name Three People...

    Lauren Bacall ***** Bobbi Humphrey ***** Joan As Police Woman *****
  21. Now reading...

    Democracy will not come Today, this year Nor ever Through compromise and fear. I have as much right As the other fellow has To stand On my two feet And own the land. I tire so of hearing people say, Let things take their course. Tomorrow is another day. I do not need my freedom when I'm dead. I cannot live on tomorrow's bread. Freedom Is a strong seed Planted In a great need. I live here, too. I want freedom Just as you.
  22. Name Three People...

    Regina Margherita Ike Quebec Uma Thurman
  23. top 100 brewers in the world 2007

    N°101: Brasseries de Bourbon
  24. Name Three People...

    Ian Thorpe Jean Yanne Jean Valjean