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  1. A Stones' Day with So long Charlie.
  2. My next cd player will be a Naim a new one.
  3. For spare parts or ornament I presume. Fixing my cd player, 20 yo, was almost a nightmare, the technician looking for components all around the world, USED spare parts because DA converters and mechanic parts are out of productions since ages. The guy was smart and skilled enough to locate a component in a totally different device. I got back my old cd player. But I wouldn't buy an old cd player even under death threats.
  4. I know it’s like a Groucho’s joke but it’s not far from the truth. Anyway she didn’t understand why I spent so much on vinyls instead of cds. The funny thing is that, as investment, vinyls proved to be much profitable. So assuming she would inherited my goods her disdain towards my passion was definitely stupid edit: I mean you can sell a used good tt for a decent money who buy a used CD player?
  5. My former wife got pissed off when I bought a record cleaning machine she thought it was too noisy. From my point of view it was far less noisy then she was. We get divorced after few months.
  6. Sinatra’s reel to reel deck

    AFIK Sinatra spent his influence promoting equal rights for afro american artists in show business, being The Voice, had some success too, in Las Vegas for sure.
  7. Sinatra’s reel to reel deck

    I think the guy was a mixed bag.
  8. Sinatra’s reel to reel deck

    Yep, and the Buddah Absolutely, and the Buddha statues eliminate bad resonances and vibrations, both aurally and spiritually.
  9. Since isn't my mother language, sometimes I use italian common saying that in english could have a different meaning .
  10. I was not referring to you, specifically.
  11. Italian pasta is considered a whole recipe in itself, not a side like rice or cracker or whatever you like. Actually all pasta recipes use to be "mantecata" that means pasta and sauce should be join before putting in a plate. We drain pasta just before the cooking point and let it reach with the sauce, often we add a table spoon of the pasta water, rich of starch in order to reach the best amalgam. Religious beliefs as I told.
  12. Inches of suet a part, not my cup of grease, though there are traditional italian recipes with pork suet that I love and eat, what I can not accept it's spaghetti with it. Muslims and Jews don't eat pork, Hindus don't eat beef, Italians don't eat spaghetti with chili. Religious beliefs are protected by the first amendment.