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  1. Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder

    I have a Classic reissue and it sounds fine
  2. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    The point is that with jazz or rock music, drums usually cover most of the noise
  3. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Yes, but this reissue isn't so great, sonically speaking. That is the problem with classical vinyl: first (and very early pressings) sound gorgeous, despite noisy vinyl, and are hard to find in NM condiction, later reissues, box sets typically, are pressed in better and quieter vinyl, and definitely cheap, but the sound is a bit shallow. Anyway I have more then one hundred of classical box sets plus a two hundred of single records, basically for free, from my dad, relatives and friends, so I am fine with that.
  4. Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder

    I don’t know but Japanese pressings are fairly common on Discogs
  5. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    If I should remove all the music because of the beliefs of musicians, I could sell my hifi system tomorrow with no harm.
  6. Pangaea and Agartha

    Lurking japanese pressings on discogs yesterday I had a fit of nostalgia for Hiroshi San.
  7. Vinyl Outselling CD's

    I think music like every art form is changing according to its role in society ("society" in a broad meaning included economy obviously). So there is a long term perspective, an historic one, and short term perspective, personal one. Just like radio broadcasting or recording changed the way music was listenend and its place society, its social importance, it audience, etc., so computer and internet did. It would be more interesting a serious social and economic surveys from scholars about what music is now in a specific contest, I suspect India and Northern Europe have quite different approach toward music. The relation between sellers, music industry in a broad meaning, musicians, producers, record companies ecc, and buyers is worth of an investigation too. What appears obvious to me, in my personal short term perspective, is that for decades music was THE THING, it goes with social changes like the anthem, from Presley, Coltrane, Dylan, Tupac, whoever you like, it was a flag of membership of social groups, now, with social medias is just ONE OF THE THINGS. I hope my english is enough good to make clear my points.
  8. Dame Diana Rigg, R.I.P.

    Definitely one my absolute myth of tv broadcasting in childhood. I remember waiting for the new episode with my dad every week.
  9. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Vinyl set, my reference for the complete cycle, there are some others notable performances of the latest symphonies, but with LSO/Kertsesz one couldn't go wrong.
  10. Absolutely wonderful like its pair at Fillmore East with Crazy Horses
  11. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Yes, very emotional, never heard this one before, nor that I am very familiar with Grieg music.
  12. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    A friend of mine just gave me his father's old collection of records, this is the first I listen to.
  13. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Vinyl set. Comparing to this other vinyl set I have: