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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    With this box set was love at first sight and still going strong in my routine listening
  2. What I really would like would be a Complete Lee Morgan At Lighthouse on vinyl.
  3. Cassette tape production revival?

    cactus needle From cassette to files: the Waterloo of the Record Companies' war against private copy. When I taped records 45 years ago it was a matter of money, I borrowed records from friend, BUT my ambition was to have these records as I did often when got enough money. Back then a taped record from a cheap TT to a cheap cassette deck was anything but a "hifi" experience. The funny thing is that now most of the people that can have for free a perfect copy of a record don't give a damn about the sound quality.
  4. When Jazz populated NYC

    WOW! Thanks!
  5. Mal Waldron's Mal-1

    I was sure I had a japan pressing of it, right now I discovered I don't.
  6. Source for new Japanese jazz vinyl??

    My choice too, Ella and Mad.
  7. Source for new Japanese jazz vinyl??

    Shipping myself to Tokyo is way much more expensive then the opposite.
  8. Source for new Japanese jazz vinyl??

    I usually buy three or four used records from the same seller in order to reduce shipping cost per record.
  9. Source for new Japanese jazz vinyl??

    Lately I bought few records from discogs japanese sellers, usually they are fine, no bad suprise.
  10. Yep, I do not have any knowledge about NY jazz scene or Jazz school, BUT I came to the same conclusions when I saw the film back then: it's a brilliantly acted and directed sport movie with drums in place of ball. What I didn't like is exactly what dislikes the author of the review: jazz is a decoration, a misplaced one IMO. I mean I could set Richard III as a mobs movie because both Shakespeare and mafia are about struggle for power, revenge, betrayal, family, violence. Backlash lacks a true relationship between the plot and the music.
  11. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Don't know this one, but I really loved the other Klemperer/Bruckner I listened to.
  12. I have to spin BIPLH one of these days, I have a nice original pressing of that.