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  1. A Ryko reissue, coloured vinyl, some bonus tracks, going on sale, I keep my old pressing. I admit Bowie, like Genesis, wasn't my cup of tea then, nor he's now.
  2. Speaker Corner reissue
  3. Little girls and me, at least. I always thought Ringo was/is a great drummer, I thought the same of Paul McCartney on bass. They were not just the rhythm section of the Beatles, actually I don't think the Beatles had a rhythm section at all.
  4. Old Parlophone mono, with the fair amount of noise, pops and clicks, the real way to listen to early Beatles, IMO.
  5. The Beatles' White Album, Mobile Fidelity reissue.
  6. You never find such things on Braxton's cover, I presume.
  7. All Transatlantic of Pentangle (and family) I've got are marvellous sounding, agree about crisper and polite, the white label's are less relaxed then later pressings/issues, that I find a little dull
  8. That guy, whoever's name, knew what he was doing. I find the twoofers' sound excellent, it was my introducion to a lot of new music, maybe I am not really impartial about it.
  9. Is it a transatlantic white label? I've got great sounding records of Pentangle, Renbourn and Jansch.
  10. Jackie McLean

    Wow! Thanks.
  11. I didn't know it existed!
  12. I am not a huge fan of Criss, but this one is a solid bop record and Barney Kessel is a plus