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  1. Are CDs Still Worth Selling Online?

    My experience: I loaded my collection on discogs ( pros: I finally have a true report on what I have, approximate values, dupe, what I care or not, cons: time consuming) then I sold on discogs the most valuable records I didn’t care, mostly audiophile pressings, because I had originals or in mosaic Lp sets ( pros: overall a little gain from what I paid them, a part some classic rock records out of print that fetched good money, free space at home. Cons: packaging cost, PayPal and discogs fee, dealings with some buyers not very friendly, shipping companies and post offices) Later I putted on sale dupes and Lps I didn’t listen to anymore ( very very little gain but I got free space) Later on I putted on sale cds box sets and cds, the real gain on a single cd is around 3,50€ considering mailer and fees. So far I sold all the audiophile pressings, most of the vinyls, some cd box sets and 30% of cds I have on sale. I have considerable free time at the moment that allow me that, because it’s some sort of part time job and I understand people who don’t have time nor desire but for me it’s another way to listen to music when I have to check records and take care of my collection I mean it’s part of the fun of collecting records and having some money on PayPal account helps. I have to say that I don’t buy records anymore few exceptions a part, so I am basically trying to consolidate my collection I even trashed some damaged records that were unlistenable and I am very liberal about the concept .
  2. No value?

    Over here the only way to donate books is to no profit associations that work within prisons
  3. Now reading...

    Joseph Conrad. One of the nice surprise of getting older is that I can read again classic stuff I read in my youth with new eyes. And yes Conrad Dostoyevsky Stendhal Kafka Simenon and friends are still far far away better than most of the contemporary novels I read in the last years. Not to mention Shakespeare and Homer. It’s really a pure joy.
  4. Those Germans... I've got some Prestige reissued on Saba and they are excellent.
  5. All these boxes are wonderful!
  6. Mono, as in the pic.
  7. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    I really wish I could confirm your thinking about True Blue.
  8. Almost finished, what a marvellous set and gorgeous sounding too!
  9. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    Ok, I think exactly the same. I bought lots of Classics new when they came out, the times the euro/dollar rate was very very convenient, sweet times, and I have to say the I never had to ship back a single record for a flaw. FWIW I think that the Japanese pressing has a "vacum tube" taste in the mastering that in some hifi systems might sound "dull", as the Classics might sound "harsh" in others. The early Music Matters 45 were IMO the best reissues of BN, BUT I already pay the fee at the gym, I didn't listen to them at all for the hassle of rising from the sofa and turning LP after 10 minute. Mosaic Sets are a mixed batch. Anyway I'd buy the Liberty too, if I could find them at that price.
  10. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    May you clear the high end boost concept?
  11. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    I've got Classic Records reissue of it and it sounds ok, BTW I have lots of Classics, and I think they are good, and correctly priced at times.
  12. Still digging with huge pleasure the Giuffre Mosaic set.
  13. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    BTW I still play the wrong Kind of Blue mono pressing more often then the correct one on Mosaic, as someone said if it was good for Miles...