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  1. Sax players, how often do you change your reeds?

    At the Coleman gig, he kept the reed in his mouth when he wasn't playing. Is there a reason for that?
  2. I recently saw David Murray live and two weeks earlier, George Coleman live. At both shows David and George changed reeds twice during their first sets. Why would you need to change your reed during the set? I didn't hear any speaks coming from either's horn. Is it something the musician knows that doesn't seem right with the reed in the mouth piece?
  3. Claudio Roditi RIP

    Wow, another loss. RIP.
  4. Jimmy Heath RIP

    I am totally depressed. One of my favorite musicians of all time. RIP Jimmy Heath. Time to spin your music.
  5. David Murray Octet. Jazz Standard.
  6. When Jazz populated NYC

    Wow, what time it was when there were a plethora of clubs. Some I never even knew about. http://popspotsnyc.com/jazz_clubs/?fbclid=IwAR3o6n-DlchpqS0r9AZIJgfV6mTxrh95AJfDYLFkSkFItvYIV6kWSpjqtyg PopSpots' Guide to Legendary Manhattan Jazz Club Locations from the Golden Era of NYC Jazz Clubs, 1930-1950 • 52nd Street and Times Square • Harlem • Greenwich VIllage (exact addresses follow the maps; followed by over 80 photos of the clubs)
  7. Animated John Coltrane.

    This was cool. http://www.openculture.com/2015/05/an-animated-john-coltrane-explains-his-real-reason-for-being-i-want-to-be-a-force-for-real-good.html?fbclid=IwAR02pnEGU_-5TQ6p-xJCWKtyaNgCizbVgSHuw7HOIZn09K7uMdLCSaRdXS8
  8. I was there. We probably walked past on another.
  9. I heard some of the music today. There are some unissued takes, false starts, and studio talk. The sound was amazing on what I got a chance to hear.
  10. Dot time records released 4 CD recently of newly discovered Louis Armstrong recordings that were in the Armstrong archives. I didn't know about these until today. I had the pleasure to listening to a few tracks. I placed an order for all 4 CD's. https://www.dottimerecords.com/louis-armstrong/ About the origin of the recordings During his lifetime Louis Armstrong amassed a huge collection of recordings. From live concerts to studio and broadcast recordings, the range is extensive. The majority of these recordings along with other Armstrong Artifacts are held in the Louis Armstrong Collection at Queens College in New York. The Louis Armstrong Legacy Series will bring a selection of these recordings from Louis's personal collection to the public for the first time ever. Series producer, Jerry Roche said “Producing this music will mean people can connect again with the greatness of Louis Armstrong.”
  11. The director of the Louis Armstrong house mentioned today that Mosaic is working on a new 7 CD box Louis Armstrong RCA material. He played one track and I will differently make this one set I can't bypass.
  12. Sexiest album covers

  13. Sonny Rollins talks about Jackie McLean

    Neither am I.