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  1. Who can ID these two tunes?

  2. Who can ID these two tunes?

    I'm working on restoring an old radio broadcast of the Milt Buckner Trio with Buddy Tate. I've heard these two tunes before but I can't recall the titles. Anyone here think they know the titles?
  3. Everything Sonny.

    Sonny Rollins discusses his career You need to forward a bit. 10:50. https://studsterkel.wfmt.com/programs/sonny-rollins-discusses-his-career
  4. Album covers with doors

  5. Glenn Branca (1948-2018)

    RIP Glenn.
  6. Saxophonist Bob Feldman RIP

    RIP Bob.
  7. Herman Chittison

    I bought this from Amazon and I am enjoying it a lot.
  8. Sexiest album covers

  9. Gibson Guitars Files For Bankruptcy

    Yes, bad quality control. In the 1990's I bought a Herb Ellis model. It had to be ordered since I a southpaw. When it arrived the stings were touching the fret board. It had to be sent back. I had Sam Ash order a totally new one. I ended up selling it in 2000.
  10. Album covers showing the Eiffel Tower

    I didn't say it was me.
  11. Let's send some good vibes to Barry Harris.

    The doors open at 7:30. I would say by 6:50. The line starts at the end of the awing by the curb to the street. Make sure you make reservations or buy your ticket on line.