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  1. Although the article below mentions other ways to depose of your ashes when you're dead, being pressed into a vinyl records is the only one I would consider at the moment. I think I would choose Beethoven's 9th. https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/05/160506-death-funeral-burial-cremation-conservation/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_content=link_fb20180322news-resurfcrematedremains6&utm_campaign=Content&sf185234572=1 By Becky Little PUBLISHED MAY 6, 2016 Music producer Jason Leach never planned to make money from sprinkling cremated remains into the vinyl used to make records. He just thought it would be cool if someone did that to his own ashes when he died. He launched his tongue-in-cheek website And Vinyly (rhymes with “finally”) as a way to amuse himself. But he didn’t think about turning it into a business until people began to contact him, asking if he could press records using their or their loved one’s cremated remains, known as cremains. “It kind of forced me to start offering it as a service,” he says. Suddenly, Leach was among several other small businesses and funeral parlors offering customers unconventional options for what to do with their bodies once they’re done with them. Some of these businesses, like Leach’s, cater to those who desire an intimate relic of the deceased. For others, the primary goal is an ecologically responsible burial.
  2. Album covers showing the Eiffel Tower

    yes, I am sure.
  3. Time to move on to a living artist - Dave Rempis

    He’s good. Worth checking out live.
  4. Buell Neidlinger RIP

  5. Happy Birthday ROOSTER!!

    Happy Birthday.
  6. Come on now! The bonus tracks are not even with Monk. Repackage and sell what's available elsewhere and sucker consumers to thinking they are getting something new.
  7. This should be good. https://www.udiscovermusic.com/news/blue-note-documentary-beyond-notes/?utm_source=ka&utm_medium=fa&utm_campaign=FB:Hank%20Mobley%20-%20Blue%20Note%20Records-Editorial&utm_term=884dcb81-281e-4e9a-bc32-a69796af9770
  8. Happy 80th Birthday, Charles Lloyd

    Posted 5 minutes ago · Report post Nice tapestry.