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  1. Ralph Peterson Jr. RIP

    Too young. RIP, Ralph.
  2. A very nice article from yesterday. https://www.jazzwise.com/features/article/sonny-rollins-interview-i-love-music-of-course-but-i-don-t-listen-any-more-it-s-too-frustrating-to-listen-to-music-when-i-can-t-participate
  3. The day that Monk died.

    From Ed Cherry's Facebook page. Thelonious Monk passed away February 17 1982 I was in Dizzy’s band then, on the road somewhere in the mid-west ,southwest, I don’t remember... A small town hall situation, mostly people who’d never been to a jazz concert. Bob Redcross was our beloved road manager and Dizzy’s right hand man.. We were in the middle of the set when he called out to Dizzy that Monk had just died.. Dizzy just stopped the show, told the audience that ‘the master of our music’ Thelonious monk just passed away.. there were a few gasps in the audience.. Dizzy left the stage and went into a side dressing room and closed the door where we could hear him crying.. about 10 or 15 minutes later he came out and finished the show...if I remember correctly, we played “round midnight”....monk and dizzy were super close, I never met him but dizzy would mention him often, and even played piano in a similar style.. I guess they’re jamming with bird ,miles, bud ,Charlie Christian, and bob redcross...the conversation probably goes something like “ awww , you a lying’ motherf*****!! “ everyone screams with laughter... Rest in Power Mr. Monk
  4. The day that Monk died.

    Jazz visionary Thelonious Monk, a musical maverick whose artistry and originality as composer and pianist made for him a permanent place wherever jazz is heard, died Wednesday in Englewood, N.J. at 64. “The Monk is dead,” a spokesman at Englewood Hospital announced shortly after the musician died at 8:10 a.m. Monk, who had not performed in public since the middle 1970s, suffered an apparent stroke Feb. 5 at his home in Weehawken, N.J. He was admitted to the hospital the same day. Doctors said his condition was complicated by hepatitis. Playing with and sparking exchanges of advanced musical ideas with giants such as saxophonist Charlie (Bird) Parker, guitarist Charlie Christian and trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie, the pianist was one of the inventors of the once controversial jazz form known as be-bop or simply bop. Hip hipsters called Monk “The High Priest of Be-bop.” Monk’s musical style was described as “unorthodox, ang https://www.latimes.com/local/obituaries/archives/la-me-thelonious-monk-19820218-story.html I was in a music theory class in college when someone told the professor. He in turned told the class. Most of the class were members of the 802 music union and they knew who Monk was. I went to high school with someone who's mom was Monk's niece. I remember the band teacher had him try to get his mom to ask Monk to visit the school. She called, but Monk never came to the phone. That was in 1979. We all must, at some point today, play some Thelonious Monk in memory of the High Priest of Be-Bop.
  5. Milford Graves RIP

    Sad. RIP, Milford.
  6. RIP Chick Corea

    Can this be moved to the artist forum?
  7. RIP Chick Corea

    Sad news. RIP.
  8. Record vending machines.

    I didn't think about the heat on the vinyl. I don't know how long it went on for. Maybe any of the members here from the Netherlands, since that where this photo is from, can shed some light on this.
  9. Record vending machines.

    Who knew that you could buy your favorite record from a vending machine. Holland 1960 you plop you money in the machine and dispense your record. Did this exist elsewhere in the world?
  10. Who is playing with Jimmy Crawford?

    The bass player is Alpert. Someone was able to confirm him.
  11. Tony Bennett Battling Alzheimer's (take 2)

    No not that show. It was at the Jazz standard where I saw him. Also a few years earlier at the Blue Note at a dizzy Gillespie alumni band set.
  12. Another photo that the National Jazz Museum Of Harlem is trying to get help identifying the musicians. The drummer is Jimmy Crawford. Any guesses for the rest of the musicians? It is Tony Mottola on guitar.
  13. Tony Bennett Battling Alzheimer's (take 2)

    Back in 2016, Tony Bennett and his wife were at the Jazz Standard for a set of Bill Charlap and Renee Rosnes. It was shortly after the release of his album with Bill Charlap. He seemed fine then.