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  1. The best dressed man in jazz.

    Happy birthday, Buster. 77 today
  2. Lee and Hank at Sluggs

    It sure does.
  3. Lee and Hank at Sluggs

    Another photo of Hank I never saw before. It must have been late in his life, sometime in the 1980's.
  4. Hank Mobley Live.

    I was doing a search and came across it. There was no details. Now I see it is something we all are aware about.
  5. Hank Mobley Live.

    What is this? This has to be a bootleg of something already released.
  6. The fire at Notre Dame cathedral

    What a tragic loss. So sad to find this out.
  7. Lee and Hank at Sluggs

    This photo came from another forum I am a member of. It is called rare jazz photos. The comment from the person that shared the photo. This photograph was taken by Dutch pianist Rein DeGraaff in August of 1967. I made a number of prints of this in the darkroom from Rien's negative, which has since been returned to him.
  8. Lee and Hank at Sluggs

    This was in 1967.
  9. Lee and Hank at Sluggs

    Don't know the date but I would loved to have been in the club to see these two.
  10. the very start of the night. He was in the audience.
  11. McCoy Tyner and Charles McPherson at 80 with the JALC Orchestra. McCoy was scheduled to play, but did. He is looking frail. He was in the audience. Charles played and swung the entire set dedicated to him.
  12. Another, who's in this photo.

    It's Bill Barron.
  13. Just saw George Coleman with Jimmy Cobb, David Hazeltine and Ugonna Okegwo for Smoke’ 20th anniversary celebration.
  14. Happy Birthday Allen Lowe

    Happy Birthday