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  1. Two more Hank Mobley photos.

    Another one.
  2. I think you’re right I think you’re right.
  3. I can't figure which Mosaic box George Coleman has on his piano. It's at the 2:15 mark.
  4. Duke

    Unless Duke is typing the lyrics to a song, what would a QWERTY typewriter be needed for with sheet music? BTW, snappy attire.
  5. Willie Thomas: 1931-2019

    RIP, Willie.
  6. Peter Bernstein Quartet at the Village Vanguard. Tonight at the Village Vanguard. Peter Bernstein Harold Mabern John Webber Jimmy Cobb
  7. Two more Hank Mobley photos.

  8. Kenny Burrell in 1948

  9. Kenny Burrell in 1948

    At the Club 666 in Detroit. He must have been 15?
  10. Two more Hank Mobley photos.

    Hank had nice handwriting. Same, I don’t recall Jimmy Cobb spelling it like this before or since.
  11. Eric Dolphy postcard.

    This is great.
  12. Two more Hank Mobley photos.

    Hank’s looking real sharp here.
  13. Dr. John: 1941-2019

  14. A very good Austrian Drummer died

  15. Lawrence Leathers RIP

    Sad story. RIP.