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  1. John Coltrane - Blue World

    This is great news.
  2. Booker Ervin

    This is great. The first I've ever seen this.
  3. Jazz musicians that played chess.

    Mingus was another. Here is a magazine cover with Braxton
  4. Anyone know who he is?
  5. UK jazz renaissance

    In time these young jazz fans will start listening to Bird, Pres and Trane. It’s a slow progression.
  6. Collections

    Diner. I love that film.
  7. Collections

    In your collections what is the rarest item anyone has? I’ve moved my collection, CDs, vinyl records to digital format. I took up a room in my home with cD’s and LP’s. My wife can’t understand why I need 32 takes of Charlie Parker playing ‘Star Eyes.’
  8. Mystery tenor player.

    Yes The posture to me tells me it is Joe Henderson.
  9. Mystery tenor player.

    I compared a few photos of Roy Brooks and he does look like the drummer in this photo.
  10. Horace Silver on tenor sax

    This photo is from 1946 with Walter Radcliffe on piano at the Monterey night club in New Haven Connecticut. He was 18.
  11. Mystery tenor player.

  12. Mystery tenor player.

    Is this Joe Henderson or not? Charles McPherson says no, but Barry Harris says yes. I don't recall ever seeing a photo of Joe Without Eye Glasses. It's Pepper Adams on bari sax, Boo Boo Turner on piano, Al Jackson on bass. The drummer is unknown.
  13. Ira Sullivan practicing at home

    Glad he is still playing trumpet. Too bad he doesn’t venture to NY anymore.