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  1. I have about a dozen or so CD's from this Italian label and enjoy them all. Does anyone else here also like what they release? If so, any favorites? I have all the Cedar Walton, Sphere, Billy Higgins and some others.
  2. Swiss Radio Days - Jazz Messengers

    I don't either the Rollins or Silver when I looked on the website. I see sessions that are over 50 years old and are in the public domain in Europe and have been repackage.
  3. BFT 179 Link and Discussion

    I have only two of these tracks. Number 2 and 9. These were identified already. Nice set of music. I enjoyed this BFT. Waiting for the reveal at the end of the month.
  4. Wayne Shorter

    Way to go Wayne.
  5. Happy birthday Michael Weiss

    Happy Birthday.
  6. Post a pic

  7. BFT 179 Link and Discussion

    Yes. I have that album. It is real real good. I knew I've heard this version of the tune.
  8. BFT 179 Link and Discussion

    #2, I know it isn't going to be him, but is it Bill Frisell on guitar? The last time I saw Bill live he played Stranger in Paradise and it reminds me of his rendition.
  9. Happy Birthday tkeith!

    Happy birthday
  10. Everything Sonny.

    Sonny in Munich 1992.
  11. Sexiest album covers

  12. Happy 90th Birthday, Benny Golson!

    yes, they're the only two. You can listen to Sonny Rollins interview at the below link. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/q/a-great-day-in-harlem-sonny-rollins-and-robert-benton-celebrate-60th-anniversary-of-the-iconic-jazz-photo-1.4999051?fbclid=IwAR2LDpjSPky0onpeuoQgSyt4bUSyR9aN4AIsb8bfqBcVx5xa8lLX3aMeozI A Great Day in Harlem: Sonny Rollins and Robert Benton celebrate 60th anniversary of the iconic jazz photo 'It was a great day in Harlem indeed,' says jazz legend Sonny Rollins Sixty years ago this month, Esquire magazine published its Golden Age of Jazz issue. Inside, plastered across two pages, was a photograph that would go on to become a pop culture artifact. It was called A Great Day in Harlem, by photographer Art Kane, and it brought together 57 jazz musicians in front of a New York apartment building. Since that photo was taken, Kane and many of the musicians who appeared in the photo have died. Former Esquire magazine art director Robert Benton and one of the last two surviving subjects of the photo, saxophonist Sonny Rollins, take us back to the day of the shoot and discuss the lasting impact of A Great Day in Harlem. Listen10:12
  13. Post a pic

  14. Ira Sullivan

    Good for him. Glad he’s still going strong.