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  1. Jack Quigley - Class in Session - Sand C-30

    Very nice! Saw the name Jack Quigley in the LPs that didn't make it to CD thread, and then found this thread! Looks like Blue Moon has released maybe all of his output on CD.
  2. Your music cataloging "system"

    Man, I love these kinds of threads! I rip all my CDs and share the audio files across my computers. The audio files are backed up, and my CDs are on full display. I know it's not the "Show yer collection" thread from the early 2000s, but here it is, minus the Mosaics and similarly sized box sets: I keep a master spreadsheet in Google Drive, with basic information - artist, title, label, label #, any additional notes that I find interesting (e.g. RVG series) and number of discs. I use Lord's Discography to record the CDs and individual tracks that I own. Selecting the tracks one by one made for a tedious summer, but it's easier to to add new purchases now that the bulk of the collection is already in there. Although Lord is not perfect, it's pretty good and an easy way for me to, say, look up a box set and see how much music I'd be duplicating. I can look up the Mosaic Boogie Woogie select and easily see that I have the majority of the music on Chronological or Collector's Classics discs and the Lionel Hampton Mosaic set.
  3. Are there any box bargains currently available?

    Ellington Centennial Edition on eBay, new and Buy It Now at $125 with $14 shipping. That's as cheap as I've seen it.
  4. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but the CD version of this set is available at Grooves-Inc for 56 dollars or so, and maybe free shipping. Damn. I paid $90 to UDiscover.
  5. Allen, are you serious about wanting to unload the Benedetti set? If so, what $ amount would you accept?

  6. PM sent on Lonnie Smith - Live at Club Mozambique Albert Ayler - Holy Ghost - Revenant 9CD - $75 Lee Morgan - Live At The Lighthouse - Blue Note 3CD - $35
  7. I've seen the said box set on both EBay and Amazon. Does anyone have this, or has anyone heard positive things about it? Another question: As of now I have several Mosaics, which I'm happy with, and the complete Ella Fitzgerald Songbooks, as well as the complete Miles Davis In Person at the Blackhawk and many Proper/JSP/Mosaic Selects box sets. At some point I'm sure I'll also pick up the Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel. That being said, are there any box sets that you've found to be absolutely necessary, versus buying the seperate albums? Whether that be the Complete Billie Holiday on Verve or Bill Evans on Riverside, please share your recommendations. thanks.
  8. If You Were on the BBC Desert Island Discs Program

    Thought-provoking question, and a tough one. Grant Green - Jean De Fleur (Idle Moments) Gerry Mulligan - Rocker (Original Gerry Mulligan Tentet) MJQ/Laurindo Almeida - One Note Samba (Collaboration) Bud Powell - Dance of the Infidels (Bud Powell Vol. 1) Art Blakey - Children of the Night (Mosaic) Cannonball Adderley - Somethin’ Else (Somethin’ Else) Fats Navarro - Casbah King Pleasure/Annie Ross - Moody’s Mood For Love (Golden Days)
  9. Thanks for the heads up, Stompy (just ordered one). According to Scott Wenzel, they discovered the Berigan sets in a a box marked Woody Herman, somehow confused in their move from one location to another.
  10. I didn't see this posted elsewhere. From their email (note that some Chronological Classics are back in production/for sale): Worlds Records is going out of business. In order to promote internet sales we are offering a 5% discount on all web orders. This discount will show up in the final invoice. After more than 40 years in business we will be closing when all inventory is gone. To this end we are inaugurating a new sale today. Every Tuesday we will be offering all product from one or more Artist Listings on sale with a 25% discount. For example, today we are offering all CDs by artists whose last name begins with C, such as Bob Chester, Carmen Cavallaro, Rosemary Clooney, Benny Carter, etc. This applies to Various Artist collections also. These various artist collections are listed by the first letter of the title, such as Cabaret Echoes, Columbia Dance Bands, Chart Toppers Of The Thirties, etc. These sales are limited to stock on hand. These sale items for the week of February 25. Once again, this week's sale items can be found here. All sale items included in orders from our website will receive a 30% discount, 25% from the sale product price and a 5% bonus discount on all items included in the order (even if they are not on sale), calculated on final invoice. We will continue offering New Releases as they appear. For instance we have recently begun offering the Crystal Stream label (from Australia). We had a problem with these CDs when they were first offered in 2002 and we discontinued selling them for ten years. The problem, it turned out, was that paper labels were used on the discs and an imbalance on some discs caused problems with many CD players. Now the discs have information applied with ink; the sound is as great as ever and for those who enjoy music of the 1920s and 1930s you will find these discs a wonderful addition to your library. Another label that we have not offered from many years, Classics Chronological Collections, are available once again. These CDs were first offered in batches of 5 per month over an incredible 15 year period. Over 765 titles were originally produced in France. Now an ambitious project has resurfaced with the intention to bring back as many of the original titles as sales warrant. The plan is to present all releases by an artist at one time (or in the case of an artist like Duke Ellington who had 45 CDs, in several batches). For instance the early artist reissues are by Ethel Waters (7 of the 8 CDs), James P. Johnson (8 titles), The Three Peppers (1 CD), etc.. These CDs are manufactured in the United States. Until next week... Ren Brown Worlds Records
  11. What music did you buy today?

    Got a set of pristine Chrono(lo)gical classics off of eBay. I'll be subsisting on tap water and Ramen for the foreseeable future, but at least I'll have something to listen to while I do so. Albert Ammons 1936-1939 Albert Ammons 1939-1946 Albert Ammons 1946-1948 Art Tatum 1944 Art Tatum 1932-1934 Art Tatum 1934-1940 Bix Beiderbecke 1924-1927 Bix Beiderbecke 1927-1930 Bix Beiderbecke/Paul Whiteman 1927-1928 Bix Beiderbecke/Paul Whiteman 1928-1929 Earl Hines 1928-1932 Earl Hines 1932-1934 Earl Hines 1934-1937 Frankie Trumbauer 1927-1928 Frankie Trumbauer 1928-1929 Frankie Trumbauer 1929-1931 Frankie Trumbauer 1932-1936 Frankie Trumbauer 1936-1946 George Wettling 1940-1944 Harry James 1939 Harry James 1937-1939 Harry James 1939-1940 Harry James 1940-1941 James P. Johnson 1944 James P. Johnson 1921-1928 James P. Johnson 1928-1938 James P. Johnson 1938-1942 James P. Johnson 1943-1944 James P. Johnson 1944-1945 James P. Johnson 1945-1947 Joe Sullivan 1933-1941 Louis Prima 1934-1935 Mary Lou Williams 1927-1940 Meade Lux Lewis 1927-1939 Meade Lux Lewis 1939-1941 Meade Lux Lewis 1941-1944 Mezz Mezzrow 1944-1945 New Orleans Rhythm Kings 1925-1935 Pat Flowers 1941-1945 Pat Flowers 1945-1947 Pete Johnson 1938-1939 Pete Johnson 1939-1941 Pete Johnson 1944-1946 Pete Johnson 1947-1949 Sam Price 1942-1945 Willie "The Lion" Smith 1944-1949 Woody Herman 1939 Woody Herman 1940 Woody Herman 1936-1937 Woody Herman 1937-1938 Woody Herman 1939-1940 Woody Herman 1940-1941
  12. Worlds Records sale I didn't see this posted elsewhere, but I got an email from Worlds stating that they are having a 15% off sale, applicable to everything they sell. A couple dozen CDs are on sale with a combined 23% discount off the list price (; this latter offer is good through Friday. Many titles offered by Worlds can be had cheaper, even with the discount, but the discounted price for Jazz Oracle CDs ($12.75) is pretty competitive, at least for the single cd sets. sells Jazz Oracle titles for a buck or so less, but they charge a buck more per disc for shipping, and Worlds has timelier service. For multiple-disc Jazz Oracle titles, however, blowitoutahere is still better. You can get the Red Nichols 3-cd sets for 26 bucks plus a dollar shipping there, vs. 34 or so dollars at Worlds. Just letting everyone know - I have no ties to either of these sites. According to the email, the 15% off sale is not subject to an end date at this point.
  13. FS Wingy Manone Collectors Classics cds

    Just wanted to say Pete's a good man to do business with (I took these CDs off his hands). The discs arrived in quickly and in great condition, and the packing job was first rate.
  14. Just in case anyone's interested and unaware, J&R ( has a lot of OJCs and Blue Notes on sale for 6 bucks. Even with not inconsiderable shipping costs - the promo code did not work for me - a lot of these titles are still cheaper than can be found used on Amazon (with the $3 shipping/CD).
  15. J&R Sale with possible free shipping

    As BeBop notes, the free shipping code - good, I believe, through tomorrow - is TECHEXPO11. I had to make multiple orders of no more than 3 CDs in order to successfully apply the code, but it worked.
  16. Toshiko Akiyoshi

    I don't have anything by her, and would like to change that. Anything, solo, with Mariano, with Tabackin, whatever. If you have a suggestion, please let me know. Thanks
  17. Earl Anderza - What ever happend to him?

    I've got the Earl Anderza Pacific Jazz reissue and I enjoy it. The Amazon reviewers don't know what happened to him, and I can't find anything on the web. Is it just one of those dead end searches, i.e. nobody knows what happend to him? Or does somebody know what happened to him. Thanks
  18. What music did you buy today?

    Today at Amoeba picked up Dizzy Gillespie Vol.5 (Masters of Jazz) Dizzy Gillespie Vol.1 (Masters of Jazz) Joe Lutcher 1947 (R&B Classics) Gerry Mulligan - California Concerts, Vol.1 Unfortunately, my database isn't up to date and II already have the Joe Lutcher, so that's a few buck wasted. The other three, however, are good finds at good prices.
  19. Cancer took my wonderful wife last week

    Echoing others, you were - are - a very lucky guy. Be strong, and my condolences.
  20. What music did you buy today?

    Walked into the Berkeley Amoeba and came out with Jelly Roll Morton - Masters of Jazz Vols One, Two, and Seven Charlie Christian - Masters of Jazz Vol. 1 Gerry Mulligan/Johnny Mandel - I Want to Live! Stan Kenton - Live at the Patio Gardens Ballroom Vols. 1-3 Stan Kenton - Live at the Macumba Club and some Rhythm and Blues Classics titles: Joe MOrris - 1950-1953 Crown P. Waterford -1946-1950 Jim Wynn - 1947-1959 Walter Brown - 1947-1951 Amos Milburn - 1947 So, 14 titles for $73, which averages out to $5.2/disc.
  21. What music did you buy today?

    A whole bunch of Fantasy, etc. titles. Amazon merchants (namely Newbury Comics) has most of these for 2 or 3 bucks. Part of me wishes I was just getting into jazz now, because tons of OJCs that I paid 10 bucks or so for are available for bargain prices. Bennie Green With Strings Benny Carter Montreux 77 Billy Butler Night Life Bob Brookmeyer Dual Role of Bob Brookmeyer Bobby Timmons Quartets and Orchestra: Do You Know The Wawy?/Got To Get It Dave Frishberg Live At Vine Street Dizzy Reece Asia Minor Gene Ammons Organ Combos Houston Person Trust In Me Jack McDuff Soulful Drums Jack McDuff Tough Duff Jaki Byard On The Spot James Moody Blues & Other Colors Jim Robinson The Living Legends: Jim Robinson's New Orleans Band Jimmy Forrest Most Much Lee Konitz Spirits Milt Jackson Big Bags Phil Woods Pairing Off Randy Weston Solo, Duo & Trio Randy Weston Jazz a La Bohemia Red Holloway Legends of Acid Jazz Red Rodney Quintets Sonny Criss Up Up & Away Teddy Edwards It's All Right Teri Thornton Devil May Care The Herdsman/Nat Pierce Play Paris Tiny Grimes Tiny In Swingville Zoot Sims The Innocent Years Arnett Cobb Smooth Sailing
  22. What music did you buy today?

    Just got a few Chronogical Classics in the mail: Mildred Bailey 1938 Gene Krupa 1940, V3, and 1945 Benny Goodman 1941-1942 Charlie Ventura, 1951-1953 and 1946-1947 Bunny Berigan 1935-1936 Charlie Barnet 1940, V2 Count Basie 1946-1947 Cozy Cole 1944 Red Nichols 1928-1929 I kick myself for putting off buying this series back when existed and had them for reasonable prices, but even so, I got these off of Amazon marketplace for about $10 including shipping. About half of them were shrink-wrapped. I don't know why certain titles are so much cheaper than others, but I'll take 'em.
  23. What music did you buy today?

    A few Frog compilations from (best price I've seen for Frogs, $12.90 plus about a buck for shipping): Clifford Hayes Don't You Leave Me Here, New York Vol.3 Clarence Williams - Shake Em Up Clarence Williams - Whoop It Up Clarence Williams - QRS Recordings Vols 1 and 2 Bennie Moten, Victor Recordings V2
  24. What to do when the wife hates jazz.

    This was a great thread, so I'm resuscitating it, if only for this one post. My girlfriend of 2.5 years generally listens to what I jokingly refer to as "bitch punk," even though most of it is underground punk/rock rather than the Blink 182/Good Charlotte stuff (which I don't mind on occasion). She's actually quite good about tolerating most of my music, and when we moved to the East Bay (her first choice) for grad school, she compromised by agreeing that we would rent a 2-bedroom so I could keep my music and listen to it in the spare. We only saw live jazz once together - a gypsy jazz combo in Minneapolis at a club that is now closed - but she frequently good-naturedly complains that I haven't burned her a copy of Django music. Her main issue is with horns and drums, particularly the hi-hat, but she seems to be okay with older music, where the quality of horns and drums are muted. Our main, petty, disagreements usually stem from me being cheap about something stupid - i.e. she wants to buy blueberries or rice milk and I think they're too expensive - to which she'll come back with, "Oh, you don't have a problem spending xxx dollars on jazz cds." She's got a point.