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  1. I apologize if this type of topic has come up before (I tried searching and didn't find anything). My question is this: CDs are arguably on the way out. Maybe they'll still be the dominant form of music in 5 or 10 years, but I think the trend is clear. Much of the Fantasy catalog is OOP, and the recent Blue Note deletion thread bodes ill for that label's reissues. Obviously, used CDs will still be available but probably at increasingly inflated prices. My income is limited (although you'd never know based on my irresponsible purchases), so I'm currently debating on whether to snag up obscure Fantasy titles while they're still relatively cheap, deleted BN titles, cheap Classics, etc. The Andorran labels and their ilk will undoubtedly reissue some stuff, but even those may not be around forever. How do you prioritize your purchases? Do you just buy what you want to listen to most - probably the most "honorable" way of going about it - or do you buy more...strategically, for want of a better word?
  2. I ordered the Crosby and six selects. I received four of them in a timely enough manner. Echoing Jazzbo, I finally got a couple long-out-of-stock titles (that I ordered during the December sale) in early June.
  3. Silly questions regarding cd transport and storage

    You bet, Big Wheel, thanks for the offer!
  4. I realize that some East Bay residents probably own cds, but I thought I'd ask this for my own peace of mind. My girlfriend and I will be moving out to Oakland, California next week. We're renting a Penske 16-footer. I'd like to bring my cds out with us, but my girlfriend (who probably would be happier if the cds were not out there with us but will live with them if I want to take them) cautioned me that they might be damaged by warm temperatures as we cross the Southwest. I'm also concerned - hopefully without justification - about storing them on shelves in our apartment out in California. My discs currently sit in my parents' basement, which is always fairly cool. Oakland, on the other hand, can get warm during the summer, although perhaps without the stickiness of Minnesota summers. To recap, does anyone have an idea of how likely the cds will be damaged while sitting in the truck as we traverse high-temperatured states, or how likely they are to be damaged by storing them in an non-air-conditioned third-floor apartment in Oakland? Thanks
  5. Silly questions regarding cd transport and storage

    Thanks for the reassurances, guys. I'm psyched to have my music with me for the first time in a while.
  6. What music did you buy today?

    18 Classics R&B titles for $5 each! That's a great score. I know! Brand new and shrink-wrapped, too. For whatever reason, they're in much less demand than the jazz classics series.
  7. What music did you buy today?

    Earlier this week I spent a couple hours at the Berkeley Amoeba and picked up a brand new Good Time Jazz title (The Famous Castle Jazz Band In Stereo) that's not even available used on Amazon for 8 bucks, and 18 or so Blues and Rhythm Classics titles for 5 bucks a pop. Compared to the Half Price Books and Cheapo locations in the Twin Cities, Amoeba's prices are damned fine.
  8. I've ordered a couple box sets from deepdiscount (the Tal Farlow and one other, back when they stocked a number of the boxes), and they came through fine. I agree that JR sometimes doesn't pack their shipments well enough.
  9. What music did you buy today?

    Niko is right, it's Jimmy Heath. Penguin Guide says the ablum is "less arresting [than The Quota]; more of a straight blowing session, it doesn't play to Jimmy's real strengths and the production seems oddly underpowered, as if everything has been taken down a notch to accomodate Burrell's soft and understated guitar lines. 'All the Things You Are' has some moments of spectacular beauty.... Good straightforward jazz, but not a great Jimmy Heath album." Not quite a ringing endorsement, but I like Heath and don't always agree with Penguin, so I'm looking forward to it.
  10. What music did you buy today?

    Took advantage of J&R's 2.95 flat shipping rate and Memorial Day weekend special - spend 150 and get 15 off, and got Andy Bey Andy Bey & The Bey Sisters Barry Harris At The Jazz Workshop Billy Taylor Billy Taylor Trio Charles Mingus Jazzical Moods Charlie Byrd Latin Byrd Don Ellis New Ideas Don Patterson/Sonny Stitt Brothers-4 Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis/Johnny Griffin Blues Up And Down Hampton Hawes The Seance Hampton Hawes The Sermon Harold Mabern A Few Miles From Memphis James Clay The Sound of Wide Open Spaces Jimmy Forrest Soul Street Jimmy Forrest Out of the Forrest Jimmy Forrest On The Trail Johnny Griffin Sextet Junior Mance At The Village Gate Miles Davis Conception Paul Desmond Paul Desmond Quintet Red Garland All Kinds Of Weather Roy Haynes Cracklin' Willis Jackson After Hours They came out to around $6.4 apiece. Also found a number of titles available via Concord's website that are cheaper than those offered by Amazon Marketplace vendors: George Wallington The New York Scene Red Norvo Music To Listen TO Red Norvo By Gerry Wiggins Relax and Enjoy it Jim Robinson New Orleans: The Living Legends - Plays Spirituals and Blues Don Ewell Man Here Plays Fine Piano Burt Bales They Tore My Playhouse Down Red Garland The Nearness Of You I'm giving myself a couple more good-sized purchases before I say goodbye to the Fantasy umbrella and move on to something else (or saving money). Finally, I got shipping confirmations of a couple VSOP albums(the Red Norvo and Harry Babasin titles) from Deep Discount after placing an order back in December 2009.
  11. Chronological Classics

    Thanks for the response, Brownie. It is indeed a shame that the label is defunct. I was one of those idiots who put off purchasing them because they were too pricey compared to other labels' titles. Look at the prices now.
  12. Chronological Classics

    Would someone owning or familiar with many titles comment on the general frequency of duplications in this series? For instance, will the same track appear on both Gene Krupa and Benny Goodman, or Mildred Bailey and Red Norvo titles? Thanks.
  13. What music did you buy today?

    Ever since 2004, when various persons started threads predicting the end of the Fantasy labels, I've been playing catch up on titles. Although I still have probably 150-200 titles I'd like, I feel as though I'm finally over the hump. I got ten of the remaining Legends of Acid Jazz titles I had been missing (thanks, Magnificent Goldberg, for the comprehensive thread!), each for 8 bucks a pop: Boogaloo Joe Jones, Vol. 1 Idris Muhammad Melvin Sparks Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers Johnny "Hammond" Smith Don Patterson Houston Person Billy Butler Shirley Scott Taking advantage of's shipping offer, I also got the following for $7 each: The Billy Taylor trio with Candido Lucky Thompson - Lucky Strikes Barney Kessel's Swingin' Party at Contemporary Barry Harris - Bull's Eye Roy Haynes - Cracklin' Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Cookbook, Vol. 2 Steve Lacy - Evidence Yusef Lateef - Other Sounds Yusef Lateef - Cry!/Tender Chuck Wayne - Morning Mist Gerry Mulligan - Mullgan Plays Mulligan Sidney Bechet - Up A Lazy River Gerry Mulligan Quartet/Chubby Jackson Big Band Cal Tjader - Monterey Concerts Finally, I found super cheap copies of the following from Amazon marketplace vendors: Red Holloway - Brother Red Barry Harris - Luminescence! Ahmed Abdul-Malik - Jazz Sounds of Africa Shirley Scott - Soul Shoutin' Kenny Burrell (2fer) - All Day Long/All Night Long Whew! Someone on this board once told me "Don't forget to listen...." I don't know that I've internalized that bit of wisdom completely, but I'm doing my best.
  14. Good Jazz Deals Online or In Stores

    J&R is offering 2.95 shipping for all orders through the 29th. Might be an attractive deal if you need some OJCs (mostly 6.99 apiece).
  15. Bob Crosby and his Bob Cats

    Does anyone have any of the compilations featuring Crosby's stuff? I couldn't find much information about Crosby on the board. So far I'm aware of the 15 or so discs in Halycon's comprehensive Crosby series, four discs of just the Bob Cats material from Swaggie (both mentioned in the Penguin Guide), and most recently, three discs from an outfit called Sounds of Yesteryear, also featuring the Bob Cats' sides. Any Organissimites own any of these discs? If so, any thoughts on them? Thanks.
  16. Bob Crosby and his Bob Cats

    Thanks for all the replies. Looks like the Swaggies are what I need.
  17. Moderators, please move this to the pertinent area if necessary; I wasn't sure if it belonged in the sell/trade, reissue, or recommend sub-forums. If you like the Jazz Oracle or Hep series, Worlds Records (, which is usually too blue for my blood, has some excellent deals on select Heps ($5 - Joe Mooney, the Dorsey Brothers, Ted Heath titles) and Jazz Oracles ($10.20, on 3-4 titles, the cheapest retail price I've ever seen for the label). Sale lasts until 21 Dec, and I'm in no way affiliated with the Worlds Records, except, hopefully, as a satisfied customer.
  18. Worlds Records deals on Jazz Oracle/Heps

    Thanks for the heads up on the Sensation cds, Lon. I can't believe Worlds is offering them for $3, while even the amazon marketplace vendors sell it for nowhere near as cheap.
  19. Guilt and self-doubt

    It's been some time since I've actually posted (and I should probably change my handle to something more civilian-esque), and a cursory search of the board tells me that I've used "guilt" in a topic title before (and the only one, at that), but so be it, I'm a guilt-ridden guy. Since my discharge in June 2007 and the concomitant termination of significant disposable income, I've done my best to avoid the compulsive purchases that typified my first couple years as a self-proclaimed jazz aficionado; for example, in the month before my first deployment, I spend somewhere around $7,000 on the music. Believe me, that's no boast. Anyway, I spent the last two years in college, living off the GI Bill and some savings, limiting my jazz purchases to BMG/Yourmusic deals and the occasional Mosaics (the Tal Farlow, once it hit running low). Hopefully I'll be accepted into a graduate program for this coming fall, but for now I'm unemployed but possibly on the verge of being employed. I have some cushion, in the forms of remaining savings and long-term stocks (which I will not touch anytime in the next few decades), and everything seemed to be going okay. I was shopping at ALDI (the best damn food deal in my neck of the woods), watching Netflix with the gal pal instead of paying ten bucks to see current films, etc. Everything was fine. Black Friday has triggered a relapse into my old buying habits. I bought 4 of the JSP Waller sets and a few VSOPs on DeepDiscount; the Eddie Condon, Chris Connor, Jimmy Giuffre, John Lewis, some MJQ titles, and a few OJCs that I didn't have at (sale!); and the 1950s Teagarden and Shorty Rogers Mosaics on Ebay. Maybe 700 bucks in the last week. I can afford it, but just barely/not really. While I look forward to enjoying the music, I can't help but feel that this will be a never ending cycle. Months or a year of relative frugality, followed by frenzied buying. I'm partly motivated by the knowledge that the music that was available on cd four years ago is now out of print, and partly motivated by the realization that, although my collection has grown considerably in the five or so years that I've been avidly into the music, I'll never have it all, and therefore must get as much as possible before...before death or children or something else, I'm not sure. I've read the thread about jazz as an addiction/having more than one can ever really get to know, and it is certainly comforting. I'll never go broke because I can't refrain from buying, but I still feel it's unhealthy. On the other hand, aside from following politics (free) and working my way through official histories of WWII (also free, via the library), jazz is the only thing I do in my free time. Does anyone have any comforting words of wisdom or cutting but hopefully helpful criticisms? Either are most welcome.
  20. Guilt and self-doubt

    Thanks for all the responses. I certainly feel better, at least enough to make, oh, one more purchase.... (Thanks, Chuck! I've always been a frequent lurker/reader here, just didn't have a good reason to post for a while.)
  21. concerning artists and fresh sound sale

    Blue Moon, or Fresh Sound, or whichever it is, has been having a sale on a number of albums (7.57 bucks). That sound's good to me, and a lot of these albums have sidemen that interest me, but the few of these that show up on allmusic seem to be easy listening. If any of you could give me a yea or nay as far as that goes, for the following artists, I would be most grateful. Artists Aaron Bell Abbe Lane Bernie Green Betty Bennett Billy Taylor Bob Florence Bobby Jaspar Bunky Green Carl Perkins Cathy Hayes Dave Pell David Murray Dennis Farnon Dick Collins Dick Hafer Donna Drake Eddie Bert Frank Strazzeri Frank Warren Frankie Randall Freddie Merkle George Handy George Williams Gerald Fried Gerald Wiggins Gloria Lynne Gogi Grant Nick Travis Pablo Beltran Paul Moer Pete Jolly Thanks for any and all help
  22. I have Jazz Immortal, Memorial Album and Study in Brown. I know there are plenty of other titles out there. Which dates (preferrably in cd form) would you recommend, where Brown is either a leader or co-leading with Roach. Note: I don't want to buy the Emarcy Box because of the large number of alternate takes. Thanks.
  23. Now reading...

    Recently read Democracy (Henry Adams) and The Stranger (Camus), both authors whose works I hadn't read before. The first was alright but I was glad to finish it. The second was a quick, good read and left me bleakly amused.
  24. Question about OOP Mosaics

    Firstly, I don't post often, but when I do, they come in flurries, so I apologize for clogging the board. My question: I'm a big fan of West Coast jazz. The following are out of print, but I have a mind to pick them up if the price is somewhat reasonable. Would it be worth it to pick these up? The Pacific Jazz Bud Shank Studio Sessions The Pacific Jazz Recordings of Chico Hamilton The Complete Capitol and Atlantic Recordings of Jimmy Guiffre The Complete Pacific Jazz Studio Recordings of Chet Baker The Complete Pacific Jazz Live Recordings of Chet Baker Thanks
  25. Happy Birthday, Ghost of Miles

    Happy birthday, David. Have a great one.