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  1. What music did you buy today?

    Al Haig Trio & Sextet Betty Roche Lightly & Politely Betty Roche Singin & Swingin' Bill Harris Bill Harris & Friends Bill Perkins Quietly There Clark Terry Serenade To A Bus Seat Don Friedman Dreams & Explorations Don Friedman Metamorphosis Eddie Jefferson Body & Soul Eddie Jefferson Letter From Home Elmer Snowden Harlem Banjo Elmo Hope Homecoming Elmo Hope Hope Full George Lewis In The New Orleans Tradition Gigi Gryce Jazz Lab Quintet Jaki Byard Hi-Fly Jaki Byard Out Front James Moody Moody's Mood For Blues John LaPorta Theme & Variations Larry Young Groove Street Larry Young Testifying Lee Morgan Take Twelve Mal Waldron Mal 1 Mal Waldron Mal 2 Mal Waldron Mal 3 Mal Waldron Mal 4 Randy Weston Get Happy Randy Weston With These Hands Teddy Charles Evolution
  2. Neither Chris nor Lee are represented at all in my collection. I'd like to rectify that problem. Colletables has some of Conner's Atlantic work in print, and I'm not a stickler for sound, as long as it's bearable. Would that be a way to go? I don't know much about Wiley. Any suggestions welcome, although I'm looking for albums on compact disc. Thanks
  3. Kessel Plays Standards

    It's a good album. All of Kessel's Contemporary albums are enjoyable, although I probably listen to The Poll Winners the most frequently.
  4. What music did you buy today?

    The yourmusic thread was too much for me. Larry Young - Mother Ship Larry Young - Of Love And Peace John Coltrane - Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Miles Davis - Complete Jack Johnson Miles Davis - Seven Steps Box Granz Jam Sessions Box Horace Silver - The United States of Mind Sam Rivers - Contours
  5. Looking to buy some Chris Conner and Lee Wiley

    Thanks for the replies. I look forward to acquiring these titles.
  6. Looking for the musical term...

    I know artists do this all the time, but I'd like to call it by the appropriate (musically, that is) name. I'm listening to Brubeck's quartet playing "I'll Never Smile Again" and about 2/3rds fo the way through, they play the opening bars of "Fools Rush In". What is it called when one takes an excerpt of one song, and inserts it in another? Thanks
  7. Now reading...

    I like Harry James, even if his work is somewhat dull and depressing. Right now I'm reading "Freedom From Fear" by David Kennedy. It's part of the Oxford History of the United States, and covers from the Great Depression to the end of World War II. So far so good.
  8. Looking for the musical term...

    Thanks, guys.
  9. Percy Heath R.I.P.

    RIP. Sad stuff. Nothing that a little Fontessa can't alleviate.
  10. Stan Getz, the Complete Roost Recordings

    I first listened to those sessions about a year and a half ago. Probably my favorite Getz. His version of "Thou Swell" kills me, and if you can't hum/whistle/tap your foot to "Potter's Luck" you're out of your mind. Awesome music.
  11. Percy Heath R.I.P.

    The Modern Jazz Quartet was my gateway into jazz. Just the fact that some of you have interacted with Percy blows my mind. I sure hope he gets well soon and for years to come.
  12. Chronological Classics

    Fucking A, that's awesome. Thanks for letting us know, Jaffa.
  13. Library of America

    The two Raymond Chandlers and the Steinbecks are well worth buying. The Reporting World War II (both of them) and Reporting Vietnam (both of them) are also extremely valuable if your interested in those periods.
  14. Happy Birthday, Alon Marcus

    Happy Birthday!
  15. Happy birthday sheldonm

    Happy Birthday Mike/Mark. The name doesn't matter; the day belongs to you.
  16. Stan Levey has died

    Damn, RIP Stan the Man.
  17. Chronological Classics

    Damn it all to hell. I got in the "business" too late to take advantage of the titles. Realizing it's unlikely, I hope another label produces similar output.
  18. What music did you buy today?

    Art Blakey Buhaina's Delight Art Blakey Free For All Duke Pearson Sweet Honey Bee Freddie Hubbard Blue Spirits Freddie Hubbard Breaking Point Horace Silver Serenade To A Soul Sister Joe Henderson In N Out Dorothy Ashby In A Minor Groove Mose Allison Creek Bank Mose Allison Autumn Song Andre Previn Plays Songs By Jerome Kern Ben Webster At The Renaissance Chico Freeman Beyond The Rain Chico Freeman Destiny's Dance George Cables Cables Vision Hampton Hawes Green Leaves of Summer Howard McGhee Maggie's Back In Town Leroy Vinnegar Leroy Walks Phineas Newborn Newborn Touch Phineas Newborn Great Jazz Piano of Phineas Newborn Phineas Newborn Harlem Blues Phineas Newborn Back Home Booker Ervin Freedom Book Booker Ervin Song Book Ruth Price/S.Manne Live At Mann-Hole Lyle Murphy Gone With The Woodwinds Bill Harris Bill Harris and Friends Claude Thornhill Buster's Last Stand Claude Thornhill Snowfall Claude Thornhill 1949-53 Performances Claude Thornhill 1947 Transcription Performances Claude Thornhill 1948 Transcription Performances Charles Mingus West Coast 1945-49 and the accompanying guilt comes free with shipping
  19. I know that a fair number of you are from countries where English is not a first language, but I've yet to read a post where the English isn't impeccable, or close to it. Did you learn English in school, or did you take it upon yourselves to become proficient in it? I find it all very impressive. Disclaimer: I realize that many of you Americans, Canadians, Australians, UKers might be fluent in another language. Myself, I am not so enterprising. Edited to add: SINCE ARIC WAS BANNED
  20. FREDDIE IS 67!

    Freddie, you're my favorite Blue Note trumpeter. Killer playing.
  21. Mosaics

    Damn skippy.
  22. Mosaics

    Sometimes I look at the 1.5 feet or so of shelf space that my 16 Mosaics take up and think to myself, "1800 bucks, just like that".
  23. Going To Disney - Orlando

    I second that Artist's Point notion. Classy venue.
  24. Question about Masters of Jazz

    While aware that this label is now defunct/not producing, I notice a fair amount of copies used online. Can someone explain what the label was about, if it's something similar to Chronological Classics, and if they're worth picking up? Thanks
  25. Earl Anderza - What ever happend to him?

    Sidewinder and Chuck, thanks, although that tidbit does heighten my curiosity.