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  1. Chronological Classics

    Thanks for keeping us posted, Jaffa. I think we're all keeping our fingers crossed that everything gets worked out.
  2. Question about Masters of Jazz

    Thanks, Brad.
  3. Just curious. I've read the first few posts, but I'm thoroughly confused. Figure it's got to be something because it's hundreds of pages and thousands of replies long, but I'm too dense to grasp it. Could somebody, in a sentence or two, summarize what the thread is about? Thanks
  4. What cd/Lp have you played the most often?

    Grant Green - Idle Moments Jean de Fleur and Nomad consistently bowl me over. Miles - Cookin' (best version of Airegin I've heard) Close contenders: A Love Supreme Giant Steps Black Saint and the Sinner Lady A Boy Named Charlie Brown Jazz At Oberlin
  5. Funny Rat: Could somebody explain what it's about

    Thanks folks, and Chaney, for the quote. I guess this weekend I'll have to wade through it.
  6. Chet Baker on Prestige

    Specifically looking for opinions on the Groovin', Cool Burnin' etc., titles. Thanks
  7. Chet Baker on Prestige

    Glad I asked this. I was planning on getting the five short albums from amazon. I'll get the three instead. Thanks to all of you.
  8. Now reading...

    Just finished rereading Sixty Days That Shook The West: The Fall of France, 1940 (Benoist-Mechin). Believe it was one of the first books to cover that campaign. Strongly recommended for any World War II history enthusiasts.
  9. Looking for vocalese artists

    I recently received two Lambert, Hendricks & Ross CDs in the mail. The Hottest New Group In Jazz 2fer and Sing A Song Of Basie. I've been enjoying the hell out of both of them. Anybody have any recommendations, whether LH&R or otherwise? Thanks
  10. Just curious. I know for many of us the 'to buy' list is far beyond what we can spare financially. My apologies if this belongs in another forum. I'd probably buy a number of OJCs and the Jazz Oracles that I'm missing.
  11. I bought a cheapie version of them a couple years ago, and they were just fine, but I misplaced it a while ago. Anybody have a particular favorite recording? Thanks
  12. Classical piano (Impressionist)

    After getting some excellent feedback regarding flute music and Brandenburg Concerto recordings, I know I can count on yoru classical know how here. I have Ravel's complete piano works (played by Phillippe Entremont/Sony) and Debussy's complete piano works (played by Walter Gieseking/EMI). Both sets consistently move me very much. Could any of you recommend others who composed in a similar vein? Preferrably piano music, but open to anything. Thanks
  13. Classical piano (Impressionist)

    Epithet- Was not at all aware of that EMI orchestral set. Thanks much for the recommendations.
  14. Should I return this call?

    Give her a call, start with two seconds of smalltalk, and then, in a friendly manner, ask her "Well, what can I do for you?" She might say "Oh, just checking up on old friends" or she might say "I've been thinking about you a lot lately". At least you can cut through the bullshit, if that's all it is.
  15. Looking for vocalese artists

    Thanks much folks.
  16. Looking for classical flute works

    The other day I was listening to NPR's from the top, and they had a kid playing the first movement from Francis Poulenc's flute sonata. I see Naxos has a cd which includes that. I've got some of Vivaldi's flute music. Do any of you have any recommendations? I'd prefer Baroque or Romantic/Impressionistic, but anything will do. Thanks
  17. The Haiku Hut

    One in four adults Has herpes, warts, or the clap Practice safe sex please For what it's worth I'm clean, and if any of you have an STD, no offense intended.
  18. One thing's for certain. Whether win or lose, we all like jazz, and that, friends dear, makes us all winners
  19. Some C.D recommendations...please

    Grant Green -Idle Moments John Coltrane - A Love Supreme, Giant Steps June Christy - Something Cool Dave Brubeck - Jazz At Oberlin, At Carnegie Hall Miles Davis - Cookin'
  20. The Modern Jazz Quartet

    Brownian- What's the title of the one with Giuffre?
  21. The Modern Jazz Quartet

    The MJQ are a little low key, but they've got a certain late evening ambience. Along with Vince Guaraldi, they sparked my interest in the music. Fontessa, Django, Pyramid, and Concorde are among the best, but check out Lonely Woman, European Concert, The Last Concert, The Comedy, Third Stream Music, and the collaboration with Paul Desmond. When you're a little worn out from a Blue Note Binge, or some Prestige blowin' sessions, the MJQ is good for what ails.
  22. Freddy Cole Show. See it?

    When I go home on leave, Freddy Cole will be doing a couple of shows at a local venue. Have any of you seen him or heard his music? Worth seeing if the price is reasonable? Thanks
  23. Looking for classical flute works

    Guy and Ron, looks like I'll be checking them out. Much thanks.
  24. What are walking around whistling....?

    Fats Navarro/Tadd Dameron - Casbah (the female solo) Powell's Dance of the Infidels Ornithology, Poinciana, and Darn That Dream
  25. Wesbed's Birthday

    Right on, brother. Have a stellar day.