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  1. DG's new book of poems, PASSING THROUGH

    That is fanf*ckign tastic! I had no there was a poet in our midst, let alone multiple ones. David, what's the best way to obtain a signed copy? Buy one and send it your way? regards
  2. What are your favourite live jazz albums?

    Hell yeah, Garth. The Pasadena Concert is fantastic. Forever blowin' bubbles, indeed. Bill Evans at the Vanguard and MJQ's European Concert and Brubecks' Jazz at Oberlin. Excellent version of Perdido.
  3. How did you get interested in Jazz?

    Benny Goodman, MJQ, and Guaraldi's Peantus music. whoo!
  4. Favorite Monk tune?

    Ruby, My Dear. Sublime.
  5. Fully realizing that this board is about jazz, it would still be interesting to hear what all of you do. Accountants? Machinists? Musicians? Retired? Insurance? I, for one, am in military intelligence. Laugh it up.
  6. Looking for Fresh Sounds recommendations

    Thanks, Gents. Will pick those titles up.
  7. Every so often I see a reference to the label. Any albums that you heartily endorse?
  8. Looking for good recording of Brandenburg Concerto

    Thanks, Guy. I'll give it a looksee.
  9. The Big Bands on WFIU

    Congratulations, you lucky sonofagun. Have fun with the show. Are you sticking solely to swing, or will you include sweet? Are you going to cover any of the lesser known groups? Boyd Raeburn, Sauter-Finnegan, Billy Butterfield, etc? Maybe Andy Kirk and his 12 Clouds of Joy?
  10. Just an observation

    Forgive the generic header. I've been thinking about this for awhile, and what the hell, there's no harm in posting my thoughts. It seems to me that the people that frequent this jazz boards (and I'd assume the other big two) are on a higher plane than the rest of society. Not to say better, but it seems that you people all share the following traits: impeccable taste in music (obviously) an articulate manner of writing a developed sense of humour politically savvy, or at aware of the world around happiness just doing what you're doing, whatever that may be I don't know what point I'm trying to prove, but it's oh so refreshing to say the least.
  11. Now reading...

    Just finished re-reading Gone With The Wind. As good as the movie is, the book is far superior, and if character development is important to a book, well, Margaret Mitchell does it as well as anybody, probably better. Terrific read.
  12. Show yer face to us!!!!!!

    It may be rough at times, but the mission is always accomplished.
  13. Happy birthday AfricaBrass

    Right on, brother. Happy day.
  14. I'd like to explore this sub genre, specifically Meade Lux Lewis, Albert Ammons, Willie "The Lion" Smith, and James. P. Johnson. Would prefer to avoid compilations. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Just an observation

    Ghost, I'm in Babil province (right south of Baghdad) with the 24th MEU. And while these flowers of manhood don't disdain me for my tastes, it does perplex them. In my ignorant youth, I perceive that has masked hostility. With time it will change. Thanks for the kind words.
  16. Just an observation

    Alright, I concede. I didn't mean for it to come off so high-handed. But if you had spent the last six months deployed with 2200 marines, a healthy chunk of whom are contemporary-country or rap listening gang-bangers, you'd feel the same way. So nah.
  17. Now reading...

    Just finished Shirer's The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich. Mammoth, but essential to any student of that era. Reading Maugham's Of Human Bondage. Excellent, excellent, excellent. You people have good taste in books.
  18. Hello to everyone With all this talk of the imminent "collapse" of Fantasy's catalog, I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on this subsidiary label, or individual recordings. I'd like to check some out while the going is still good, but I know next to nothing. regards
  19. Kenny Clarke recommendations

    The only K.C. I know of is from early MJQ sides, before Connie Kaye replaced him. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  20. Christmas music

    Vince Guaraldi - A Charlie Brown Christmas the best there is
  21. looking for Charles Mingus titles

    Greetings all I've Mingus Ah Um, Pithencanthopus Erectus, Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, and I think At Town Hall. I enjoy all of them, but I'd like to expand. I've listened to Cumbia and Jazz Fusion, and it really wasn't to my liking. Any titles similar in sound to the above, or maybe earlier titles, that you could recommend? Thanks
  22. Goodman, Shaw and Ellington

    I don't have much in the way of Benny, Artie, or Duke, but I've heard much by all of them. Is Chronological classics the best way to go about getting the bulk of their work? I'm not an audiophile, but is the sound so bad as to render the money spent wasted? Or perhaps there's another label out there, or a combination of several that would allow me to buy their output. thanks
  23. OJC Jazz In Hollywood series

    Good day to all of you. I'm looking for some feedback on the following Jazz In Hollywood titles, on the Original Jazz Classics label: Herbie Harper Harry Babasin/Bob Enevoldsen Steve White Quartet Virgil Gonsalves/Steve White Bud Shank/Lou Levy Right now Tower is having a 25% off sale for all OJC titles, so I thought I'd pick these up if the recommendations are positive. Thanks
  24. OJC Jazz In Hollywood series

    Thanks for the heads-up. I'd heard of the Complete Nocturne set and was planning on getting it at some point; didn't know the material was the same. And now Dustygroove just recently got a few copies in stock.
  25. Well, folks, I can't really afford it but here's the purchase: Artist Title Price Qty Total 169-MD-CD J.J. Johnson (7 CDs) $112.00 1 $112.00 185-MD-CD Cooper, Holman and Rosolino (4 CDs) $64.00 1 $64.00 187-MD-CD Hot Record Society (6 CDs) $96.00 1 $96.00 200-MD-CD Johnny Hodges Verve (6 CDs) $96.00 1 $96.00 195-MD-CD Blue Note Elvin Jones (8 CDs) $128.00 1 $128.00 Cart Total $496.00 Discount - $0.00 SubTotal $496.00 Tax $0.00 Shipping $16.00 TOTAL $512.00 Tell me I did good. It will make me feel better.