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  1. Question regarding Coltrane

    I currently have: Giant Steps Blue Train A Love Supreme Coltrane Plays the Blues My Favorite Things Lush Life Tenor Conclave Soultrane Ballads I'm particularly looking at some his later Impulse! work. Which of these are essential? Or if they all are, which are works that should be prioritized on the buying list? Thanks Dear Old Stockholm Live at Birdland Crescent The John Coltrane Quartet Plays Transition Kulu Se Mama Infinity Ascension Sun Ship Live in Seattle Meditations Expression Stellar Regions Interstellar Space
  2. Mosaic Story: Epilogue

    Hell, I could've just continued in that 'ensuing guilt' thread I began, but to be honest, right now I'm feeling anything but guilt. Just got home from Best Buy, and what was waiting for me? Complete HRS JJ Johnson Kenton Presents Elvin Jones Johnny Hodges I caved in a day later and got the following which also arrived. Joe Pass Johnny Smith Shank/Cooper Select Brookmeyer Select Whoo!
  3. Question regarding Coltrane

    You guys make my wallet hurt. Nevertheless, thy will be done.
  4. Mosaic Story: Epilogue

    I'll tell you, Jazzists are unlike any other demographic group. My family, my friends, would be berating me for the "waste of money". Little do they know the joy our music brings to our lives. I wuv woo guys.
  5. My Mosaic purchase and the ensuing guilt

    The ironic thing is that I drive a 77 Lincoln Mark V and gas is over 2 bucks a gallon. Thanks for the rub in. Sonny Stitt sounds pretty good right now.
  6. Question about OOP Mosaics

    Ghost, how essential is Gioia's book? I'll look into that Nocturne set
  7. My Mosaic purchase and the ensuing guilt

    Couw - I'm guessing your comment was made tongue in cheek, but you make an absolutely valid point. While I spend the vast majority of my free time listening, I think I get so caught up in researching/purchasing that I sometimes lose focus. Ghost - Darn tootin'!
  8. My Mosaic purchase and the ensuing guilt

    Thanks, fellows. Mission accomplished. Hell, I'm already planning the next round of purchases. Might have to wait a couple months though.
  9. Mercury Records

    I've heard some mention of the Kirk, Washington, and Vaughan Boxes. I'm not too familiar with the label. I checked out the prices of these boxes at CDNOW, and most were sold out and very expensive used. Are they worth the money? Thanks
  10. Free Mosaic Sets (except shipping)

    I just squirted soda out of my nose. You fellows are too much, really.
  11. Any thoughts?

    I don't own the MJQ box, but I have all the individual albums. I don't know if you're familiar with the Modern Jazz Quartet, but they were the guys that turned me onto Jazz. All of their work is excellent. You won't be disappointed if you decide to take the plunge.
  12. Art Pepper's Complete Galaxy Recordings Box Set

    Thanks much, vibes.
  13. Art Pepper's Complete Galaxy Recordings Box Set

    GA, you've talked me into it. Thanks, although my wallet feels otherwise. On Amazon, the description says the set encompasses 5 albums. Do you know which albums those five would be?