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  1. Blue Note - A Story of Modern Jazz (1997)

    It's been available a few times on DVD in Japan if you're willing to pay.
  2. I checked out a copy today and it seems like a good book. Certainly alot of players in it I've never heard of. While the blurb on each artist is in Japanese, one or two of their important recordings are listed in English with song titles and personnel. If you like the other titles released by Jazz Critique Books I'm sure you'll like this one.
  3. Its also available from HMV Japan if the delivery is any cheaper for you. I skimmed through it at a book store a couple of weeks ago. Seemed interesting but I dont remember how much of it was in English. Ill try and have another look over the weekend.
  4. Live Hank

    Both of these sound very interesting, particularly the material with Kenny Drew. Are they readily available? How would I go about acquiring them? Thanks, Anthony.
  5. Live Hank

    I've been enjoying Hank Mobley's performance with the Wynton Kelly trio at the Famous Ballroom in Baltimore recently and was wondering what other live material is available (particularly from the mid to late 60s)? Thanks in advance. Yoroshiku. Anthony. p.s.Can the Downbeat article discussed in this thread be found anywhere else online? I would very much like to read it, and indeed anything else on Hank you can recommend.
  6. Coltrane Prestige box-VICJ version

    Thanks everyone for your replies. Still undecided but leaning more towards the Fantasy version for economic reasons. However if I happen to see the VICJ in a shop somewhere I may pick it up (am a big fan of the K2s) Fantasy VICJ (but Im not sure they ship outside Japan)
  7. Does anybody know how the sound compares for the Fantasy version and the VICJ version of the Coltrane Prestige box set? Are the likely improvements in the remastering on the Japanese version worth an extra 9-10,000 yen? Thanks, Anthony.
  8. Japanese reissues, March 2004

    Good news about Elvin Jones "Live At The Lighthouse". Hadn't seen that listed before. Art Blakey's "Like Someone In Love"-TOCJ 9596 is also due to be released on the 24th. Gonna be an expensive month.