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    Already discussed to some point, but this article has a detailed map and timeline showing how the new Postmaster General's policies led to a dramatic slowdown in mail deliveries. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/sep/21/usps-post-office-mail-slowdowns-louis-dejoy In other words, it wasn't just your imagination it was the direct result of Trump's appointee.
  2. Let's hope they are a bit smarter next time on the contractual side of things...
  3. Giant Steps at 60.

    Also on iTunes as of today. This is a case where I think I do want to sample the newly available outtakes before committing to buy yet another edition of the album. But I'm moderately likely to order this in the end.
  4. And iTunes! I'm glad they ironed out all these contractual wrinkles.
  5. She spoke at my commencement, and I saved the text of her speech somewhere. She will be sorely missed, and her passing at this particular time makes 2020 a shoo-in for worst year of my entire life. No point in going on any further, as it will just break forum rules...
  6. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    He's not the only one, but he may be the only one to write an anti-lockdown song... https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/bv8e83/noel-gallagher-oasis-ian-brown-stone-roses-anti-maskers-covid-hoax Have lost so much respect for him I probably will remove him entirely from my music rotation.
  7. Nice. Congrats. I'm now thinking I'll have my copy by early next week. We'll see.
  8. Supposedly, now available on Amazon.ca again with release date of tomorrow. I'll have to have my wife put in the order as I don't have Prime. (While definitely a first-world problem, I'm still PO'ed that they jumped the gun and completely cancelled the order instead of just pushing back delivery date, since it seemed likely it would be made available to Canada along with the US. In the process, they disrupted a bundled order that did qualify for free shipping but no longer does after I have to buy the Monk as a stand-alone item.)
  9. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    We're going to see rollbacks in parts of Ontario (almost certainly Toronto and Peel Region) so that the max indoor gatherings will be 10 (instead of 50). I'm not entirely sure if this applies to stores, movie theatres and gyms (prob. not as there isn't "gathering" per se), but if so, then these will all shut back down. It does mean that the concert I was going to go to (with 50 socially distanced in the audience) is going to be cancelled or postponed again. I'm not saying this is an over-reaction, but I am disappointed to say the least. Actually, probably the movie theatres in Toronto will be shut back down, but I may not have the details until later tonight. I know they are talking very seriously about cutting back hours that bars can serve alcohol, and I do think that is a good idea as there have been quite a few outbreaks linked to bars.
  10. He is apparently also on Sea Breeze - Bass - Takashi Mizuhashi Drums – George Ohtsuka Electric Piano – Hideo Ichikawa Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone –Takao Uematsu Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Shunzo Ohno Sea Breeze Fool On The Hill Cannibal Potato Chips Jumping Cats
  11. Vinyl Outselling CD's

    I have a newish printer and it has a slot for a cable that connects to the computer (a USB connection not the old, old printer ports). This is good as the wifi routing to the printer is very iffy. But you could certainly ask at Staples or Best Buy about whether the printer has a direct connection (I would think most do) - and more importantly if the right cable is included in the box (not as standard) or you have to track one down. I am mostly listening to music digitally these days and the files are (mostly) backed up on a couple of hard drives (and sometimes even burned to a DVD) but I haven't crossed over to storing everything in the cloud. Maybe some day...
  12. Now reading...

    I've gotten a bit side-tracked but I will start Don Quixote soon. I'll probably watch the lecture series on Quixote referenced earlier in the thread, and I also stumbled across Nabokov's Lectures on Don Quixote, which looks pretty interesting. Apparently he has a somewhat unorthodox take on the novel. In the meantime, I'm struggling to get through the Collected Writings of Joe Brainard (Library of America). It's extremely unclear to me why his very random thoughts and often undercooked personal essays would merit such a tome. Some of his pieces do have the somewhat tossed off feel of something from a poet from the New York School (say Ted Berrigan, who Brainard knew, or Frank O'Hara), but what works in a poem often doesn't work in a longer, supposedly more structured piece. That's my take anyway. I'm definitely leaning towards just dropping this and moving on to something that I will enjoy more.
  13. Vinyl Outselling CD's

    I do find it extremely droll to watch Millennials (and it does mostly seem to be them driving the recent push to put pop/rock and even punk bands out on vinyl) buying up these new releases and then getting extremely tense when they can't find the download card (since they are actually planning to listen to the music on their phones and tables).
  14. I just feel that I am being ripped off with $13 shipping charges. After it was suddenly legit to sell in the US, it should have been just as legal to sell in Canada. I'm sure it is a totally pointless protest, but I refuse to buy this until it is available in Canada.
  15. Well, this turn of events is deeply upsetting. Amazon.ca says that the Palo Alto date is going to be unavailable and they have cancelled my order. At the moment, Amazon.co.uk says the item is out of stock (and doesn't appear to be made available again). It's coming out soon in the US, though the proposed shipping (to Canada) is pure extortion. I guess I don't need this after all.