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  1. "The Arrival of Victor Feldman" on Night Lights

    I'm not going to swear to it, but according to the liner notes, Feldman plays vibes only on Victor Feldman Modern Jazz Quartet (on an Avid 2-fer). On the same CD set, he mostly plays vibes on Victor Feldman in London Vol. 2 Big Band, though he actually plays drums on 2 tracks!
  2. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    I won't have any separation anxiety. I wouldn't mind society in general moving more to teleworking (as there are positive benefits in terms of reducing congestion), but I do generally prefer more separation between home life and work life.
  3. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    That is true. However, the question of whether cats can get it in the first place was raised because some household cats had come down with the virus, and then there was a different experiment I read about where cats in different cages were passed the coronavirus. And certainly no one deliberately infected the tiger, so the bottom line is that felines as a general species can catch and probably spread the coronavirus.
  4. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    I thought we already discussed this, but perhaps not. Cats can apparently get the virus from humans and spread it to other cats. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/cats-can-get-coronavirus-study-suggests-but-pet-owners-need-not-panic/ The expert consensus at the moment is that they can't spread it back to humans, though given how much we don't know about this virus and how quickly the state of knowledge changes, I wouldn't bet on this being viewed as true 3-6 months from now. I certainly hope cats can't spread back to humans, but I don't see any real reason why they wouldn't be a vector of transmission.
  5. Another "treasure" unearthed

    I could be wrong, but I would assume that they meant there were 50 prizes given out of 1 LP each.
  6. Canada Boy Vinyl closed in 2017 and, more significantly, Rainbo Records closed in late 2019. And then there was a fire back in Feb. at the plant that was the "world's largest supplier of lacquer" for records. https://www.kiro7.com/news/trending/blaze-california-plant-jeopardizes-global-vinyl-record-supply/VSRIJ2O5ZZF3JLKQ4SFXCCRCWU/ So tough times right now, all the way around.
  7. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    It's a good piece. Zoom claims that as of Thurs, they are disabling one of the data mining features. Zoom plays fast and loose with security settings and is more concerned about growth than privacy. That said, when an app looks cool and fairly useful but is free or near free, then there's a good chance that the app developer is going to be reselling your data one way or another. I'll probably continue to use Zoom in my personal life for low-stakes things and at work, they are moving to get us all into Microsoft Teams, though there is a bit more of a learning curve. (And I imagine the data harvesting is a bit more discrete...) I have already witnessed some of the Zoom-bombing, though it was contained to silly and then somewhat vulgar comments in the chat, which the host was able to turn off completely. So it wasn't nearly as disruptive as it could have been.
  8. Very interesting news. It isn't clear if there will be a CD release of this material, or it is vinyl only. And would there eventually be a release to iTunes, Spotify, etc.? I'm just feeling a bit pessimistic about the ability to get physical product, particularly vinyl (when a few pressing plants have already gone under) and then having it actually shipped in the next many, many months. Thanks.
  9. I had one order cancelled recently, and then trying to place another order for a replacement (from Amazon.co.uk actually), a note popped up and said that this wasn't important and that they weren't shipping to Canada for the time being (paraphrasing only slightly). I can't honestly disagree, but I would have preferred they place a hold on that item (a Picasso monograph with only 3 left in stock) and ship it much, much later. I may place a domestic order for something not strictly essential; I won't mind too much if it is moved to back of the queue.
  10. Only 52! Shit! https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/apr/01/adam-schlesinger-fountains-of-wayne-dead-coronavirus Not particularly aware of this group (aside from "Stacey's Mom"), but Adam seemed very talented in the pop world. Such a loss, along with all the others we are losing too soon.
  11. Very surprised that this has already turned up on iTunes (and Spotify?), but this does give you an opportunity to sample if you are still on the fence.
  12. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    My step-brother is a pastor, and he goes to his empty church and preaches. I assume it's live-streamed but don't have all the details at my finger tips. It's not a perfect solution, but it's one that keeps the community safe.

    I just voted on 3 and it appears to have shown up.

    I see the same. So #3 is the only logical choice for me...
  15. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    This reminds me that there was just a video on LinkedIn of some guy using a bandsaw to cut paper towels down to toilet-paper shaped rolls (almost a Red Green move, though no duct tape was involved). Most of the comments begged him to take it down, as this was a particularly terrible idea that would clog up sewers and septic systems. I mean it was probably meant as a joke, but there are a lot of clueless and/or scared people out there now. This really isn't the best time to be spreading such bad information.