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  1. Now reading...

    Just finished Melville's The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade. It has a certain interest, and is probably not well enough known. But at the same time, the second half really drags. Wrapping up my Mitford kick with The Blessing. Then Faulkner's Flags in the Dust.
  2. Managed to score tickets to the hottest art exhibit in North America -- Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors at the AGO -- https://ago.ca/exhibitions/kusama It is interesting but it ends up being about 2 hours of queuing to get inside her Infinity Rooms for approximately 3 minutes. The staff have a stop watch and move people along every 20 or 30 seconds depending on the Room.
  3. Brownie Emarcy Box: 11th Disc???

    It was indeed a CD of just one track. I bought my copy used and it already came with the 11th disc, so I don't know when this was added (or indeed if it was shipped later after the missing track was discovered). I'm not sure why they didn't repress disc 10.
  4. Now reading...

    Wrapped up I.B. Singer's Enemies. I just couldn't get into it. I so thoroughly disliked the main character, who had no redeeming qualities whatsoever, but still was irresistible to several women. It was even more inexplicable than Woody Allen's magnetism in Manhattan. At least Woody was funny (then), which is attractive in its own way. I've been trying to read Musil's 5 Women, but have not made much progress. Maybe will shelve it for now and try again at some later date. A few random books on the horizon, but the one I am perhaps anticipating the most is rereading Melville's The Confidence-Man. I liked it a lot in grad school and wonder if I will still enjoy it (if reading just for pleasure).
  5. Now reading...

    Strongly disliked DeLillo's The Body Artist. I was tempted to just toss it, but it is so short (120 pages with wide margins) that I finished it. Will see if the used book store will take it. In addition to Vierci's The Imposters, I've got I.B Singer's Enemies on the bench.
  6. Now reading...

    More stories to go in White Walls by Tatyana Tolstaya. Right now am focusing on shorter works. Just finished Ethel Wilson's first novel (or really novella): Hetty Dorval. Then Lyudmila Ulitskaya's The Funeral Party (from Brad's list of 10 Russian novels, bringing me to 5/10). Also DeLillo's The Body Artist. Then Pablo Vierci's The Imposters.
  7. Apparently, Terry Gilliam finally managed to shoot his Don Quixote film with Jonathan Pryce and Adam Driver. It's in post-production now, so maybe released at the end of the year or next year. Hope it lives up to whatever vision he's had of it for all these years.
  8. Every so often I check in on what is going on with my favorite cancelled show. There was some Futurama Android game, which I haven't played (yet). And relatively recently (last Sept.) there was a podcast with a new episode of the show and they managed to get the original voice talent back together. It's pretty funny. Podcast is here: https://nerdist.com/the-nerdist-podcast-new-futurama-episode/
  9. Now reading...

    Thanks. Something to look forward to. The Assistant was interesting, but it probably should have been called Crime and Suffering. It's definitely a book with a bleak outlook on life.
  10. Now reading...

    Let us know how it is. I have it on request at the library, but probably won't get the book until the fall...
  11. Now reading...

    Wrapped up Wives and Daughters. Did feel padded in many places. Overall, I preferred North and South. In the midst of Malamud's The Assistant. Fairly depressing. Will probably wrap up tonight or tomorrow. Then onto Toews's A Complicated Kindness.
  12. Just back from a trip to New York and Philadelphia. Saw many museums, including the Barnes Foundation for the first time (I did see the Highlights from the Barnes when it went on tour). Not that many special exhibits, however, aside from a small exhibit on Joseph Cornell's homage to Juan Gris at the Met.
  13. Now reading...

    I've moved things around a bit. Still reading some of the stories in Tolstaya's White Walls but my main reading is Gaskell's Wives and Daughters. It's essentially the story of how a middle aged doctor's second marriage impacts his daughter and step-daughter. It's pretty slow, even for Victorian era fiction. I like it better than Middlemarch, but that's not exactly a ringing endorsement. After this Toews's A Complicated Kindness.
  14. Favorite Mosaic Selects?

    The Sam Rivers Rivbea set has turned up on Apple Music (broken into three pieces). It may have been there for a long time, but I only stumbled across it recently when searching up Rivbea. The Tolliver hasn't as far as I can tell (at least not in Canada).
  15. Now reading...

    It's always a little disorienting to me to start reading a book, then suddenly (or gradually) realize that I have already read it. This just happened to me with Mahfouz's The Mirage. In this case, I suspect it is because I so strongly dislike the narrator (an immature, spoiled man-boy) that I suppressed the novel immediately after reading it. Since I have it checked out from the library, I think I'll skim along to get to the tragic events foreshadowed on the first page or so of the novel, then return it. It's not worth rereading the whole book. After this, Muriel Spark's Memento Mori, then Two Serious Ladies by Jane Bowles.