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  1. Weather Report - The Columbia Albums 1976-1982

    The good news: You haven't totally lost your mind. The bad news: Yes, you have.
  2. Weather Report - The Columbia Albums 1976-1982

    Do you mean this? [W2529] Ossiach Live : Wayne Shorter (sop) Joe Zawinul (p,el-p) Miroslav Vitous (b) Alphonse Mouzon (d) Dom Um Romao (perc) Live, Ossiach, Austria, June 25-July 5, 1971 Eurydice BASF (G)4921119-3/1-3 Note: Other titles by other leaders on this 3 LP set.
  3. Ralph Peterson Jr. RIP

    This email just came from Lydia Liebman Promotions, Lydia was Ralph's publicist. : -- Dear Friends, It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that Ralph Peterson Jr. passed away this morning at 1:45 AM in North Dartmouth, MA due to complications from cancer. He was surrounded by the love of his family and friends. Ralph appreciated all of the love, supportive messages, thoughts and prayers that came his way throughout his six year cancer battle. He is survived by his wife, Linea, daughter Sonora Slocum, stepdaughters Saydee and Haylee McQuay, and his spiritual daughter Jazz Robertson. Funeral arrangements are being planned and will be announced shortly. The family asks for privacy during this time. Pertinent questions can be directed to me, or his manager Laura Martinez, I cannot express how saddened I am to lose Ralph. He was a true fighter and an inspiration to me, and many others. Working with him was an immense privilege and the world is a dimmer place without him in it. We thank you for being with us during this difficult time. Lydia
  4. Ralph Peterson Jr. RIP

    There are reliable social media reports, including a posting on Ralph Peterson's Facebook page, that the drummer died this morning at age 58. Moderators: Please add R.I.P. to the thread title when you feel appropriate.
  5. Live Streaming Concerts

    Reminder: The Jazz From Detroit Virtual Music Marathon is today between 2-7 p.m. A $9 ticket gets you access for two weeks. Performances Charles McPherson & Randy Porter; Robert Hurst and Black Current Jam, Regina Carter and Xavier Davis, and Michael Malis/Marcus Elliot duo. I'm handling artist interviews and I co-produced the event. Here's the link.
  6. I thought the documentary was very good -- a few issues, but still definitely worth seeing. This great footage of Bobby Hebb singing Sunny with Ron Carter on electric bass (!) is from the show. This clip of M'Boom is also from "Soul." Nikki Giovanni interviewing James Baldwin is an amazing two hours of television.
  7. RIP Chick Corea

    Here's another clip of Chick playing drums, this time in a straight-ahead vein with Michael Brecker in 1981: "Confirmation." (Audio only)
  8. Eddie Harris Corner

    "Eddie Harris Sounds Incredible" from 1980 lives up to the billing. There's only one track on YouTube.
  9. RIP Chick Corea

    Simple oversight. There's so many different bands to remember. Adding a quick nod ... Thanks Updated: "Now throw in the sublime early ‘70s solo piano records on ECM; the go-for-broke duets with Herbie Hancock; the potent but short-lived quartet with Joe Henderson, Gary Peacock, and Haynes; the underrated Origin sextet with Steve Wilson, Bob Sheppard, Steve Davis, Avishai Cohen, and Jeff Ballard; and the New Trio with Cohen and Ballard."
  10. RIP Chick Corea

    Just a note on this. The vocalist here, Bill Tragesser, was subbing for Flora Purim, who had either just had a baby or was about to.
  11. David -- thanks for posting and for the kind words. . Hutch -- thanks for the nice words too,
  12. RIP Chick Corea

    I love this record — in fact, the first side (with the standards) might be my favorite Chick of all. I wish I could have heard this trio live. My older brother heard them at the Vanguard in the early 80s — he went five of six nights. Roy Haynes wore a different cowboy hat every night. There must be bootleg tapes of this trio, but I’ve never heard them. I did hear him live at least 11 times. Solo piano (2018 in a 60-seat club) Trio with McBride, Blade Trio with Gomez, Blade Trio with Clarke, White Akoustic Trio with Patitucci, Weckl Duo with Herbie Duo with Gary Burton Origin sextet Five Peace Band with McLaughlin, Garrett, McBride, Blade (in for Colaiuta) Freedom Band with Garrett, McBride, Haynes With Detroit Symphony and small group
  13. RIP Chick Corea

    Disagree: I don't think it's at all true that Chick entered the scene as a fully formed player. Perhaps that's a chimera created by his first records as a leader in 1966 and '68. But Chick came to New York at age 18 in the fall of 1959. His first record dates (Santamaria & Bobo) were not until three years later, and if you listen to Chick on "Stitt Goes Latin" -- try the "Amigos" linked below -- from 11/63 (four years after arriving in NY) he's still a LONG way from being fully formed. There's still undigested Bud in here and his time feel is way behind the beat, whereas mature Chick is much more on top of the time. He starts recording more in 1964 and certainly by July of that year when he records "Chick's Tune" with Blue Mitchell, he's well on his way to being himself -- that quick flick of the wrist and rhythmic stutter at the start of the piano solo is unmistakably Chick. But even on the shuffle blues "March on Selma" with Mitchell a year later in July '65, the piano comping and soloing sounds like it's part McCoy and part Herbie in their down home modes. The big leap forward to me judging by the records is between 1965 and '66, because by the time you get to his debut as a leader, "Tones For Joan's Bones" in Nov '66, what you're hearing is Chick Corea as we know him. But that record is a full 7 (!) years after coming to NY. Contrast that with Tony Williams, who really did sound fully formed at age 17, when he made his first records in the winter and spring of 1963 with Jackie McLean, K.D., Herbie, and Miles. Or Joe Henderson who is already fully formed on first recorded appearance on K.D.s "Una Mas." (The track "Straight Ahead" is already peak Joe.) It is true that "Tones For Joan's Bones" is an astonishing debut record, even in an era of remarkable debuts, and the one-two punch of "Tones" plus his sophomore record "Now He Sings, Now He Sobs," might be unequaled in terms of the authority, vision, and maturity of the first two records as a leader out of the gate in the LP era.. (I'd be curious to hear who folks feel would also be on this particular short list of the first two records as a leader.)
  14. RIP Chick Corea

    That gig was apparently the Captain Marvel band's third gig. February 9, 1972. Not the Tribune's finest work. Where was Harriet?