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  1. Roy's issues were common knowledge in Detroit, but pretty much off the radar of the wider jazz world, especially back in the day. The stories can be tough reading but they are sensitively done.
  2. Hey gang, Dropping in here to remind everyone that I'm posting regular journal entries relating to Detroit jazz history on the Musings page at the website for my book: All kinds of cool stuff. If the spirit moves, please have a look. Yes, this is a shameless attempt to drive traffic to the site.
  3. News.
  4. The Nessa Juggernaut rolls on

    This happened 52 years ago today. The Nessa Juggernaut has been rolling on for a long time ... Old/Quartet : Art Ensemble : Lester Bowie (tp) Roscoe Mitchell (as,hrn,whistle,tamb) Malachi Favors Maghostut (b) Phillip Wilson (d) Chicago, IL, May 18, 1967 Old Nessa N-5, NCD-27/28 [CD], NCD-2500 [CD] Theme statements - - Slow theme - - Bell song - - Fast theme - - Chinese song - - Tatas matoes (rehearsal) - - Quartet No 1 (group improvisation) - - Note: Nessa NCD-27/28 [CD] titled "Old/Quartet Sessions"; a 2 CD set. Nessa NCD-2500 [CD] titled "The Art Ensemble 1967/68"; a 5 CD set; according to the CD box "Roscoe Mitchell billed his group as the ART ENSEMBLE for a concert .on Dec 3 1966. This name was used for performances until June 1969 when the quartet of Roscoe Mitchell, Lester Bowie, Joseph Jarman & Malachi Favors Maghostut was advertised as the ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO.
  5. That photo of Wayne on the street was taken in April 1964, the same month he recorded "Night Dreamer" -- so I assume this was a shoot for the cover and then the design went in a different direction and it never got used. Amazing photo. Wayne in the wild.
  6. Kenny Burrell

    Washington Post has a story; Pat Metheny is quoted in this story. (BTW -- I had noticed his name a few days ago on the GoFundMe site as a contributor -- a generous gift of $2,500.)
  7. Doris Day R.I.P.

    The two volumes of "The Uncollected Doris Day" with the trio are tremendous.
  8. Who is on piano?

    Almost certainly that's Ronnie Matthews in the photo. Sonny and Max were on the same concert bill in Graz, Austria on November 12, 1966, and Matthews was the pianist with Max's band on the gig. Matthews wore glasses in those days -- see the cover of his "Doin' the Thang." That's Freddie Hubbard on the right holding the trumpet -- he was also in Max's band on the concert. (BTW, there is a bootleg of Sonny playing three tunes with Jymie Merrit and Max from that night. One of them is "Lover" at a super-fast tempo, though it sounds even swifter on some of the issues I've heard because the tape is running so fast that at times Sonny sounds like he's playing alto. Caveat emptor.) Coda: The pianist on the video is Coleridge Taylor Perkinson.
  9. Ernie Andrews (early years)

    I'd be happy for anyone to take up the cause.
  10. Doris Day R.I.P.

    Real skills as a singer -- seriously underrated. From 1950, with Harry James on trumpet.
  11. None of which I'm aware. I'd have to ask my friends Lars Bjorn and Jim Gallert -- the guys who wrote "Before Motown" -- to know the current status of the the Uptown CD. My instinct tells me that it would appear to be a long-shot at this point in time -- but don't take that as gospel.
  12. Hey gang -- lots of daily content going up in the Musings section of my website, So far there have been posts about Joe Henderson, Elvin Jones, Tommy Flanagan & Ella Fitzgerald, Oliver Jackson and Kenny Burrell, Hank Jones and Duke Ellington, and today's post about a recording made 63 years ago today in which Kenny Clarke corralled four young cats from Detroit -- Kenny Burrell, Pepper Adams, and Paul Chambers, Some great music embedded in the posts too, from a rare, never-reissued single c. 1954 featuring Burrell, to today's "Cottontail" with some super-sophisticated chord substitutions.
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Good Junior Cook here. One of the sides where you can start to hear the Junior-Joe Henderson connection -- not as much as on "The Tokyo Blues" 14 months later, but it's there.
  14. The discount will remain in effect until publication date (July 8) at which point it will either be reduced or eliminated -- that's still being decided. So you can order anytime. I will say that from the author's perspective, the earlier you pre-order the better it is for me, because pre-orders help determine how large a print run of hardback books they'll do initially. If they see a large demand, that's good for me. But that doesn't mean you have to order immediately ... I appreciate your enthusiasm. Thanks.
  15. Advertisements for Myself Lots of news today about Jazz from Detroit. First, the publication date is officially July 8 and it's now up for pre-order. And have we got a deal for you -- a 40% discount off of list price if you order at the University of Michigan Press website. That takes the price from $39.95 to $23.97. Just type in the promo code UMSTRYKER on the checkout page. Here's the listing page. Second, as part of announcing the book, WBGO has an exclusive excerpt up at their website -- the chapter about Regina Carter. Third, the book has a website at Please visit and have a look around. There's background on the book, including the Table of Contents; a bio of your author and friendly proprietor; press photos (and other cool photos to see); links where you can pre-order (plus the promo code for the 40% discount); and a section called "Musings" -- basically a blog, whose inaugural post celebrates Joe Henderson's birthday today with a brief taste of my chapter about Joe and some representative music. (The "Music" section itself on the site will be populated with Playlists and the like in the coming weeks and months.). There's also some generous advance endorsements from Pat Metheny, Sonny Rollins, and others. Onward.