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  1. 2018-19 Hot Stove League

    This makes me indescribably happy. From New York Post sportswriter Mike Puma's Twitter feed today: "Hall of Fame baseball writer Roger Angell is getting around pretty well at age 98 here at the ballpark in Sarasota. He just mentioned that he saw Babe Ruth play in 1930."
  2. Do you know who wrote the Hank Mobley obituary? I can find a reference to the magazine in which it appeared -- Nov. 1986 with Eric Clapton on the cover -- but that's all the info I can dig up in a quick search. I'll look for that next time I'm at the music library in Ann Arbor.
  3. STRONGLY recommend this 1994 book that collects a dozen pieces on jazz from the magazine: "The Jazz Musician" (15 Years of Interviews; The Best of the Magazine). edited by Mark Rowland and Tony Scherman. Here are the subjects with the writers in parenthesis: Wayne Shorter (David Breskin) Ornette Coleman (Quincy Troupe) Lester Bowie (Rafi Zabor & Phillipa Jordan) Charlie Haden (Rafi Zabor) Herbie Hancock & Wynton Marsalis (Rafi Zabor and Vic Garbarini) Chet Baker (Jerome Reece) Miles Davis (Mark Roland) John Coltrane (Peter Watrous) Jaco Pastorious (Joni Mitchell) Sonny Rollins (Chip Stern) Tony Williams (Tony Scherman) Dizzy Gillespie (Chip Stern) The writers are Rafi Zabor, Chip Stern, David Breskin, Peter Watrous, Mark Rowland,
  4. 10 -- Basie, Blakey, Farmer, Gillespie, Golson, Griffin, Hank Jones, McPartland, Rollins, Silver
  5. Elvin Jones - SKYSCRAPERS - vol.1-4 LP

    A great one, yes.
  6. Elvin Jones - SKYSCRAPERS - vol.1-4 LP

    "If you cut out all the drum solos, I'm not sure you'd get an LP's worth of music from the 4 volumes combined." Do the math. About 7 percent of Volume 2 is taken up by drum solos. If you cut out all the drum solos from Volume 2, you'd have a 40-minute LP -- that's before considering any of the other records. I only brought up the Enja recording because it came from the same batch of music, but, yes, to the extent it reflects directly on the Honey Dew LPs and the amount of drum solos, then it is, of course, irrelevant.
  7. Elvin Jones - SKYSCRAPERS - vol.1-4 LP

    Even as hyperbole, this is terribly misleading as it relates to the individual records. On Volume 2, there are four tracks totaling 44 minutes. Elvin plays exactly one drum solo that lasts 3:30. On the Enja LP, there are four tracks totaling 42 minutes. Elvin plays two solos -- one lasts 4 minutes and one lasts 90 seconds, plus another 30 seconds of Elvin's portion of a single minute of trading choruses on the blues with Coleman. Certainly, Volume 1 has different propotions. Out of 37 total minutes, Elvin plays a 21-minute solo on "A Night in Tunisia." (out of 29 minutes total for the track), and on the remaining 7-minute blues, he plays a 90 second solo, plus a little trading. I don't have enough info on Volumes 3 and 4 to pass on any details. Some may find these records boring -- your mileage may vary and all that -- but to repeat what I said earlier, my view is that everyone plays great on the stuff I've heard and Coleman in particular is at his most adventurous. I'd recommend Vol. 2 to anyone for a great window into what Elvin was playing on a nightly basis in 1968 and how much freer George was sounding just four years after "My Funny Valentine" and "Four and More.".
  8. Elvin Jones - SKYSCRAPERS - vol.1-4 LP

    I have Vol. 2 of the Honey Dew and the single volume that came out on Enja. Like 'em both, Every one sounds great. All from the same stand at the Vanguard in March 1968. I think the Enja release was legit. What I can't remember is if the material is duplicated -- that is, if some of the Honey Dew selections overlap with the Enja release. Elvin Jones Live At The Village Vanguard : Hannibal Marvin Peterson (tp-1) George Coleman (ts) Wilbur Little (b) Elvin Jones (d) Live "Village Vanguard", New York, March 20, 1968 Introduction Enja (G)2036-2 [CD], (Jap)ENJ1016 [CD] By George Enja (G)2036, 2036-2 [CD], (Jap)ENJ1016 [CD] Laura - - - Mister Jones (1) - - - You don't know what love is - - - , Musica Jazz/Enja (It)TIDE9134-2 [CD] Talk (by Elvin Jones) Enja (G)2036-2 [CD], (Jap)ENJ1016 [CD] Note: Musica Jazz/Enja (It)TIDE9134-2 [CD] titled "Elvin Jones". All titles from Enja (G)2036 also on Enja (Jap)SHJ-6061, SFX-10708. Elvin Jones Sky Scrapers Vol 1 : George Coleman (ts) Wilbur Little (b) Elvin Jones (d) Live "Village Vanguard", New York, March 1968 ? A night in Tunisia Honeydew HD6602 Blues inside out Elvin Jones Sky Scrapers Vol 2 : same pers Live "Village Vanguard", New York, March 1968 ? Whew Honeydew HD6603 Blues inside out - You don't know what love is - , Stateside (Jap)ISJ-80122 Body and soul - Elvin Jones Sky Scrapers Vol 3 : same pers Live "Village Vanguard", New York, March 1968 ? Yesterdays Honeydew HD6604 A night in Tunisia - , Stateside (Jap)ISJ-80122 Body and soul - Elvin Jones Sky Scrapers Vol 4 : Hannibal Marvin Peterson (tp) added Live "Village Vanguard", New York, March 1968 ? Mister Jones Honeydew HD6605 Raunchy Rita
  9. Sonny Stitt - The Champ

    I'll go further: In a one-artist, one-solo challenge, I'd take "Ray's Idea" from "Constellation." Two chorus, and 16 bars after the piano. The best of everything he had is all there is distilled form.
  10. Sonny Stitt - The Champ

    a) FWIW, in a one-artist, one-record challenge I'd take Constellation. b) I have a ton of Stitt records but could easily reduce them to these four and be content that I have what I need: 1. Prestige recordings with Bud Powell 2. Personal Appearance 3, With the New Yorkers 4, Constellation. c) Pound for pound, the Stitt box on Mosaic of the Roost recordings is quite rewarding -- the mid '50s material is consistently strong.
  11. Thanks for the tip. Chuck is a smart, interesting guy. I was struck by this quote: "That's how the music sounds when you have an opportunity to play a defined repertoire for months until the performances become ultra-confident and refined. When you think you might be bored, that's when you dig deep into discovering refreshing ideas." I was around Chuck for several days in Urbana around 1985 and I learned a lot just being in his presence and hearing him talk about this and that. He and John Garvey, who led the U of I band, had grown close and Chuck was writing a lot of material for John's band when I was in it .
  12. Multiple reports say that journalist Ira Gitler has died at age 90.
  13. Everything Sonny.

  14. Everything Sonny.

    Saw that same quartet in spring 1980. I was 16. Don't recall the entire set list, but they definitely played “Strode Rode,” which I recognized from “Saxophone Colossus.” Mightvhavevalso played Dolly Parton’s “Here You Come Again” too.