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  1. Ahmad Jamal

    Well, there is this film of Wes playing the tune overseas with four saxophones.Maybe this is what you were hearing?
  2. Ahmad Jamal

    It's a snippet of Wes Montgomery's "West Coast Blues"
  3. "It’s not about your music—it’s about what makes your music your music. You’ve got to have a feeling like that. You have to have a reason for your music. Have something besides the technical. Make it for something. Make it for kindness, make it for peace, whatever it is. You know what I mean?"
  4. Al Harewood RIP

    Listened to this last night. Al Harewood plays a rimshot on beat 4 in every bar of this performance with just three exception — all in the same spot in the tune: the bar going into the bridge on the opening melody chorus and then in that same bar during both trumpet choruses. Otherwise, he ticks off 4 in every bar for nine minutes and 19 seconds. It’s almost a piece of performance art. And, man, does it swing.
  5. Rara Avis A 50-minute snapshot of casual straight ahead-jazz in New York in 1976 at Boomer's (340 Bleeker in the Village). Kenny Barron, Bob Berg, Al Foster and a bass player I don't immediately recognize. Anyone know who it is? And does anyone have any ideas who filmed this and why? As always, Barron is unruffled and consistent, and Foster in particular is playing his ass off. My best guesses for the bass player are Bob Cunningham or a young Charles Fambrough, but as I said, I don't recognize him.
  6. Musicians as drivers

    The one time I was at Herbie's house, I was disappointed to find that he keeps the Cobra offsite in a private garage for protection. However, I did get to see his everyday car in the garage -- a red Ferrari. Also, this is my favorite Herbie/Cobra story. This excerpt is from an LA Weekly story a number of years ago: -- I bought the car, for $6,000. Then I got hired by Miles, maybe a month later, and I’m gonna go on the road. But I had one more gig, at the Village Gate in New York, as a sideman for Clark Terry. … When we were playing the last set, I looked out the corner of my eye, and who do I see? Miles! Miles had come down. We finish the set, we come down and Miles says, [gravelly voice] “I’ll give you a lift home.” He knew I was living nearby. I said, “Aww, man, that would be fantastic, but I just bought a new car.” He said, “It’s not a Maserati.” I said, “No, no it’s not.” We get downstairs and my car is near the exit. He says, “Cute.” We both get to the stoplight at Sixth Avenue. It’s like 2, 3 o’clock in the morning. I knew what was going to happen: As soon as the light turns green, we’d floored it, right! So we drove several blocks before the next red light. I got to the light shortly before Miles, and I smoked Marlboros in those days. I grabbed one, lit it, rolled down the window as Miles drives up. He looked over at me and he says, “What the fuck is that?” I said, “It’s an AC Cobra.” He said, “Get rid of it.” I said, “Why?” And he said, “It’s dangerous.” And then he started driving [off]. And I’m thinking, “I beat Miles!”
  7. Did Sonny Rollins rejoin Miles Davis briefly

    That's a concert hall not a club. Those copper tubs with the glare are timpani.
  8. Anthony Braxton

    I was just thinking of this point a couple days ago, though not in relation to Braxton. I was listening (again) to Earl Hines' brilliant Quintessential Earl Hines (1970) and realized that he was just 67 when he recorded it. That seemed ancient at the time. By comparison, Chick turns 79 next week, and Herbie turned 80 in April.
  9. There but for the grace of God ...

    I don’t suppose anyone here relates to this.
  10. I don't suppose anyone here has any interest in hearing what apparently is a previously unknown phone interview with Charlie Parker that aired on the radio in 1954. Nah, didn't think so ... but here it is anyway.
  11. Anthony Davis - X, The Life and Times of Malcolm X

    New from the New Yorker culture desk.
  12. Benny Golson and Bobby Troup?

    Thanks. This all makes sense to me.
  13. Benny Golson and Bobby Troup?

    Anybody have any idea what the hell this is? Not listed in Lord ...