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  1. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Do you mean the concerts from Paris specifically or do you mean French-issued recordings of all the concerts?
  2. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    If we don't all buy all the same music again that we've already bought multiple times in multiple formats, then the terrorists win.
  3. Seeing Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers Live

    Detroiter Johnny O’Neal was the pianist.
  4. Claus Ogerman

    Twenty-eight minutes and 28 seconds of perfection
  5. Jon Hendricks dies at 96

    If Michael was on piano, that was 1982 -- Michael wrote about this a bit today on Facebook. His first NY appearance in a "name" club.
  6. The service element of this is pure Sonny. Huzzah!
  7. Louis Armstrong Hot 5 and Hot 7

    Thanks. To be clear, I do have the Columbia box, but have (a) always wondered about the discrepancy between it and the subsequent 3-CD series but have wondered if there was s better sounding set and (b) wanted a good compilation disc in good sound. I often find myself pulling out the LP series that was so perfect for so many years, which is cool but there are times I’d rather have a CD.
  8. Louis Armstrong Hot 5 and Hot 7

    Can someone help me sort the various "complete" sets of the Hot Five and Hot Seven recordings on Columbia. Specifically, why does the complete long box issued in 2000 have four discs but the complete set on individual discs that came out in 2003 only contains three? Are the transfers any better between one or the other or are they all the same? Finally, what are folks best recommendations for the best transfers of this material on CD in the various issues that might be available -- both a complete set and a one or two disc highlight set?
  9. What Are Your Favorite Baseball Books?

    Maybe I missed them above, so apologies if they've been mentioned, but Tom Boswell's first two baseball book are Hall-of-Fame worthy: How Life Imitates the World Series (1982); Why Time Begins on Opening Day (1984)
  10. Duke Ellington Treasury shows 1945

    Just to be clear: Do the the Fairmont LPs that came from Torme’s Collection contain the same performances released on the LPs on DETS?
  11. Berklee in the News (and it ain't pretty)

    Apologies if I read more into a jazz ed joke than was meant in the original post.
  12. Berklee in the News (and it ain't pretty)

    Not sure I follow your point here. Sexual harassment has long been an issue in classical conservatories, though it’s kept relatively quiet. It is possible that the hyper-masculinity of the jazz subculture and the large number of adjunct faculty at a school like Berklee exacerbates the problem. But leaving aside whatever other issues there may be with jazz education, I’m not sure there’s any significant difference between the jazz and classical worlds when it comes to sexual misconduct in the academy.
  13. Unissued Coltrane

    There are definitely notable unissued live recordings from the '60s you would not believe. Some I've heard, some I've just heard about but know they exist. Can't say more. Sorry to be cryptic. Patience.
  14. Jazz and Baseball: Chuck Mangione and Doc Ellis

    Whoa -- great picture, thanks. Any idea when that was taken? Obviously no earlier than 1958.