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  1. Blindfold Test #14

    I really liked the styles here, and the cd flowed from song to song very well, sadly i cannot do a track by track analysis, but i look forward to seeing the answers, because everyone on this cd was pretty good.
  2. Blindfold Test #14

    i recieved two copies for some reason, i hope it is not because i didn't report back here, i have been pretty busy with stuff, so for now i am bowing out of blindfold test due to lack of time to put into them, I can send my extra copy to someone who never got one.
  3. Song id help!

    Alright, i went to go see a movie at my theater, and before the movie, they played a commercial with a jazz like vocal song most likely called 'beautiful things'. The singer has a voice very much similar to billie holiday, but i do not think it is her because i would have heard it before if it was her and it sounds too new/comtemporary. It is a really smooth song with just drums and vocals iirc. I cannot remember very well any specific line of the song, but has something like 'each new day brings beautiful things, happiness things, fairy tale rings, yesterday sings'' That is exetremely paraphrased I am pretty sure one lines goes like this: "each day undoubtably brings yet more beautiful things" I've searched amg and google with no luck, any ideas. I know this was really just a bad description, but that song is sooooo fun.
  4. Blindfold Test #14

    just got it, wow, some really interesting songs/styles here, haven't recognized aynthing yet.
  5. CD's for SALE!!!

    pm sent, you ship to the us right?
  6. BMG Sale Corner

    i have the same problem, ordered it, now i am limbo i guess because it is out of stock. BMG does everything waaaaay to slow, but what a deal.
  7. MP3 question

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the copy of Exact Audio Copy that I downloaded has no LAME plug in. I had to go and find one. The trouble I had was that everyone thinks their LAME encoder is the best. Some use trade names since LAME is open code. Also, several of the websites wanted $$ to download their version. I still have never been able to get a clear answer as to which LAME-style encoder is the "best". I have also read that Musicmatch uses one of the best mp3 encoders out there. I use MM almost exclusively to rip my mp3s and I think they sound pretty good. Is it straight LAME 3.96 or a home-grown version? I don't know. Later, Kevin you can download LAME Version 3.90.3, which is suppoesd to be the recommended version. And if you are not quite sure how to set up EAC, check out this faq, which will cover eerything: make sure you follow everything correctly to get your CDs properly ripped, if you have any problems setting it up, pm me and i can help.
  8. Sun Ra solo piano

    Yes, i really dug this album, quite different than his band sets, but similar in other ways.
  9. MP3 question

    Alright, there are many things i want to responde to in this thread. First, the analogy for mp3s going around is not quite right, mp3s cut out the frequencies that we cannot hear, where as a wav file records and stores information for everything. Second on the quality of mp3s, You will think mp3s sound bad if you only have downloaded badly encoded copies of album from p2p programs. The best mp3 encoderer set up around town is Exact Audio Copy with the plugin LAME. It rips CDs really well. has a lot of info Also, there is an article that states when buring a CD, the audio quality is somewhat restored/fixed. I cannot for the life of me find it right now, but i read it. The amount that is fixed is minor, but it does happen some how. I think that is all i wanted to address.
  10. 1422

    1422 is my house number!
  11. Louie Armstrong and Salt Peanuts.

    you mean the jsp hot 5s and 7s box? because i am not seeing it on my copy.
  12. Are You On Drugs?

    wow, very nice, if my parents found out about my use of it, they would have a very different reaction. Great to see a parent with a more realistic view on the matter.
  13. Are You On Drugs?

    cool to see that other members don't have a problem with marijuana, i was pretty skeptical about the response my post would get, but nothing bad happened
  14. Are You On Drugs?

    you say you like it when other people open up, but here you are closing yourself up to everyone, we are here for you joe, whats the problem?
  15. Are You On Drugs?

    yea, its this drug called marijuana, maybe you have heard of it? oh and i am feeling goooooood