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  1. BFT 221 Link And Discussion

    Coming in at the eleventh hour again, which I have been doing lately but it's been another crazy month. And now I see my esteemed colleague TK is in a similar boat. These are my thoughts as I listened, and I haven't looked at this thread apart from grabbing the link, but now I'll go back and see how wrong I got everything. Track 1 - Hmmm. I'm guessing this is included because of the trombone player? Not really my cup of tea. Track 2 - I love the way the piano, bass & drums set up the feel here. Nice tune too. Maybe this is the same trombonist as on the previous tune? Nice trombone solo anyway, same for the trumpet. Overall I like this more when they get a bit more exploratory and hover on one chord for a while, as opposed to the section where they go through all the II-Vs... less interesting to me. Again, same with the piano solo... I think the pianist is at their most interesting when not sticking to changes. Overall I like this but it's slightly too polite for my tastes I think. Track 3 - Ah, Naima! This starts out very mysteriously and I like that. I also like the way the left hand is very punctuated and rhythmically assertive, yet never too energetic, while the right hand maintains the gentle feeling of the piece. Some very thoughtful and beautiful playing here. To my ears, the pianist deeply understands this tune. Looking forward to finding out who this is! Track 4 - The tune is "Someone to Watch Over Me"... I recognized the verse at the top but it took me a few seconds to remember what tune it was from. The swing quotient is high here. I like the pianist quoting "Swinging Til The Girls Come Home" too. All the players are proficient here... I'm envious of the bass player's bowed sound and technique. Overall a nice track, clearly a group who play well together and bring the swing. Track 5 - Pretty good clip on this one, and another tight band. Nice bass solo right out of the gate... someone out of the Niels Pedersen school but I don't think it's him. I like the pianist. The alto player not as much. So many notes... so little rhythm. Technically this track is impressive but it doesn't hit me emotionally. The tenor player has more to say... I like the tenor solo a lot more. Track 6 - A nice respite from the energy of the previous tune. Now this is some beautiful playing. This is just perfect. I'm blanking on the name of the tune, but I really like this. Fantastic tone and phrasing from the soprano player, masterful support from the guitarist. Ah! Who I guess is Bucky Pizzarelli! Track 7 - Another good 'un for me, beautiful feeling and playing from everyone. Love the altoist's sound. Track 8 - Boy this tune sounds familiar, and it's gonna kill me that I can't think of what it is. The pianist is very sensitive... nice use of space and the solo builds quite nicely. Great feel in the rhythm section. A pleasant listen. Track 9 - "Lover Man," and I like it at this tempo. Another pleasant one but nothing jumps out to me. Track 10 - An interesting bass sound, with all that reverb, but is it terrible to say I find the bass player's sound more interesting than the playing? Oh wow... wait a minute, that has GOT to be Clark Terry on trumpet. Beautiful solo! Now I am really confused. Don't know who the alto player is, but I really dig both the horns here. The interplay between the two of them is especially nice here. Seems like an odd mismatch with the bassist though, to my ears anyway. Definitely curious about this one though. Track 11 - I'm intrigued right off the bat. Niiiice groove, love the low horns and the drummer is laying it down. Fantastic floaty alto solo over the top of this smoldering stew. The ensemble passages are great, and a bit unpredictable. For a second I even thought early Sun Ra, but it's not that. I'm stumped, and curious. Track 12 - Those bass runs sound like they're from someone I should know. This has got to be from the 70s. That's some beautiful flugelhorn playing. Must be Art Farmer? Very nice tenor solo too. Hmmm, now that the bass player is soloing I like the bassist a little less... sorry! Just not a big fan of those repetitive high-register runs. Overall I like this track though. Track 13 - "On the Sunny Side of the Street," of course, and I am feeling the sunshine. Nice easy feel. I don't listen to nearly enough jazz violin in this kind of context (as opposed to someone like Billy Bang, who I do listen to a lot of), but this is beautiful. VERY swinging piano solo, everyone is on the task here and driving it home. Oooh, I like the pizz stuff from the violinist too. This is fantastic. Track 14 - This is "Beautiful Love." Excellent vibes player. Who needs a drummer? The bassist & pianist are right in the pocket. Digging the sound of this group, some good listening going on. I like the pianist's lines, I can hear "the search." I can hear a Ray Brown influence in the bass player-- definitely enjoyed the bass solo too. Overall a fine track! Track 15 - Hello! You had me at the flute, and then the groove came in... whoa! I'm just trying to catch up with this. I like it! The wordless vocal adds a nice element. Killer feel. That almost sounds like some kind of wooden flute? Some great playing, whatever the case... I like the flutist very much. Now hang on... any chance this is Luciana Souza? I haven't heard her in a while but we used to run in the same circles. Whoever it is her solo is fantastic. Love this all the way around... solid, energetic, beautiful and exciting! Couldn't ID a lot of this, not all of it was in my wheelhouse, but a really enjoyable listen overall. Thanks for putting this together Ken!
  2. BFT #220 reveal

    Wow! Really surprised about some of the reveals here. I did consider Khan Jamal for that 1st track but I guess ultimately decided it couldn't be him (based on what, who knows now?)... I've been getting a strong message lately that I need more Chet Baker in my life and track 3 confirms that. *Definitely* need to check out that Moriyama album. Can't believe I didn't get the Elmo Hope! I love Elmo Hope. This is one I don't have though, it's on my want list. I think Buddy Tate & Dollar Brand has come up here before. I gotta get this one too! Some truly excellent music here. Thanks again for your efforts!
  3. BFT#220

    I'm honestly shocked that #11 is Mal and that I didn't love it. Clearly I have something stuck in my ears. Let the public shaming begin!
  4. BFT#220

    Here are my thoughts, jotted down as I listened. I haven't looked at any of the above to see if I'm at all in the right ballpark on these, but I didn't have a lot of guesses. For me though the point is usually to hear & enjoy some new music without prejudice. Track 1 - This is the kind of stuff I love. Right off the bat I'm thinking Hutcherson, Tyner, Higgins... but it becomes quickly clear none of those guesses are right! The vibraphonist is a lot stiffer, more analytical than Hutch. As much as I love the overall sound here, the solos aren't really grabbing me. So I have mixed opinions on this one. It never fully gets off the ground for me. Curious to know who it is though. Track 2 - At the start I'm hearing hints of Jaco, enough to make me think this is an electric bass, but in fact I think it's just a very "electric" sounding upright. Beautiful tone. I really like the little chord sequence a few minutes in, with the soloing over the top. Sounds to me like that's overdubbing and not 2 bass players. Any chance this is Eberhard Weber? I'm not really confident in that guess though... I suspect that's wrong. Whoever it is, I really enjoyed this. Track 3 - I'm drawn in by the trumpet player, who has a beautiful, tender approach to his/her instrument. I'm hanging on every note. Nice subdued piano solo also. No guesses on this one, but I'm very curious. This took me to a nice place. Track 4 - This is interesting! The only point of comparison I have is Masada, who I haven't listened to in years. But this sounds like a different bag really, way more "authentic," to my ears. I love the rhythms and the lines. And that's some kind of middle eastern stringed instrument in there too? Hmmm... the approach of the tenor player certainly sounds western though. Great solo! And the next solo too. So is that an oud? I should know this. Damn this is great. What a trumpet solo! OK...there is not a weak soloist on this. The bass player is ridiculous! Anxious for the reveal on this one. Track 5 - Well this already sounds like it's going somewhere I like. Right out of the gate, loving the bass/drums groove and those harmonized horn lines. Really getting into that ride cymbal! I should absolutely know this tenor player, this is so up my alley. Not sure I can ID him though. Damn!! This thing is lifting up into the sky. Oh now hang on. This has got to be McCoy? Burnin! And now this is one hell of an athletic drum solo. It sounds so much like one of Tyner's groups, but it can't be, can it? I'm a little baffled. I need this though! Track 6 - The whole-tone-ish intro led me to believe we were going elsewhere, kind of interesting the way it settled out into more standard territory. That's making it a little difficult to place for me, but I do really like how a lot of ground is covered in this short time. Ultimately it sounds like a 60s recording I think? Very nice stuff. Track 7 - Well if throat singing and trombone isn't a great combo, I don't know what is. The hardest part with this for me is that the throat singing draws my attention so much that I worry I'm not paying enough attention to the trombonist. But that's a beautiful trombone sound. I really like the freedom too, the moves they're making over the top of the drones. The overtones from the throat singer are wild! Some great stuff happening here. It also makes me want to hear the trombonist in a different group setting. This is cool! Track 8 - Nice space, respect for silence and openness. The sound of the group is very European to me. I'm also not hearing a lot in the way of strong melodies and it's a little clinical for my tastes. They obviously play well together, it's very well done, just doesn't really reach me personally. Track 9 - Ooooh, this is nice, I really like this piano player. Beautiful! Ah! In a Sentimental Mood. The bass sure is high in the mix... not that it's a bad thing. This has got to be from the 70s. Wasn't expecting a saxophonist too. What a great, breathy sound. This is called really inhabiting the tune... I'm kinda liking how they stay so close to the theme, with some nice touches added. I honestly want to hear more from the pianist, I think I got faked out by that long intro and was hoping for more piano solo. But that's not to take away from this stunning tenor player. Love this all the way around. Track 10 - This one is kind of rhythmically interesting but it's in that space of Too much head, not enough heart for me. Technically very good but it doesn't say a lot to me. Track 11 - This isn't hitting me either, but it could be the mood I'm in. Definitely a dark, foreboding kind of feeling here. This person definitely knows how to get a "big" sound out of the piano. All in all, some excellent music here. As I noted there are several tunes I'm dying to learn more about. Thanks so much for your efforts putting this together!
  5. BFT #219 Reveal

    Oh man, the Pyramids!! I've wondered about that album. Guess I need to check it out. Some really interesting reveals here. This was a fabulous BFT. Thanks for your efforts!
  6. BFT #219

    Finally finished this one up! Here are my notes as I was listening... Track 1 - Aha! I know this one... was just listening to this LP not too long ago actually. The mighty Clifford Jordan from "Starting Time." I think this is the lead off track? This is a killer tune. Jordan's solo on this is epic, and Wilbur Ware & Tootie are laying it down with conviction. Damn I love this. Off to a great start! Track 2 - Oh wow... that's a harp, yes? And some seriously great sounding upright bass. The pocket is deep here. I suppose there are only so many jazz harp players so I should be able to guess this, but I'm sorry to say I'm not really familiar with *any* jazz harpists. Maybe Dorothy Ashby? But that's a pure wild guess. Whoever this is, I'm really digging it. Soulful, groovy stuff, nice tune. Again I really love the bass player's sound and feel. And is there actually a drummer who's sitting out on this? I feel like I heard a couple of cymbal hits in there. Track 3 - Three for three... loving this one as well. Beautiful sounding trio. I like how the bassist is filling in a lot of the space with runs while the pianist and drummer lay down that open, groovy but spacey kind of feel. This is some great stuff. My only complaint is that I wish it could be longer! Some fabulous communication between the 3 musicians here. Track 4 - I'm really digging this neighborhood we're in. This is "In a Sentimental Mood" of course, and I am. Beautiful piano work. I love that this isn't overly flashy... it's an interpretation that really lets the beauty of this tune shine through and it's deeply felt. Another winner! Track 5 - I like this, but after the last four tunes it feels like a pretty abrupt change. A bit more outside of my wheelhouse, but I enjoy it. Just haven't dug into this era of the music as much. Track 6 - Boy this sounds familiar. It's bugging me that I can't think of the name of the tune. Love the nice easy feel. Some very tasty drumming. And I've rarely heard a soprano sax sound that beautiful, wow! Really nice. Anxious to find out who this is. Track 7 - That hint of wah tells me we're in the 70s possibly? No, this sounds more modern actually. Love the space they're setting up here. Hooo man! This is deep. Digging the piano solo. And I love the synth interlude too. Track 8 - There are clear nods to Ayler and Ornette here... for a moment I was thinking David Murray or Jemeel Moondoc but it's not either of them. But stylistically they're close to early David Murray trio. This might be a European group though? I'm impressed with the facility of the bassist. Track 9 - Ahhh... what is this tune? Another one that's on the tip of my brain. I like the way they're doing this, the Ahmad Jamal kind of vibe. I both love what the drummer is doing, and am a bit tired of it after a while... might be nice to change it up at some point. But overall this is a really nice rendition. Track 10 - Well this has got to be Gary Burton and Steve Swallow. Ah, and Pat Metheny! I actually haven't listened a lot to this group but it's clearly them. This is really good. A nice reminder that I need to dig into this stuff a bit more. I do love the beautiful floaty feeling of this. It's funny, I love the vibes as an instrument but don't know a lot of Burton... I tend more towards Hutcherson, Dickerson, Jamal... but this is great. Track 11 - I like this vamp a lot. And I dig this saxophonist! Strong Chicago vibe happening here. Oh hell yes... now we're rockin! Who *is* this tenor player? This thing is just simmering like mad and I love it. No guesses on the players but this is right in my neighborhood. I need this! Track 12 - This is nice, but it doesn't do a ton for me if I'm honest. I loved so much of this BFT... this one just doesn't hold up to the rest of the tunes for me personally. Overall, holy cow... great selection of music here. There's so much I loved that I both look forward to and fear the reveal as it will probably put a dent in my wallet! Thanks so much for putting this together!
  7. BFT #219

    I'm still planning to do this one! Haven't peeked at any of the guesses but I noticed a reveal and then saw your post above. So I have 2 hints at least. Going to try to get to this in the next couple days while avoiding spoilers...
  8. BFT 218 Answers

    Thanks for your efforts, Dmitry, some great stuff here. Very much enjoyed it.
  9. BFT 218 - May 2022

    Jumping in at the last minute here... busy couple of months, and I was sorry to miss last month's BFT but wasn't going to miss another if it killed me. I haven't read the above posts yet, just pasting my impressions here, which I wrote as I listened... I look forward to going back and seeing people's guesses & comments... Track 1 - Wow... now that's a tempo. Burning! First thing it reminds me of is the Booker Ervin quartet from the mid 60s with Jaki Byard, Richard Davis, and Alan Dawson. And it does kinda sound like Book to me. I'm not confident in that guess though. But I like this a lot, great overall feeling and some very free improvising, in the non-literal sense of the word. Nice track. Track 2 - Honest to god... I used to know the names of all those Bird tunes but I'm blanking on this one. This is a tight trio. Really loving the drummer especially. Tasty, tasty stuff. Louis Hayes? Some really interesting lines in the piano solo. Is this the Barry Harris Trio? BH is someone I'm no expert on, need to listen to more. This could be Sam Jones on bass then. This is excellent. Track 3 - Sounds like we're jumping to the 70s now, and that's no bad thing! Beautiful trumpet sound! Or fluegelhorn? I'll note that I am not listening on a great sounding device unfortunately. The bass player sounds a bit Buster Williams-esque. Nice solo! Another winner for me. Track 4 - "A" Train of course... solo piano? Damn solid, beautiful feel and total command of the instrument. Whoo! That ascending bit around 1:38. This is killer. Huh... there are definitely bits here that sound like OP to me, but it couldn't be him... could it? This is so damn good. Whoever it is, they're absolutely swingin their ass off. Outstanding! Track 5 - Arg... having another memory lapse in trying to remember the name of this tune. That sure sounds like Jim Hall on guitar. No, wait a minute... I don't think so. It gets a bit less interesting to me once the guitarist gets into the continuous fast lines. Whoever this is has certainly listened to JH though. Overall I do like this but it maybe gets a little too clever for me. And I feel conflicted about the drummer...probably need to listen again to absorb all that's going on. Track 6 - This is cool! It's landing somewhere between Mingus, Muhal, and Roscoe Mitchell for me... those are just initial impressions, people who are jumping to mind, not actual guesses though. This is wild! First solo is fantastic, hearing a lot of Dolphy influence there. OK, now that trombone player has THE SOUND. This is one I'll need to hear again to really process what the rhythm section is doing. This is a very happening track. I'm sure I know who these folks are but it's not coming to me at the moment. Track 7 - Bass player sounds very Scott LaFaro to me. "Someday My Prince Will Come." Interesting guitar player. This is kind of fascinating... I'm having trouble placing it historically because of the recording. But the guitarist has my attention. Definitely some unpredictable twists and turns. It's funny, there are some bits here that sound like Jim Hall to me too. Maybe every guitar player sounds like Jim Hall to me? (No, not really...) Definitely curious about the reveal for this one! Track 8 - This one is kind of a puzzle... it's the first track that doesn't really speak to me. The players are all clearly good, and style-wise it appeals to me, but to my ears, nobody is really saying anything. I'm probably gonna regret saying that, but that's how I'm hearing it right now. As I mentioned above, I did not have a great listening device at my disposal when listening to this-- I listened through a TV. No, I don't normally listen on a TV. Long story, not very interesting. But I hope to go back and check it out again on some decent headphones. Thanks for your efforts Dmitry, a very enjoyable BFT!! EDIT: See? I told you I'd regret my comments on #8!
  10. 2022 Blindfold Test Signup

    It will be merely an opening act for the epic BFT that I hear is coming in December!
  11. BFT216 Revealed

    Fantastic! Needless to say, loved this BFT. You have impeccable taste, my friend. Thanks for putting this together!
  12. BFT216

    Ahhh! I have that CD!! Well that's embarrassing. I guess I know what I need to listen to more of...
  13. 2022 Blindfold Test Signup

    And Thom, we talked about this but I forgot to put it in writing-- I'll be happy to take November's BFT. Thanks!
  14. BFT216

    And to be extra fair, I gave you track 7 too! So... if I hadn't ID'd both of those, a public shaming would have been in order!
  15. BFT216

    Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear this. I still remember a nice discussion I had with him years ago on this forum (which I think I shared with you Thom), just around music and the Blindfold Tests. He was so enthusiastic about music and seemed like such a kind person.
  16. BFT216

    Cheers! First time I heard Bowden was with Douglas Ewart's group at Chicago's famous Velvet Lounge (R.I.P.) in the early 2000s. That was a mind-blowing and ear-opening show. The second time was with the AACM Great Black Music Ensemble at the Chicago Jazz Fest. Bowden was magnificent and had a way about him on stage that was impressive to say the least. He led the group with a combination of youthful vigor and ancient wisdom, and successfully communicated what could be considered "difficult music" to the large and enthusiastic audience, in an accessible way, while still pulling no punches. It made a big impression on me. As I think I mentioned earlier, it's hard to find a lot of Bowden on recordings, apart from Ed Wilkerson's 8 Bold Solds or Shadow Vignettes. But this disc comes closest to the energy I've seen from him in a live setting. Except that's it Billy Higgins...
  17. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    Yes, it's a price thing for me... Being in the US, most options are shipping from overseas and that makes the total cost a minimum of $40-45 with shipping. That seems like a lot to me, even for a CD I really want. But we'll see... it may be that I'm just going to have to pay a lot no matter what, and I can get myself used to that idea eventually...
  18. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    Oh man, thank you! Did not see that! Time to go digging for the best price I can find...
  19. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    Do you happen to have the Ensemble Al-Salaam? As I'm thinking about these, that's one that I recall actually having good sound. I'll have to pull it out & play it again to make sure I'm remembering correctly though... In the World has been on my want list forever! I missed that CD when it came out... I really hope someone reissues that again someday.
  20. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    For whatever it's worth, I have this cheap LP reissue from 2002 and always thought it sounded pretty good... which surprised me considering the cost, and assuming it just came from a digital master... https://www.discogs.com/release/2026710-Doug-Hammond-David-Durrah-Reflections-In-The-Sea-Of-Nurnen But having said that I'm going to go back & listen again. Seeing that the Now Again reissues were cut by Bernie Grundman, I can only imagine that his cut will be an improvement on what I have. Decisions, decisions... I think that might explain it. While I haven't heard this particular album on P-Vine, I've had others from the same series and they sounded horrible. I had the P-Vine "mini-LP" CD version of A Message From the Tribe and it was compressed to hell, no-noised to death, and the high end jacked way up. It was seriously painful to listen to.
  21. BFT216

    Same! Where do we sign up?? That is a lot. It's too bad Asian Improv doesn't have a Bandcamp page... huge missed opportunity IMO. The quality of music on that label is very high but accessibility seems to be quite low...
  22. BFT216

    The odd thing about the Bowden is that it only seems to be available through Amazon. I was looking at other options myself, after I bought my copy... but the label (Asian Improv, Tatsu Aoki's label out of Chicago) seems to use Amazon as pretty much their sole distributor from what I can see. I did a quick look and it does appear to be available at Amazon UK-- https://www.amazon.co.uk/FOOT-n1FOOT-OUT-Mwata-Bowden/dp/B081WPWM5F/ Nice!! I am *definitely* gonna dig into this. So, no "official" release on this one then, I guess?
  23. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    Thanks for sharing those! I do have the "complete edition" of A Message From The Tribe but didn't realize they had expanded all of these... will have to give a closer look to the bonus tracks. And yes, I definitely have my eye on that Harrison release!
  24. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    Big fan of both of these labels. In fact, I must have posted in this thread years ago but I'm too lazy to look... hopefully I'm not about to repeat myself... Very happy with the latest Black Jazz reissues from Real Gone... a lot of those have been unavailable & hard to find for a few years. I was able to fill some holes in my collection. Favorites for me are all of the Doug Carn records, both LPs from The Awakening, both from Rudolph Johnson (talk about someone who deserves wider recognition! ), and the two Henry Franklins. There are still a bunch I'm not familiar with yet though. As far as Tribe goes, A Message From the Tribe is one of my all-time favorite records. Reflections in the Sea of Nurnen is right up there also. And there's a lot of Wendell Harrison's work post-Tribe Records period that is outstanding.
  25. BFT216

    Going back through the posts, I see nobody has ID'd the Waldron album and I forgot to do so above, so I'll do it here: BOOM