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  1. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    On the other hand, I only listened to jazz for many years. The Dead got me back to rock. I listen to jazz 50%.
  2. Happy Birthday George Coleman. 84.

    He is on a Joey D concert CD. He played fantastic. I also caught him a few years ago with Eric Alexander's group (Harold Mabern etc) and it was very exciting to see him up close.
  3. Jack Wilson, Pianist

    Curiously, I was listening in the car yesterday to a trio session with Jack Wilson, Leroy Vinnegar and Philly Joe Jones.
  4. Your top five Jazz albums of all time.

    Kind of Blue Bill Evans- Complete V V live Hank Mobley- Soul Station Coltrane- V V live Monk and Trane Live
  5. New Heretical Statement re: Coltrane / Stitt

    I recently purchased these sets and have been listening to them a lot. I agree that this Trane's best work with Miles. He is amazing. He sure gets the crowd going. This Trane set is among my favorite pieces of music lately. Sonny Stitt is better than I remembered on the Sweeden sets. But he is no John Coltrane.
  6. Junior Mance: Saved By A Cannonball

    I was wondering why Cannonball never employed Junior Mance in the 1960's.
  7. Hank Mobley In Europe 1968 - 70

    It's interesting that Hank was wearing a tie and looking very Mr. 1950's, when Blakey and Dizzy were in more modern garb.
  8. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    I have 3 CDs from the Keystone sets. (including My Funny Valentine) Is there any additional material in the box?
  9. Cannonball Adderley live

    I came across a live set with the brothers, Joe Zawinul, Victor Gaskin and Roy McCurdy that took place in Germany on March 20, 1969. The label is jazz haus, which apparently has some other live sets on their website. Excellant set by Cannonball and crew.
  10. Art Pepper

    Art Pepper had his own style. He morphed his style overtime, but still retained his originality. Also, best autobiography of all time.
  11. What Artist/LP/CD Got You Hooked On Jazz

    I was listening to Miles Davis Blackhawk CD when it the exchanges between Wynton Kelly's comping and Miles' leads struck me. I then became very interested in Miles Davis, which led me to Trane, Bill Evans, and Cannonball. Shortly after, the book "Hard Bop" came out, which gave me information as to other great artists. For about 10 years, I could only listen to jazz. I collected everything I could find. Then for old times sake, I bought a Grateful Dead concert from their '72 Europe tour. I expanded my horizons with rock etc. I listen about 50/50 to jazz and rock now.
  12. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    I went to see the Grateful Dead movie last night. Sad to say that when I paid for the tickets, I said: "Two seniors for the Grateful Dead".
  13. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Saw Furthur in Mizner Park, Boca Raton. Great set list. Great fun!! Exceeded my expectations.
  14. Dallas Cowboys release Coleman, Hawkins

    I hope the Dolphins pick him up. He is inventive, imaginative and has a full deep sound. Parcells would like a veteran to add to the team.
  15. Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones

    Philly Joe was the top hard bop drummer in my book. When I was just getting into jazz, I always looked to see if he was the drummer. I love the Sonny Clark Trio session (Two Bass Hit). What about Gone, Gone, Gone from the Porgy and Bess sessions. Elmo Hope's great trio sessions for Blue Note had Philly Joe. Lee Morgan's, The Cooker, was outstanding. Of course, Workout and Another Workout are outstanding. Everybody Digs Bill Evans with Philly Joe. Didn't Bill Evans consider Philly Joe his favorite drummer?