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  1. From the Record Collection of William J. McKnight

    Given the surge in collector demand for this Prado classic, the heirs to the McKnight estate may be contacting you shortly.
  2. The 'new normal' might be for all customers to drive to Secaucus' USPS "for curbside pick-up".
  3. As for the jazz audience in Athens, GA, it's a case of perpetual quarantine.
  4. Frank Zappa

    The prospect of these '70 leftovers fills me with inertia.
  5. Shrinkwrap On or Off?

    There's a young woman from Sweden who weighs in on this subject:
  6. Shrinkwrap On or Off?

    Mostly off, but It depends on a couple factors: OFF: If LP is purchased exclusively for my enjoyment and inclusion in permanent collection ON: when LP is purchased for potential resale In either case, if I see the jacket warping, the shrink will always be removed. BTW, in the 50's, new LPs came in loose poly with 1/4-inch extra margin, not the tight shrink-wrap of the 60's..
  7. Lyle Mays, R.I.P. (1953–2020)

    In 1975, when my brother was in music at North Texas, he told me, "There's this keyboardist with the 1 o'clock band who writes the catchiest tunes -- they just stay in my head all day." He added, "I've gone to this pizza joint at night and seen Lyle writing charts in the middle of the racket from video games and chatter." BTW, Pete was there from '73-76 and was 1st horn with the NT Symphony under Anshel Brusilow. He got first call when the 1 0'clock needed a french horn.
  8. Steven Cerra blog

    Each Serra article comes with an unavoidable photo of him and his drum kit with the caption, "This blog is my gift to my friends." Yeah, right. Whatever, dude.
  9. Blue Note Tone Poet Series to continue in 2020...

    RE: "Number of LPs pressed", the financial backing of Blue Note/Universal and distribution via Universal ensures ready access. The list price of $34.99 for all Tone Poets and the absence of 'limited editions' keeps the inventory steady. By comparison, Music Matters is a privately held company with limited edition releases available only by mail order*. As the available quantity of a title declines, MM increases the price. Once a specific title from MM is sold out, that's it. ("Sorry, Charlie.) *an exception: Waterloo in Austin, TX has been granted direct sales by MM, and perhaps others
  10. Blue Note Tone Poet Series to continue in 2020...

    No 'expertise' required. Just visit the Hoffman forum and peruse the hundreds of comments from Tone Poet customers. This past March when the first Tone Poets were released, keyboard flaws were easily heard on Andrew Hill's 'Black Fire', setting off a flurry of angry messages followed by returned LPs. The complaints about this and other TP releases are directed toward specific keyboard moments which customers have described as "warble", "wobble", or "pitch stability". Even more maddening, until the Tone Poets, these brief flaws had never been dramatically revealed in previous same Blue Notes on vinyl or CD -- as recently as Liberty, United Artists, Blue Note 75th vinyl, or CD issues be they early McMasters or Connoisseur series.
  11. The state of the art in 1966 when it comes to white blues bands. For those wary of various artist albums, there's not a clinker anywhere on this.
  12. Emil Richards 1932-2019

    Both of Emil Richards albums on Uni were released in 1967. Uni had just been formed by MCA for rock and soul releases that had more 'edge' than its staid Decca label. Richards' 'New Time Element' was the third album released on Uni and 'New Sound Element - Stones' was the eighth. I'll briefly describe each: 'New Time Element' is more traditional than its follow-up, venturing out with unusual time signatures on standards, movie themes, and hits of the day. It has Richards on vibes and all percussion, David MacKay - piano and organ, John Morell - guitar, Chuck Domanico - bass, and Chino Valdes on bongos nd congas. 'New Sound Element - Stones' goes much further 'outside' into a trippy world of synthesizers and oscillators which produce frequent 'effects' during all 12 compositions by Richards. Or as Johnny Carson would say, "That's some wild, wild stuff." As such, it's the more sought-after of the two by current collectors. Richards on synthesizer and all mallet instruments, Paul Beaver on Moog synthesizer and clavinet, David MacKay - piano, Bill Plummer - bass, Mike Craden - percussion, and Joe Porcaro - drums. Beat heads probably also have Richards' 'Journey to Bliss' (1969) and Bill Plummer's 'Cosmic Brotherhood (1968), both on Impulse. (You can see the progression from these 1967 Uni albums.)
  13. My own Hitler Reacts

    Let it stand as is. No need for changes. I sent it to a professional journalist buddy who responded, "Brilliant!" For those having difficulty with the non-sequitur crepes rant, would you expect sequentially rational thinking from a madman?
  14. My own Hitler Reacts

    The Eagles and crepe-themed captions matched the video superbly, esp. when you riffed from the sounds of the German words. Given that the video sequences and audio dialog are beyond alteration, you went nicely with the hand as dealt.