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  1. Tribute to Offenbach

    Next door is a Pomeranian which frequently tempts me to violate my local city gun ordinance.
  2. “Live at the Plugged Nickel” — just *not* Miles Davis

    Yusef Lateef - 'Live at Pep's' (in Philly). Grant Green and Lonnie Liston Smith recorded separate LPs 'Live at Club Mozambique' (in Detroit).
  3. Barbara Moore (Vocal Shades and Tones) RIP

    Barbara Moore was the singer on the Roger Webb Sound's 'Vocal Patterns'. Here's one track which qualifies for entry in TTK's 'Now Sound' or 'Swinging Jet Set':
  4. Summer of Soul on Hulu

    Speaking of Nina in '69, I saw her on Jan. 31 that year at the Boston Globe Jazz Fest (at the War Memorial Auditorium). Instead of being in thrall, I was scared shitless and avoided eye contact -- fearing she might find me. Nina appeared on a bill with B.B. King, Hugh Masekela, and Sun Ra (who proceeded to clear out the mostly white audience). Despite quaking in the fierce 'pleasure' of Ms. Simone, I should've attended the previous night when Roland Kirk sat in with the Mothers of Invention.
  5. Summer of Soul on Hulu

    Many thanks to the above-thread contributors who convinced me to get into my local theater for 'Summer of Soul'. it was the first actual movie I'd seen since '1917' and the experience was well worth the trip. By itself, the duo of Mahalia Jackson and Mavis Staples was, as HutchFan said, "as powerful and beautiful as music can possibly be". 'SoS' went far beyond any previous festival or concert films, as it had actual participants reflect on the 1969 concerts. In addition, there were several documentary drop-ins of prior political and social events of the 60's to provide context. As an Athens resident, I cannot overlook the commentary of journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gault describing her breaking the color barrier in 1960 to attend the University of Georgia. Indeed, such were the times and it's to the credit of 'SoS' for the many reminders.
  6. Your favourite alisasses for musicians

    "Buddy Poor" and "Art Salt" (album creds you can easily guess).
  7. Michael GJ's 1979 Arista LP, 'Heart and Center' is amazing -- a favorite. Imagine Shuggie Otis' Inspiration Information' with Baikida Carroll. Marty Ehrlich, and Pheeroan ak Laff drumming on all 8 tracks. The album has yet to appear on CD -- there's probably more vinyl promo copies from '79 than stocks.
  8. Pet peeves

    The frequency of DG's entire pages of "Just Sold Out" used CDs defies credulity. It invites suspicion that a single buyer has worked a deal under the table -- esp. when the they all got 'sold' within minutes of posting. On a good day, U.S. music dealers can't unload HALF of their listed CDs.
  9. Rusty Warren RIP

    As Warren got older, she reminded me of John Wayne in drag. (Not that I've actually had the pleasure.)
  10. I am seriously tempted to buy this.

    I require dining out followed by a show before proceeding to "de-tangle those luscious locks".
  11. Chico Hamilton on Crown

    However, with Crown you get outstanding audio fidelity from top quality vinyl. And at such an affordable price, who needs inner sleeves?
  12. Tina Brooks

    I've sold my Mosaic box and since bought the individual CDs and Music Matters' 33 of Jackie's Bag'. The Mosaic re-mastering sounded tepid, the CDs are much better, esp. the XRCD of 'Back To the Tracks'.
  13. Rega P1 and P2 turntables

    Thanks guys, for steering me from the P2, as I need both automatic return and 45 rpm features (yes, for Music Matters).
  14. Rega P1 and P2 turntables

    Like you, I've been considering ordering a P2 online, with no prior opportunity to examine it. Here's my naive question: Is the P2 automatic -- will the tone arm return to its post upon reaching the record's trail-out grooves? Thank you.
  15. Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

    The JH 'Blue Note Years' box is well-chosen. It takes me nearly everywhere Joe went with other BN artists, incl. his own tracks. Great for when I'm cooking or painting and my hands are too goopy for vinyl.