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  1. My own Hitler Reacts

    The Eagles and crepe-themed captions matched the video superbly, esp. when you riffed from the sounds of the German words. Given that the video sequences and audio dialog are beyond alteration, you went nicely with the hand as dealt.
  2. Record Store Day - Black Friday 2019

    As HutchFan and Dan Gould noted above, the ordering of RSD items by each store varies, as does the certainty of shipment. (These are limited edition goodies, after all.) At 8:45 this morning (they opened at 8), I got the last copy of Tamba 4. (It could well be the only one they ordered -- I had to wade through vast duplicates of meat-and-potato rock items.)
  3. Record Store Day - Black Friday 2019

    Picked up 'California Soul' today and it's a sublime successor to 'Samba Blim'. It was $29 at my local indie Record Store Day. Mastering is by Kevin Gray at Cohearant and the vinyl is a solid black 180-gram. The jacket comes with a very informative insert sheet with details of finding the original tapes (as posted above) and why it never saw release until today-- 50 years later.
  4. Do you wear a watch?

    Only for instances of job interviews and airline flights, otherwise never in 66 years. I'm heavily right-hemispheric. Good topic, BTW.
  5. In the original edition from 1988, Keepnews held his cards close and refrained from naming names. Since he still had one foot in the biz, Keepnews was careful not to disparage anyone who might hire him for future projects and deals. The book is basically a reprise of Keepnews' liner notes rather than an insider's tell-all of the record industry.
  6. Duke Pearson - when did he leave Blue Note?

    The DownBeat article of 4/12/73 cited above, 'Duke Pearson's Back In Town', is confined to the re-emergence of his big band on Sundays at the Half Note in December 1972. Blue Note records are mentioned just once in reference to Pearson's previous big band LPs for the label. The only hint of future activity is that his Sunday night band might, once established, complement the Jones-Lewis band on Mondays at the Vanguard.
  7. Joe Castro Box Set on Sunnyside

    Joe Biden heard earlier today: "Listen, I've taken enough shit from Castro and I sure don't need a box set of it! Joe Biden may well have thought that. I couldn't possibly comment." :-)
  8. BN Collectors Edition

    'Culture Factory' appears to be a French label -- located a mere stone's throw north of Andorra. Their chutzpah in using the tag 'Blue Note Collectors Edition' is perfect for pulling punters.
  9. Andy Williams Sings MacArthur Park Live

    Stan Kenton did this electrifying version (after 3:34) on his 'Live at Redlands' album, August, 1970. The band goes wild at 3:34 after a lame attempt singing the basic lyric -- waving their arms in circles at the point of "looking at the sun". I had the pleasure of sitting front row center when they did this at Boise State in 1972 and it was indeed a thrill.
  10. Anton Webern's genitals

    A quote from a 'Seinfeld' episode might apply: "Yes, they're real... and they're spectacular!"
  11. Anton Webern's genitals

    The Master of Ceremonies interrupted the program with, "Paging Mr. Johnson... Paging Mr. Johnson." During the intermission, the MC announced, "Our guest conductor needs no introduction." Afterwards, the performance received a standing ovation.
  12. Booker Ervin

    Two days ago marks the 5th Anniversary of Lauren Bacall's passing. Y'all must be feeling some lingering 'tugs' from the great beyond. Or visit your nearest Tuesday Morning and say, "Miss Bacall sent me. You'll need to apply a 25% memorial discount."
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Two years after Stafford's 'New Orleans', husband Paul Weston did an all-instrumental LP, Crescent City', (Columbia CL-977, 1956) which serves as his quasi-jazz NOLA tribute.
  14. Yes, please send me your list.  Sad to hear of (yet) another station folding their jazz library.

    Bill Nelson

    Athens, GA

  15. What Mosaic is the outfit to do: tidy projects literally handed to them with all necessary clearances provided. At this point, it's a delusion they'll be busting ass to secure a myriad of permissions and rights from record labels and estates.