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  1. BFT #85 Signup

    I'm in for DL. Is lossless download avaiable?
  2. BFT #86 Signup

    I'd like to download, in any lossless format if it is possible
  3. Winwood, Steve Arc Of A Diver $69 USA MFSL 24kt gold disc is SOLD
  4. Are you trashing my items? Can you name which were? You never know what was the source - LP master, digital copy or master tapes. There are excepton -MFSL, DCC, now Analogue Productions. It's a matter of individual taste I think or collector's thing - I know some Madonna fans who keep buying everything what is officially being released in Russia they need only sealed items - they are not going to play them at al. I was enjoying Castles myself and spent a lot of efforts (and funds!) to collect Osbourne albums set. Now I am obsessed with another goal but can't hold both sets. Andrew
  5. Hello I have these CDs for sale. Most are in M- condition but before transaction any requested info will be provided (no scan requests please) 10CC Live and Let Live 1st press $60 Japan Mercury 33PD-442 OBI included AC/DC Back in Black $65 Japan Atlantic 20P2-2433 no OBI AC/DC Flick of the Switch $50 Japan Atlantic 18P2-2763 no OBI AC/DC Fly on the Wall $50 Japan Atlantic 18P2-2762 no OBI AC/DC For Those about to Rock $60 Japan Atlantic 20P2-24334 OBI included AC/DC High Voltage $55 Japan Atlantic AMCY-37 OBI included AC/DC Powerage $50 Japan Atlantic AMCY-36 no OBI AC/DC Razor's Edge $50 Japan Atlantic AMCY-138 no OBI Black Sabbath Sabotage $100 Japan Castle TECW-20147 OBI included still factory sealed Black Sabbath Master of Reality $40 Japan Castle TECW-20144 OBI included Black Sabbath Paranoid $40 Japan Castle TECW-20143 OBI included Black Sabbath Vol.4 $40 Castle Japan TECW-20145 OBI included Black Sabbath Black Sabbath $40 Japan Castle TECW-20142 OBI included Black Sabbath Black Sabbath $20 Japan Castle TECW-20142-1 OBI included Black Sabbath Sabotage $40 Japan Castle TECW-20147 OBI included Chicago 19 $30 Japan 25XD-1054 OBI included Deep Purple Live in Japan $40 Japan Warner 20P2-2606 OBI included Deep Purple Machine Head $40 Japan 20P2-2605/ OBI included Deep Purple Made in Europe $40 Japan WPCP4017 OBI included Fleetwood Mac Tango in the Night $50 Japan Warner 32XD-707 with OBI Freeway Philhalrmonic Sonic Detour $16 USA Sheffield Lab 100-50-2-F George Michael Listen Without Prejudice $25 Japan ESCS 5180 with OBI Getz/Gilberto Getz/Gilberto - SACD $25 USA SACD Grease Band Grease Band $35 USA DCC aluminium CD Herrman, Bernard The Fantasy Film World Of - sealed $50 USA MFSL 24kt gold disc MFSL, still factory sealed Jones Quincy Sounds… $25 Japan A&M D20Y4020 with OBI Led Zeppelin Presence $50 Japan Warner 20P2-2028 with OBI Lincoln Mayorga A Gershwin Celebration (Gold Series) $35 USA Sheffield Lab 10044-2-G 24kt gold disc Lincoln Mayorga & Amanda McBroom Growing up in Hollywood Town $25 Japan Sheffield Lab CD-13 Metallica Master of Puppets $50 Japan CBS/Sony 25DP-5234 OBI included Michael Schenker Group Built to Destroy $25 Japan EMI CP32-5093 no OBI Momentary Lapse of Reason Pink Floyd $50 Japan Atlantic 32DP 820 no OBI Neville Brothers Fiyo On The Bayou $50 USA MFSL 24kt gold disc MFSL Osbourne Ozzy Diary Of A Madman $40 Japan 25DP-5221 OBI included Osbourne Ozzy No Rest for the Wicked $40 Japan 25DP-5213 OBI included Osbourne Ozzy Ultimate Sin $40 Japan CBS/Sony 32DP 405 Peraza Armando Wild Things $25 USA DCC DCC aluminium Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here $50 Japan Sony 28DP 5005 no OBI Prince Around the World in a Day $30 Japan "target CD",no artwork Queen Hot Space $60 Japan EMI CP32-5382 OBI included Queen Miracle $60 Japan EMI CP32-5939 OBI included Queen News of the World mini-LP $19 Japan EMI 25-th Anniversary edition Queen Night at the Opera $60 Japan EMI CP32-5379 OBI included Queen News of the World $60 Japan EMI CP32-5379 OBI included Queen A Day at the Races mini-LP $19 Japan 25-th Anniversary edition Queen Game -mini-LP $19 Japan 25-th Anniversary edition Queen Jazz mini-LP $19 Japan 25-th Anniversary edition Queen Innuendo $22 Holland Parlophone CDP 79 5887 2 Scorpions Fly to the Rainbow $40 Japan B20D-41010 OBI included Scorpions In Trance $40 Japan B20D-41011 OBI included Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee Sonny & Brownie $30 USA MFSL 24kt gold disc Tai Phong Windows $25 Japan Warner WMC5-610 OBI included The Newman & Oltman Guitar Duo Passions Baroque and Renaissance Duets $16 USA Sheffield Lab 10058-2-F Van Halen 1984 $60 Japan 32XD-313 sticker OBI,"target" CD design first release ever! Van Halen OU 812 $40 Japan Warner 32XD-1055 no OBI Various Artists Prime Cuts Gourmet Selections $20 USA Sheffield Lab 1333-2-V comes with Sheffield Lab booklet-catalogue Various Artists Prime Cuts vol.2 $20 USA Sheffield Lab 1061-2-M Who Quadrophenia $15 Japan MFSL long box only scans available on request Who Quadrophenia $90 USA MFSL 24kt gold discs , no extra booklet and slipcase included, only 2 CDs with full artwork, Mint Wings Wings over America $60 Japan TOCP-5986-87 with OBI Winwood, Steve Arc Of A Diver $69 USA MFSL 24kt gold disc SOLD XTC Skylarking sealed $70 USA MFSL 24kt gold disc, still factory sealed XTC Skylarking $50 USA MFSL 24kt gold disc, mint,J-card included Yes Tales from Topographic Ocean disc1 $25 Japan Atlantic 32P2-2885 CD only! no artwork Yes The Yes Album $15 Japan Atlantic 20P2-2112 artwork only including OBI, no CD! Payment by Paypal. Shipping from Russia by Registered air mail. $8 first CD, $2 each extra. Check my feedback at GEMM: hotcd.gemm.com or at eBay for dutchmanx I don't mind to accept trade offers. Wanted list is available on request - hope I don't break any rules:) Andrew
  6. BFT 54 signup thread

    CDs came to Novosibirsk, Russia on February 16th - in 11 days not bad. Got them from my mail box (which is a 2 miles away from my house) only today. Andrew
  7. BFT 51 - Discussion

    very interesting compilation - I played it six times (yes it was hard) but still can't get the main theme as always I post my impressions only as I know too little to guess (still looking for good books on jazz) 2,4,7 OK 1,3,5,8,11 not my cup of tea 6,9,10 make me feel tired very quickly (9 - Carla Bley Orchestra?) now I am going to read the discussion from the beginning
  8. BFT 51 - Signup

    Novosibirsk speaking. Got the CD, start listening - gave three spins so far one of them in earphones - quite a different experience. See you in discussions.
  9. Who has these films on DVD?

    Hello Do your fims have English subtitles? If they do give me your email address by PM or at hotcd@av-forum.com I will provideyou with my trade list (86 DVDs - movies and musical recordings) and a handful of digipaks (CD+DVD) - Traveling Wilburys, Genesis, Sylvian/Fripp, Sweet to name a few. Andrew
  10. For trade Japanese Castle remasters: Black Sabbath Black Sabbath TECW-20142 CD mint booklet mint, back inlay warped, OBI included Black Sabbath Sabotage TECW-20147 OBI included everything is mint Looking to trade for any two of these: Black Sabbath Master of Reality TECW-20144, 23PD-135, TECP-23938 Black Sabbath Technical Esctasy TECW-20148, 23PD-137,PHCR-4119 Black Sabbath Vol.4 TECW-20145, 23PD-136, TECP-23894 Will consider any offers ! Also I need OBI for Black Sabbath Seventh Star TECW-20187 Andrew
  11. Who has these films on DVD?

    Aha, a fellow Fargo-hater. Good. Nate Dorward and Bertrand! Out of my buddy list you go Can't shake hands with people who can't dig the masterpiece BTW stop looking for these: Glengarry Glen Ross The Ladykillers Lucky Number Slevin Have them now on hands. Will keep Lucky Number. The other two - for trade. Anyone? Glengarry 2-disc set Andrew
  12. BFT 50 - Signup

    I'm in with CD-R option Thanks
  13. I want to proceed - I will bite the actual airmail shipping, what for the books? Besides $$ you may choose some of my CDs from My trade list In case you need any references - check what my customers tell about me : GEMM feedback Andrew
  14. Remember The Osmonds

    $59 for used CD? No way!
  15. Some music of interest

    as for now 5 forum members downloaded Jazz Me Blues , Flip, Flop & Fly and Road have 4 downloads each. guess it shows interest to Siberian jazz I placed Motley Crue Kickstart My Heart once. Gee it was something - my month traffic quota has ended in three days! I deleted it soon my by site logs still show a lot of visitiors looking for the file Andrew