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  1. If someone has a clean LP, send it my way and I'll do a needle-drop of it for them. I have had pretty good success in the past.
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Arnett Cobb/Jimmy Heath/Joe Henderson - Tenor Tribute Vol. 2 (Soul Note)
  3. What Are You Watching

    Watching Star Trek Discovery on Paramount+. I'd held off on subscribing to this channel for many years but I recently hit a spell where I haven't been finding much to watch so I figured I'd give it a try.
  4. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    My daughter uses the Hanes Beefy Tees for the ones she wants to last. When she makes a tee for a one-time outing, she buys a batch of cheapies from the dollar store.
  5. Raspberry PI 4 As An Audio Streamer

    The Volumio app on my iPhone is slow as hell. I was about to give up and move back to Moode but then I decided to try the web-based GUI. Holy smokes, is this better!! Faster, more info there and it actually responds. I may stick with this and just use my tablet to control the music playback rather than my phone but it's nice to know it's there if I need it. Web UI: I've also learned that I have 3372 Artists from 5027 albums playing on 46500 tracks for 4218 hours, 28 minutes & 43 seconds.
  6. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    Etsy is basically an online craft fair. If you're gone to and bought things at craft fairs, there are some great craftsmen & women there, but there are also some that are just in it to make a buck. A tide clock I bought at a craft fair was great. A watch I bought for my mom fell apart in less than a year. I've bought many items from several Etsy sellers over the years and the quality ranges from awesome to not-so-good depending on the seller. My daughters have bought tee shirts and scarves from various Etsy sellers with the same results. So I am not saying that this seller is selling the bad stuff, just that you need to be aware of the chance that he/she might sell you a poorly-made tee shirt and that you might have no one to complain to if you get a dud. BTW - my oldest daughter is a kindergarten teacher so she has bought several tools to make her own tee shirts, including a high end (commercial grade) iron-on machine, and making a good tee like this is not easy. One of the most important things is starting with a good "blank". If she uses the thin ones in the dollar store, they last for a handful of washings. If she uses heavyweight tees, they last a lot longer. I have no idea if the Bella + Canvas tee shirt that this seller uses is a good one or not, nor how it fits. Hopefully they're better-sized than Uniqlo's. What kind of album title is "Blues and the Abscess Tooth"?
  7. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    Just be aware that these Etsy sellers are just making an iron-on sticker themselves and putting them onto whatever shirt they have on hand. I am not saying that being unlicensed = bad quality. I'm saying unlicensed = unknown quality. You could buy these tee shirts from the Etsy seller and find out that the iron-on decal peels off after one washing. Also, because many (all?) of these Etsy sellers are selling unlicensed product, they often get shut down, so returns are often non-existent.
  8. Raspberry PI 4 As An Audio Streamer

    I figured it out - the Marantz PM-7005 has an “Analog Mode” button that I enabled years ago. Once I switched that off, the Marantz DAC showed up in the playback options. This sounds surprisingly good. Time to build another for my work office. Too bad they’ve gotten so expensive since I started this thread.
  9. Raspberry PI 4 As An Audio Streamer

    It's been over a year, but I'm finally getting around to hooking my little Raspberry Pi 4 player to my Marantz PM7005 using a USB cable and I can't get it to play no matter what output DAC I choose.Of course, the correct DAC (Cirrus Logic CS4398) is not listed at all.
  10. The VMP vinyl version looks pretty wild. I managed to pick one of these up.
  11. The USPS SUCKS

    I ordered Charles Lloyd's latest releases as a box set on vinyl from Blue Note. I got the FEDEX shipping notice for the first LP last week, saying that it would be delivered today (6/29). So I check the tracking page today and see that it's coming to York, ME with a "Scheduled delivery date - 6/29/2022 by end of day". Then I glanced over at the detailed tracking info and see "OUT FOR DELIVERY - SOMERSET TWP, PA 6/29/2022 12:11". Um... what?? I'm guessing it's still in transit. But since it's been in transit since 6/24 in this heat, I imagine that it's going to be warped.
  12. Playing needle-drops I made of Pete Townshend's two 10-inch EPs - "Quadrophenia Demos Vol. 1 & 2". There are days when I prefer these demo versions to the released ones.
  13. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    Well, I was wrong. Kevin Gray is still cutting records too hot. The latest casualty is Lou Donaldson's "Blue Walk", issued as part of Blue Note's Classic Vinyl Series. I am very glad that I stopped buying these records on release. I had this in my Amazon cart and held off waiting for reviews. The reviews are in - Everyone is saying that the congas distort badly on the track "Play Ray". Saved me $23.
  14. I've mentioned this here before, but Gadd & Cuber's last date together, "Live at Voce" is really good. Of course, it helps that they had Joey D on organ.
  15. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    I got my XL tees in yesterday. They fit OK but I wonder what will happen after I wash them. I really wanted Judgement or Out To Lunch but both were gone by the time I checked. Maybe I should order the XXL and see how they fit?