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  1. I remember when the Tine Brooks box arrived... I was in heaven. An original pressing of "True Blue" was and continues to be a very hard to find & expensive record. Truth be told, even the 1981 King pressing (first stereo release) was difficult to find & also very expensive back then. The Japanese LPs of "Minor Move" (issued in 1980/81) just didn't show up anywhere in my area. This was pre-Internet so you were at the mercy of what someone traded into your local record store. I was talking to one record store owner and he said that if he ever got in a used copy of it, he'd be taking it home as he hadn't been able to find one. The other two titles hadn't been issued at all at that time. Basically, that Tina Brooks box was one of the holy grails of hardbop for this fan.
  2. Last track before you go to sleep

    Have you tried a white noise generator? Both Android and Apple phones have free apps in their stores for this type of thing. I find this to be a big help.
  3. Warped vinyl

    "Warped but plays fine!" That's dumpster material right there, not "Hey, let's see if some dummy will buy this".
  4. It's too bad that Brett never made his way over here from the Jazz Corner (or was it the Blue Note BB?), where he posted under the pseudonym "Hearsay". I seem to remember pre-ordering this when he told us about it.
  5. AM Jazz Stations Back in the Day?

    When i was a kid, I only remember AM radios, especially in cars. I don't remember FM until I was an older kid... maybe 1973 or 74? WHYN out of Springfield was the pop/rock station that everyone in Western Massachusetts listened to. I used to record their Top 100 countdown that they had every year on New Year's Eve. I think I still have one of those cassette tapes - Rod Stewart's "Maggie May" was #1, which would have dated it to 1971. I also remember hearing radio stations from as far away as Ohio on warm summer nights in the car. I can still hear that "56 HYN" jingle in my head. This website is the modern equivalent of those hot summer nights spinning the dial to see if I could pick up some distant station.
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I can't help it - This artist's name always brings back memories of some of the craziest posts I ever saw on a forum. Still blows my mind to think that the person thought that was OK.
  7. BTW - if you are on Facebook and follow Jim, you'll see that he not only tunes pianos, he restores keyboards of all kinds. I've been fascinated by some of his work, especially when he modifies an older piano's innards based on years of history with all varieties of mods. Recently he changed the "strike line" on a Wurlitzer 120. I never even heard of a strike line, so what he did was very interesting to this engineer.
  8. Last track before you go to sleep

    The electronic/ambient musician Moby has issued music specifically to help people fall asleep. He released the first batch via free downloads but I can't seem to find those links anymore, so it must've been limited. There is a You Tube video with them all combined but I imagine the random ads pumped into the middle of it would kinda ruin the effect. They are on Spotify if you use that service: Ah - here is the link where he used to give it away free but it doesn't look like it works... I have fallen asleep listening to these Long Ambients by Moby but I didn't mean to. I was not in bed at the time.
  9. Appliances are a nightmare right now. I've had both sister-in-laws need appliances and unable to shop for one they want. They basically had to walk into an appliance store and ask, "What do you have in stock". The only other option is waiting several months. Who can wait several months for a new refrigerator when their old one died?
  10. Last track before you go to sleep

    I have an air purifier/white noise generator. It's about the only way I can fall asleep some nights as the tinnitus can get pretty distracting otherwise.
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Thanks for the reminder. Spinning it myself now...
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Previously unissued. Nice CD too. Appears to be inexpensive for you too:
  13. I rarely had to jump at those "Last Chance!!" announcements because I usually had it already. Recently though... I have been getting more & more sucked in by them. In fact, I am very very close to pulling the trigger on that Desmond set.
  14. What music did you buy today?

    Oliver Nelson - Nocturne (OJC). I picked up a CD copy from discogs. I've been meaning to pick this up for a while but the thread on Moodsville releases got me to thinking about it again.
  15. My sister-in-laws in Delaware are having a tough time in their local grocery stores. Depending on when the delivery trucks arrive, they often have bare shelves.