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  1. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    So if the answer was, "No one knows exactly how much cyanide and they think there's only 2", would that get you to eat a few? My answer is still, "No way!"
  2. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    I guess you don't like my analogy My point is simple. The maskless want us to act like they simply can't kill anyone. If we all started thinking rationally that yes, they CAN kill someone if they have COVID-19 then maybe, just maybe we could start getting people to wake the hell up. The threat of death should do this automatically. Whether it's a gun or poison or jumping off a cliff... we avoid things that can kill us. Why can't we do this here????? My sister-in-law uses this analogy... If someone had a jar with 10,000 delicious jelly beans and told you that 2 of them had cyanide in them, would you eat any? My answer is "No way!!". That should be everyone's answer.
  3. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Notice where this video starts. It starts where the person taking the video and the Fox affiliate wants it to start. We have no idea what happened before then. Regarding my comment about it being a Fox station, search Fox LA for the story about the maskless jerk who purposefully coughed in a cancer patient's face. You won't find it. Or the story about the asshole that pulled down a kid's mask and spit on him, saying, "Now you have coronavirus". They only show you what makes their maskless fans look good. They don't show video where they look bad. So we have one moron who went too far with a maskless jerk and we're supposed to get up in arms. Nope. As I said, I was expecting this sooner. The more people that die from this pandemic is creating more & more people who are getting sick of these careless people who threaten us every time we go out. I'm probably over-reacting because I have an elderly uncle with a heart condition who got a (luckily mild) case of COVID-19 and probably shouldn't be here. Also, two weeks ago, my 83 year old mother fell and broke her pelvis. She's now in a nursing home where 34 people died from COVID-19 with a roomate who survived a bout with it and I'm very worried that these maskless morons are going to give it to one of my mom's nurses who will give it to her and then it's likely that I won't have a mom any more.
  4. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Masks are worthless... OK... let's try this... Someone walks onto a front lawn with an unloaded gun and aims it at the homeowner. It's useless without bullets, so as an object that can possibly hurt or kill you, this particular one cannot. And yet if the homeowner pulled his or her loaded gun and dropped that person, they'd be completely exonerated in court. We need to stop acting like everyone without a mask is somehow "unarmed". They could very well be asymptomatic. Purposefully ignoring my point... I thought you were smarter than that. I haven't had to use the ignore function in a long time... bout time to start again.
  5. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    So what justifies threatening someone's life by refusing to wear a mask??? You can't justify a tossed coffee but you can justify that? In many states, someone threatening your life allows you to legally shoot them dead. This is what's really wrong here. Someone refusing to wear a mask could very well be threatening everyones' lives but we allow them to hide behind "personal freedom" and it's AOK. When someone with AIDS spits on someone, it's been found in court to be assault and battery. Maybe if the police starting arresting these people for assault & battery when they refuse to wear a mask, we might finally get somewhere on this issue.
  6. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    I disagree. In my opinion, at least in this case, the non-mask wearers here were the assholes. They were clearly provoking the couple with their actions and their comments. Why else would he have on a body cam? He is provoking a response and he got it. FYI - that is why this is on Fox LA too. This guy probably got paid by Fox to do this. Yes, that woman reacted stupidly but we don't know her story. Maybe she just lost a parent to this shit? To be honest, I'm surprised that this isn't happening more. Maybe it's about time the American people who care about their fellow man, started treating these no-mask assholes like... I don't know... maybe like the assholes they really are. Lastly, if the woman's boyfriend was some black belt type of guy and he beat the living crap out of these assholes, do you think Fox LA would've show it? They love it when "their team" wins.
  7. Bandcamp waiving fees on Friday

    $9.99 to ship a $9.99 CD! Ouch. I think I'll pass. Maybe... but it's only available as a digital download. I'm not a huge fan of that. Maybe it's time I change my attitude on this?
  8. LF: Mosaic Larry Young box set

    That $90 box set on discogs doesn't sound too bad and the seller has good feedback. COVID-19 is delaying a lot of things so I would give the seller the benefit of doubt here. If you're worried about the box hinge being ripped, don't. Those box hinges used to fail all the time. You could pay $140 for one with an intact hinge and it could fail on you the third time you flipped it open. Then you'd have the same condition box for an extra $50. I was glad when Mosaic got rid of those hinges, particularly with LP sets. That hinge was almost guaranteed to fail on heavy LP sets. I've toyed with idea of using a razor to cut off all of my hinges so that when they do fail, they won't rip the boxes.
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I am always surprised when someone says that they like this date. It has never been a favorite of mine. I actually think it's pretty boring. I'm spinning it right now in fact and... nope. I just think it sounds sloppy.
  10. There is one eBay seller from Japan offering the SHM CD version but their feedback is pretty bad, with several complaints that they accepted orders without any stock to ship. I assume that is the case here too.
  11. The problem I have here is that I got a tracking number, not just a dispatch notice. A tracking number should mean that the item is on its way. I've never had an item cancelled and refunded to me after it left the building. Clearly, if I ever find myself ordering from them in the future, I will not trust that an item has shipped when I get a tracking number. The cynical side of me believes that Chalkys realized that they had some valuable stock sitting on their loading dock so they pulled them off the shipping shelf and cancelled the orders so they can sell them later at a big profit. The more logical side of me thinks that maybe UMI got hold of them and forced them to pull the stuff back. I'll never know what happened but I don't think it was handled well at all. I actually wouldn't have minded a straight-up cancellation compared to the way they handled this.
  12. I got TWO shipping dispatch notices - one with a tracking number - and yet today I received a cancellation notice. Pretty shoddy. Has anyone ordered the SHM CD from Japan? I've seen a few Japanese listings but I don't want to waste my time trying to get a refund from a Japanese seller if they do not have these in stock.
  13. Bandcamp waiving fees on Friday

    I'm thinking about grabbing a few of Dale Fielder's CDs that he has up on the bandcamp website. They're a PIA to find though. You can't just find one and click on Fielder's name. You have to search on his name and go through all of the search results to find them.

    The color indicates the type of dye used. One type of dye is better than the other. It's been too long since I've studied this, but I am pretty sure that the clear-looking dye was used in "archival" CD-R's, which means that it has the longest shelf life.