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  1. Every time I see this thread pop up, I check in to see how you're doing with your father. I almost envy you with your dad's seeming acceptance of these moves you're making for him. I wish my mother was acting the same way. I'm having a tough time with my mom. Her mobility is pretty bad but she refuses to use a walker and insists that her "wheelie" (walker with wheels) is "fine". Fine is her favorite word these days - everything is always "fine" with her. This walker has caused her to fall repeatedly, but she still won't stop using it. She's broken a leg, cracked her pelvis and split open both knees falling and she still insists on using her wheelie. Her last fall split her knee open, requiring 32 stitches and put her into a rehab center for about 6 weeks. She's now been getting wheeled to the dining hall daily in a transport chair ("It's not a wheelchair", she says) and so her mobility is getting even worse. Me, my brothers and my sister all agree that she should move over into the next building on her site, which is the assisted living building, but she is absolutely refusing to even consider it, going so far as saying she'd rather die than go into that building. I don't know what we're going to do. She keeps asking to move in with me & my wife but we both work and she can't be left alone all day. To be honest, it's pretty gut-wrenching. To make matters worse, my wife & I took in my wife's mother for almost 10 years, which my mother is now thoroughly resenting as we refuse to let her move in with us. We try to tell her the difference is that my wife's mother was perfectly capable of taking care of herself and when she couldn't, we moved her into a nursing home. But my mother just sees it as us not "wanting her around". It sucks getting old.
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Frank Foster & Frank Wess - Two For The Blues (Pablo).
  3. Frank Foster

    I really liked that Frank & Frank session "Two For The Blues" but my favorite leader date would be "Leo Rising" on the Arabesque label from 1997. I've never seen their Concord recording, "Frankly Speaking", on LP or CD. Strangely, it appears to have only be released on CD in Japan one time back in the late 80's and never since. I tried catching Frank live for several years but he didn't seem to come through Boston.
  4. Happy 73rd birthday to my old friend Michael. I still have a hard time thinking that he is 73 today. Damn, we're all getting old.
  5. Willis Jackson sidemen

    If what Allen said in an earlier thread, maybe Jackson had trouble finding sidemen? I mean really, if your own dentist thinks you're nasty, it could mean a lot of musicians don't dig you.
  6. George Mraz (1944 - 2021)

    According to his website, he had a pretty major health scare back in 2015. They even started a gofundme for him:
  7. George Mraz (1944 - 2021)

    His playing was pretty incredible with Joe Henderson. I saw him play with Joe in a trio twice and George's bass playing was superb.
  8. Bargain Audio Equipment

    Well, if it means anything, these speakers are not made in Hope, AR. This model is made in China. This does not necessarily mean that they suck, only that they are not made in Arkansas. There are some who feel that the quality of the Chinese-built Klipsch speakers is not as good as those made in Hope, but only you can decide that - if you choose to buy some of these speakers.
  9. Norm MacDonald, RIP

    Cancer is a horrible disease. Norm even had something funny to say about it though, That's the way he was. It's a draw!
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Never heard of this LP or the label East-West. Interesting music if not earth-shattering.
  11. Norm MacDonald, RIP

    Damn, 61 is too young. They say he's been battling cancer for 9 years. That's a long fight. He was funny as hell. His sense of humor was so twisted, he made some people cringe. I saw him in Boston one time and there were jokes where I was laughing hysterically while others around me groaned.
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Over the years, this has become one of my favorite Horace Silver recordings. I still pull it off the shelf before a lot of his classic Blue Note dates.
  13. So you are OK with that word continuing to refer to black people? Because that's what many black comedians are doing.
  14. Soulstation1's Candle Business

    Anyone buy candles from Jeff and have his name/address? It'd be nice to find out if he's still with us.
  15. Wynton better avoid the comedy clubs while he is at it. The 'N' word is slung far and wide on those stages. In a way, I agree with Wynton about the use of this word by blacks. If they truly want it to go away, stop using it as a euphemism for friend. But fuck those Robert E Lee statues Wynton.