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  1. Cassette tape production revival?

    That is my very-experienced opinion and it is one shared by many other audiophiles who tried to make that format the best it could be. While I may not have had a Nakamichi Dragon, I had a very high-end cassette deck and I only used TDK or Maxell FerroChrome or metal tapes. No auto-level recordings, meticulous attention to detail and yet it never came close to LP, much less CD. All it ever did was add hiss to anything you recorded. Dolby A, Dolby B, dBx, etc. all took away from the music. I think I might have a bunch of old Blue Note prerecorded cassettes somewhere in a box. I couldn't wait to get that music on CD. Night & day.
  2. Cassette tape production revival?

    So another old low-fi analog tech is making a comeback? So those of us who lived with all its shortcomings are supposed to cheer? Dolby tapes had no hiss because they rolled off the highs so much, you couldn't hear it. The trick for the best sound out of a cassette was to avoid Dolby and live with the hiss. At least then, you got the full fidelity of the music. It's funny, but I was over on another forum and some loon started complaining about HD TV, saying stupid shit like, "The picture is so much better on an SD TV". I figure he was just trolling but then several other idiots started agreeing with him... well, maybe it was a group troll job?
  3. Having seen Marchel Ivery live twice, I can understand the applause. He played great those two times that I saw him.
  4. Jim - stealing the catchers signs has been a fundamental part of the game. But it really only came into play when there was a baserunner on 2nd. The coaches can't see when the catcher flashes his signs between his legs and the batter can't turn around to check or he risks a quick pitch that he can't react to. I was a catcher when I was a kid. We had special signs for when someone was on second. We knew the sign could be stolen, so we changed them up - sometimes from inning to inning. Allowing legal sign-stealing would ruin the game. The change-up would disappear. No sense throwing any off-speed pitches when the hitter knows it's coming or else he's just going to tee off on it. These guys are professional hitters. Watch BP sometime. They can and will tee off on the warm up pitcher's soft tosses. I suppose if all you want to see is HRs, sure, allow this to happen. But if you want to see real pitching, stop this stuff.
  5. I don't know about that Jim... if teams were allowed to steal the other teams pitches and communicate what pitch was coming prior to the windup, how would this improve the game? "Hey batter, here comes a fastball." Wasn't that a line in Bull Durham? How did that work out? Oh yeah...
  6. Rush drummer Neil Peart dead at 67

    Great interview with Peart.
  7. Rush drummer Neil Peart dead at 67

    I really like "Moving Pictures" but it gets so much flak from the rock cognoscenti that I almost feel embarrassed to say this. Tough. I like it and I play it for me.
  8. Rush drummer Neil Peart dead at 67

    I've been listening to this for the last 2 days and it's caused to me realize three things about Rush: 1) I find myself listening to Peart's drums on most songs. Geddy Lee's vocals are almost a distraction 2) They made some pretty terrible and/or odd songs, which is why I don't own much of it. 3) Peart's drumming makes me wonder if this is what Monk would have sounded like if he played the drums. His keeps the time fine, but the wild, sometimes seemingly random accent beats are what really makes him sound so incredible. After listening to this for a long while, I decided I wanted to hear "Moving Pictures". I know - gak and all that - but it's my favorite Rush record. Goofy shit lyrically, but as I said, listening to Peart is where it's at. "Red Barchetta" is my favorite Rush tune. He's also a little like Blakey with the drum roll transitions at odd spots. Just a fun drummer to listen to. I still think they overdubbed some of them or else Peart had 3 arms.
  9. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    LIFO is never a good idea in a shipping department.
  10. Not a great title for an LP.
  11. Playing music in the car

    I think you have a typo. You typed "record player" when I think you meant to type "record destroyer".
  12. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    So you ordered this set in December 2019 and are getting it now and I ordered it in February of 2019 and I haven't received any notice. This is bizarre.
  13. Rush drummer Neil Peart dead at 67

    You watch a video like this and it's much easier to understand why Peart retired after this tour. I can't imagine trying to keep playing at such a frenetic pace as a 20-something, much less a 60-something. It's also easy to see why Rush isn't going to be one of those ghost bands that keep playing until every member is dead. Rush isn't Rush without Peart. I was glad when I read that they agreed with this.
  14. Rush drummer Neil Peart dead at 67

    He was an incredible drummer. It always amazed me that it was only one drummer on some of those Rush songs. I used to think they were overdubbing.
  15. Best and worst sounding RVG Blue Note CD

    I think the "regular" TOCJ CD sounds pretty decent. I bought the Japanese RVG because at the time, I was really digging their sound. I kept the TOCJ for my listening copy.