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  1. Don Patterson - Mellow Soul (Prestige). Green label with Van Gelder in the dead wax. Weird notations on the back of this used LP. Side 2 has the first track, "Mellow Soul", circled in red pen with the word "House" written next to the track number and 5 gold ink dots on top of a second "House" written next to the title. The second track on Side 2, "Head", is circled in black ink and there are 6 gold ink dots next to that. There is also the word "Paly" (Maybe meant to be "Play"?) with arrows pointing to the track "Head" and the third track on Side 2, "These Foolish Things". Must be some sort of DJ lingo.
  2. I think I heard it first from Danny D'Imperio. Noah Preminger - Some Other Time (Newvelle Records). I got this from Noah at a local gig. Damn expensive record, even from Noah. Not a huge fan of Ben Monder's echo-drenched guitar but a small complaint. Most of the tunes are taken at a leisurely pace. Weirdly oversized LP jacket. It barely fits into my LP rack and won't fit into any LP sleeve I have. I wish that NewVelle sold Frank Fimbrough's "Meantime" by itself. I'd like to have that one.
  3. Weird about this Booker Ervin LP... the lead-in groove area seems smaller than usual. I found myself dropping the needle into music on both sides. I had to drop it almost on the edge to get the lead-in.
  4. I recently bought two CDs from a Japanese seller (they haven't arrived yet but that's a different story) and I didn't see any new fees on my end. I did have to pay $12 to ship 2 CDs to the US but I doubt that was eBay.
  5. I missed that one but that's on the discography page. I was referring to the one on the marketing page where they say: Those contributions are here, as are two dates led by Kenny Dorham, including Henderson's massive debut with the label, and Hutcherson's three other dates, "Our Thing," "Inner Urge," and "In 'N Out." Quite honestly, if they do fix that typo, I would think that it should change to "and his 3 other dates,". No need to repeat his name in the same sentence. Maybe even "his 3 other dates as a leader"?
  6. Booker Ervin - The In Between (Blue Note). As much as I like Booker, this doesn't seem to come off the shelf very often. "Typical Booker" might be the best descriptor. I was once told by a musician that Booker only has two solos - a slow one and a fast one. Maybe this is one of those dates where that is more evident?
  7. This is what's on the Mosaic page right now. Note well the title at the top: CUSTOMER REVIEWS. Not CUSTOMER OPINIONS. Not PLACE TO BITCH ABOUT STUPID STUFF. Anyone referencing LPs or high res or anything about the format should simply be deleted, particularly for a set that hasn't even been released yet. CUSTOMER REVIEWS Click here to write a review why no highres download in 24/192? highres is THE sound quality of the present days, would be fine to add a download code for native 24 bit to the physical cds, many companies already do so, e.g. BANDCAMP - it doesnt make sense to remaster in 24/192 - and then press it onto 16 bit cd format with limited space... Format I am happy with this wonderful music and I am expecting an amazing set. As far as I see the format is important too. Yes I would love an vinyl version. Though I am totally into HIGH RESOLUTION Audio my wanted format would be DSD audio or DXD. The CDs, yes I already have them all. I purchse this set for my collection but I would apprechiate if they also work on the format. Vinyl, DSD 256 and DXD is the way to go. Terrific but not complete.... What about the missing Grant Green, Andrew Hill and Lee Morgan albums, to name a few? This is nowhere close to being complete but I will still purchase because of the outstanding music contained therein. Its just frustrating when misrepresentations like this are made - we understand if it cannot be complete but dont try to fool us! No LPs? Really? Surely after the demand for an LP version of the Mobley set you guys could have turned your mind to putting this out on vinyl too? 3 stars for the lack of LP version of this set. I’m sure the set is 10/10, and I just ordered the CD version, but come on. LPs? Really? No LPs? Any chance you’ll reconsider? I know Page One was recently reissued on Lp. Does Blue Note plan on doing the rest in the same encyclopedic way ya’ll do? I mean, I have nearly all of these already, now I need to weigh whether it’s worth was so much easier when instinct guided me and I just ordered. Sigh, getting old aren’t we all. Lps preferred This is great, and I strongly applaud the effort put into this. Thanks. That said, I would have much preferred buying an all analog LP version of the set. CDs simply arent the dominant medium they once were. Please keep up the good work! BTW - if this were really "complete" and on LP, who would buy it? It would be a ton of LPs.
  8. Horace Silver - Further Explorations of the Horace Silver Quintet (Blue Note/Tone Poet). This may be one of my last Tone Poet buys. Sound is very good but as I've been buying more & more of these, I'm remembering how damn inconvenient LPs are. Even with the purchase of a second turntable for my upstairs listening space, I still have to "make time" to play these damn things. It's so much easier to drop a CD into a tray and hit "Play" and even easier to load up my playlist on my PC and never have to get up again. I guess I'm getting too lazy for vinyl.
  9. Mosaic needs to just delete those idiotic rants about the lack of an LP version. They are not "reviews" so delete them. End of discussion.
  10. That's another "forth" in that back & forth thing. Add in older failing ears. FWIW, I have liked the sound of those Analogue Productions SACDs, so it might be tough for this box to unseat the SACD of "Page One".
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Well, it isn't YouTube's doing. After all, they don't censor the cover to the latest release of XTC's "Skylarking".
  12. I am going back & forth on this. On one hand, I want to support Mosaic, a company that has given me great joy over the years. On the other hand, a box with a stray composition from a few sessions sprinkled in actually makes it less appealing to me. To top it off, the stated concept doesn't work when they add two full Kenny Dorham sessions on there that are not all Joe Henderson compositions. And they are Kenny Dorham sessions, not Kenny Dorham/Joe Henderson sessions. I bought the Mobley box because it allowed me to upgrade the audio of several CDs in my collection. This box would also do that for7 CDs in my collection but only upgrade a single track on 5 others. As I said, I go back & forth. I really would have liked to see "Basra" in there... and they even refer to "Lazy Afternoon" in their marketing blurb. Why do that if it's not included? Did everyone catch the typo on the sales page?
  13. Best sound is not the original. Best sound is the master tape.
  14. What music did you buy today?

    I got an order in from Japan today after almost 2 months. Joe Farnsworth - My Heroes (Tribute To The Legends) Dexter Gordon - All Souls Vol. 2 Gary McFarland - Point Of Departure
  15. Eric Dolphy on Blue Note?

    That article I referenced says he bought it in 1963 when he was 23. I imagine he made quite a bit off of Mongo's top 10 version. Maybe the royalty check he's referring to is from Santamaria's performance? It charted in late April of 1963.