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  1. Cutting the Cable

    I use a Roku for YouTube TV. I also have access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu & Disney + through the Roku if I want to use those apps.
  2. I recently moved to Maine and the cable monopoly here is Spectrum. I got the "New customer deal" to sign up... I think it was $149/month for a "Triple play" (cable/internet/phone). After a year, it went up $20 so I called to switch over to the next "deal", a game I played with Comcast for decades. Their answer - "No deals. Only new customers get deals". So I stuck it out another year. And another year. This year, my bill was going to be $202/month. No way. I tried You Tube TV for a month and it worked fine. Cloud DVR works great. All the local channels. $50/month. Switched to Spectrum internet for $70/month, dropped my landline and now I'm down to $120/month total. Bye bye cable TV. Bye bye landline.
  3. Now reading...

    C.M. Waggoner's "Unnatural Magic": C. M. is the niece of an old Jazz buddy of mine, Jeff Waggoner. Jeff may be here on the forums but I remember him more from the Blue Note & Jazz Corner forums.
  4. Hilton Ruiz - Ceora

    It still bugs me that the NO police department classified Ruiz's death as accidental from a fall. I guess in New Orleans, people accidentally fall and bash their heads onto a curb 3 or 4 times before they lapse into a coma all the time.
  5. Bill Potts - 'The Jazz Soul of Porgy & Bess'

    Wow - that last post broke my browser. WTF happened?
  6. Great Finds

    I can never look at a Boyd Raeburn disc with Ginny Powell on it the same way ever again. Aric's granpa.
  7. Playing music in the car

    I used to hear stuff like that Gideon tune above all the time in Newbury Comics and it never did anything for me. I do like some heavy metal stuff, even stuff with "scream-singing" but I hate those guttural screams like I hear here. They sound like someone in pain.
  8. Playing music in the car

    God, I really hate those metal bands with the lead that sounds like he's having problems in the bathroom. Constipation metal - that's it.
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Man, we're getting old, aren't we? I can't believe that Jim is already 61.
  10. Playing music in the car

    I drive an hour each way since I moved to the beach so I got Sirius/XM. I switch between 70's on 7, 80's on 8, Classic Rewind, Classic Vinyl, Deep Tracks, Real Jazz & Comedy Central Radio. Sometimes if the mood strikes, I may put on The Coffeehouse. At home, I sometimes use their app and play The Bridge and Yacht Rock Radio, especially in the summer on the back deck. Lately, I've installed their app on my Roku box and I'm using that for Christmas music when the mood strikes. Since I'm driving 60+ miles each way, I bought a plug-in Prius (called a Prius Prime). I'm getting almost 65 mpg with it.
  11. That font - and the monochrome - almost looks like a Mosaic.
  12. John Coltrane: Graz, 1962

    Wow, I didn't know they had any digital recordings from the 60's.
  13. When I click that link, I get £57.89, which is $74.75 before shipping. I am not seeing $69 shipped to a US address.