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  1. Blue Note signs WM

    First off, it's "Bresnahan". Get it right. Like I thought, your continuing to get it wrong proves my point that you are belittling me by getting it wrong. So, what have you done that so displeases me? Let's see... Your entry into this thread: "given Wynton's less-than-spectacular musical history" "Bruce has made a disastrous business decision" "composition after laborious composition, but not a single one has a fraction of the artistic merit" number 2 had something to do with musicboy Entry number 3: "It was a double-wobble, guess old Wolf is spinning, too." (in response to a question about Alfred Lion spinning in his grave) Entry number 4: "we are talking about a rigid, stuck-in-a-bad-groove guy who would not recognize an original musical thought if it splashed against his ears" "A guy whose "good" performances are few and far between, and have to be qualified" Entry number 5: "He has written some horrendous extended stuff" "his playing is, at best, acceptable" "He is, after all, so heavily hyped that whatever he lacks in musical value is compensated for by his name recognition" "Norah Jones and Wynton are musical lightweights on a jazz scene" "Signing Wynton indicates that Bruce--or whoever made that decision--shares his myopia" "Will Wynton produce something meatier than Everette Harp, Najee, or Norah Jones? Very likely, but I think good water is preferable to bad wine." (which we've since clarified implies Wynton's music is "bad wine") Entry number 6: "no secret that Wynton has a history of releasing less than stellar performances" Entry number 7: The quote from "The Emperor's New Suit" "has yet to produce anything of enduring artistic worth" Entry number 8 is the (expected) refutation of my previous post Entry number 9 starts the personal attack on me: "I guess I overestimated your intelligence" "I was right about your, shall we say, less than mature attitude" "try to find Dale Carnegie's celebrated "How to" book--you know the one I mean" Entry number 10 continues with this attack: "Kevin's fertile mind is clearly in overdrive" "Is there a cure for paranoia of this kind" Entry number 11 is a plea for me to be civil (the above negativity deserves civility??) Entry number 12 and 13 are Chris cranking up the "positive image" machine. Which I might add is "blowing one's own horn a lot more than anyone else in this thread has done. Entry 14 is about how the screen was shrunk... I even think it may have been devoid of sarcasm and negativity! Entry number 15 starts the name game with a continued personal attack on me: "Get over it, Breshnahan (sic)! You twist the truth to suit your own biases" "think about why you are getting all worked up about things that are a figment of your own imagination" (Wow, I missed this... I guess all of these quotes are a "figment of my imagination"??) "If you think all this is going to endear you to the Blue Note people, I think you may be underestimating Michael's intelligence" "given how off-the-wall and personal your rants against me are--I think they are juvenile. " Entry number 16: "Breshnahan (sic), your last post underlines what many of your previous rants suggested: "juvenile" is an apt term" "I have never started a thread on Wynton nor launched an attack on you" "grow up and get a life!" Entry number 17 is a pat on the back to Jim (kind of a "Good boy, Jim, you see my way" post) Entry number 18 continues with the slight to me by changing my name even after I pointed out the error: "These observation have nothing to do with Wynton or Breshnahan" "a lack of tolerance" Which brings us back to here. 19 posts. 4 which could be called non-negative in nature... most using derogatory adjectives to describe Wynton as well as Blue Note's decision to sign Wynton. But of course, Chris will come back with some grandiose explanation for all these obvious smears. In fact, by the time he's done, he'll have everyone thinking he's a pure as the virgin snow... yeah, right. Later, Kevin
  2. Obscure, In Print Gems In Your Collection

    This is an exceptional cd, I can agree with everything DrJ says. Don't miss this it's a real treat in every way. Here here! This is a great disc. I haven't played this one in a while... I'll have to pull it out tonight. Later, Kevin
  3. Blue Note signs WM

    Other than political issues, where have you shown "enthusiasm"? You certainly don't show any enthusiasm on this thread. You never show enthusiasm on any thread about music that I've seen lately. The other aspect of your statement, where you claim to "want to know why--am I missing something" is entirely laughable. Despite several people pointing out to you that everything Wynton has put out isn't bad and that Wynton puts on a great performance in person, you refuse to look into it and dismiss it out of hand. Now you have stooped to posting 20 year old reviews to show that you can say good things about Wynton. That does not excuse the fact that you dissed Wynton's signing with Blue Note with the implication that he will make a bad record for them. I also happen to think that you went overboard on this thread which is about a record that has yet to be recorded. As for Jim's comments, all I can say, Jim, is that I hope you don't somehow begin to think that I am a big fan of Wynton Marsalis. I am not and may never be a big fan of Wynton Marsalis. However, I would never do what Chris Albertson does on-line. If I can't say anything good about something, I always try to "bite my tongue" and keep it to myself. There are many, many conversations going on about artists that I happen to think suck. What good does it do for me to come into a thread and say, "I think he sucks"? It does nothing but turn that thread into a big argument. If the people in that thread were having a fun conversation about this artist and they truly enjoy him/her, why the hell should I screw it all up for them? Sometimes, it is better to shut your mouth for the good of the "vibe" of the place. Just look at what Chris has done to this place in the past few days because he can't stay away from "anything Wynton". Later, Kevin
  4. Blue Note signs WM

    You know, Chris, the last time I decided I had enough of your negativity and started this pointless debate with you, I mentioned then how much it bothered me that you always mis-spell my name. You came back with some flippant comment about how you "barely knew me" at which point I pointed out that we had met and I had even taken your picture. Now, here you are again, with the "Breshnahan" stuff. You might even be doing it on purpose, as a disguised put-down. You should also notice that I have never called you "Albertson". Calling someone by their last name is a sort of all-purpose tool many people use to distance themselves.... keep it formal, right? Once again you misunderstand why I come on-line and join in conversations with people here. I do it for the comraderie. I do it because I find people like myself who are Jazz fans and they truly enjoy talking about it. I see no need for formality on these boards. I only post with my last name because there have been (and always will be) more than one "Kevin". Later, Kevin
  5. Blue Note signs WM

    Ah, juvenile... that's a new one. I guess you got tired of "infantile". You act as if I am the one engaging in a "personal" attack on you and yet these words of yours, "juvenile", hissy fit", "conjecture", "hysterical" and "paranoid". The word that comes to mind for you is "senile". You seem to forget a lot of things you say. I remember a lot of them... and all of them are negative... and nearly all of them are personal affronts. You are one of the most negative people I have ever encountered on the Internet. If you was to get personal, personally, you are not someone I like to engage with. I had hoped that, given your experiences in the Jazz world, I could get along with you. Hear some stories. Learn what it was like to live with Lil Armstrong. Instead, I've seen you go on & on with Greg about politics, get into pissing contests with hardbop and now (with no hardbop around) attack me with all these derogatory terms and even accuse me of somehow trying to get brownie points with Blue Note. Your negativity has reached a new low... and my opinion of you has reached a nadir. As for me engaging in conjecture... what?? That's baloney. It's a fact that you have something against Wynton Marsalis. This fact is supported by your incessant negative posts about the guy. The fact that you are upping the venom with this last post of yours shows how much the mention of "Ken Burns' Jazz" burns you up. I suggest you look in the mirror. You are the one having "hissy fits" here. You are the one who can't stop yourself from making disparaging remarks whenever anyone has anything to say about Wynton Marsalis. You are the one who won't bring this disagreement out of the place it is. YOU. Later, Kevin
  6. Blue Note signs WM

    And here's the pomposity that we all have come to expect from Chris A. Who are you Chris, Fraser Crane? If you honestly think for a minute that "I-wanna-get-in-with-Blue-Note", you're even sadder than I thought. I am a computer geek working in an engineering department of a high tech company. The last thing I would do is trade this in for a job in the music industry. What I do is simply call Michael Cuscuna and, ocassionally Tom Evered (who's impossible to get hold of) and ask them what's up. They know I browse the Internet. Michael knows I can get what he's up to out to the general public. It alleviates him from having to do it. I've been "getting Michael's words" out onto the Internet since 1994, back when Jazz discussion was limited to the newsgroup. They also know I tell them when something's up that needs their attention, like a screwed up CD of a mistake on some artwork... sort of an on-line quality control department. What I don't do is ask them for special favors or try to get some kind of "job". I have probably received a handful of promos, all received from Tom during a visit to BN a few years back. I have never received a promo Mosaic box or even a discounted Mosaic box. I do not do what I do here on these boards for me, I do it for us. I know people here on this board as well as others want this information I can get from Michael. If that makes me a loser, so be it. I happen to feel that I'm doing something positive for the people here. Can you say the same, Chris? Later, Kevin
  7. Blue Note signs WM

    I've seen those reviews before... I believe they were posted by Chris once before. To reiterate what I've said about them to Chris before: Even you have to admit that Wynton can play good Jazz. Now, Chris, if you were to add a positive review of "Live At the Village Vanguard", maybe I'd believe you are capable of saying Wynton can still play good Jazz. Your problem is that you seem incapable of conceding that Wynton still plays good Jazz. You've spew forth nothing but backhanded remarks, snide references and generally try your damndest to put the guy down at all times. It's been all negative since these two ancient reviews. All negative. I just don't agree with that assessment. I might not dig a lot of what Wynton's been doing lately, but I do not fluff it all off as "bad"... especially without hearing it first! Also Chris, as you have made abundantly clear, you are upset with the way the Ken Burns' Jazz people handled the material you gave them. I contend, and many have contacted me in agreement, that you are too bitter about all this. You have taken it too personal. Besides, screw all the politics: the guy is playing good Jazz, godammit! I've heard it with my own ears. When was the last time you saw him live, Chris? I went with much skepticism, probably because of all the negativity I read here on the Internet, and I was amazed! It was a great show. I still disagree with nearly everything the man has to say about Jazz but it still can't change the fact that the man can play good Jazz! BTW, I also happen to think that the Scientology religion is bogus. I laugh when I think people can be stupid enough to follow a religion that was started by a Science Fiction book writer as a bet between himself and other writers. Knowing that Chick Corea is a big follower of this religion and preaches it's "gospel" whenever he can, might have turned me against seeing him. After all, any money he gets from me attending one of his shows helps fund this lunacy. Did it stop me from going to see him? No. Did it stop me from enjoying the show? No. Does my belief that Chick's a loon make him a bad Jazz musician? Hell no!! If people like Chris (and to a lesser extent, Rooster Ties) could separate the man from the music, you might find that the music can be pretty good. Later, Kevin
  8. Blue Note signs WM

    Mnytime, sounds like Sony really srewed up in their dealings with Wynton. Why on earth would they have done what they did then? I mean, they spent all that money paying him, spent more money hyping him and then they flooded the market and diluted the hell out of his catalog? That's just dumb planning on their part. Why wouldn't they have at least released the later stuff in dribs & drabs? They might have recouped some of their investment. As others have posted elsewhere, Wynton's numbers declined in recent years but they were still OK from a Jazz perspective. If Sony had held back a couple of releases, maybe the sales would have improved. You know, maybe it's not such a bad thing that Blue Note's bean counters seem more fiscally responsible. As I said, from my conversations with Michael & Tom, it did not sound to me like they were breaking the bank. BTW, mnytime, as much as you know about Wynton Marsalis and as much as I imagine you would (probably) like to see him fall flat on his face (since he sounds partly responsible for that calm, small woman's departure from Sony), you still don't come across as negatively as Chris A does. I pretty much figured I had the analogy right. Later, Kevin
  9. Blue Note signs WM

    A most simple analogy? Ok, let's summarize: you posted this statement: "Will Wynton produce something meatier than Everette Harp, Najee, or Norah Jones? Very likely, but I think good water is preferable to bad wine." Several subsequent posters followed up and agreed with you. I asked if you meant this quote to mean that you would prefer to hear Evertte Harp, Najee or Norah Jones over Wynton Marsalis' unrecorded Blue Note date. There is nothing in your analogy saying which of the two things being compared in "good" and which is "bad". This is a simple question... one that I think you won't answer because it will expose you for what you are: someone who is willing to judge an unrecorded record date as "bad" just because apparently you have an agenda against Wynton Marsalis. That's how it's looked to me for years. Yeah, I know what you'll post next... something about my delusions. Maybe you should re-read that Hans Christian Andersen fable. You ever think maybe some of us are the crowd and you might be the emporer? BTW, re-read this a show me where I "(took your) critique of WM as a personal affront" (your words over on the Jazz Corner board)? You don't "critique" WM, you crucify him any chance you get. Personally, I could care less if Wynton ever recorded again, I don't even dig much of his music. However, I am sick of you coming onto this board, a board I've come to like, and sprinkle your lousy attitude about "all things Wynton" around. These are Jazz boards. Wynton plays Jazz. People should be able to say good things about him because they like his music. You don't seem to care about the music, only the man behind the music. If you don't like the guy, his attitude or his music so much, then stop posting about him. I gotta laugh at your closing quote over on that JC thread where you say, "Who knows, if he comes up with something even slightly above the ordinary, if he limbers up and puts some feeling into it, I'll be among the first to applaud." That's something I'd love to see... and I'll believe it when I see it. Later, Kevin
  10. Obscure, In Print Gems In Your Collection

    Danny Gatton & Joey DeFrancesco - "Relentless" is a "must have" for everyone on this board. It just smokes! BTW, it is back in print (for how long, who knows?) at: Big Mo Records. Later, Kevin
  11. Blue Note signs WM

    I think assuming that Blue Note's bean counters would allow them to release a bunch of lower cost dates if they don't sign Wynton Marsalis is wrong. They don't seem to allow Blue Note to work that way. They obviously have some "magic number" they use that made Jason Moran stick & Mark Shim fall to the wayside. What this number is, I don't know but it has to be based on some kind of "return on investment". This "investment", as Chuck Nessa once graciously pointed out on the ol' BN board, is pretty fixed on the "hardware" end. All CDs Blue Note puts out probably have pretty much the same basic budget. Artwork is artwork I imagine. Initial pressing costs are probably the same. The only possible difference is likely to be what they pay the musicians on the date and any marketing money they budget. We don't know how much Wynton is getting and we won't know what the marketing budget will be so we'll just have to wait on that. BTW, if big budgets at Blue Note is a cause for concern, Bob Belden's "Black Dahlia" should move ahead of Wynton Marsalis. This was a costly big band date with lots of extras like multi-track, DSD recording, a "who's who" roster of artists and extra studio time. But if the results are worth it and it sells enough to keep the bean counters happy, who cares? Later, Kevin
  12. Blue Note signs WM

    I don't send Michael greeting cards, I give him a call. You should talk to him yourself sometime. Of course, the first time he said "fuck", you'd probably assume he's not intelligent. If you equate lack of swearing with intelligence, GWBII should be a Rhodes Scholar. Equating my use of profanity with my intelligence level is a mistake on your part. I'm smart enough to know that my usage of this language can be used by you and your intellect to somehow "prove" your point. I know this. What you should know is that I just finally got sick of saying it in my head while typing something else. Later, Kevin
  13. Blue Note signs WM

    You know Chaney, I looked at my previous post for about 5 minutes before hitting "post". I do not like posting all that negative crap about any person I interact with but you know, I am just sick & tired of Chris Albertson's "same ol' same ol'" when it comes to Wynton. fed up with it. I am most upset because of the fact that over on Jazz Corner's Speakeasy, where there is another thread about Wynton's signing, Chris has toned down his schtick because there's another well-written poster, Another Steve, who is able to say clearly, in a way that even Chris can't refute, that he is just going to watch & see. Over here on Organissimo, where Chris has less resistance because most people here have given up trying to convince him that his negativity toward Wynton, he takes a much more antagonistic approach. If Chris wants to take a bit less antagonistic attitude here, I am all for it! Let's see him start by stopping his usual practice of refuting every single positive that is posted about Wynton!! "Bad wine"? "The Emperor's New Suit"? These things are all written to put down a session that Wynton Marsalis has not even recorded yet. I think that is a sucky attitude. Later, Kevin
  14. Blue Note signs WM

    Yeah, I'm in "argumentative mode" because you are in "fucking asshole mode". Clarify your "water & wine" analogy if it's so godamned clear! Were you trying to say that Wynton Marsalis' unrecorded Blue Note date is "bad wine" or "good water"? That's a plain and simple question that you won't answer! Is it because it would expose your pre-prejudice to put down anything associated with Wynton Marsalis? You write all this stuff with all the puffery of a professional writer (no suprise there) and when anyone writes something you don't like, suddenly they become "childish" (one of your favorite terms), "argumentative" whatever... all kinds of well written prose. Well, I've got no puffery for you: You're an asshole, albeit a well-written one. I wish you would just go away. Later, Kevin
  15. Blue Note signs WM

    From what I heard, most of Osby's CDs are selling fine with the exception of "Symbols of Light (A Solution)" which supposedly tanked. Also, don't assume that because a CD is currently out of print that it "didn't sell". I bet quite a few of Osby's and Renee Rosnes' and even Mark Shim's CDs sold fine but just dropped off over their years in print to the point where it wasn't financially viable to keep the title in print. BTW, I've still yet to understand why Blue Note has to pay so much money to keep a title in print. Thank god I am not in the music business. In my efforts to keep everything in print, I'd bankrupt the company in no time flat. Later, Kevin
  16. Blue Note signs WM

    Chris, this is the kind of shit you pull that really gets my goat. It's OK for you to post quotes from "The Emporer Has No Clothes" but if I interject a nonsensical interpretation to one of these quotes, as I did with your "water & wine" quote, I somehow "deliberately misconstue (sic). It goes without saying that no one here is comparing something that does not exist with something that does--IMO, that's just a bit of nonsense that you inject for the sake of argument." So it's OK for you to post a FAIRY TALE story in a discussion about Wynton Marsalis?? And now if I poke holes in it, which would be simple given that IT'S A FAIRY TALE, of course, you would immediately take some stand that I'm injecting nonsense?? You are pitiful. Later, Kevin
  17. Clarinet Recommendation?

    Pick up David Murray's "Ballads For Bass Clarinet"! That's a great one to introduce someone who likes the sound of clarinet (abeit lower in tone) to the inner & outer aspects of its sound... and John Hicks plays great on it too. Later, Kevin
  18. Blue Note signs WM

    Does anyone think a CD by Dave Ballou or Ron Blakesee (who? indeed) will sell better than Wynton's upcoming disc? I don't think so. I imagine that is the reason that Blue Note signed Wynton: to sell CDs. Even if, as the naysayers predict, Wynton's effort is an artistic flop, it will most likely sell just fine in "Jazz numbers". I bet it will rank right up there in sales for Jazz... not "Norah numbers", not "Krall numbers" but definitely "Lovano numbers". FWIW, Blue Note has recently put out several unhearalded Jazzers efforts and they haven't been selling very well. Just recently, Stefano Di Battista's second album was released. Has anyone here ever bought it? I've never heard it mentioned. I've never bought it. I don't know anyone who has. Does this make it a bad CD? No. But it isn't selling. That is due to the name "Stefano Di Battista" more than the music contained. Unknowns rarely bust into the Jazz market and sell well. It usually takes time to build up a reputation. Wynton Marsalis (for good or bad) has a reputation and with that comes name recognition. Later, Kevin
  19. It was in the early morning hours when I fell into a phone call. Believing I had supernatural powers, I slammed into a brick wall. I said, "Hey, is this my problem? Is this my fault? If that's the way it's going to be, I'm going to call the whole thing to a halt."
  20. Hmmm... I guess I'll have to pull this one off the shelf again. I can't remember too many drum solos. In fact, I seem to remember thinking how few drum solos there were coming from a set led by a drummer. I guess the last two discs, the "Live At The Lighthouse" stuff, probably has a few but that's not too bad for a live gig where the leader is the drummer, right? BTW, I agree that the Mobley set is one that should catch your fancy. I play parts of it often. About the drawback I could think of is that there is a "sameness" to the sessions... a common problem with a few of my Mosaic boxes... great in pieces but repetative if you try spinning the whole thing. Later, Kevin
  21. Blue Note signs WM

    I see above this post that several other posters like this analogy. I've got to ask: What's the "good water" being referred to? Am I reading this right? Is "good water" Everette Harp, Najee & Norah Jones or are they the "bad wine"? Considering other statements expressed in this thread, I would almost think that "bad wine" is Wynton Marsalis' unrecorded Blue Note date. However, that would imply that you would prefer Everette Harp, Najee or Norah Jones to Wynton's unrecorded Blue Note date. That can't be what I'm seeing. BTW, I happen to enjoy a very "good water" called San Pellegrino. I often order it over some "bad" as well as "very good" and even "excellent" wine. Sometimes I feel like drinking San Pellegrino and sometimes I feel like drinking wine. I am glad I have the choice. Later, Kevin
  22. Blue Note signs WM

    Chris, will you at least admit that what Wynton will cut for Blue Note is better and far "more adventurous" than some of that smooth pablum that other "Blue Note Artists" are putting out? It would help restore my faith that you aren't simply looking for an opprtunity for another Wynton hatefest. I was serious when I asked people to go listen to that Jackson track... listen to it and then say that what Wynton will play is gonna be worse. Later, Kevin
  23. Blue Note signs WM

    Mnytime, I knew what you meant by your post. No harm meant. Savior is a strange word to use. Savior? I didn't know Jazz needed "saving". Just so we're clear on this announcement, I think it's pretty stupid myself. However, Blue Note's web team seems filled with masters of hyperbole. Check out some of their write-ups over there! They make Dusty Groove copyright team look like pros. All hype, hype and more hype. Blue Note seems to be spending money on one thing, that's for sure: Stupid advertising bozos. BTW, I remember during my visit to Blue Note a few years back that there was this big plaque on the wall proclaiming Blue Note the "Smooth Jazz Label of the Year" for 2001. It nearly brought a tear to my eye. I saw that plaque and asked Tom why they stopped putting their smoothies on the Manhattan Records label and he said something about consolidating the labels or some such hooey. It's sad that the Blue Note label has been so twisted to be what it never was. And people thought US-3's hip-hop stuff was sacreligeous? Later, Kevin
  24. Blue Note signs WM

    No, I was talking to someone at BN this morning about the board. It's supposed to be re-opening in June, remember? I have my doubts. Anyway, it still sounds like it's work-in-progress. Back to "current Blue Note"... has anyone gone over there are played some of their sound samples? They have full sample tracks on some albums. Go play Paul Jackson Jr.'s "Still Small Voice" and then come back to this thread and tell me again what's so "wrong" with Wynton Marsalis signing with Blue Note! Blue Note's smooth Jazz discs really warp the hell out of the Blue Note "image". I remember on the BN board when Chris Albertson said that "Alfred Lion was spinning in his grave" over Wynton's signing with Blue Note. Lion must be spinning out of control with this shit being put out as "Blue Note - The Finest In Jazz Since 1939". This stuff is an atrocity. It does not belong on the Blue Note label, period. Later, Kevin
  25. Blue Note signs WM

    Man, I'd love to see BN sign Ivery. I got to see Marchel live twice when I went down to the DFW area and both times he was friggin' awesome. Later, Kevin