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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Terrible series name and lousy covers but often great music. I avoided many of these because of those cheesy covers and a few odd LP combinations. I'm regretting that now.
  2. CD length

    This is what the Beatles thought about Capitol chopping up their albums for release in the US:
  3. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    The state of Maine is going to have a lottery. Everyone who gets vaccinated can enter. For however many people get vaccinated by July 4th, they are giving away that amount to one lucky vaccinated resident. It's up to almost $900,000 now.
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    The Drummonds (Renee Rosnes, Ray Drummond & Billy Drummond) - A Beautiful Friendship (Videoarts Music). Nice piano date for Rosnes, who, as far as I know, never went by Renee Drummond when she was married to Billy.
  5. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    Michael Cuscuna didn't tell me who, just that it was a "British audiophile label". I'm actually going to sell my LP of Hill's "Passing Ships". I've come to the conclusion that Blue Note today is a shitty company when it comes to customer service. They fuck up a record like this so that only tweaked turntable/cartridges can play it, then tell their customers that it's fine - it's your problem. You need to fix your setup. No, you morons - when I can play 100's, maybe even a thousand records with my setup as is, it is not my setup that's the problem, it's your cut. They should own up to their mistake, admit they cut it too hot and re-cut the damn thing. The stupidest thing about this fiasco is that they had a whole extra LP side they could have used to cut "Plantation Bag" properly. That way, they would have only had to re-cut side 1 and (an unused) side 4 (which they should have done in the first place). I think the main problem here is that no one played the test pressing. It would not have taken much to hear these problems.
  6. Sorry - I am an engineer. I sometimes write wordy posts. If this is TLDR, I won't mind if you skip it. For the past 4 or 5 years, I've been using an old HP laptop running Linux Ubuntu with an external hard drive that has my music library (in VBR mp3 format) on it with playback via the GMusicPlayer app. While I do like this setup, it is rather inconvenient. I have to boot up the PC, turn on my TV, switch to the HDMI input to bring up the PC desktop, grab the wireless keyboard & mouse, make sure the laptop is set to output the audio via the line out (not via HDMI) and then I click through my library to find music to play. To make matters worse, my daughter's rescue dog is fascinated by the mouse moving across the screen, so she whines and barks the whole time the TV is on. Lately, I've been intrigued by the new(er) Raspberry PI 4 "mini PC" (RPI for short) for use as a digital music streamer. Looking into it, I can use this mini PC without any DAC, as my Marantz PM-7005 integrated amp has a USB input for it's built-in DAC. It even comes with an Ethernet port and WiFi built-in. It really is a mini PC. I ordered an RPI 4 card (4GB version) for $68.91: a Fliirc case (best thermal case out there) for $15.95 A generic 5.1 V, 3 A USB-C power supply with built-in on/off switch ($9.99) And then, just in case, I ordered a mini HDMI to HDMI cable so that if I have to, I can use this with my TV. Maybe even just to make set-up a little easier. It was $11.99. My music is stored on a 1 TB Samsung T7 SSD external hard drive. It's one of 3 that I use. I have 2 others as backups for my backups. I have to have backups with so much music on there. I cannot lose this library as it would take years to recreate. I am planning to run the RPI 4 with a Moode Audio operating system and control it using my Android (Samsung Galaxy S7) phone to access & play my music. I already flashed the Moode Audio operating system to a Micro SD card I had in my pile of memory cards. I may eventually switch over to have it boot from an external SSD hard drive due to longevity concerns with micro SD cards. I'm going to run a USB cable to my DAC input on my Marantz so no DAC card needed for the RPI. If I needed a DAC, I'd look at either a HiFi Berry card or a Allo Boss card. My expectation is that I'll be able to turn on this RPI mini-PC, turn on my Marantz amp, set it to the external DAC input, open the app on my phone and be playing music in seconds (with no dog barking in the background). Fingers will be crossed. BTW - if someone wants a more "turn key" RPI media streamer, this (rather ugly IMO) Allo Boss2 player is supposed to sound great and comes ready to go: BTW II - if you stream audio, this setup works well for that too. In fact, more people use this set-to to stream music from places like Spotify, Qubuz & Tidal than from an external hard drive like I will be doing. As I said, it has hardwired or wireless internet connections. If this works, I am planning to build another for my office at work. The company I work has employed software that encrypts all external media and this encryption software corrupts my music files (Digital Guardian is shit software).
  7. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    I have been told that Andrew Hill's "Passing Ships" was re-mixed to analog stereo by Malcolm Addey for release on an audiophile label in the UK. I guess the honchos at Blue Note heard the tape and decided to release it themselves. They did compensate the label who initially paid for the work but still... sounds pretty sleazy to me.
  8. When my oldest daughter was 6 or 7, I had switched over to laser discs for her Disney movie watching because the VHS tapes wore out too fast. One day, she had a friend over and they decided to play hopscotch. They decided that those pretty Disney laser disc movie covers were the perfect size. Luckily, they only broke two.
  9. Julian Lage - Squint (Blue Note). I pre-ordered the Gray/Blue splatter LP just because it looked cool. It turns out they had Kevin Gray cut this and I've liked a lot of the Tone Poets he cut. It does sound very nice. Music is... different from what I expected. I've seen Lage play live a few times and this is less like that. He touches on many musical styles here. There's some country, some blues and some rock-lite tunes.
  10. As I said, I have not read "Raise Up Off Me". My earlier comment was based on a conversation I once had in a record store where one of the participants said that after reading it, they thought a lot less of Hawes than they did before they read that book. I gathered it didn't paint a pretty picture of Hawes.
  11. WTB - Bob Belden Princejazz

    Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  12. For several years, I've randomly searched for a reasonably-priced copy of Bob Belden's "Princejazz", which was only released in Japan back in 1994. I've never thought to ask here, so here I go... Does anyone have a copy they'd be willing to sell for $20?
  13. If that's an example of his writing style, I'll pass on this one.
  14. Maybe because of the self portrait he created with his autobiography, "Raise Up Off Me"? I haven't read it but it supposedly doesn't paint a pretty picture.
  15. How did you turntable/stylus handle the "Plantation Bag" torture test?
  16. What music did you buy today?

    Kenny Werner - Church On Mars (Newvelle Records). I got in my first of two individual LPs ordered from Newvelle Records. Expensive as hell ($65 each) but very nice pressings of music that isn't available elsewhere (yet).
  17. The Tone Poet series is being curated by Don Was and Joe Harley and they have not limited it to the Blue Note catalog. There have been Solid State ("Now He Sings, Now He Sobs"), Pacific Jazz ("Katanga", "Chet Baker Sings" & "New Bottle, Old Wine") and United Artists ("Money Jungle") releases sprinkled in there.
  18. Not that it means that they are right about this, but the denizens of the Hoffman forums are saying that the new Tone Poet reissue of this sounds very good. Several of them are claiming that it's the best-sounding Tone Poet yet. I would take that with a grain of salt because they always seem to elevate each new release above the previous one and because I don't see how the sound could top that Kenny Burrell Tone Poet, which sounds pretty damn good.
  19. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Jack Wilson - Merge (Chiaroscuro Records). This is a really good record that was recommended to me many years ago by Sonnymax. I was lucky to have caught Wilkins on one of his rare visits to the Boston area.
  20. I phone 11 -- sound breaking up

    Was it set to Automatic? If that's the case, it must've switched to the Speaker setting when you were playing back your music. Good catch. You'll just have to remember this if you ever want to listen via the phone's speakers.
  21. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    I think if Cuscuna knew that answer, we'd have alternate takes now.
  22. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    Cuscuna once told me that he searched the tape archive and never found the session tapes for the "Leeway" recording date. He said that all that's in the vault is the LP-sequenced master tape. He even said something along the lines that it was one of the biggest disappointments after he got access to the tape vaults.
  23. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    10 Lee Morgan dates to be reissued on SHM-CD in August:,UCCQ-9574,UCCQ-9575,UCCQ-9576,UCCQ-9577,UCCQ-9578,UCCQ-9579,UCCQ-9580,UCCQ-9581,UCCQ-9582 Do any of these have extra never-before-released tracks?
  24. I phone 11 -- sound breaking up

    If you lower the volume on the iPhone, does the sound still break up but at a lower volume or does it stop? Sometimes, media players on phones default to a "line out" level, which is typically full volume. Full volume could be distorting the playback via your earbuds.
  25. I wonder if the autograph is genuine? Plus it's mono and there are a lot of mono fetishists out there. The mono aspect of this one doesn't make much sense as it's just a fold down of the stereo recording. I suppose if money were no object this would seem like a cool purchase if only for that autograph. Too bad my name isn't Bill.