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  1. ECM titles without cardboard slipcase anymore?

    The cardboard slips are a pain in the ass but still found on the UK issues,at least with the aforementioned Rava and Johnson.
  2. Keith Jarrett's Koln Concert

    This probably only applies to UK listeners but about halfway through the first section he gets into what sounds to me like a fantasy on the theme from Grandstand!I just have all these images of horse racing,football and Frank Bough,kinda takes the edge of what otherwise is a wonderful set.
  3. Here's 4 for sale if anyone's interested Tentet Plus Two-Short Visit To Nowhere $7 SOLD " " " -Broken English $7 SOLD Tentet-Images $7 Tentet-Signs $7 All are in excellent condition,I'm shipping from the UK so shipping to US via airmail is 4USD per disc.Sorry but I put the box set on ebay.PM me for costs elsewhere.Paypal only sorry.Thanks.
  4. Jan Garbarek

    Garbarek and me go back a long way,one of those touchstone players whom I always keep up with although perhaps with some of the old fervour dissapated now.One album I do find a hard listen is Aftenland-all a bit too shrill tonally with the pipe organ an' all.A favourite set for me would be Places(sits nicely alongside Bill Connors Of Mist and Melting which he guested on). Outside of the ECM label,he appears rarely-I may be wrong but think he crops up on one of his daughter Anja's sets.There was Trilok Gurtu's Living Magic on CMP and NHOP's Unchartered Land(little known as it is well worth hunting down)Pre ECM,there's the live Trip To Prillaguri set on Soul Note,the orchestral Electronic Sonata and other bits released as "The Essence Of George Russell" and some Norway only releases which had I my Garbarek biography by Michael Tucker could list but it's been "borrowed" by a friend about 3 years ago.There were also a couple of Karin Krog sets on Sonet that he played on,I think some of this material has just been issued on CD recently.
  5. David Murray

    I recall being here before-the annual David Murray poll-tick like/dislike/indifferent.For the record I'm a fan,fond memories of scrabbling cash together when being carpet bombed with the DIW releases. In reference to the original question,there isn't too much I dislike but would recommend the first few Octet sets,the January 88 ballad sessions for DIW,Shakill's and for a bit of fun the Grateful Dead tribute.Was well impressed with the Cuban big band project and last year's Gwotet(the best of the Creole projects) One disaapointm,ent was the eponymous Music Revelation Ensemble disc on DIW-with Ulmer,Tacuma and Shannon Jackson-toothless production and sounded like the four of them were in separate studios.Saw the same line-up a year later and they kicked ass big time,wish I had a boot of it. All comes down to personal taste at the end of the day,me,I don't care much for Tim Berne...
  6. Finnish Jazz

    Just received a copy of Lill' lisa by Kari Heinila,a not atypical nordic stylist on tenor and soprano,with Severi Pyysalo on vibes-the great Vesala on drums(must've been one of his last recordings)and fellow Sound and Fury bass player Uffe Krokfors.It's on Abovoice and any fans of the scandinavian style a la ECM won't be dissappointed(mixed and mastered by Jan Erik Konghshaug). I've a few sets by Trio Toykeat(yet another great piano trio who are probably doing more interesting stuff than EST right now)but will be searching hard for the new one.Mostly Finnish representation in my collection comes from Vesala and the various Sound & Fury offshoots.They toured the UK just once,in the mid 90's,and promoters CMN billed the group as evoking the beauty of his(Vesala's)native Finland.This drew the punters in,but those of us in the know were aware that that was only part of the story.The gig I caught kicked off with three of those driving motoric workouts and there was a queue forming at the exit.Those of us who stayed were rewarded with a helluva gig(apart from my partner who fell asleep!!!),sadly they never returned to these shores. US/Finnish guitarist's Raoul Bjorkenheim Krakatau projects are well worth checking out,as well as his work with Paul Schutze's Phantom City(fans of Dark Magus Miles will lap this up)and the current Scorch Trio where he's supported by Paal Nilssen Love and Ingebrigt Haker Flaten. Anybody know if the releases on Vesala's own Leo Records will ever see the light of day on CD?I've quite a few on tape including pre-ECM Sound & Fury sets and work by his quartet with Tomasz Stanko.
  7. Astonishing lyrical couplets

    "Guess I'll have to go an' tell 'em I ain't got no cerebellum" Teenage Lobotomy-an arbitrary pick from the Ramones
  8. Best Current Miles Davis Box

    The Miles/Gil Evans box...something for everyone here...get it now :rolleyes:all you need to do is convince yourself that you have enough time for the outtakes too.but then as we're talking about time then Rooster is right get some stuff with tony on...the quintet set...get it earlier than "now"... then the gil box
  9. Astonishing lyrical couplets

    "you told me love was too plebeian told me you was through with me an'..."
  10. Hey Skid! Look what comes out tomorrow!

    now let's not lose the thread here..." day into night...she's with me..."
  11. Tord Gustavsen Trio: "The Ground"

    Read last week that they were number 4 in the Norwegian "pop" charts...
  12. Hey Skid! Look what comes out tomorrow!

    Spooky...just the other day I saw an add for Styx British dates(just above similar for Kansas)and thought...please don't let me go back there!!!!!!!! Coming to my senses moments later,questioned was this the original line-up,couldn't make any of them out really,maybe they'd had face-lifts now tho'... speaking of which,when are Angel jumping(or should that be floating) onto the reunion gravy train?
  13. Tord Gustavsen Trio: "The Ground"

    I'll second that,lovely set...the first album was a treat but they've settled in a bit more here...and whilst I wouldn't suggest that this is a "busy" group,there's more interplay than on the debut.Vespestad knocks me out-this is a very long way from Supersilent-and he sounds right at home.Some may find this album spare to say the least,but the themes all sound strangely familiar and stick in the mind.If you like the concept of nordic piano trios then look no further. I haven't hear them backing Silje Nergaard,anybody have any opinions? I'll concur with the new EST verdict,the albums are now becoming formulaic,I'd like to hear them strip away the effects a bit more.The freshness present on the Monk tribute,Winter In Venice and Gagarin... has led to some stale fare on this and the last couple.Heard one ,heard 'em all
  14. Motian/Frisell/Lovano -- I Have the Room Above Her

    I agree...I think the trio grew as a unit after that first ECM aswell.
  15. Motian/Frisell/Lovano -- I Have the Room Above Her

    Yep,it's a beauty-Eicher's captured the band better here than he did on "It Should've Happened..." too.This one won't be filed away for quite some time