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  1. which Stanley Turrentine to get?

    "another story" w walton, thad jones, buster williams, roker
  2. barefoot catesta give me a fucking break. i don't buy my tickets on the train.
  3. Woody Shaw Praises Terry Bozzio

    and he was on a luis gasca disc, maybe even participating on a bad version of "a love supreme".
  4. larry coryell

    wow you are not shittin' the dumpy mama. i guess relying on dustygroove as my only source of CD purchase has left me with some blind spots. i had no idea it was out on CD.
  5. larry coryell

    i haven't kept any of them either so i am not trying to say they are "great". well i kept LPs of both groups but got rid of CDs. the live set is definitely not one i return to, though. i guess "country roads" would be my favorite of these albums and probably mostly for roy haynes. i would recommend "the duster" with coryell over the live set and "lofty fake anagram" as well, though i find that album pretty dull. "throb" didn't do much for me. one of the downbeat things jsangry posted has an "offering" review tacked on and it gets a really good review! interesting to see how it was recieved when it came out. out of the vanguards this one has probably held up the best for me over time. "fairyland" would be my favorite if only it were on CD.
  6. larry coryell

    maybe no one mentioned it because it is meh. at least, imo. all the coryell/burton albums are a touch meh over time. jerry hahn was a more interesting guitarist with that group, imo in retrospect.
  7. on the CC issue at least, the drums were all phased. sounded bad like "accent on the blues" does.
  8. Barnes & Noble brick-and-mortar sale

    out here in new york the B and Ns had a decent selection. i had a gift certificate i had to use anyway so i grabbed a crazy amount of stuff.... remastered "big fun", remastered "soon over babaluma", "sonny's dream", "woody shaw live volume three", blakey "live at slugs", tyner "horizon", rvg of "symphony for improvisers", maupin "jewel in lotus" which i just had on LP, jamal "epic and okeh" though i might return that since i also found "ponciana" used down the block...more stuff which i might return...a morgan, a desmond, a sun re, a mingus or two...
  9. Mike and Kate Westbrook

    what is poopin outta you? how is that japanese import live westbrook CD? looks interesting but i fear it isn't worth 30 bucks. i think the band is godding, jackson, khan and potter with westbrook live somewhere. speaking of those guys, how is that mirage album, while i'm at it?
  10. james moody

    sorry i haven't responded yet but mg, it is a cobblestone (or maybe muse) album, not xanadu. though obviously the LPs all look the same for those companies so i can see the confusion. the title refers to moody putting down the alto for good. didn't know it was out on CD! interesting.
  11. *** SUN RA Corner***

    i would liked it more minus the bonus material, is all.
  12. he could really write a nice tuba line. people will tell you "sizzle" is disco rivers but it isn't true. it is a good and pretty normal rivers album. i like it better. maybe the rhythms are steadier i dunno. but it doesn't have any more funky riffing than "waves" which i find annoying. sometimes rivers keeps going and going and flowing and i would like him to stop. i enjoy it more when he is concise.
  13. james moody

    he liked jersey guys... "never again" is one of my favorite organ albums.
  14. *** SUN RA Corner***

    is media dream like disco 3000 in that there are some cool crumar tracks and then some incongruous bonus acoustic tracks and then an annoying long freakout somewhere on the discs that sounds the same as any other sun ra freakout where the rest of the band isn't contributing at all and sun ra is doing the same freakout on organ or moog?
  15. Bob Porter Reviews Kool And The Gang

    lol...goldberg had to sit through michael garrick's fey organ attempts while his true passions played in the vibrant inner cities of america!