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  1. Word Of The Day

    You're off the deep end if you think I was implying it was the other way.
  2. Word Of The Day

    Ah, very clever. There is maybe a few people that don't align politically with the majority of active members and yet you guys still can't help yourselves with the sprinkling of politics.
  3. Yeah, I have to admit, I'm not sure the cast could have been any better. McConaughey, Hunnam, Farrell, Golding and Grant, all excellent.
  4. It was a Van Halen weekend, all the way...
  5. I watched this once before several weeks ago and then again this weekend. It's a good one.
  6. I hope SiriusXM goes at least another week with VH on Deep Tracks or moves the tribute to another channel.
  7. MLB Season 2020

    I was really hoping to see an Atlanta v. Tampa series. I can't support the Dodgers, so, go rays!
  8. I've been enjoying the Sirius XM tribute channel. In particular I have enjoyed the guest DJ spots and hearing things like isolated EVH guitar tracks. I also caught some of Ian Christie's tribute show last night on Liquid Metal and he played a few tasty covers.
  9. On Through the Night was a solid beginning. The style started to change with Pyromania and they really softened up even more after that, so I think after Hysteria I gave up. I still enjoy hearing tracks off of High 'n' Dry which was their best work but I guess I heard enough of Pyromania and Hysteria back in the day that now, I will usually change the station.
  10. When you say an adult should mourn the loss of nothing from their youth, I assume you're speaking of material items or connections to the past you remember fondly but did not know personally such as a musician, actor or....? The passing of Eddie Van Halen hit me particularly hard, just like when Neil Peart died. Rush will never play again as a band, and now VH is also finished. Sure, that's the cycle of life and I can still hear those recordings, watch videos etc., but those guys are now no longer with us. So yeah, it bums me out. My listening to rock, hard rock and metal has continued through the years, on to the new and the shit got faster, deeper and harder and I love it, but I've also always kept the the old stuff close. So, I can easily say I found a replacement years ago but that does not change my appreciation for and the fact that hearing EVH on a record from 1980 still thrills me. Did he or they ever get deeper beyond the "poprockrockpop"? Of course, go through and listen, all kinds of changes, Eddie continued to grow, especially when Hagar joined. I also don't believe it is accurate to label VH "poprock" like they were Bon Jovi, Springsteen or mid 80s to current Def Leppard. Van Halen was just Van Halen and sometimes they put something out like "Jump" and it got play on all types of stations, but they were simply a straight ahead rock band that happened to be popular. I understand the term "artist" is used loosely this days, but like it or not, yes, even Reddy was, probably more so than a lot of the current half ass pop "artists". EVH though? Fuck yeah, and fuck yeah big time, to a degree off the chart, not even questionable and not just because of what he could do to, with and on a guitar, which was ground breaking, but dude also composed, developed, influenced and shaped all kinds of sounds and gear for future players and fans to enjoy. On youtube there are hundreds of people that makes videos reviewing music or their reactions to hearing something for the first time. I've never paid much attention to them but in recent days I have watched several, and those reactions speak to what Eddie brought to the table artistically. That's my take on it.
  11. MLB Season 2020

    That's my take. Like Ghost, I think his earlier successes were residual from previous management. I'm not saying he has not done a lot of good, but Cashman had no problem pinning shit on Girardi but yet he continues on as if he doesn't get involved with the day to day on the field.
  12. Crosby is a social media whore, so the " I forgot he died" excuse is pretty lame. I mean sure, Mobley might have said who built what where? Crosby though knew exactly who EVH was and he definitely heard that he passed, otherwise how could he have forgot about it? He was just being a pompous dick.
  13. MLB Season 2020

    I'm still a little miffed. Your take on Cashman and his role? Not that I expect it will happen, but maybe it's time for Cashman to go. Of course, my opinion could be changed if he is able to get Trevor Bauer.
  14. Of course, Van Halen the band and Eddie in particular influenced and continue to influence countless bands and musicians. My comment though was directed at a poster saying "Or maybe it's because I don't like metal. But I always found the overblown credit he got very exaggerated." If someone thinks Van Halen was playing metal, they are confused, as is the person that says credit given to Eddie was overblown and very exaggerated.
  15. What is your definition of showiest? EVH showier than Hendrix?