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  1. Singer Eddie Money has past away.

    Heart valve replacement certainly did not help. RIP, Eddie.
  2. Andrew Luck Retirement

    Huge ramifications for sure, Including how contracts are structured and players are paid. I read the Colts could have asked him to return close to $25 million. If this becomes a regular occurrence going forward (which I doubt), I suspect we will see most if not all teams collecting money back. I have no problem with what he did.
  3. "I'm warning you!"
  4. Bob Wilber RIP

    RIP, Bob.
  5. John Cheever

    John Cheever?! Dad, you and John Cheever?!
  6. RIP Rutger Hauer

    Yeah, The Hitcher! C. Thomas Howell sucked (as often did back then) but Hauer was very good.
  7. Yep, Miles did those ridiculous Honda Scooter commercials. Basie....
  8. Monk and Lacy

    Hell yeah!
  9. Monk and Lacy

    Lowenbrau was only bad when Miller changed things up. The original recipe makes for a good beer.
  10. Monk and Lacy

    Definitely Schlitz.
  11. Kenny Burrell

    Yes, sad and weird. Too many mentions of how great the care of Katherine has been and too much defense of the wife for me to believe she isn't the one that either wrote the statement in JazzTimes or worded it. It's also way too similar in style to the GoFundMe plea.
  12. Kenny Burrell

    It certainly could be an exit plan. And what the fuck is going on with all those boxes?