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  1. Kenny Burrell

    Yes, sad and weird. Too many mentions of how great the care of Katherine has been and too much defense of the wife for me to believe she isn't the one that either wrote the statement in JazzTimes or worded it. It's also way too similar in style to the GoFundMe plea.
  2. Kenny Burrell

    It certainly could be an exit plan. And what the fuck is going on with all those boxes?
  3. Kenny Burrell

    I had a feeling. In 2017 KB's pay and benefits package from UCLA was in excess of $200K, no reason to believe it was not close to the same in 2018. No doubt the initial gofundme goal of $100K was passed in a rather short time. Why would you continue to take donations? Why didn't UCLA know of his situation? Kenneth E Burrell PROF-AY (2017) Regular pay: $192,408.00 Overtime pay: $0.00 Other pay: $464.00 Total pay: $192,872.00 Benefits: $41,334.00 Total pay & benefits: $234,206.00 She is a much younger woman, no? Nah, this shit was questionable from the beginning. It was the identity theft thing (both of them?) and the changing of the original statement, on top of health issues, on top of mold, on top of looming foreclosure, on top of lawsuits, on top of potential homelessness. Too much going on there. Maybe Kenny didn't or doesn't even now know what is going on, but to me it always seemed off.
  4. Great in-the-stands fight

    Don't forget pulling hair. Yeah, it's a baseball game, but I think you would see the same poor quality fight at any sporting event if it involves average women (regardless of size) and alcohol. Of course, there are plenty of "fights" like that on video involving men too, so, it's not exclusive.
  5. It's a damn shame, no question, but yeah, was there music from the Tom Petty and Tupac that will never be heard due to the fire? Courtney Love in another lawsuit is as surprising as seeing "the estates of....".
  6. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    I don't understand your attitude towards the US team and hoping for a loss.
  7. Yeah, this is a good one.
  8. Eric Dolphy postcard.

    Shit, I thought we were talking about printing, and mine still sucks. Cursive? Like you it's been maybe 25-30 years since I've done it. A couple of months ago I started practicing to more or less re-teach myself, but I never followed through.
  9. Eric Dolphy postcard.

    Man, I'm the same way. My handwriting is terrible, especially if I'm taking notes in a meeting, or writing down a thought. When I'm done I look at at paper like, what the fuck?
  10. Dr. John: 1941-2019

    I'm not particularly fond of his vocal style so I never really got to deep into the music. The HBO series Treme certainly gave him respect. R.I.P.
  11. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Yeah, dude has been more than impressive.
  12. Best track you heard all week

    Death Angel - Aggressor