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    April 2013 I have moved to Westlake, Ohio, one mile from the Bay Village, Ohio home of my parents, to help them stay in their home. I was able to keep my Mom in her own home til she passed in November 2014.

    I'm married to Lucinda Dwyer and so very happy to be so, love being under the same roof as her.

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  1. "Thinking of Home" has become a real favorite of mine this century. The sense of saudade is there and the performances are really tied strongly to the material and its moods.
  2. Cannonball Adderley's Black Messiah

    I have it. I like it. . . have to revisit it again soon, though that may mean an archaeological dig into my storage unit and won't happen soon. Sound is not stellar but decent enough.
  3. Where’s Harold Z?

    As far as I know Harold is fine. He has retired. His lovely wife passed away some years back and I know how hard that is. I think he's less active online. . . he does make an appearance now and then on Facebook. He occasionally plays out in the NYC/NJ area on bass.
  4. I don't feel these are substandard mixes, I feel they are carefully made mixes to achieve the intended effect--especially if we are talking about the originals if I guess we are. I grew up with these mixes, I like them, they are an interesting and integral part of the album for me. I agree with Kevin that it's possible a phase issue exists and certainly speaker placement might be experimented with to see if this makes the mixes seem less "substandard" (really I think they are just a little different than some others, and I believe mixed to be). But anyway if you can tinker and make them sound really good to you, wonderful. The remixes may also be a bit more tailored to the sonic positioning you're seeking. I just think calling them "substandard" is painting them incorrectly with a broad dismissive stroke. Just me!
  5. Okay. Whatever works for you! I can hear the music without that.
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Joe Henderson "Page One" Analogue Productions SACD. I don't know how many times I've bought this title. . . but this is one of the best sounding versions I have had.
  7. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    Hopefully most towns are.
  8. Are you referring to original LPs with original mixes? I honestly don't find the original mixes to hamper my enjoyment of these sessions in any way and in fact prefer to listen to the originals rather than remixes. They seem to be creative statements these original mixes, a part of the artistic nature and charm of the albums. I love the music. That said I don't have the "no eq, no futzing, direct only" mindset of many audiophiles I encounter and my equipment does allow me to play with EQ and present a forward or laid back sonic perspective etc.
  9. Jeez, a steal. . . someone grab it!
  10. That just seems a waste. I was semi-Luddite and hesitated a long time to move to PayPal but once I did I realized the safety and convenience. I still send and accept checks myself, but it's a rare thing. I would encourage you to try setting up a PayPal account. . . . Better to get a few dollars than have all that land in a landfill. I would have bought from you. . . but I had all the items you wanted to sell with one exception where the price was just over my limit for that item. Best of luck L!
  11. Sexiest album covers

    Yes, Ms Springs is quite fetching.
  12. Cannonball Adderley's Black Messiah

    Yes, that Japanese cd is very good sounding! (As are almost every one in that reissue series in my opinion).
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    "The music of Bob Zieff" Fresh Sound 2 cd set