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  1. Okay, thanks. Weird, as when they were reissuing RVGs as SHM-CD they clearly stated that everywhere else. The live disc of course never was an RVG Edition. I'm going to keep my order in place. . . I don't mind the RVGs of these to be honest. We'll see what I get.
  2. Where did you find that info Laton?
  3. New Jimi Hendrix

    I like this new release. Bernie Grundman's mastering is just right.
  4. Sexiest album covers

    The #metoo #nowsthetime version of Maria's cover.
  5. http://www.sacbee.com/latest-news/article203542104.html
  6. Seldon Powell Sextet (Roost 2220)

    WPCR-29057 Japan SHM-CD
  7. New Soul Station XRCD Blue Note - out now. Sounds great!

    Those last five I doubt will come out. I'd like to be wrong.
  8. Blue Train (Deluxe Edition)

    My order was also canceled. I did not get this email, I just got a refund and had to look up the fact that my order had disappeared.
  9. What Are You Watching

    I'm watching too . . . with not too much enthusiasm. Do they have a lighting budget?
  10. Lars Gullin

    They are good sets, decent sound, excellent music. If you get bit hard by the Gullin bug I then suggest you follow the Dragon releases (eleven volumes) and further. . . but this gets you a really good start, a big chunk of Lars' music and good notes. And they may be all the Lars many might need. Either one is a good starting point (I like all the music from these years, don't really have a favorite). And dusty groove has this later date at a price I thought must have been a mistake, but I've ordered copies twice at tis price and they still offer it: https://www.dustygroove.com/item/559209?sf=Lars+Gullin&incl_oos=1&incl_cs=1&kwfilter=Lars+Gullin&sort_order=artist It's a good one.
  11. Joni Mitchell and Blood on the Tracks

    From Wikipedia: Dylan commenced recording the album in New York City in September 1974. In December, shortly before Columbia was due to release the record, Dylan abruptly re-recorded much of the material in a studio in Minneapolis. The final album contains five tracks from New York and five from Minneapolis. And Dylan commenced recording at A & R Recording Studios in New York City on September 16, 1974. Bernstein has stated "the theme of returning ran through the sessions", so "it made a lot of sense to do it at A&R" A & R Studios was the former Columbia Records "Studio A", where Dylan had recorded six albums in the 1960s. The musicians quickly realized that Dylan was taking a "spontaneous" approach to recording.The session engineer, Phil Ramone, later said that Dylan transitioned from one song to another as if they were part of a medley. Ramone noted: Eric Weissberg and his band, Deliverance, originally recruited as session men, were rejected after two days of recording because they could not keep up with Dylan's pace. Dylan retained bassist Tony Brown from the band, and soon added organist Paul Griffin (who had also worked on Highway 61 Revisited) and steel guitarist Buddy Cage. After ten days and four sessions with the current lineup, Dylan had finished recording and mixing, and, by November, had cut a test pressing on the album. Columbia began to prepare to release the album before Christmas. Dylan played the test pressing for his brother, David Zimmerman, who persuaded Dylan the album would not sell because the overall sound was too stark. Robert Christgau also heard the early version of the album and called it "a sellout to the memory of Dylan's pre-electric period" At his brother's urging, Dylan agreed to re-record five of the album's songs in Sound 80 in Minneapolis, with backing musicians recruited by David. The new takes were accomplished in two days at the end of December 1974. Blood on the Tracks was released into stores on January 20, 1975 Personally I think the album as it is released is a masterpiece. I've heard a few of the tracks not released and they are great too, but I've lived with and deeply enjoyed the released version so long that that IS the album for me. I expect in the next few years we'll see a Bootleg Series volume dedicated to these.
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    It's a well-recorded date. . . . solo piano, and very technically great playing. On the intellectual spectrum rather than the emotional in playing style and communication. Two tracks are experimental with plucked piano strings, banging on the piano body, extreme pedal use, etc. I got my copy for .99 from www,dustygroove.com An online review: http://www.jazzviews.net/alf-haggkvist-ndash-blue-serge.html
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Alf Haggkvist, "Blue Serge" Solo piano.
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    David Arthur Skinner "Skinner Plays Skinner" solo piano.