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  1. John Coltrane - Blue World

    Me too. Just noticed it's on amazon.com for a 27th September release.
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Freddie Roach, "Good Move" Blue Note Japan 2019 cd. Blue Mitchell and Hank Mobley in the front line. This one has been out of print on cd for. while.
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Bennie Green "Soul Stirrin'" Blue Note 80th Anniversary reissue CD from Japan. I've always loved this session and Gene Ammons adds so much to this one. Sound is great on this reissue.
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Now, Eddie Gale "Black Rhythm Happenin's" Blue Note Japan 2019 cd. I've always loved this record, and it sounds very good on this release. Elvin Jones! I like the Water Records cd as well.
  5. John Coltrane - Blue World

    From the article it appears that "Naima" was at least presented in its entirety in the film: Coltrane had first recorded "Naima" five years earlier, for the Atlantic album Giant Steps. His quartet had played it often in live settings, but this is a studio version, and a truly excellent one. It plays in its entirety, all four-and-a-half minutes, as Claude and Barbara make their opening statements.
  6. 5 Original Albums (Blue Note)

    Okay, that's true. . . . Doubt those masters were used in these Originals series, could be wrong. That said, I have the Burrell, and don't think any of the mastering comes from an RVG release.
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Yesterday I got a box in from CDJapan with the August 14 batch of 80th Anniversary Blue Note cd reissues. Listened so far to: Lou Donaldson "Gravy Train". . . this is a great date with great tunes and Lou's horn sounds glorious. Lonnie Smith "Drives" . . . .funky and driving bottom end on this one. Horace Silver "Serenade to a Soul Sister" . . . nice sound, Turrentine and Cobham especially are standing out in the current presentation my system is delivering.
  8. John Coltrane - Blue World

    I don't buy soundtrack albums but I'm surely going to buy this one. Cover depicted online seems okay to me, and I bet the sound will be excellent. Can't wait to hear what Trane did with this material in '64. Did he play it safe, or be all '64 Quartet with it? I think it will be mono.
  9. 5 Original Albums (Blue Note)

    The Kenny Burrell can't be all RVG as there weren't RVGs of them all.
  10. John Coltrane - Blue World

    Interesting song choices for '64. One criteria for their choices was probably authorship I suppose.
  11. John Coltrane - Blue World

    CDJapan has this on SHM-CD for preorder but that is the only place I see so far.
  12. Are CDs Still Worth Selling Online?

    Sorry to hear about the hearing Kevin. I'm downsizing my collection though I'm still listening as much as possible, and as I'm retired it's a good chunk of time. And I've invested in a system that really makes listening immersive and a deep pleasure. My problem is space and storage and spousal . . . lack of interest. I know that I have more than I'll ever listen to with frequency though I want to continue trying. It's silly for me to have a storage unit to house books, cds and instruments. So I'm attempting sales and have had some success. I found a young collector new to jazz who has been buying lots of duplicates I have, and if that continues it will be very helpful, and I'll soon be moving beyond duplicates and seldom visited items and hopefully making cuts that "hurt" more, getting over those, and going further. Wish me luck. I'm still going to try to sell what I can.
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Jovino Santos Neto, "Piano Masters" Adventure Music cd Followed by: "Mel Torme at the Crescendo" Bethlehem cd. I'm not a huge Torme fan but I do like most of his work for Bethlehem a lot.
  14. I have the following SACDs I will bundle together for sale, 110 dollars for the lot, media mail included within the continental USA (US sales only please). Telarc SACDs (all Surround except astericked*) Mahler, Symphony No. 6. Benjamin Zander, Philadelphia Orch. Vivaldi “Gloria,” Bach “Magnificat” Martin Williams, Boston Baroque Prokofiev, Romeo and Juliet, Paavo Jarvi, Cincinnati SO Ravel, Paavo Jarvi, Cincinnati SO “Tango” La Elegia de Quienes No Son, Rudolph Werthen, I Fiammingha Stravinsky, The Firebird, Robert Shaw, Atlanta SO and Chorus Stravinsky, Rite of Spring, Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 4, Lorin Maazel, Cleveland SO Mahler, Symphony No. 1, Leonard Slatkin, Saint Louis SO and Chorus “Timbrando” Meridian Arts Ensemble* Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition, Lorin Maazel, Cleveland O Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 6, Paavo Jarvi, Cincinnati SO Other SACDs: Mozart, Youth Symphonies, Vol. 2, Marriner and Academy of St. Martin in the Fields SURROUND, Pentatone Mozart, Symphonies Nos. 5 & 29, Marco Boni, Concertgebouw Chamber O, SURROUND, Pentatone Prokofiev, Tcherepnin, Crumb, Pieter Wispelwey, Rotterdam Philharmonic O, SURROUND Channel Classics Ravel, Retrospection, Delan Lazic, SURROUND, Channel Classics Haydn, Basecwicz, Dvorak, Szymanowski Quartet, SURROUND, Avie “Romantic Music for Brass” Center City Brass Quintet, SURROUND, Chandos If interested, please email me at lonjazz@yahoo.com. Thanks.