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    I'm married to Lucinda Dwyer and so very happy to be so, love being under the same roof as her.

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  1. My sets arrived today Chris. Beautiful sets, well-packed. Thanks!
  2. Sonny Clark Trio on Time 2 LP reissue news

    How many more times will I buy this material? One more time at least.
  3. Sexiest album covers

  4. PM sent about 4 Mosaics Thad Jones - Complete Blue Note/UA/Roulette - MD3-172 - $35 Blue Mitchell - The Complete Blue Note Sessions - MD4-178 - $50 Curtis Fuller - The Complete Blue Note/United Artist Recordings - MD3-166 - $35 Donald Byrd/Pepper Adams - The Complete Blue Note Studio Sessions - MD4-194 - $50
  5. Bob Dylan corner

    Hi Doc. Yeah, I knew of that set, but it has dried up. . . discogs won't let anyone buy or sell it any longer either. I did what I shouldn't have last week: bought a used copy of the Big Blue. I should get the live material on a flash drive and I'm hoping I can get that onto cdr.
  6. Amazon has a copy for more than we would like to pay.
  7. On hold. Sold to digital guru Ted Smith.
  8. I'm offering for sale the Arturo Toscanini "The Complete RCA Collection" box set from 2012. In near mint condition. I bought this when released, listened to a few discs, and it has sat on a shelf since, so I'm willing to part with it for someone who missed it's brief period of availability. $175 including media postage to a continental US address. PM me or email me at lonjazz@yahoo.com if interested. Thanks!
  9. Happy Birthday, Dan Gould!

    Many happy happy returns Dan!
  10. Facebook has some reports that Mr. Weston has passed. Sad if true, though he had a full and productive life. Thanks for all the wonderful music and spirit.
  11. Verve new releases

    In my opinion though a bit "loud" the sound on this new release is extraordinary. Seth Foster did a great job, as he has with other recent Verve reissues.
  12. Sexiest album covers