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  1. Wow Tod, I have one fantastic cd of this material, and knew that there was another out there. . . FOUR cds total? What label is this on? Where did you land it? I'll have to look in to this!
  2. Swing Tanzen Verboten!

    I haven't listened to this too much, but I did enjoy the first and third discs a lot, more than I thought I might! Also I'm enjoying the Milton Brown set. Gosh, I've been in Texas 23 years. . . now I'm actually buying western music. . . something's happened to me!
  3. Berigan's Signature Image

    Bunny boy, I'm not a liberal. I'm just not dazzled, bought and seduced by the near-sighted wrong-headedness of this administration. In my book, you're a schoolyard wannabe Greg as far as the way you talk to persons. It exhibits verbal violence, poor manners, and a bullying tendency. I'll never say that is okay. So keep up. When you get to high school, you might get your comeuppance.
  4. ***Greatful Dead Recommendations***

    I haven't played any Dead in years, and I used to have a LOT of their lps. . . . Gave up a certain stimulant and became a mainly jazz head about the same time. . . years ago. The ones I miss and may get again one day are "Mars Hotel," "Wake of the Flood" and "Blues for Allah," three consecutive releases that really are solid if you ask me. And I really miss the "Walk me Out in the Morning Dew" from the Europe set.
  5. Berigan's Signature Image

    Happy Mother's Day!
  6. No, I've never read "Further Confessions." Hmmm. . . . Lots of humor in what I read actually now that I think of it. In the last few years Kerouac has really made me howl. And of course, there's Thurber. And Vonnegut (and Kilgore Trout!) And yes, Heinlein can be hilarious. . . though often unintentionally. (Number of the Beast anyone?)
  7. Unintentionally doubled the post.
  8. Some favorites of mine for their humor: Philip K. Dick Kingsley Amis John Irving and "The Confessions of Zeno"
  9. Berigan's Signature Image

    Berigan, thanks for continuing to prove my point. The statements you make ARE childish. Your attention-seeking IS childish. I've decided to not sit mute when you insult Norah Jones or threaten Michael Moore. But then again, I'm just feeding your attention-seeking, so perhaps I will stop. I don't hold a grudge forever, far from it. I could be one of the most accepting persons and forgiving persons you may encounter. I'm just calling your spades spades. For your information, I choose NOT to discuss Michael Moore's statement with you because your attitude and your postings about this and other things would be childish and violent. Ditto for why I won't mention what I think of Chris's statement about Condoleza and to tell you the truth I hadn't even known he made that statement. I read very few political threads because the tacit agreement with the imperialist stance and oligarchic trends of this present administration I found within them repelled me! I'd rather not see that avatar, and this thread is about polling opinion on your avatar. It looks like something a twelve-year-old puts out in front of a group and goes "tee hee." Well, tee hee all you want. You have a right to post it. But it just leads me to continue to draw the conclusion that you have very little of content to read in your posts, and I shouldn't even bother. Not even when they are of a subject I'm interested in such as Bunny Berigan. Aside: Why is this "the best thread ever"?
  10. New Rare Grooves

    There is some very cool and wild Cannonball on "The Soul Bible" as well!
  11. Berigan's Signature Image

    Yeah, I'm a ten-year-old. Right. Grow up Berigan and earn some respect.
  12. Berigan's Signature Image

    I think it's a fine example of a twelve-year-old mind at work.
  13. Planet Music

    Brad, it's the "Let Me Tell You About It" (patent made title for Kevin B's reports from Michael C as is witnessed by his use of the lp cover as an avatar). I've already gotten an email inquiry about this, and I'm hoping I'm not too confused and I still have this for sale! It's not listed any longer in my "for sale" section which has me confused. . . .
  14. Upcoming Jazz Releases (Re-issues & New Releases)

    "Savoy/32jazz"? That's odd. This was out before on 32jazz.
  15. Planet Music

    I have the Leo Parker on Time Life Blue Note and it does sound like a Japanese remastering. Sounds very good. In fact, I have two copies, and one is for sale.
  16. Blue Note 10" Rarities

    The Wade Legge I believe was leased material as well. It has come out as part of the Japanese Vogue 10" series. It's fantastic, as one would guess.
  17. Blue Note 10" Rarities

    I had to vote for the Gil Melle, though I really love the Sal Salvador, and all are topnotch, excellent sessions. The Melle though is just unique in its approach and sound and I'm so glad these were all assembled in one package.
  18. Upcoming Jazz Releases (Re-issues & New Releases)

    I'm looking forward to the continuation of the Duke Ellington Treasury Shows, and to the conclusion of the Ben Pollacks on Jazz Oracle, and the continuation of the Gene Kardos/Joel Shaw and Isham Jones series on The Old Masters. Yeah, I'm strange.
  19. Sorry Soul Stream, I misread your post to mean that labels should record Donaldson's group more, which is true enough!
  20. Well, there was that Live on the Queen Elizabeth on Charioscuro, which is a pretty fine record, no Scorpion though, which is a mother of a cd! I agree, AMG is way off base on this one!
  21. That would be my guess, not sure it could really be much else! Still good news, because it will be a beautiful box and tribute.
  22. Very cool news! Thanks for plucking it from the list!
  23. Album of the week: Andrew Hill - Grass Roots

    Jim, I think that the intention was to make a classic Blue Note album of the time which would be a soulful one, and not a very "Hill" album, and I think that in that sense it was successful. I would not at all be surprised to find that there was a heavy producer's hand, nor would I be surprised to find that Hill was willingly fitting his music into this mold to have a released session and make a splash back into the recording pool. So to that extent I believe that the rhythmic restraint was calculated. It makes for a different type of Blue Note album, neither soul jazz mainstream, nor fully fleshed Hill. . . and I like it! I think it's a nice accessible date to introduce someone to Hill. I think that Carter may have been chosen because he had experience in taking "traditional" formats and stretching them a bit. . . which may have been what all concerned walked in to the studio to do. And I think he did a good job in that light. All I can say is I like it. . . I like it more than the earlier session, which may or may not have had the same intention behind it.
  24. Pretty hip book. Pretty straight shooting, and the stuff between the lines is deep.