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  1. Hey,

    I'm a longtime lurker in the Organissimo Forum and moved to Wilmington from DC about six months ago. Endangered Blood--Chris Speed (Tenor Sax), Oscar Noriega (Clarinet), Trevor Dunn (Bass) and Jim Black (Drums)--will be playing at Squidco (928 North 4th St) on April 11. Should be a great show. Hope to see you there.



  2. All money goes to the artists. Friday, July 23 @ The Fridge - 516 8 St SE (Rear Alley), Washington DC Sonny Simmons New Atlantis IVtet w/Steve Swell Weasel Walter + Darius Jones + Tom Blancarte Ras Moshe Trio Saturday, July 24 @ The Fridge (DC) Charles Gayle Solo + Trio + Big Band Joe Morris + Luther Gray + Petr Cancura Nate Wooley Susan Alcorn Ches Smith's Congs for Brums Vattel Cherry's Soulstation James Ilgenfritz + Chris Welcome + Jonathan Moritz Ed Ricart + Ches Smith + Jason Ajemian New Loft Many Arms Mothguts Grasshopper Wasteland Jazz Unit
  4. January 27 @ Bossa Upstairs - 2463 18th St NW, DC Doors @ 7:30- Music @ 8:00 SHARP $10 ******************************** *FRODE GJERSTAD TRIO* with Nick Stephens, double bass Paal Nilssen-Love, drums Frode Gjerstad, alto saxophone and clarinets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *BILLY FOX'S BLACKBIRDS & BULLETS* Led by composer/director and Clean Feed Records artist Billy Fox, Blackbirds & Bullets fuses jazz improvisation with rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic impressions from Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. It's jazz for the heart and hips. Blackbirds & Bullets is: Billy Fox, composer/director; Gary Pickard, soprano and alto sax; Miki Hirose, trumpet; Matt Parker, tenor sax; Evan Mazunik, keyboard; James Ilgenfritz, bass; Arei Sekiguchi, drums. *NEW LOFT* Richmond avant improv/skronk trio- members of the great SST band HOTEL X! *NEW ATLANTIS IV* free jazz from DC's finest- Sam Lohman (drums), Aaron Martin (alto sax), Vattel Cherry (bass), Ed Ricart (guitar) ******************************** FRODE GJERSTAD TRIO 'Gjerstad and Nilssen-Love have for many years collaborated as duo, trio, quartet and the large ensemble CTO. For the upcoming US tour in January 2010 they team up with British bassplayer Nick Stephens. Stephens and Gjerstad have worked together in various line-ups, mostly with Calling Signals, a group which has featured Louis Loholo amongst others. Nilssen-Love is the most recent drummer and it was obvious that a trio was due.' "FRODE GJERSTAD was born in Stavanger, Norway, 24-03-1948. He started trying to play improvised music as a trumpeter in 1968. When he moved to Lund in Sweden (1971 to 1975) he got a chance to meet, talk and play with musicians interested in this music. He had at that time started playing tenor saxophone (1969). After he came back to Stavanger in 1975 he started collaborating with keyboardist Eivin One Pedersen. Together, they explored many different aspects of improvised music, as a duo or with others, but it was not until 1981, when they first played with John Stevens, that he had a real chance to feel what a dedicated musicians can do to the music-making. At the early stage of his career, he choose mainly to play with international musicians because there was no tradition in Norway for the free music. However, after the club Blå opened in Oslo in 1996, a good number of younger musicians are now picking up on the music. His relationship with British drummer, John Stevens which started in -81 and lasted up until his death in -94, was of great importance both musically as well as on a personal level. Through Stevens, he was introduced to some of the finest British improvisers and got to know their way of playing. Together, they led the trio "Detail" starting with Johnny Dyani on bass. And after Johnny died in -86, with Kent Carter. He has also been active, running a larger group of mostly Norwegian musicians, the Circulasione Totale Orchestra. He started the group using electric instruments and modern rock-oriented rhythms. He has used the band to present his own compositions as well as a workshop and a place for young people to get to know free music. The band presented a commissioned work at the Molde Festival in -89 with a 13 man band combining free improvisations, compositions as well as rapping and scratching.(Three horns, three bassists, three drummers, accordeon, guitar a rapper and a DJ). The Circulasione Totale Orchestra is a powerful ever-changing band. But it´s not easy to keep such a big group together. In 1998 he decided to keep the core of the band which at that time was Paal Nilssen-Love on drums and Øyvind Storesund on bass and try to develop that sound. It became Frode Gjerstad Trio. So far the trio has toured Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Polen, Italy, Austria, Portugal, England, Canada and the United States. He has received several grants from various foundations and has been very active in the Norwegian Jazzmusicians Federation as well as in the committee for the Norwegian Contemporary Music Federation. Voted Jazz Musician of the Year in Norway, 1997. Part of the price was a concert where he could freely choose which musicians to use. This was the first meeting with Hamid Drake and William Parker. The concert became a tour of Scandinavia in -97 and the US in 2000. US Pianist Borah Bergman has also been important to Frode. They first met in -94 and have played as a duo and also as trio with Evan Parker and later Peter Brøtzmann. Borah has been a great inspiration and a challenge over the years! English bassist Nicholas Stephens first played with Frode in 1984. He played electric bass at the time, but it was not until after John Stevens died in 1994 that they started working together as "Calling Signals". First with a tour of England in 1995 with Paul Rutherford and Terje Isungset. And in 1996 with Louis Moholo and Danish guitarist, Hasse Poulsen. The latest version of the group has been with accordionist Eivin One Pederesen and Paal Nilssen-Love or Tony Marsh on drums. Frode also met and worked with US percussionist Kevin Norton in 2004 and they have found a common ground. They have a trio with Nicholas Stephens: Instinctual Eye. Electronic music started to make an impact when he met Lasse Marhaug. They have played some concerts together and made some recordings. Lasses sounds have opened up a whole new territory of possibilities and came at a time when Frode started playing clarinets. A very fruitful combination! Another side of the electronic thing was the group Ultralyd which was Frodes idea: to bring in a loud powerful electric bass with drums, guitar and reeds. After about a year, he left the band because the sound level was unbearable for the old man.! And he left it to the youngsters to decide how loud the band should be. Still, he has continued playing with Morten, Anders and Kjetil in other projects. His latest project is a quartet with US reed-man Sabir Mateen, Paal Nilssen-Love and Danish electric bassist, Peter Friis-Nielsen, as well as a large ensemble with Mateen, Nilssen-Love, Anders Morton, Lasse Marhaug, Kevin Norton, Bobby Bradford, Louis Moholo-Moholo, and many others!" Thursday, March 4 @ Twins Jazz ATOMIC (norwegian ecstatic jazz quintet w/paal nilssen-love * two sets!!) Thursday, March 18 @ Bossa TATSUYA NAKATANI (solo experimental percussion performance & duo with guitarist ED RICART) AARON MARTIN & SAM LOHMAN DUO (ecstatic free jazz!!!) Wednesday, March 31 @ Bossa HERB ROBERTSON & THE IMPROVISORS FOR THE ABOLITION OF WAYNE NEWTON (trumpet legend returns to dc!)
  5. Any good used CD shops in DC?

    I missed out on that one. Word on the street is that Atomic and Han Bennink/Frode Gjerstad are playing DC in early 2010.
  6. Any good used CD shops in DC?

    Joe's Record Paradise had a fantastic selection of free jazz goodies after a local collector passed away, but much of that stock has been purchased. Red Onion Books and Records has some used CDs and a decent selection of jazz vinyl at reasonable prices. SOM records on 14th street only carries used vinyl, but the selection is good.