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  1. I think my first set was Horace Parlan. I'm not sure though.
  2. Very true. But it always happens. Everywhere.
  3. That cover was great. I still don't know if it's her or a figure. I seem to remember (maybe it's just imagination) a small plastic or rubber figure I saw somewhere.
  4. Whither Allen Lowe?

    Very glad to be hearing this. About your miraculous recovery. Keep going.
  5. Weather Report "Columbia Boxes"

    Same goes for me. I had the luck of getting the second box, the one with Jaco, recently. But as the first box is from 2012 I have the hope that it will be reissued this year. Let's see...
  6. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    I have a Capitol CD of The Complete Goodman Trios with Mel Powell, Jimmy Rowles or Teddy Wilson. From 1999. It was probably culled from that box.
  7. Now reading...

    Hat off to Ghost who hipped me to this. It's an in-depth survey on glam rock and its followers, by Simon Reynolds, one of the most interesting writers on popular culture from the last times. I know his Retromania, Pops obsession with its own past. Turns out he's my age. So he's lived through both glam and post punk. Just as me: the first as a kid, the second in my twens. Glam and Post punk are the two faces of the same coin. And Reynolds has books on both, which I both have.
  8. Now reading...

    Oh, I recently read Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy which I liked.
  9. Thanks. Yes, maybe this was beyond her time with Mapplethorpe.
  10. By the way, now that I look at it again, is this a Mapplethorpe photo? It could be, because they were engaged and often collaborated artistically. There are many Mapplethorpe pictures of her.
  11. Sorry for the size, but it's the only pic I found. A very nice collection of italian soundtrack music for terror movies. With Morricone, Bruno Nicolai, Riz Ortolani and many others I don't remember right now.
  12. How's the weather?

    Here it's been really hot during the second December half. Contrary to what it was on the first. But really record breaking hot. There have been even people on the beach and the sea on New Year.
  13. what are you drinking right now?

    By the way, the dog of a friend of mine is called garnacha. It's a she. You can tell by the name...
  14. That one, together with Horses, had a very strong impression on me when growing up.
  15. Oh, I never knew she had a solo career. I know her from Delaney & Bramlett, but nothing else