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  1. That boogie woogie Select is very good. Buy it up before it disappears.
  2. Lou Mecca

    I have the Mecca as a standalone mini LP CD on Toshiba. BN 5000 series piano & guitar. TOCJ 9228. I also have aJutta Hipp CD from the same series: TOCJ 9227.
  3. I have the Vogue box and IMO the only point open to critique are the numerous Air Force Bands sessions. On the other hand it's very interesting to have the early Ultraphone sesssions there.
  4. I love this set and the way it allows all those giants to be heard individually.
  5. Dorothy Ashby-jazz harpist

    Good that that often overlooked harpist gets a revisionistic look.
  6. Dorothy Ashby-jazz harpist

    I'm just now listening to which was released as a mini LP in the LPR series by Universal back in 2003. I like it, though I like the 3CD Freshsound box Mikeweil commented on earlier better. And which collects her earliest efforts for Regent, Prestige/New Jazz and Argo.
  7. New jazz box sets on the horizon?

    I'm rereading it, while getting ready (it's raining horribly here) to pick up my copy of
  8. PM's(?) that seem to be publicly(!) visible??

    Yes, same question here. I think the original shop is in Barcelona.
  9. Album covers all in B&W -- minimal color, if any

    Nice cover of one of bossa's greats.
  10. Thanks Brownie for the reccomendation years ago.
  11. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    Listening to the Mulligan Concert Jazz Band set the other day whetted my appettite for this. I searched and found a new one from a seller for about 20 dollars more and got it. I found out (to my absolute pleasure I must say) that Hall and Raney play together on one album here, The Street Swingers.
  12. David Axelrod R.I.P

    R.I.P. I have his early Blake-based solo albums and like them.
  13. is there a reissue of Tal Farlow Quartet (blue note)

    I agree with that. I also have it in that Conn 10" series. Really good (Farlow is also on the McGhee sextet session). The Verves are collected in the Mosaic, but the earlier Blue Note is in that series.
  14. Jazz In Paris

    Yes, that's one of my all time favorite albums. And the cover wasn't bad either (and clearly superior to this one, that's true).