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  1. Now reading...

    A mesmerizing book about Krautrock. Not only that, it's also about the rebuilding of postwar Germany, as the krautrockers seeked to build a new mode of expression leaving old Germany and also English/American imperialism behind. They were late 60s hippies, and it's all too understandable. And the book is very well written and documented. I can feel that as a half German. I used to spend all my summers in Germany in the 60s (as a kid) and the 70s (as a teenager), and the first 80s (as a twen). And I've got a feeling for what that country was up to. The author, from whom I'm also expecting another book on the history of electronica (Mars by 1980), seems to have a deep knowledge of Germany going back to his own schooldays.
  2. Piri - Voces Querem Mate? Fantastic Brasilian Album

    Yes, Mr. Bongo are good. Specifically with Brazilian things. And, as I just posted before, I didn't know anything about it before I heard it. It just came up.
  3. Piri - Voces Querem Mate? Fantastic Brasilian Album

    Yes, I checked out the Piri album. And I didn't either know what I posted. Never had heard of it. But it came up after I played Piri.
  4. Piri - Voces Querem Mate? Fantastic Brasilian Album

    Another fantastic Brazilian album. Look at the artist's name alone. And the cover, asking where do we come from?
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I just got a bunch of Burrell Albums including this one and Asphalt Canyon Suite a.o. from CDJapan. A very satisfying experience. They were 1500 yen a pop. I now realize this is the Freshsound edition. Which I also have, just don't ask me where. So it would me more like this:
  6. Got this recently .It's so amazing good. Paul Bryant together with Curtis Amy! And I loved and still love the Select concept.
  7. Aqualung was one of the firsts albums I got. I still remember that thick cardboard jacket. As an LP, of course.
  8. Yes, I also noticed this shortcoming. But apart from that I like it very much.
  9. Happy Birthday, Wayne Shorter.

    Nearly as old as my father, who's 89. I think I saw Shorter when he was 80.
  10. Charlie Watts RIP

    Do you mean the illustrated book? Because yes, there are some drawings of the Stones that are near frightening. One with Jagger as a woman IIRC:
  11. Charlie Watts RIP

    Oh, that is a big letdown. Only heard a couple of weeks ago he wasn't playing with the Stones anymore. Saw them on their 82 European tour with the Start me up hit, when I was 19.
  12. Now reading...

    I recently found out while researching Christiane F. that she has a book called I, Christiane F. My second life from 2015, where she narrates how dreadful her live has been and still is.
  13. What music did you buy today?

    Yesterday I got this from Dusty Groove Haven't listened to it yet but will do so tonight. I got it together with another album I wanted (Various - Cold Wave, Soul Jazz) and seeing it was in my cart (from I don't know when) for 7 bucks I picked it up.
  14. Happy Birthday Joe Strummer

    Very good article, and it comes to prove my point.
  15. Happy Birthday Joe Strummer

    I was trying to remember where I saw the Pogues with Joe Strummer in London, Camden Town, and I remembered it as a famous venue, but I just confirmed it was at The Electric Ballroom. But I never have seen The Clash, and I think they came to my city in 1981. But I loved them, very much over the Sex Pistols. The Clash were rock and the Pistols not, as far as I'm concerned.