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  1. Pure audio bluray 192/24 resolution everything M- including 186 pg booklet. $65 shipped US
  2. 3 box sets covering his entire Prestige studio work. All 3 are M- overall. Interplay 5 CDs -covers the co-leader sessions Side Steps 5 CDs - covers Coltrane as a sideman Fearless Leader 6CDs - covers Coltrane as session leader $125 shipped for all Complete Graz Concert 11/28/62 Charly 2 CDs/slipcase M- $18 shipped
  3. odds and ends

    Bobby Charles sold
  4. odds and ends

    Al diMeola $7 Swing time ... $15 take $5 off the remaining titles
  5. odds and ends

    XTC sold
  6. odds and ends

    Stanley Clarke sold
  7. condition M- unless noted; prices include US shipping Stanley clarke complete 70’s epic collection 7cd/6 minilp M- $38 Al dimeola anthology 2 cd hole in upc M- $8 Kinks Anthology 1964-71 5cds new $85 Santana Lotus 2006 MHCP 1002-4 minilp 3cd $35 Grateful Dead Dave's picks 13 winterland 2/24/74 new sealed $125 shipped Percy Sledge The Atlantic Recordings Rhino handmade 4cd new sealed $75 Dylan Live 1966 recordings 36 cd new sealed $110 Bill Evans evans in England 2cd resonance new sealed $20 Swing Time Fabulous Big Band Era 1925-55 Legacy 1993 3cd $18 Sonny Sharrock Guitar enemy 102-2; disc m- insert exc some slight discolor $35 Sonny Sharrock Ask the Ages axiom 422848957-2 $20 Leadbelly 5cd Smithsonian Folkways Collection 108 tracks, 140 pg book. New sealed $78 XTC Coat of Many Cupboards 4cd compilation with many unissued live, studio, and demo tracks; long digibook $85 Bobby Charles 2011 3 cd Rhino Handmade. M- Features Bearsville album, Bobby Charles + sessions, interview; features Band alumni, Dr John, etc $35 Clapton Slowhand Super Deluxe 3 cd (complete Hammersmith Odeon concert on 27 April 1977), 1 dvd, 1 180 gr heavyweight vinyl, new still sealed $75
  8. 5 CDs 108 tracks 16 unreleased 140 pg book new $80 shipped US tracks
  9. Brecker Bros Complete Arista albums 8 minilp s M- $50 Stanley Clarke Complete 1970’s Epic albums 7 CDs (6 minilp) $36 M- US shipping included
  10. Has the OP decided which set he wants? I have a copy of the 4 cd savoy set which came out around mid 2005-6.
  11. LF: Mosaic Larry Young box set

    What would be a fair price or price range depending on condition?
  12. Live at my father’s place Roslyn, NY 9/7/79 Rockbeat 3302. Disappeared as quick as it was released in 2015. Very hard to find. $100 shipped us. M-
  13. In the early 90’s, there was a marvelous masters of jazz collection of Charlie Christian recordings with and without Goodman. I think there were 8 vols; a ninth came out briefly. I think masters of jazz is a French label. I recall that some of more obscure ones with Goodman made it on the Legacy box
  14. Mosaics on Spotify

    Amazon HD music has a few in 48/96-192