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  1. Roscoe Mitchell's "Ride the Wind"

    Placing my order tomorrow - looking forward to hearing this unique recording
  2. Time to move on to a living artist - Dave Rempis

    One of my favorite saxophonists - I have quite a few of his own releases - some of the most exciting new jazz releases I know of. Ballister & the 2 drummer band are both very intense and exciting ensembles. Was glad to hear him live last summer when he visited NYC. Very friendly when I met him.
  3. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    What a line-up - some of my favorite musicians
  4. Jacknife

    Some of the best live improvised music I’ve heard on a given night also included sections or sequences of music that irritated, bored or even upset me. a few weeks back I heard 2 improvised sets of continuous music from a quartet (saxophone, piano, bass & drums) that ranged from a few sections of time that were relatively unsuccessful to a closing 15-20 minute section that was among the most exciting and substantial live music I’ve heard over the last few years. Certainly for listeners not interested in freely improvised music portions of this might have sounded like a construction site but I’ve (and many others) been listening to “challenging” improvised music for quite a while and I think we can discern good from bad or accomplished from amateur and certainly we know certain musicians take significant risks and those risks sometime don’t pay off and sometimes the payoffs take an hour or more.
  5. Grace Kelly

    Never heard of her:)
  6. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Enjoy the show - wanted to make the 3/1 show at Jazz Gallery but life/world got in the way.
  7. I will say that 40-55 years ago he played with “Everybody” - well of course even in the 60’s then he didn’t play with all the greats - maybe mostly as he was with Miles. For the last 40 or so it’s been a very narrow/straight group and type of jazz musicians that he’s played with.
  8. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Mat Maneri Quartet with Lucien Ban, John Hebert & Randy Peterson @ Korzo in Brooklyn sets listed @ 9:00 & 10:30
  9. Vision Festival 2018

    Anyone here know what kind of shape Archie Shepp’s chops are in? certainly very tempting to want to hear Shepp with Burrell, Parker & Drake
  10. Vision Festival 2018

    So glad it is back at Roullette would love to be there for the Burrell tribute on Wednesday 5/23 but it looks like Friday night 5/25 & Sunday night 5/27 are my targets. 5/25: first band looks interesting as I’ve wanted to hear Keir Neuringer. Nasheet Waits’ Equality with Darius Jones is a great band and I cannot miss the Shipp ensemble that includes both Mat Maneri & Nate Wooley 5/27: missed Frode Gjerstad’s trios & quartets too many times and this quartet with Steve Swell will be burning, would love to hear Chris Potter with Cleaver - plus I see Brandon Lopez in on bass - I’ve always wanted to hear Potter in this sort of environment. Plus I think I need to see Gayle one more time before it’s too late. Hopefully he plays more tenor sax than piano - maybe it’s good they are listing saxophone next to his name.
  11. Female Jazz Artists

    The reason I put Sara Schoenbeck on he list is she played a few amazing bassoon improvisations both times I saw her / once in a larger ensemble with Harris Eisenstadt and the other time a woodwind & strings Marty Ehrlich led Quartet that also had Nicole Mitchell & Tomeka Reid. Sara was the musician I was unfamiliar with and she more than held her own in that company. With Eisenstadt her solo/improvisation was as impressive as Nate Wooley’s or Jeb Bishop’s. Shockingly inventive and powerful.
  12. Female Jazz Artists

    A few friends saw Mary Halvorson multiple times during her recent week at The Stone while I took a new friend to see her 1/30 show - a duet with Randy Peterson. My friend is a 22 year old guitarist who had seen a few you tube videos but his first real exposure to Mary was from a few feet away that night. I think he was spellbound but he would have to speak for himself. For me the 4 improvised pieces that spanned 65-70 minutes were pretty much great to otherworldly. First meeting with the iconclastic drummer and although Randy can teeter on the edge of a bit too much, the music was worthy of a CD release. Very strong. Good to hear their first encounter and thrilled she takes such risks.
  13. Female Jazz Artists

    Current great female musicians I’m always interested in hearing: maybe not including older more established (for decades like Myra Melford, Joelle Leandre, Marilyn Crispell, etc.) Tomeka Reid Mary Halvorson Kris Davis Ingrid Laubrock Jaimie Branch Sylvie Courvoisier Nicole Mitchell Sara Schoenbeck Lisa Mezzacappa More of course and not sure more interesting than their male peers but very cool that so many wonderful improvisors from all backgrounds are heard these days...
  14. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Tony Malaby Quartet with Marc Hannaford on piano (I’m unfamiliar with him - Malaby has a very wide range of musicians that he plays with so I’m excited to hear another new name to me), Michael Formanek on bass & the *great* Randy Peterson on drums 2 sets @ Cornelia Street Cafe 8:30 & 10:00
  15. FS: Ivo Perelman - Sad Life

    Great album