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  1. ambrose akinmusire

    Dead only added saxophones - only a few times except for late September 73 when they had a couple of horns added for 2 weeks - Branford a few times (2 or 3 concerts), then Ornette once and David Murray once or twice. All of these times 1990 through 1993 so never when they were at their real peak. When they were at their peak, they needed to add no one but Duane Allman played with them a couple of times🤗
  2. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Stunning.
  3. ambrose akinmusire

    True top of the NEW heap for me is Wooley, Bynum and maybe a few others. Wadada is obviously an all-time great but there is something just more visceral and powerful about Herb Robertson’s playing than nearly anyone. Now or then or any time. I’ve seen his presence in a band transform it a number of times.
  4. John Coltrane - Blue World

    Much MUCH more interested in the current working musicians. WAY more surprises than whatever leftovers is on this commercially inspired dredging.
  5. John Coltrane - Blue World

    zzzzzzz 8 tracks including 2 alternates totally maybe 35 minutes?!?! more focus away from current improvising masters
  6. ambrose akinmusire

    Of course I’m not Larry:) plus I havn’t heard Ambrose🥶
  7. ambrose akinmusire

    I’m much more of a fan men/woman such as Nate Wooley, Susana Santos Silva, Taylor Ho Bynum and even Peter Evans when he is playing as a foil or in someone else’s improvising group. Ralph Alessi & Jonathan Finlayson are fine players but to my ears still straight trumpeters who seem to play some ‘avant’ flourishes. I feel somewhat the same about Jamie Branch but I havn’t listened enough. I really like Josh Berman & Kirk Knuffke (who both play primarily cornet - as does Bynum) & Corey Wilkes but Berman & Wilkes are from Chicago and I’ve not heard enough from them. for older dudes, give me Herb Robertson all day & night as he’s still better than any of them besides the true top of the heap of radical Northeast players. Maybe it’s my taste but I like the radical innovators. Not sure any of the others are doing much new but some (like Knuffke, Berman & Wilkes) seem to have a knack for wonderfully melodic improvising. Not sure they have the edge/fire that the others or the *great* Herb Robertson have.
  8. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Taylor Ho Bynum 9-Tette 7:30 & 9:30 sets @ Jazz Gallery in NYC
  9. Are CDs Still Worth Selling Online?

    I also have to downsize but not that many - I would think a few hundred - maybe up to 500 discs. I’m leaning towards boxing them and visiting the Princeton Record Exchange. As my listening habits and tastes have changed, I certainly have hundreds of CD’s that I doubt I will ever listen to again. But I’m just so lazy but now both of my large cabinets are filled and I STILL buy a few CD’s a month and I STILL have a CD player in my cars. Thank god Ford still put one in my 2018 Mustang.
  10. Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

    Maybe as Vandermark is recorded pretty loud - or maybe both KV & McPhee - maybe that’s his they sound live. I do think Hamid’s drums *sound* terrific.
  11. Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

    Great stuff. I’ve been through 4 of the 6 discs twice. The riffs & grooves are terrific. I prefer KV on baritone but he’s come a long way on his tenor. McPhee is a national treasure and he’s superb throughout. Only quibble is Kessler could be slightly higher in the mix.
  12. Art Ensemble of Chicago - We Are On The Edge

    Thanks, Chuck I've been getting around to getting that record for 20 years. It’s on my next order:)
  13. Art Ensemble of Chicago - We Are On The Edge

    Well I haven’t heard any spoken word or even poetry within or around this music yet in over 25 years of listening that adds anything to my listening experience. Add dance to that as well. Maybe this recording will be different. But I’ve yet to hear any avant-garde jazz incorporate poetry or spoken word successfully. I think it’s rarely tried because it rarely if ever works. I have great respect for the musicians I’m familiar with on this recording. Fwiw I don’t want to hear any of their poetry either. Can you recommend any successful merging of these art forms? I do know that a few mini festivals I saw with poetry interspersed were downgraded by their inclusion.
  14. Art Ensemble of Chicago - We Are On The Edge

    Not interested in Mother Moor. Do I have to be?
  15. Art Ensemble of Chicago - We Are On The Edge

    Old Smoke is another scorcher on Relative Pitch Steve Basczowski on saxophones with Lopez & Corsano I have the above 2 - not thrilled with the James Brandon Lewis recording - not sure I like the sound (the drums sound hollow) and his tenor playing hasn’t won me over (yet?). I'm also one that is not thrilled with whatever oblique reference there might be to current events of the day. I’d rather see/hear of these young guys/girls can improvise and break atoms with sound. the Tomeka duo CD is on my back seat in the Que.