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  1. Ted Curson/Don Cherry

    And I still have a dream of getting over there in a few years as besides and along with the NYC core (and the Chicago core) the London musicians are my favorites. in 2006 on his last visit that I know of to The States, Paul Rogers was playing a couple/three nights at The Stone with Paul Dunmall & Tony Levin (RIP) using a rented bass and he was thrilled to be there / “playing for peace and love” as he told me. So one if the greatest 4-5 bassists on the planet (and he has to know how great he is no matter how humble he might be) and we was happy at least in that moment in time. Fwiw he had the same attitude back in 2000 or so when I saw him at the Knitting Factory in front of about 25 people. With Dunmall & Kevin Norton. 2 sets, btw, that are still among the best 10-15 nights of music I’ve ever experienced.
  2. Ted Curson/Don Cherry

    I’ve attended avant-garde free music on a regular basis in NYC on a fairly regular basis for the past 20 years - especially more often from ~2009 up until the shutdown. I’ve seen up close the vast majority of the working musicians in this scene often. Most of them do not have anywhere near the visibility that even people like the above have had or have. I’ve never encountered any thing except a sense of gratitude that the 100 or 50 or 10 people attending the shows were there. No victim mentality that I’ve run across. They are thrilled to be playing the music they choose to play.
  3. Jemeel Moondoc (1951-2021)

    RIP, Sir
  4. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Very happy you are able to hear live music again in person, Peter there is really nothing like it
  5. Sonny Stitt. Why didn´t he become as famous as Dexter?

    I was MUCH less experienced as a listener 25 years ago and I don’t remember if he took a second solo on the tune. It did all seem spontaneous and I think the pianist was John Young who was also great. Another aside. I’m SO grateful for my 3 trips to Chicago in the late 90’s (work trips) when I was also able to see Gary Bartz at the Green Mill, 8 Bold Souls at Hot House - the best of the best in my memory) and 2 visits to Velvet Lounge at 2128 1/2 South Indiana Ave where I met Fred Anderson & on my second visit attended as a guest with the late *great* Ulrich and so Fred play the tenor saxophone for the first time.
  6. Sonny Stitt. Why didn´t he become as famous as Dexter?

    That was it. Plus he must have soloed for 15 plus minutes and it kept getting better. No paucity of ideas. And what a sound especially so up close.
  7. Sonny Stitt. Why didn´t he become as famous as Dexter?

    An aside - I saw Von Freeman twice in Chicago probably 1997 & 1999 I think. first time first tune - medium tempo thing - still the best tenor playing over changes I’ve ever witnessed plus I was less than 10 feet away. Was it at The Apartment? It was his weekly gig at the time.
  8. Not a huge Golia listener but I happened to be listening to Vinny when I saw this post. I’ll be getting the physical product if it comes out on CD. I love his comments. Yes 15 months of isolation up until post vaccination. Very tough especially on these great creative musicians who hardly have an audience anyway. Wish more of the small rooms would be opening sooner. I’ve seen only one show this summer and very little of interest scheduled in NYC.
  9. Jazz guitarists--nice guys?

    Mary Halvorson is exceptionally nice and friendly same for Brandon Seabrook then again for most/vast majority of the musicians I’ve encountered in and around the “downtown” NYC scene over the past 25 years fit this description. how they are once one would get to know them is probably another story but it’s nice to know that when I go to a show and say hello to someone in the band it’s been a nice experience 99% of the time over the years
  10. Henry Threadgill

    In my Bandcamp cart (along with another 8-9 CD’s) - I love the most recent releases / and I enjoy the concise times of the pieces and the recordings yet there is plenty of improvisation.
  11. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    But there are numerous configurations including Brandon Seabrook, Mat Maneri & Ben Gerstein. So at least it isn’t 6 hours of the same group. Plus from what I remember the hour set was all kinds of different throughout and very unpredictable. I had no idea what they were doing as far as the compositional elements. Omg - very surprised the Americans have traveled during the ongoing nightmare of the Covid 19 pandemic. Dream line-ups in normal times - I’m just waiting for a good 1 or 2 set night with some of the great NYC improvising masters!!!
  12. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I also think Clockwise is too rigid. I’m a sucker for avant-garde large ensembles. Let’s hope it’s not too composed/worked out.
  13. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I’m very interested in the new 2 CD set from Anna Webber (plus her trio & large ensemble that is featured on this recording is playing on September 23rd at Roulette in Brooklyn) plus a 6 CD set from Snark Horse (co-led by Matt Mitchell & Kate Gentile). I saw a version of that group pre-pandemic at The Stone and it was pretty amazing and very unique. Both on Pi recordings which is usually a very good sign. I liked Webber’s Clockwise but I’ve been up & down on Mitchell’s recent releases although they are very unique and he puts a whole lot of thought and work into his music. His music is almost sui generis. Off topic a bit - but here’s hoping that the covid numbers peak soon and then decline by the concert date in September. I e seen one live concert (Kris Davis’ Capricorn Climber 6 weeks ago or so) but I’m less comfortable with what’s happening now. The Stone has now tentatively set mid-October as a start date with Kris Davis playing in various groups the week of October 19th and Mary Halvorson playing the week of October 26th.
  14. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    All in - very excited to hear these 7 shows - the legendary 10/18/72 show is one I’ve avoided listening to as I’ve expected an official release for a while. The 10/29 & 10/30/73 shows are from the sweetest of sweet spots in Dead history - maybe only late November & December 73 are more melty. Keith’s peak is summer through winter 73. Plus look at those set lists on the 72 & 73 shows?!? 3 Bird Songs on the 3 Fox Theatre 72 shows plus the amazing jam sequences on all 5 of the 72 & 73 shows. I’m less enamored with late 71 as Keith was finding his way but word is that 12/10/71 is a very hot show.
  15. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Yes they get them into a studio but the live recordings released by these and other labels over the past 15-20 years often sound incredible. Think of the Brotzmann 3 nights in Oslo box set and of course the 4 Barry Guy box sets on Not Two. They make a mockery of what Clean Feed puts out.