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  1. Not Two but Twenty Orchestra

    They might have used a sub title of “small formations” to describe the release. In any event we do NOT have live music to attend to and to support our heroes so this release for me is the closest thing to have something bedsides worry and fear and the unknown to look forward to. All of the great Guy boxes end with a medium length full orchestra (or almost full band) piece. The last one (probably the best of the 4 boxes, IMO) Intensegrity has the full length Guy composition on disc 5.
  2. Not Two but Twenty Orchestra

    Just released in limited edition 5 CD wooden box small formations then one 8+ minute full band piece if I can remember (it’s on the website) here are the musicians: Barry Guy Maya Homburger Joelle Leandre Agusti Fernandez Mats Gustafsson Peter Brotzmann Steve Swell Rafal Mazur Per-Ake Holmlander Mikolaj Trzaska Ken Vandermark Paal Nilsson-Love Zlatko Kaucic Without a doubt for me the most exciting upcoming release of the year - the combinations look very exciting. My guess is that the legends brought their A games to this mini-festival that led to this release. peace and blessings to everyone here in these difficult times
  3. The Necks US Tour 2020

    Sold out in NYC @ Le Poisson Rouge I’ve recently started listening a bit to them and I’m a bit intrigued I am kind of amazed that they have such a following for the type of improvised music they play when many other great improvising ensembles barely fill small rooms. maybe I would understand more if I see them live but per the above sold out before I even knew the shows existed
  4. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Tyshawn Sorey Sextet @ Jazz Gallery @ 7:30 one long set - expected to be a continuous 2 hour set - maybe 2 hours and 15 minutes. I’m looking forward to hearing these younger unknown to me musicians perform tonight. Alto & tenor saxophonists, pianist, vibraphonist & bassist.
  5. Tower Records

    I bought a whole slew of the last generation of the hat ART CD’s @ Tower in Paramus, NJ including Jump Up, Morning Joy, The Marmalade King & Special Detail probably 1996-7 or so just as Jazz Central Station was starting recordings that changed my musical life
  6. Jazz Gallery just updated that we will be getting the one long set treatment as well 🤩🤩
  7. I’m seeing the band on 3/3. Not sure if it’s two sets or one long set. If I love it, I’ll be back for a second night later in the week Jazz Gallery in NYC 3/3 through 3/7
  8. Eric Alexander with Strings

    Strings with Evan Parker is great
  9. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Very fine group. Minor quibble for me is that Kavee is just not forceful or powerful enough for a band with a saxophonist as good as Berne or as great as Malaby. A drummer like Ches Smith or Nasheet Waits or Tyshawn Sorey would have elevated this band to the stratosphere. Ferreira was awesome. His riffing/comping with the saxophonists was powerful, skronky and almost psychedelic. Berne had new written music that seemed to be presented for the first time to the group before the show. Tim knew the music by heart as he didn’t need sheet music for himself. 6 compositions with improvisational elements organically incorporated into the written music. A couple of segues (maybe only one?) with the set lasting a beefy 75 minutes. Malaby only on tenor and he played towards his most beautiful side more than his piercing aggressive mode for the most part. There was one passage where he might have almost been Getz for a bit. Wondrous. Also tremendous unison playing with Berne's alto and Malaby’s tenor. Also one of the them comping or accenting the other. Seemingly rehearsed but I’d be shocked if this wasn’t the first time they played this music. In fact I think it’s the first time the band played together.
  10. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Tim Berne Quintet with Tony Malaby, Ryan Ferreira, Devin Hoff & Elliot Kavee maybe we will stay for the second band which is Ben Monder, Gary Wang & Diego Voglino at a place called Halyards in Brooklyn
  11. All hail The Brotherhood of Breath THE band I would have wanted to see live from this era more than any other
  12. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    What is unusual is the last 4 recent performances by Maneri have been among the best I’ve ever heard him play. Very very high level of improvising. In vastly different contexts each time. Last show was last month.
  13. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Mat must have been sick. I’ve never heard him cough while he’s playing and I’ve seen him live at least 25 times over the years.
  14. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    My next purchase:)