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  1. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    I don’t have the time & energy I once had either. Maybe a better way to describe the higher enegy Parker bands would be more jazz or free jazz based. This might be why I thought these recordings and/or ensembles might be more toward your liking. Not that you don’t like abstract or ethereal stuff but noting or hearing a connection to other saxophonists is sometimes helpful. I also think despite the wide range of types of instrumental configurations that Parker is involved in, these small groups with drummers with Parker focusing more on tenor (which he plays more the last 10-20 years than he did in past as compared to the soprano), are the core of his creative and improvisatory genius.
  2. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    Another truly great recording/great band/great performance. Was blessed that Hamid sent this to me as a gift. Band is: Evan on tenor saxophone, Peter Evans on trumpet, Alexander Hawkins on piano, John Edwards on double bass & Hamid Drake on drums. Like Uli I hear little Coltrane influence any longer - maybe the Rollins approach/influence is more apparent as it was with another great tenor, David S Ware although Parker & Ware Do not sound at all alike in approach or sound.
  3. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    To my ears & taste the other Evan Parker band that is a must listen is Foxes Fox which is Evan (almost always on tenor with this ensemble), Steve Beresford on piano, John Edwards on double bass & Louis Moholo-Moholo on drums. all the recordings are great but the live one at The Vortex is the strongest
  4. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    That’s must have been a great experience. Certainly an amazing show to attend. Do you know much of each set might have been left off the disc or does the 78+ minutes cover the whole 2 sets?
  5. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    For sure “different” but a guy like Jim, he needs to hear the impressive truly phenomenal side of Evan Parker. Prime recordings of those two trios document sets of musuc when things got aligned just right. Portions of the “Summer” sets (disc 2 of The Two Seasons) feature just about the strongest tenor playing by Parker or anyone else I’ve ever heard. The first 38 minute track from At The Vortex (most of all of the first set from that night in 1996) has the Parker-Guy-Lytton trio exploding with extreme intensity and virtuosity simultaneously. They keep peaking and subsiding yet drive the peaks higher all he way to the end. The second 40 minute piece (with Evan starting on soprano) is almost better. For going on 15 to 20 years I’ve considered both of these recordings to be at the absolute top of my list for sax-bass-drum improvisation. Must hear recordings fir anyone slightly interested in Evan Parker.
  6. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    I hope you choose the more impressive side of Evan Parker and order “The Two Seasons” and/or “At The Vortex” as well. Both are on Emanem Records. I think the former 2 CD set is only $16.95 plus shipping @ Squidco. If you are looking for more recent strong Evan Parker, the recent “Music for David Mossman” on a Intakt is pretty great as well. Fwiw, I’ve got Uncharted Territories in the CD player for additional listening time for this week. I’ve also got another listen to the above new Intakt release as my first impressions of that might even be better than “pretty great”.
  7. If I was single with little other obligations I could easily attend 8-10 shows per month and be thrilled with almost all the music I would see live. And I think I’m a hard marker. My overlap with Chinen’s choices would probably be minimal or marginal but at least he’s listening - even though he gets paid for it.
  8. Not a huge fan of Chinen but at least he’s writing about new jazz which is more than I can say for......
  9. Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

    Prepping for the 8/28 In Order to Survive shows, I’m digging into William Parker’s Wood Flute Songs these expensive Quartet recordings from the 2006 shows at Yoshi’s & the 2007 shows from DiverseWorks in Houston are quite something. These cover the first 4 discs of the 8 CD box. Barnes isn’t the greatest trumpeter but Rob Brown is fine altoist and Parker & Drake don’t get old to me - and here they are playing in the multi-groove manner and segueing from one tune to the next effortlessly allowing the long sets to percolate and burn slowly. I know some are jaded to it all but Hamid Drake was and still is the man on so many levels. I saw the quartet (and an expanded group) a month or so after this box was released in 2013. The first night at The Stone remains a top 5 or 10 night for me. Two long sets where the energy never flagged and Drake was almost inhuman. I’ll nevef forget it nor will my wife. She was pretty new to all this music live and that’s the night she found her favorite drummer.
  10. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    I’m going to dig deeper into this recording over the next few days. Often expansive recordings such as this are somewhat tough to crack. My experience is that improvised music that is broken up into smaller pieces with different sub-groupings need a strong commitment from the listener. In this case it’s more critical for me as I’m MUCH more willing to commit and love Evan’s long form energy based improvisations with Guy & Lytton or with Edwards & Sanders or with Schlippenbach & Lovens. As far as Brexit & politics I stay as far away to that as possible when it comes to music. Ruins the spirit of the whole thing for me.
  11. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    Agreed except in the fact that Parker is heard in his very early form which reveals little about the grand master he would become. For better examples of earlier Parker I would choose something like the 1975 recording “Hunting the Snake” (Schlippenbach Quartet with Peter Kowald added to the classic trio) or the first or second Schlippenbach Trio recordings (“First Recordings” or “Pakistani Pomade” - both from 1972). If you want early classic European Improvisation, go directly to the 1970 seminal free improvisation recording called “Topography of the Lungs”, the hard core trio recording with Parker, Derek Bailey & Han Bennink. All all of the above 4 albums you get a good mix of tenor & soprano but it is early so it’s before any of his circular breathing on either horn. What you DO get on all them is saxophone playing with a force & intensity that is quite striking. It is also music that could be described as thoroughly angular and even grating to many ears. I was certainly taken aback when I first started listening to this music. I originally never made it through the record with Bailey & Bennink. Today it is go to stone cold classic. To my ears he always kept some of even most of that fire throughout the years but by the 90’s his technical acumen and facility, especially on the tenor - YMMV as many rightly so are astounded by and love his innovative playing on the soprano - because his tenor playing is closest to classic free jazz type playing and when it’s in a power trio or quartet format, that’s when I hear his brilliance most clearly.
  12. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    “At The Vortex” from Parker-Guy-Lytton recorded in 1996 does a great job approximating the power and force of that great trio. Paul Lytton is especially well captured on this recording. The opening 38 minute piece demands full concentration and needs to be experienced at high volume. Life changing recording for me back almost 20 years ago. Seeing Parker live circa 1998 @ The Knitting Factory was also very important to my musical awareness. Seeing Evan in May 2001 with Mark Sanders (and Tim Berne & Drew Gress) solidified my love for Parker’s saxophone playing. He’s still my favorite saxophonist.
  13. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    Buy “The Two Seasons” with John Edwards & Mark Sanders 2 CD set recorded during the Summer & Winter of 1999 as great as Parker is here (playing at his absolute peak level), his bass & drum band mates are just as great. The best recording I’ve ever heard of Mark Sanders who is one of my favorite 4-5 drummers on the planet, Edwards is, IMO, the ultimate bassists for this sort of music playing today and almost 20 years ago as presented on this recording, his sound is captured in a close up-front way.
  14. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    I’ve seen that trio live probably 5 times over the past 5 years. As great a group as there is in jazz/improvised music. Not convinced that the ECM effect works for the music. I saw them early this year and they played all new music and it was a spectacular 65 minute set. Only surpassed by an amped up electric set (Craig on keyboards) they played in late 2016. That was the show that my wife told Mat Maneri he reminded her of Jimi Hendrix. Too bad there is none of that type of mind bending improvisation with Ches playing as powerful drums as I can remember on The Bell. I kind of feel the same way about Uncharted Territories. Nice to hear Holland play ing with Evan again but the band and/or the recording never gets to the burning high intensity that marks the best work/playing of Ches Smith and the tenor playing of Parker (although brilliant) doesn’t get to the level that we hear on the most recent Parker-Guy-Lytton recording in Intakt - that is a live recording from The Vortex. I also wonder if Holland can be as an effective foil or partner on double bass as the *great* John Edwards or even John Hebert with Evan Parker. Seems to me one needs to be more committed to this music for the energy to show. I don’t hear it but I’ll keep listening.