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  1. Unauthorized YouTube postings of my titles

    Thanks Jim. I’ll keep this in mind as I put work through my old ”unplayed for a very long time” CD’s
  2. Unauthorized YouTube postings of my titles

    I’ll be in the process of packing up a box or two of CD’s that I’m no longer interested to listen to. I have no idea of what to do with them. I’d love to donate them to someone or somewhere. Not sure what way to go. I’ve recently started streaming on Tidal (for the high quality sound and seemingly large selection) so I’ll be only be buying non-streaming CD releases (labels like No Business, Relative Pitch and a few others - some or all Firehouse 12 or Pi recordings are not on Tidal) but I’ve always bought 95% plus of my CD’s unheard.
  3. Board member Uli (Reist) has passed

    Sad news. Very happy to have met him on a trip to The Velvet Lounge in 1998 or 99. He was an excellent host and a true jazz guy. All about the music. RIP, Uli
  4. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Mat Maneri 50th Birthday Celebration 7:30 & 9:30 sets @ Jazz Gallery in NYC Set 1: with Lucian Ban on piano, Brad Jones on double bass & the *great* Randy Peterson on drums Set 2: with Craig Taborn & Matthew Shipp on piano, Tony Malaby on tenor saxophone, Joe Morris on guitar & Tanya Kalmanovitch joining Mat on viola
  5. Fantastic conversation. Thanks so much for posting this.
  6. Matt Mitchell

    Saw one of his new groups 2 weeks ago. Wonderful. Often these complex compositions interspersed with improv is not my thing but Mitchell is very talented. Bought his last two group recordings at the concert and they are in the Q.
  7. 2019 MacArthur Grants - Mary Gets Paid!

    Awesome news for the *great* Mary Halvorson
  8. Tim Berne

    Looking forward to this. I’ve been getting into Snakeoil lately more than ever.
  9. I’ll miss him. I’ve been sad all week since hearing this. I’m sure he would have been at the show I’m going to tonight. We had a nice rapport and he treated my wife like a princess when she came to shows with me. She referred to him as the Mayor.
  10. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Matt Mitchell’s group - I’m 99% sure this is a first time playing together ensemble. About a month ago, Jon Irabagon was listed as being included on saxophone. I’m not upset he’s been dropped as I’m still not on board to what he’s doing despite his obvious virtuosic abilities. That being said: Mitchell on piano & compositions Brandon Seabrook on electric guitar Ben Gerstein on trombone Mat Maneri on viola Kate Gentile on drums Gentile is new to me and I’ve been almost a year without seeing my favorite of all-favorites, the brilliant Mat Maneri show is @ 8:30 @ The Stone at New School’s Glass Box Theatre, 55 West 13th Street near 6th Avenue
  11. What music did you buy today?

    Me too. Only quibble is not quite enough low brass and not enough Ben Gerstein that will be remedied tomorrow night as Gerstein will be in Matt Mitchell’s group I’m seeing @ The Stone. I havn’t seen him play in maybe two years, I think. Great expressive very unique trombonist.
  12. What music did you buy today?

    Back to the thread topic - here are some/most of my most recent buys: Gard Nilssen’s Acoustic Unity Live in Europe 3 CD set - trio on the first disc, augmented by others on discs 2 & 3 I normality avoid Clean Feed but reviews on this were strong. In the Que by this weekend Anthony Braxton Quartet (New Haven) 2014 - 4 CD set with Taylor Ho Bynum, Nels Cline & Greg Saunier Momentum 3: quartet of small form improvisation on Leo records Fire! Trio plus Jim O’Rourke: Unreleased? ingrid Laubrock: Ubatuba Pere Ubu: The Long Goodbye
  13. What music did you buy today?

    listening today to “The Early Bird Gets” which is Rempis with Brandon Lopez & Ryan Packard. This is the trio I saw this summer. Recorded mostly on March 2nd, 2018 @ Elastic - last track June 28th, 2018. honestly this performance is a bit stronger than when I saw them live which doesn’t happen much to me. Usually I might tend to be overly impressed with an up-close viewing/hearing of a great improvising group. Maybe a couple of you Chicago guys saw one or both of these shows. Great new trio of Dave's.
  14. What music did you buy today?

    Fwiw we had a similar discussion on the old JCS board regarding KV back some 18 to 20 years ago. I know it became clear to me as a newish listener to freeish jazz that Vandermark was not in the same league as an improvisor as people like Evan Parker, Joe McPhee, Brotzmann, Gustafsson, Paul Dunmall, Fred Anderson, Mark Whitecage, etc. Glad we are having this discussion. I remember somewhere Vandermark stating (not even paraphrasing as it’s foggy in my mind) that standing next to Mats & Peter could make him feel unworthy. Yet of course both of those 2 clearly great or arguably historically great players deemed Vandermark worthy to release multiple recordings of them as a trio called Sonore. Of course in my view the strength of KV’s playing in that context are the riffing which seem to work as a glue to the music. Surely by now Ken’s playing has advanced but also it is in some ways very similar to what it was 20-25 years ago. Plus now we have a whole new generation of exciting saxophonists/reed players like Rempis, Keefe Jackson & Greg Ward (among others from Chicago - and many I’ve become much more familiar with in NYC being that I’ve lived nearby. Ingrid Laubrock, Ellery Eskelin, Tony Malaby, Briggan Krauss, Josh Sinton, Darius Jones, Rob Brown are just a few of the now well seasoned brilliant players who to my ears are also clearly greater players than Vandermark. Doesn’t mean he’s not worth listening to him - and I listen to his music quite often. It just means quite a few play free/creative saxophone at a very high level. Of course *I* view McPhee as another one of the historically great players - on any of his saxophones (especially on tenor) and also magical on that little pocket trumpet he plays.
  15. What music did you buy today?

    I’ve heard this before. He’s not my favorite reed player by a long shot but I think you are selling his compositional abilities with a large ensemble short. I know you’ve seen and heard them. I also know once I get a fixed idea about what’s what I have a hard time letting it go. I still can go where you are when I hear KV in the same group as Rempis or Gustafsson or maybe especially with Brotzmann. I try to focus on his strengths rather than his weaknesses which are tone (especially on either of the clarinets he plays) and his lack of flexibility on the tenor. I still get a charge out of his riff based playing - especially on the baritone - but I may be a minority in that view.