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  1. What music did you buy today?

    Most recent jazz/free jazz type purchases: Paul Dunmall Trios: Hour Glass - studio sessions from 2002 on Emanem Mats Gustafsson: Trio with Günter Christmann & Paul Lovens on FMP Gabriel Zucker: Weighting - Quartet on ESP Disc with Tyshawn Sorey Gabriel Zucker: The Delegation - Large Ensemble - I still havn’t played this William Parker’s In Order to Survive - Live at Shapeshifter Labs - 2 CD set on AUM Fidelity - happily I was at this show from July 2017 Nate Wooley: Columbia Ice field - quartet with Mary Halvorson A Pride of Lions: Bridge Sessions Quintet recording with Joe McPhee, Daunik Lazro & Chad Taylor plus two great bassists - one being Joshua Abrams Jurg Wickihalder Trio with Barry Guy & Lucas Niggli: Beyond on Intakt
  2. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Wait until you hear the large ensemble
  3. Andrew Cyrille

    I was very fortunate to witness this live. A shame that Patricia’s loud obnoxious mouth was anywhere near this event/night but sometimes we have to endure idiocy to experience the wonder.
  4. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Opening night of Vision Fest celebrating the life & music of the great Andrew Cyrille includes Edward “Kidd” Jordan, Tomeka Reid, Wadada Leo Smith, Milford Graves & Peter Brotzmann
  5. Not that big of a solo piano listener but I think that Paul Bley should be mentioned.
  6. Rock exploded in 1971?

    I dunno about what I hear in some places above about “I don’t listen to “that” music anymore stuff. i went through a 8-10 year all jazz/improv period some 15 to 25 years ago but I’m interested in strong music that gets me excited to live and breath. And I love to see it live when I can. I’d love to go more but life is in the way. Fwiw: I love 68-70 Grateful Dead BUT they got better from 71-74 before they took a short break and were still great in 77-78. Some say even in the 80’s they could bring it and they could more intermittently but Jerry’s addiction/decline got in the way. But when they hit it, they were an intense and powerful organism. Traffic was great up to their breakup in 74-75 Little Feat peaked in the mid-70’s. I don’t know a stronger “rock ‘n roll” band that that crew with Lowell George at the helm. plus I’m going to Vision Fest on 6/11 and Phil Lesh on 6/12 I listen to all sorts of different music - usually music that involves high level improvisation and energy/spirit. I think both nights should deliver on all fronts. celebration for Andrew Cyrille with a few other legends including Milford Graves, Kidd Jordan, Wadada Leo Smith & Peter Brotzmann. Phil’s group will feature Jorma Kaukonen. Last Phil concert I saw on 3/14 (right as Mr. Lesh was turning 79) was certainly not “dead” although it was primarily music from the great band he helped form and the music was alive, thoroughly rocked out and I’ve never heard a concert hall audience so loud as when they peaked almost 2 hours into the second set playing an absolutely scorching “I Know You Rider”. Without a doubt this was a rock ‘n roll concert in the purest sense of the world. Whole downstairs as always no seats and dancing and the energy level was through the roof.
  7. Grateful Dead: 2/2/70 from Dave’s Picks 6 a short but incendiary show with a brilliant 22 minute Dark Star as it’s centerpiece
  8. On the list:) of course it’s a must buy/must hear
  9. Anthony Braxton

    I’ll get this. I don’t know the drummer. Love Bynum and I think the combination of Cline with Bynum & Braxton has me interested in this.
  10. NEA Jazz Masters - 2020

    I also have zero of his music but I think 2 great choices out of 4 is OK especially when it’s two well deserving legends. Makes the other choices seem odd in comparison as in what’s wrong with this picture. But I’m not an awards kind of person.
  11. LF: Select Unheard Music Series Titles

    I have the Fred Anderson & Schlippenbach Trio releases
  12. I agree with that. It was a special time & place that many of us would have loved to have experienced for themselves. My experience is that many don’t share these experiences with humility. I sure hope that when I mention to younger friends that I was able to see/hear or have some close experience with music from many years ago that I don’t come across as superior and instead I can express that I sure wish that younger friend could have shared my wonderful experience. My experience here is not so much like that. I do get some of that bullshit with some of the people I see shows with in NYC as even some of them are smug about - well I saw Hendrix or Coltrane and you didn’t...Most of the older guys/girls are nit that way in person. If I ask I get some wonderful stories. I always enjoyed reading Chris’ posts but nothing to communicate from here - and I wish I would have heard some wonderful stories. Me hopes I never turn anywhere near a bitter and angry old guy. RIP
  13. Some of us have a true connection to current Jazz which to some of us is just as important as the much more well known a celebrated historical Jazz.
  14. Dave’s Picks 30 1/2/70 plus most of 1/3/70 The Grateful Dead in stunning Owsley Stanley recorded 2-track sound
  15. Charles Mingus, The Complete Town Hall Concert

    Has anyone ever looked at a trip/schedule that a band like ICP would take? 20 cities in 21 days from west coast to east coast, etc. plus they were in their 60’s & 70’s. Brotzmann did a tour 2 years ago in the US that was similar anywhere from Austin, TX to Montreal to Portland, OR and many places in between - and Brotzmann was 76. He’s touring the US later this month into June and I’m sure the schedule is nuts and he’s now 78. Nobody is dying.