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  1. Jimmy Heath RIP

    As the late, great Uli would write, RIP, Sir!
  2. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I’ve only seen her once - with that great large band back maybe 9-10 years ago when they played @ Columbia University on a double bill with Globe Unity Orchestra. As far as her recordings I’ve never heard even one that disappointed me and if it’s her vocalizing and humor, I’m all in. I think she’s one of the greatest ever on her instrument and I’m more fascinated with her pure improvising energy than I’ve ever been. To me the trio with Maneri & Cleaver is a dream group. They played at Vision Fest a few years back but I boycotted the awful venue due to the sound issues. I heard they actually placed their seats/instruments/spots off the stage within the audience and word has it that they were the only group that anyone could hear clearly for the whole festival. There is a recording on Rogue Art but it’s only on vinyl.
  3. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I wouldn’t miss it. Maneri is playing as well as he ever has these days. The trio with Ches Smith & Craig Taborn (with Bill Frisell as guest) were very very good last week. New music and much different than previous shows.
  4. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I saw his NYC trio a few years back and it was mortifying. Grueling, slow and beyond retro. The best stuff he played was Monk and when he played medium and/or faster tempos which for all 3 times was regrettably maybe 20% of the sets. fwiw my comments on Amado is that he is original, creative and original WITHOUT using extended techniques. However many of the current great improvisors do use these methods organically within their playing. Nothing at all wrong with that.
  5. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Eskelin’s playing has become very conservative. As far as who thinks what Tony said one night after a long 2 sets of skronky oblique intense abstract improvised music - that “nobody seems to get what I’m doing” or something to that effect. plus a few people I see often at shows are not fans of his playing for whatever reason. Too rough, extreme or whatever / not sure? Malaby is NOT an easy listen for sure and he rarely takes the easy way out and never plays for cheap thrills. Btw - as far as Ellery they still play together / they sat/played together both on tenor last year with Satako Fujii’s large ensemble and sat talking at least a half hour after the show:)
  6. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Thanks for the post. 8 or 10 years ago I thought I’d never be interested in Brotzmann again. Over the past 5 years I’ve probably listened to more BROTZMANN than any other saxophonist. fwiw many people here who go to NYC shows don’t like Malaby that much either while me and a few others think he’s the best tenor (and soprano) saxophonist on the scene in NYC today.
  7. When Jazz populated NYC

    In 2011-12 when I attended, there were plenty of tables/seats.
  8. When Jazz populated NYC

    I saw both Anthony Braxton’s 65th Birthday celebration as was as Misha Mengelberg’s last U.S. concert appearance with Instant Composer’s Pool (with Han Bennink, Wolter Wierbos, Michael Moore, Tobias Delius, etc.) at Le Poisson Rouge and both concerts were astounding - and the sound and sight lines were magnificent.
  9. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I’m also very interested in more “creative” projects and I know Amado does not use many or even any “extended” techniques and plays within traditional forms but I really don’t hear him as predictable and certainly not “very” predictable. That being said, I don’t listen to THAT much current improvised music made within such a traditional format such as this (sax-bass-drums). I certainly am probably more interested in music with electronics, various string infested ensembles and more oblique abstract challenging improvised and composed music - BUT I do believe this recording, as well as the recent trios with McPhee, Edwards & Kogel, recent Parker-Guy-Lytton or recordings or performances from Butcher-Edwards-Sanders or Delius or Malaby or Baars or Laubrock Dunmall or Matt Nelson with various bassists or drummers are mostly NOT making pretty boring retro free jazz music. But you are not alone. The recent trio release with Charles Gayle, Edwards & Sanders might be old school retro free jazz but if it’s boring that would be a surprise to me. I was shocked at how vibrant it was. Maybe one of my favorite 4 or 5 new releases from the past couple of years. I almost didn’t buy it as I figured Gayle was shot, the format was “retro”, etc. I sure was wrong about Gayle and the trio format in general. I wonder what you would think of “Old Smoke” with Steve Basczkoski, Brandon Lopez & Chris Corsano. I saw the great saxophonist with Lopez & Cleaver play a couple of sets of music last month that was as exciting as Parker-Guy-Lytton might have been 30 years ago. Smoking burning hot and not retro in the least. Maybd it’s Amado’s measured or restrained approach that has you not liking him. I find his improvising very vital in a way that separates him from the more traditional fire breathers and the younger more abstract players like Michael Foster.
  10. Over the past year or so: On saxophones: Matt Nelson, Albert Cirera, Steve Backzowski, Julius Gabriel, Torben Snekkestad & Anna Högberg On bass: Goncalo Almeida, Hernani Faustino, Elsa Bergman & Brandon Lopez (Lopez more than a year but he deserves special mention as he is the real deal on a very high level) On drums: Onno Govaert, Tyler Damon, Ryan Packard & Lucas Niggli (again for Niggli more than a year but he also deserves special kudos as his playing is beyond belief) On guitar: Bill Nace, Bill Orcutt, Henry Kaiser & Tashi Dorji On trumpet: Susana Santos Silva & Purcy Pursglove
  11. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Reminder that I’m seeing Ches Smith’s trio with Mat Maneri & Craig Taborn a few of us trying to figure out/guess who the “very special guest” on guitar is @ The Stone @ The New School @ 8:30
  12. Mal Waldron's Mal-1

    Mal, Verve, Black & Blue Quadrologue at the Utopia - both volumes Mal, Dance & Soul maybe my favorite Mal recordings
  13. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    The Attic: Summer Bummer with a new drummer named Onno Govaert with Rodrigo Amado on tenor & Goncalo Almeida on double bass 3 improvised pieces making up 45 minutes recorded live on 8/26/2018 even more amazing than the first one - intense yet restrained - as good of a sax-bass-drums trio can be in this era. Stunning from all angles. on No Business records
  14. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    As an aside, Lunge by Strong Language from maybe 2002 with Sanders & Brand is one of my desert island recordings. Plus it’s an example of how this music should be presented sound quality wise.
  15. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Not to get into an ECM sound discussion but I’ve heard versions of the pieces of The Bell live and instead of music that is soothing and somewhat interesting, what that music or other pieces of music by the trio sounds like live has little in common with that watered down gauzy recording. Especially Mat & Ches. When Mat starts playing doom metal chords it’s all over.
  16. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Sounds great. 4 of my all-time favorites. 2 sets? How many in the crowd? at least I can say I’m seeing a different 3 of my all-time favorite improvisors next Tuesday @ The Stone @ New School Ches Smith with Mat Maneri & Craig Taborn plus with a “very special” guest guitarist not all-improvised as it will be a set based on Ches Smith’s sketches/guideposts maybe the 5th time I’ve seen the trio and the first with a guest. All performances have been A minus to close to the best sets of music I’ve ever seen. Best show was their first concert March 2013 on a Sunday night 2 sets @ Cornelia Street Cafe when it WAS fully improvised. For sure one of the best 2 sets of music I’ve ever experienced. At least 2 of the other sets I’ve seen them play rivaled that blistering performance.
  17. Some great stuff but he misses almost all European based free jazz/improv and ignores a huge number of important brilliant innovative musicians
  18. Your Favorite Albums of the Decade

    Probably a whole bunch of recordings I love:)
  19. Your Favorite Albums of the Decade

    Here is an “off the top of my head” list for the decade starting with the great box sets all 4 of the Barry Guy Small Formations boxes - first 2 from the members of the New Orchestra and the most recent 2 from members of the Blue Shroud Band: Mad Dogs - 4 CD’s Mad Dogs On The Loose - 4 CD’s Tensegrity - 4 CD’s Intensegrity - 5 CD’s then the other boxes: Joelle Leandre: A Woman’s Work - 8 CD’s Zlatko Kaucic: Diversity - 5 CD’s Per Ake Holmlander Carliot - It’s Never Too Late Orchestra - 3 CD’s Peter Brotzmann - Long Story Short - 5 CD’s Agusti Fernandez: River Tiger Fire - 4 CD’s Anthony Braxton: Quartet (New Haven) 2014 - 4 CD’s Mats Gustafsson - 50th Birthday Celebration - Peace and Fire - 3 CD’s all 3 DKV boxes but I like Sound in Motion the best - 5 CD’s from 2013-14 shows single or double CD releases: Peter Brotzmann Tentet: Love, Walk & Sleep - 2 CD’s Dragonfly Breath: !!!! Mats Gustafsson, Peter Evans & Agusti Fernandez: A Quietness of Water DKV Trio: Latitude Rodrigo Amado: Searching for Adam, The Flame Alphabet, This is Our Language and The Freedom Principle Joelle Leandre Sudo Quartet - with Carlos Zingaro, Sebi Tramontana & Paul Lovens Fire! Orchestra: both Exit & Enter Ken Vandermark Resonance Ensemble: Head Above Water, Feet Out of the Fire - 2 CD’s a bunch from Dave Rempis - at least 5 or 6 that deserve mention. Start with Kuzu & From Wolves to Whales Agusti Fernandez Celebration Ensemble Angelika Niescer New York Trio: The Berlin Concert Tom Rainey Trio: Hotel Grief Jury Wickiehalder Trio: Beyond John Butcher with Red Trio: Summer Skyscape Joe Morris, Joe McPhee, Jamie Saft & Charles Downs: Ticonderoga Parker-Guy-Lytton: Music for David Mossman - Live at the Vortex Before the Silence with Albert Cirera on saxophones and a stunning band North and the Red Stream: Red Trio & Mattias Stahl Joe McPhee - maybe too many to count but start with Journey to Parazzar That's just a start really many many more on labels like Relative Pitch that might be on the edge of Jazz. Things like Bind the Hands that Feed with Michael Foster, Katherine Young and Michael Zerang. So much recent game changing and mind boggling great recordings and live NYC performances that any listing of these things doesn’t give the current wide swath of improvised music it’s due credit Old Smoke, baby
  20. What music did you buy today?

    Henry Cow Complete recordings Box Set Francois Carrier with Alexander Hawkins, John Edwards & Michel Lambert: Nirguna 2 CD set - recorded live @ The Vortex in 2017 Rodrigo Amado Trio - Summer Bummer two of the recent Dave Rempis CD’s - 2 CD set from quartet with Nate Wooley, Pascal Niggenkemper & Chris Corsano & 1 CD release with quartet with Joshua Abrams, Jim Baker & Avyreel Ra
  21. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Brandon Lopez’s “Sun Burns Out Your Eyes” at Roulette in Brooklyn - I’ve been told it’s 2 full sets Lopez on double bass, Cecelia Lopez (related??) on electronics, Steve Baczkowski on saxophones & Gerald Cleaver on drums the recent trio recording with all except the electronics called “Old Smoke” on Relative Pitch might be the best high energy sax/bass/drums trio recording I’ve heard in a few years. The saxophonist (from Buffalo) is new to me save for that recording so I wouldn’t miss this no matter what. Seems his main axe is the baritone but I think tenor is his number 2 although he plays at least 1 other horn (soprano) on the record. To my ears Brandon Lopez is just about the most exciting younger bassist I’ve heard over the past couple of years and Cleaver is an absolute beast in this type of context.
  22. Not sure this is the best place - SME - John Stevens

    Thanks so much for posting this, Chuck. I had no idea we had anything on video in such great quality. Due to the very obscure nature of SME, I had never bothered to search You Tube.
  23. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Of course you are fortunate to be somewhere near many of the great musicians from your country/region. Despite sometimes getting annoyed that I don’t have opportunities to see/hear some of my favorite musicians like Mark Sanders, Barry Guy, John Butcher, John Edwards, etc. live ever or very very rarely, I NEVER lose sight of the fact that I’m able to see musicians like Mat, Mary Halvorson, Ches Smith, Brandon Lopez, Tony Malaby, Tom Rainey, Nate Wooley, Tomeka Reid, Nels Cline, etc. many multiple times a year or even a month in some cases if I can incorporate these show into my life. These days it’s usually 2-3 a month so I have to miss things like Wooley’s massive Seven Story Mountain show from late last month and probably this year’s Mars Williams Ayler X-Mas shoe next Saturday (with Steve Swell, Nels Cline, Fred Lonberg-Holm & Chris Corsano). I will be at Brandon Lopez’s Quartet show next Monday @ Roulette with Gerald Cleaver on drums forming what is now one of the most incendiary bass/drums tandems on the planet - and it will be my first time seeing the radical blistering hot saxophonist Steve Baczkowski in person. Word has it two sets which without Cornelia street around any longer is too much of a rarity these days.