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  1. Al Green - I Can't Stop

    Read an interesting fact recently. This cd sold 33,972 units in its first week. Not too bad, and the resaon BN signed Green in the first place. I wonder how Green's numbers stack up to someone like Jason Moran.
  2. Duke Ellington on LP.

    I've decided that I will devote the year 2004 to the one and only -- Duke Ellington. I got my 40 cd set of his early stuff, and picking up cds right and left. So, I'm wondering what lps I should pick up of the Duke? What is on lp only? What sounds much better on lp than cd? For example: I recently saw a lp copy of Uptown in pristine shape but for $40.00. Should I have bought that? Any help from you Ellington nuts would be a great help.
  3. Blue Notes you shouldn't...

    Now that would have been interesting. Never heard that before. Anyone else have any information about this? Think it was in some "History of Jazz" book I checked out of the library a couple of years ago. Can't, for the life of me, remember the author.
  4. Attack of the Zombies

    From the article: Ellzey said Wal-Mart officials called later Friday to ask about her sister, and the store apologized and offered to put a DVD player on hold for her. If this isn't the most unbelievable thing I've read, I don't know what is. I mean, does she still get the discount? Looks like it's not just the other shoppers that couldn't give a damn about the woman.
  5. Blue Notes you shouldn't...

    They add up to 79:41 minutes, which, I think, is just too long for a cd. A great two-fer might be these two lps, and maybe some unrealesed live recordings. One of the things I've always wondered about is if there are any unreleased tapes around the vaults. I always read where BN recorded a TON of live Smith in his first couple of years. In fact, didn't I read somewhere the Alfred Lion wanted to quit BN and just follow Smith around taping his concerts?
  6. Blue Notes you shouldn't...

    I just got tired of waiting for Jimmy Smith to come out on domestic RVGs, so I've been buying his JRVGs as they come out. Van Gelder does a great job on them, it's just that they are so $$$$$$. The recent group is very nice.
  7. Blue Notes you shouldn't...

    The JRVG of this is great! To my ears it's so much better that the domestic it's not funny. Same with "Midnight Special", another fantastic treatment By RVG. Why BN haven't RVG'd "... Chicken Shack" & "Midnight Special" is a mystery since RVG is a master at re-doing organ albums. It just doesn't look like it will happen in 2004.
  8. How can you not have Entroducing by DJ Shadow??? I didn't see David Crosby's first solo album either. And all of Big Star's albums are in it?? This comes from some alternate universe right? You know, the universe that the crew of the original Star Trek were transported to, the evil one.
  9. Who's Sipping What With The Bird??

    A Baskin & Robbins large Chocalate Milk Shake.
  10. Well, I bought this recently and have begun to listen to this set. I only listened to about 4 cds spread thoughout the set. I'm going back now to to listen to the music in order. Impressions: On disk one, the first ten tracks sound like pure crap. I was wondering if my $90.00 had just gone down a rat-hole. Thankfully, the sound quality really improved after those tracks, and I have to say that, to my ears, the sound is very good (I admit I'm not overly fussy in this area). Everything else I've heard is clear, the instruments are easily distinguished. The downside is that the liners are same of the worst I've ever seen. They list the musicians, date of recording, and that's it. No mention of what label the cut is from, or any other information. The box it comes in is worthless, I threw mine away the minute I got home and put the cds on a self. However, with all that said, this is a great buy. 40 cds of Ellington, well over 740(!!) cuts, with good sound, that covers the first half of his career, all for $90.00, what's not to like? I'm very happy with my buy, and I'm looking forward to many hours of enjoyment.
  11. I've been listening a lot of Bud Powell's Blue Note work lately, and it is a fascinating journey. It's like one of those arcade games where there are many twist and turns, with surprising things appearing from unlikely places. I've read many time from critics that Glass Enclosure is the highlight of these recordings, and not only a highlight, but a look into the soul of Powell's, a self-portrait. That might be true for some but I disagree. That's not to say that "Glass Enclosure" isn't a great work of art: it is. However, as I listen to these recordings, I find that Parisian Thoroughfare is becoming more and more, the Bud Powell recording. Why do I say that? Here are a couple of reasons. It contains great joy. Now joy and Bud Powell are not two words that you hear together too often! But when I listen to his music, I hear a great joy that comes out in much of his playing, and it cause me to laugh with joy sometimes. In the face of so much suffering that occured in Powell's life, he was still able to allow his music to have joy. He wrote it: There are times when I feel just how great of a composer Powell was gets overlooked, and the melodrama take center stage. The fact is that Powell wrote great songs that still get overlooked. It's an incomplete take: I find deep poingnancy in the fact that Parisian Thoroughfare an incomplete take. It just seems to sum up the mixed up, crazy, difficult life that was Powell's. Here he is, doing fantastic work on this song, and yet, something goes off kilter, and it winds up not a whole. Like Powell's life -- fantastic talent, and yet, stuff is always happening to mess it up. Kind of like real life in this world of ours. Bud Powell music just touches me on so many levels it scary at times, but, after all, he is The Amazing Bud Powell!
  12. Bud Powell's Blue Note "Parisian Thoroughfare"

    Thanks for the update Mike. I'm really, really, looking forward to Pullman's biography -- he's a quality writer. I have a feeling that he will uncover aspects of Powell life that will be surprising, which, in turn, will cause a complete re-evaulation of Powell's life and work.
  13. Political Forum Ignore Requests

    Okay, it kind of makes sense now -- kind of. I have never used the Active Topic or Unread Post function so I didn't know that.
  14. Political Forum Ignore Requests

    Don't mean to be a smartass (well maybe I do ), but if a person doesn't want to look at the Political Forum, why does a person open it up? I mean, if I don't like something I read, I just don't open it again. Am I missing something?
  15. What Standard Ought to Be Retired?

    Probably the same thing as the answer to this old joke: Q. How many Dadaists does it take to change a light bulb? A. Fish
  16. What Standard Ought to Be Retired?

    Yeah, just joking -- On the serious side, I always thought that the reason that Powell recorded this one so often was as a tribute to his brother. For some reason, I always wonder what is going through Powell's mind when he plays it.
  17. What Standard Ought to Be Retired?

    I wonder if Bud Powell ever recorded that?
  18. What Standard Ought to Be Retired?

    Still haven't changed my mind. Please, please, PLEASE stop recording Baby It's Cold Outside!
  19. Hmmmmm 1. Orthodox Quaker (100%) 2. Eastern Orthodox (93%) 3. Roman Catholic (93%) 4. Seventh Day Adventist (92%) 5. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (90%)
  20. Great Finds

    Found sealed: Hank Mobley's Third Season & Thinking of Home $9.00 each. Just hope they're not warped. Also got MMW Combustication for $3.00
  21. How is the Sonny Red twofer?

    Stop! With the name of Sonny Red appearing, that's enough to keep me from buying it.
  22. The Organissimo tribute CD

    Gee, after hearing all these suggestions, I feel stupid requesting Rock Candy. But I'll do it anyway.
  23. Songs that demand to be played loud

    Of course, outside of anything by Led Zeppelin, this DEMANDS cranking up the volume!!!!
  24. Browsing at Organissimo

    I use the "Jazzmoose" method myself. It's interesting to be surprised by new topics when I go through the different forums.
  25. 70,000 posts!!!!

    Count me in!