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  1. what are you drinking right now?

    Far Niete 2013 Oakville Cabernet. Think I like Far Niete Cabernets the best. This is for an early birthday celebration tonight.
  2. Now reading...

    Henry David Thoreau: A Life by Laura Dassow Walls. A very good, and well written biography of Thoreau, enjoying this one immensely! Highly recommended if you're interested in Thoreau.
  3. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    And yet, Dave Roberts is supposed to be Mr. Analytics, and he manages like complete crap...
  4. Do you wear a watch?

    I wear a Fitbit, but Before that, never a watch.
  5. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Joe Maddon hired for the Angels. Nice get for the Angels, Maddon will add some color and life to the team, though it's been so long since they've had either, they might not know what they look like.
  6. Album Covers That Say It All

    Many thanks for posting this, it led me to finding new and great music!
  7. Now reading...

    Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson: Read this during the day, before the PG&E rendered darkness fell, Thanks PG&E! (three days of darkness where I live). I don't know why, but I have a deep love for this book. I've read it many times and there is a certain feel to this book that means a lot to me. It seem as if finally American spirituality broke free from Jonathan Edwards' baleful influence, and here, with this book, a new way of looking at the world entered the American scene. Just the first paragraph itself is bursting with creativity: Our age is retrospective. It builds the sepulchres of the fathers. It writes biographies, histories, and criticism. The foregoing generations beheld God and nature face to face; we, through their eyes. Why should not we also enjoy an original relation to the universe? Why should not we have a poetry and philosophy of insight and not of tradition, and a religion by revelation to us, and not the history of theirs? Embosomed for a season in nature, whose floods of life stream around and through us, and invite us, by the powers they supply, to action proportioned to nature, why should we grope among the dry bones of the past, or put the living generation into masquerade out of its faded wardrobe? The sun shines to‑day also. There is more wool and flax in the fields. There are new lands, new men, new thoughts. Let us demand our own works and laws and worship.
  8. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    In his historic 1941 season, Joe DiMaggio struck out just 13 times, Ted Williams has only 27 in 1941 while hitting .406. Think of it, two of the greatest seasons for a hitter, and Williams & DiMaggio struck out only 40 times combined... unreal. Baseball stats are great.
  9. I know what you mean (at least I think I do), the look you describe makes everything look weird, I feel the people are walking in isolation, if that makes any sense. I get a strange vibe that makes for a strange viewing experience.
  10. Now reading...

    When Prophecy Still Had A Voice: The Letters of Thomas Merton and Robert Lax. Merton and Lax (an influential poet) had an almost life long friendship, and the book is off to a rollicking start, with the letters starting in early 1938. Merton and Lax, at this point, are callow young men (Merton even dropping F bombs and bragging about his sex life) but the intelligence is plain to see in both of them. They must have been interesting people to know -- I have come to the conclusion that Merton missed his true calling of being a writer for The New Yorker.
  11. Paul Weller's finest hour, though some of The Style Council is fantastic, but there's a lot of dross with that gold.
  12. Listened to this while driving around the Bay Area this morning, very good. Thanks for the recommendation!
  13. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Bochy, classy to the end with his comments in the after game ceremony, I'm really going to miss this guy! The Giants played probably their worst game of the year, losing 9-0. I still can't believe the Madison Bumgarner backed out of pitching the last game for Bochy, this from a guy who gets pissed off at the least show of emotion from an opposing batter, saying how "Old School" he is, and yet can't take the mound to give Bochy a decent change of going out with a winning game. Weak.
  14. Some interesting videos on YouTube also. There's an interesting rhythm to this one, it's one that I detect in a lot of Ayler's music, sound of intensity, calm, intense, single voice, chorus of instruments.
  15. "We're playing data, we're not playing sound". Interesting quote from Brandford Marsalis. If you don't get the Pentecostal thing, you don't get Albert Ayler either!
  16. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Bruce Bochy's last game as manager of the Giants today; the big question in the Bay Area today is if Tim Lincecum will show up for the pre-game festivities. Truly the close of a wonderful Giants era, three World Series wins in five year, that is a great achievement. Speculation up here is Joe Maddon as the next in line when he gets canned by the Cubs after the season ends.
  17. Now reading...

    I really like his Walt Whitman's America, and I want to read soon his book on John Brown, as that is a figure I've always been fascinated with, I have even toyed with the idea of reading Russell Banks novel Cloudsplitter, despite divergent reviews of the book I've read.
  18. Now reading...

    Beneath the American Renaissance: The Subversive Imagination in the Age of Emerson and Melville by David S. Reynolds
  19. Now reading...

    The Long-Legged House by Wendall Berry. Part of the LOA edition of his essays, a long meditation on his house in the woods.
  20. TV Memories and Highlights

    Every time I hear that Mancini theme, a wave of memories washes over me. Definitely pure 1970s for me.
  21. Now reading...

    I hadn't heard that the JD Salinger estate had okayed his books going digital. I like to read novels and mysteries on my iPad, but other topics, I prefer the physical.
  22. Now reading...

    The Hours: A Novel by Michael Cunningham
  23. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Is it allowed for a sixty year old to really, really, enjoy this film? It's a fun film to watch.
  24. Now reading...

    What I Stand On: The Collected Essays of Wendell Berry 1969 - 2017. Nice collection that I'm slowly making my way through.