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  1. RIP Jerry Jeff Walker

    Jack, did you ever know Sweet Pete?
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Great music! Haven't stopped playing if for days! Note that cd 3 didn't have metadata, at least for me. Had to enter all info for iTunes and burning it to flac on my hard drive.
  3. MLB Season 2020

    I am just glad no one suggested they start a Home Run Derby in the top of the 10th! About as half-baked!
  4. Controversial Food Opinions

    I've never seen mayonnaise ON french fries, but in Belgian restaurants I see that pommes frites come with a container of mayo (aoli) on the side and you DIP one fry at a time into it. Just a little. It's not SPREAD over a pile of fries like ketchup. Maybe some places spread it over but I haven't seen that. I''m kinda surprised gumbo hasn't been mentioned. Wikipedia will usually says it's a soup or stew. I disagree. It's its own thing. I fix chicken soup, chicken stew, and chicken gumbo and they are all very different from one another. Well, chicken stew is closer to chicken gumbo than chicken soup is. But we call it chicken fricassee. Cajuns may state forcefully that gumbo has NO tomatoes in it. That's New Orleans style. I disagree with that too. I grew up in Vermilion parish which is one of the most Cajun parishes there is., Even when I went to school the cafeteria ladies fixed okra and shrimp gumbo and it DID have a little bit, not a lot, of tomato in it. It was definitely NOT a New Orleans recipe. I doubt those cafeteria ladies knew any New Orleans recipes! My mother used a little and so do I when I make it. How do you dress your hamburgers? I put ketchup on the bottom bun and mayo on the top bun. Lettuce and tomato and top of the patty. For steamed or boiled shrimp or crawfish a lot of Cajuns fix their own sauce at the table -- a mixture of ketchup, mayo, and worcestershire sauce. For oysters you vary that with a little bit of horseradish. Restaurants used to put all those ingredients on the table and you fixed your own sauce at the table. I don't know why but in English we don't say make something, we say fix something. But in French we DO say fait (make or do). Even in A Confederacy of Dunces, set in New Orleans, the characters say "Fix me a weenie" (Make me a hot dog) to the Lucky Dog representative. I guess it's both Cajun English and Yat.
  5. Doris Day R.I.P.

    I agree with Alan's remarks about her some time back. A much underrated jazz singer with a great voice and phrasing. We were lucky to have had her.
  6. RIP John Havlicek

    My all time favorite basketball player. It's good to know how respected he was.
  7. happy Birthday JSngry

    Happy Happy!
  8. Happy Birthday Neal Pomea!

    Funny! I know of a Cajun fiddler from Lake Charles named Nookie Martin. Meanings changed over time, I suppose! I remember Puggy Moity closer to my home. That man would run for more than one office at a time! He was supposedly a Private I who dug up the dirt on popular Edwin Edwards, using nicknames for Edwards like Tweety Bird, Chanel Number 5, etc. (If inappropriate just delete, don't ban me! ha!)
  9. Happy Birthday Neal Pomea!

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
  10. Happy Birthday Neal Pomea!

    Doesn't ring a bell. Google search showed he was from Thibodaux. Was he a character? Makes me think of Warren "Puggy" Moity.
  11. Happy Birthday Neal Pomea!

    Oh my! The rule of thumb in Cajun country is you go far away for your "favorite" crawfish boil place but as close as you can for your morning boudin! When I am in Lafayette LA visiting family I go no farther for boudin than Nu Nu's grocery in Maurice! And I mean to go to Hawks in Branch LA for crawfish even though Richard's Seafood Patio and Cajun Claws in Abbeville are closer!
  12. Thanks to a kind man!
  13. Happy Birthday jeffcrom!

  14. Happy Birthday Neal Pomea!

    Thank you Paul! Yes that's correct. To tell you the truth I had to look it up myself!