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  1. Reckless Records

    I've only ordered vinyl from them and have been satisfied with grading and customer service. The only anomaly I had was a copy of Blue Train that was listed as a 60's stereo press but in fact was a 70's processed stereo release. I emailed them about the discrepancy and they told me to keep it and promptly refunded my card.
  2. stereo system rack

    If you're still in the cable market, Audioquest Red River interconnect (have not tried speaker) is great affordable option. Re: Receiver / Phono Preamps - Its really about the cartridge you are using. If you are using Moving Magnet carts, typically, high output, then I agree with Kevin, the Onkyo phono circuit should be fine. If you plan on using Moving Coil carts, then you'll need an adjustable phono preamp to match the MC's output level. Either way, its a fun hobby. Looks like a nice setup. Have fun!
  3. stereo system rack

    Re: Racks - If you own a turntable, I'd at least consider a rack that allows for easy leveling, either for the entire rack or at least for the top shelf.
  4. Motor on my Nitty Gritty LP Cleaner Has Died

    Yes, that's her. I've heard lots of stories of her amazing customer service.
  5. Motor on my Nitty Gritty LP Cleaner Has Died

    Unfortunately, according to friends in the industry, Nitty Gritty's owner and operator suffered a career ending stroke a few months back and the decision was made to shutter the company. You'll probably have better luck working with a local dealer than trying to work with the company directly.
  6. Turntable recommendations.

    +1 for Dynavector MC carts. I also prefer Rega to Projects in the same price range primarily for the Rega arms. The RB300 variant that comes with the Planar 3 (and variants) table is a World. Class. Arm. If your buddy decides to upgrade to a better table, that arm can, more than likely be an excellent fit. I started with a Rega P3 variant (wedding gift from my wife!) 20 years ago. I upgraded the table to a Spacedeck and mothballed the Rega. Two years ago I got the itch to have a dedicated mono setup. My Spacedeck can accommodate a second arm and I wanted to keep costs low so I bought a second arm pod, transplanted the RB300 and picked up an Ortofon mono MC cart. Sweet, sweet setup. Another plus for the Rega arms is that your buddy can go with a Rega cart as well (again, that was my first setup). The Rega arm / cart synergy includes a three mounting screw setup which correctly aligns the cart on the arm whereas a non-Rega cart typically only has two screws and requires proper alignment on the Rega arm.
  7. French Horn Recommendations

    Thanks all! Appreciate all the responses.
  8. My daughter was asked to take up the French horn (she currently plays trumpet) next year for the school band / orchestra. I'm looking for recordings which highlight the horn to help familiarize her with the sound / capabilities of the instrument before she starts lessons this summer. Jazz, Classical, etc... any genre.
  9. Jazz In Paris

    I have their 10in vinyl release of the Guerin title. Its an excellent package with what I imagine is period correct flip / fold jacket. The cover art is excellent, as is the session.
  10. New Dynavector Cartridge for my Rega Planar 3

    Catching up on threads so sorry to dredge up an old one. Congrats on the cart. LOVE the DV line and have stepped through the line up from 10x5 (on a Rega variant) to the 20X and have had an XX2 on the NA for 8+ years. I only wish they had a more "affordable" mono cart. I had to deviate from the DV line and go with an Ortofon cart for the mono setup. So to keep this timely, what are your impressions after six months of "break in?"

    I've been using the Osage regiment for a few years. Have not heard of Art du Son... Any one tried both for comparison's sake?
  12. Gene Shaw Argo LPs

    I saw Breakthrough in the bins last week. Looks like I'll have to head back to grab it now. Thanks folks!
  13. Sorry to dredge up an old thread but does anyone have any information re: Malta, the illustrator of ML4841? The design was used with different color ways for other releases in this series as well.
  14. LP cleaning- how do you?

    I'm in complete agreement here. What are people using for record-cleaning fluid? I use the Osage Audio / Audio Intelligent fluids. The No. 6 for most LP's, the No. 15 followed by the No. 6 for truly dirty LP's. Either way, I leave the fluid on the LP for 12 - 15 minutes before vacuuming.
  15. I've picked them up on occaision as well. I compared the Miles' releases to the Classic Records 10in releases from the 90's and prefer the Classic but YMMV. I'm assuming these are digitally sourced like the recent 75anny LP reissues. Either way, the music is great and my LPOCD loves them as artifacts.