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  1. I am selling two Dynavector P75 MkIII phono stages. Both are in excellent working condition and include power supplies. They have proven excellent matches for Dynavector and Ortofon MC cartridges in my system. Configurable for MM and MC cartridges including Phono Enhancer mode for low output MC. $300 USD each shipped in the USA. Photos here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKj0mw3s3jE/ Manual & Specs: https://www.dynavector.com/pdf/P75_mk3_emanual_%20r2v0_a4.pdf HiFi+ Review here: https://www.dynavector.com/pdf/P75_hifiplus_review_issue_30.pdf
  2. I've got mono.

    I have two arms setup on my turntable but even with two TT you'll need two phono stages to avoid swapping cables. I had exactly that until my most recent upgrade to a phono stage with two inputs. Granted, I needed a SUP to use the MM input but both arm / cart combos sound great after dialing in the phono settings for each cart.
  3. I've got mono.

    Yes, I have dual setups on my turntable with one being a dedicated Ortofon mono cartridge. On the superficial side, yes, you'll find that many mono records will play with less surface noise than via a stereo cart. My experience is that dedicated mono cart >>> stereo cart + mono button >>> stereo cart. I spun my original of Bill English on Vanguard the other night and decided to compare carts (I just replaced both carts two weeks ago). The mono was huge, in your face, jumping out of the speakers, sound. The stereo seemed like someone was playing it through a cheerleader's megaphone.... from the other side of the gym. Happy Birthday! I hit the same milestone and treated myself to a new phono stage!
  4. Your audio equipment?

    Nottingham Analog Spacedeck - Two arm setup: NA Spacearm + Dynavector XX2 and Rega RB300 + Ortofon Cadenza Black Mono Dynavector P75's for each setup. Testing Linn Uphorik + Dynavector SUP to see if I can consolidate to a single box. Exposure CD Player Dynavector Pre and Power Amplifiers Neat Vito Speakers ---- Added the mono setup 4 years ago. The rest of the system has been in place for 15-20 years.
  5. Jazz in Manchester

    I visited Manchester on business 5-6 years ago and found very little jazz in the shops near and around city center. I did bump into Johnny Marr at a local shop. Our offices were in Bury and I took a stroll around Bury Market over lunch and found plenty of jazz records there.
  6. Great Finds

    Found at the local record show in a box labeled "Blue Notes In Here." Everything in the box was beat up and caked with debris. This one *only* had a thick layer of crud but with no discernible damage. Two soaks on the VPI and as many baths on the KL and it came out nice and clean, at least a VG+. Not bad for a twenty.
  7. Reissue labels - legit or not

    Absolutely... and I try to get the cleanest, earliest pressing I can afford. Unfortunately, that last bit can be problematic with the rarer and desirable titles on my want list!
  8. Reissue labels - legit or not

    Agree that Pure Pleasure does things right in terms of providing a lineage from their product back to the original tapes / companies. The quality of their product is excellent. Sams Records is another legit jazz reissue label offering "provenance" for all aspects of the product: audio, jacket, photography, etc... Fredericksburg Recrods focuses on rare euro-jazz reissues that appears legit and is available online to answer any questions you may have about their releases. I generally stay away from the gray market reissues (Doxy for example) and prefer to purchase reissues from the audiophile companies like Analogue Productions or directly from Universal or Concord. In the case of the major labels, that may mean they might be mastered from digital but at least (in my naive mind) it provides a legit path for artists / estates to paid accordingly.
  9. I can't comment on the CD release but I did pick up the 3LP 10inch reissue. Hype sticker mentions being mastered from the original analog tapes and being cut at Abbey Road. Despite all that... it sounds glorious.
  10. Miles Davis - Ascenseur Pour L'echafaud 3LP 10 inch 2018 reissue. Hype sticker states it was mastered from the original analog tapes and cut at Abbey Road... and its sounds glorious.
  11. Great Finds

    Thanks for that! On the list now...
  12. Great Finds

    Picked up a copy of this on Sunday. A few marks which do not impact play. Plays beautifully on my stereo rig and even better on the mono setup. Nice and quiet press with a really great mix. Hayes' sax fills the room and the piano sparkles throughout. Glad to finally check this one off the list!
  13. Small sample answer for the OP - I have a copy of Jarrett / Haden "Last Dance." Its a 2LP set and both discs are flat, hefty, and dead quiet. I may pull the trigger on the Iyer and Sheppard LP's released this spring. ECM's vinyl release schedule, at least for spring 2018, seems pretty aggressive compared to other labels. They also state that reissues of older material is form the original analog tapes, whatever that might mean these days.
  14. Reckless Records

    I've only ordered vinyl from them and have been satisfied with grading and customer service. The only anomaly I had was a copy of Blue Train that was listed as a 60's stereo press but in fact was a 70's processed stereo release. I emailed them about the discrepancy and they told me to keep it and promptly refunded my card.