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  1. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    90.5FM KSJS San Jose and http://www.ksjs.org Wednesday 10 AM - 2 PM Pacific Time Artist interview takes the final hour of the program with a Q&A with our guest followed by exclusive play from his/her music 12/04 Bassist/bandleader/composer Ben Allison scheduled to be with us with his exciting new album which he's produced own his own label for the first time.
  2. 2013 -14 NHL and assorted hockey stuff

    Out of the few that come on this thread 2 are Sharks fans....Burns, the converted defense-man, scored his first hattrack. His 3rd was crucial as a 4-0 lead was narrowed to 4-3 made it 5-3 with a tap in with the goalie pulled for the final 6-3 score.
  3. Name Three People...

    Dumbo Goofy Dopey [which is pretty much the way this thread has gone]
  4. 2013 -14 NHL and assorted hockey stuff

    I'm pretty neutral on it, but I understand those who don't like it feeling it takes a team sport and settles the outcome with an individual skills competition
  5. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    10am [RIP] Chico Hamilton - Rusty Dusty - Thoughts Of Tom Harrell - Walkway -Colors of Dreams Tardo Hammer - Short Story - Simple Pleasure AAron Germain - Already Not Yet - Chance Joey DeFrancesco -Up Jumped Spring- One For Rudy Bob Devos -{title song ] Shadow Box Kneebody - Greenblatt - The Line Kevin Cohelo - Zig Zag - Turn It Up 11am Miles Davis - So What - The Original Mono Recordings [compilation] B.D. Lenz - Walt's Waltz -Ready Or Not Reginald Cyntje - Respect - Love Tim Horner - Frugal Meal - The Head Of The Circle Chester Thompson Trio - Straight no Chaser - Approved Jazz Combustion Uprising - Cupcake Flavor Profile - Self Immolation John Hamar - Prospect Park West - Idyl Wild Jim Alfredson's Dirty Fingers - Along Came John - A Tribute To Big John Patton 12pm Meg Okura Pan Asian Chamber Ensemble - The Last Emperor Theme -Music Of Ryuichi Sakamoto Ben Wanicur - 13 Vans -The Excluded Middle Steve Treseler - Kary's Trance -Center Song Houston Person - Bluesology - Nice n' Easy Dave King Trucking Company - This Is a Non-Lecture Craig Yaremko Organ Trio - CYO3 - Blue Fontaine Adam Brenner -Feelin' Good - The Long Way Home 1pm Tribute to Chico Hamilton and misc stuff....No Guest today: Chico Hamilton & Euphoria -South Street Exit - My Panamanian Friend 88 years of Foreststorn Chico Hamilton - Opening Comments " " - Why The Drums Chico Hamilton - Charlie Parker Suite - 12 Tones of Love 88 years of Foreststorn Chico Hamilton - Drum Philosophy " " - Advice Chico Hamiton & Euphoria - Miss Ann - My Panamanian Friend 88 years of Foreststorn Chico Hamilton - Final Reflections ********************************************************** Kat Parra Sephardic Music Experience - Hanukia - Des Amantes Manhattan Brass - Stuffy Turkey - Holiday Herbie Hancock - Chameleon [Live] - Complete Columbia Album Collection
  6. Overlooked Altos

  7. Chico Hamilton R.I.P.

    I like this summation Joe....RIP Foreststorm "Chico" Hamilton
  8. Overlooked Altos

  9. Female Jazz Singers

    Along with Madeline, another San Francisco treat Kitty Margolis, and the often mentioned Mary Stallings. Not everyone's cuppa tea....I like Carmen Lundy quite a lot. She was terrific at Monterey Festival in Sept!
  10. Name Three People...

    Obama Georgia O’Keeffe Aoife O’Donovan
  11. Losing Lisa

    My sentiments exactly....and all best to you moving forward
  12. 2013 -14 NHL and assorted hockey stuff

    Devils attempting to beat all 3 Cali teams on this road trip. Saturday nite Sharks get two first period goals and make them stand up with a 2-1 win. Marty ROBS Logan Couture
  13. Female Jazz Singers

  14. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    That's going to be good, Mike. I saw Billy with the Randy Weston Trio at Yoshi's 4-5 years ago. Great show. They're playing SFJazz on Sunday with Jason Moran (somehow). Would have gone, but ticket prices for that are sky-high. Good for Randy and Billy, though. They've been playing together dating back to the 70's
  15. 2013 -14 NHL and assorted hockey stuff

    Sharks are my home team and they had an easy time with them last night [and played a very good game] . Tampa 2-3 since the injury....have been trounced 3 times in a row playing Pacific teams, Gave up 5 the last two games in a row.
  16. NBA 2013-2014

    I think this started in Detroit where a guy would shout at the top of his lungs DETROIT BASKETBALL!!!! Now it seems that in quite a few arenas they have the 2nd P.A. announcer [besides the one that calls the fouls etc.] the SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS guy who I guess is supposed to fire up the crowd and get them to make noise. Flipped back & forth tonight 2 very entertaining games Houston at Dallas and Memphis visiting Golden State. Both games the SCREAMER was hard at work in both places. I was thinking to take in a couple of games and decided against it; noise levels like this are not what I want going to a game on top of the normal crowd noise. Music while the ball is coming up the court. Tunes blaring when they go to the foul line...WTF? What's with all excessive noise crap in the Association?
  17. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    Today's "Straight No Chaser" Broadcast 90.5FM KSJS, San Jose and www.ksjs.org 10am Randy Weston - [title song] Carnival Tim Horner - Mandala -The Head Of The Circle Peter Bernstein w/Tilden Webb Trio - Bones Bill O'Connell - +Latin Jazz All-Stars - Nothing But The Truth Ahmad Jamal [title song] - Saturday Morning Bob Devos - Blue Print- Shadow Box 11am Randy Weston -African Village Bedford Stuyvesant -The Spirits Of our Ancestors Tom Harrell -State-Colors of a Dream Tardo Hammer - Simple Pleasure - [title song] Kodi Hutchinson Andre trio - Waltz For Clay Kneebody - Cha Cha - The Line David Weiss Endangered Species- Nelle Bly - Music of Wayne Shorter Marc Cary Focus Trio - Tanktified - Four Directions 12pm Maria Schneider Orchestra - The Pretty Road - Sky Blue Diego Rivera - Little Giant - The Contender Juan Garcia Herreros - Impulso Interno - Snow Owl Michele Rosewoman's New Yoruba - Where Water Meets Sky - 30 Years Jon Hamar - Waxy - Idle Wild Steve Gadd Band - The Windup -Gattitude 1pm Featured & Interviewed artist: Steve Treseler - Saxophone - with his new Center Song album on CMA Records Inner Sounds Part I Inner Sounds Part II Painted Trail [title track] Center Song 11,000 Miles Ultra Tempo ( for George Garzone) Days Were Golden
  18. NFL 2013

    Who has anyone played? Seriously, who looks like the class of the NFL right now? I suppose Denver looks like the best in the league, but they certainly aren't a great team, and of course, are one bad sack away from mediocrity. The whole league looks like a bunch of bums to me. Yeah, like I said a few days ago....I don't recall a season with just so many bad teams....and many of them in position to make the playoffs. I don't think it's the # of bad teams....there are usually a bunch, but they don't get much fanfare. This season is just crazy regarding bad teams that were considered playoff locks, Houston, Atlanta, Giants [maybe not playoff lock, but certainly not all those losses to open the season], Washington....others probably missed.
  19. NFL 2013

    What happened to the " Not that it really matters" part?
  20. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Thursday Randy Weston/Billy Harper Duo Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz
  21. NFL 2013

    They WANT these dust-ups they NEED these dust-ups
  22. NFL 2013

    Cam Newton is rounding into a pretty good all around QB....3 TD passes tonight to beat the Brady bunch. Panthers 7-3 with a very good D
  23. NFL 2013

    If one wants off the board, they can contact the people who run the place and have it done quickly, unless the person is faking, as I suspect is going on here. major SHEEEEEEEEESH!
  24. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    90.5FM KSJS San Jose and http://www.ksjs.org Wednesday 10 AM - 2 PM Pacific Time Artist interview takes the final hour of the program with a Q&A with our guest followed by exclusive play from his/her music 11/20 We'll be calling Seattle this week to speak to Saxophonist/Multi-instrumentalist/Educator Steve Treseler about this new album which comes to us from CMA Records.
  25. NFL 2013

    Niners have some weird game plans going offensively. Noticeably rushing Gore less than 20+ times is not their winning formula. Kap has played 18 games; when they handed him the keys, they used his considerable athletic talents. Mostly they're playing him like a 'game manager' which they had one of the best in the biz at that the past 2 seasons, who's undefeated with his new club in that role and giving Denver a pretty good run thus far tonight.