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  1. there are some new developments with my book on How to Listen to American music. 1) it is now a 2 volume work. In order to do it right, I have had to extend it. Volume 1 is basically finished; I am waiting on two introductions (by Greg Tate and Greil Marcus) - and cleaning things up, so publication date is set for late July or early August. I actually think we have broken some new ground in this work, and there is nothing comparable on American music available in terms of scope and depth. If you ordered, you will get both volumes, though the second one is probably going to be ready later in the year. I think it's all worth waiting for, including the CD set, which should be ready relatively soon; and there is so much in Volume 1 that it stands alone pretty well. 2) I sold only a few copies here, and I think I have most of it together, but since I was going through some hellish medical treatments and then recovery all through the Fall, please message me here or at to confirm your order and mailing address. Sorry about that, but don't worry, I will take care of it. 3) It is not too late to order, and I can still offer an introductory discount; now $145 shipped, book and 30 CDs in the USA (which includes the 2nd volume when it is complete) -