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  1. Gene Krupa on demand today

    Last night Blue Lake Public Radio celebrated the life and music of Gene Krupa by opening each of the five hours with some of his music, either with Benny Goodman, Eddie Condon, his own big band or small group, and a Jazz at the Philharmonic appearance. The program also features the Jazz Datebook and plenty of music by artists performing in west Michigan this winter. This link is only good for today:
  2. Five hours of the finest in recorded jazz featuring recordings by Larry Vuckovich in the first part of each hour, and "Out on Blue Lake" two hours in with new releases from Leo Records and new music from Ornette Coleman. This file will be available today only:
  3. Big band fans: last night Jazz From Blue Lake featured the Rob Parton Big Band and Jazz Tech Orchestra from Chicago in the first 20 minutes of each hour, then kept bringing Chicago to the house with recent releases. Here's the on-demand file from the broadcast, available today only:
  4. Last night's Jazz From Blue Lake featuring drummer Kenny Clarke on demand today:
  5. Last evening' Jazz From Blue Lake, full of great music by Duke Ellington's Famous Orchestra featuring drummer Sam Woodyard, plus "Out on Blue Lake," two hours in, with music by Garrison Fewell and a new recording by Ornette Coleman available today on-demand:
  6. Barry Altschul's recordings are featured in the first 20 minutes of each hour in this version of Jazz From Blue Lake, available today on-demand. We hear several versions of "Be Out S'Cool," as well as music he performed live on Blue Lake Public Radio with Gebhard Ullmann, Steve Swell and Hilliard Greene. We're also checking out new recordings by Akua Dixon Turre with John Blake Jr. and Regina Carter.
  7. Last evening's Jazz From Blue Lake featuring Myra Melford available on demand today: