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  1. This week’s show, including commentary from Burton himself, in honor of the vibraphonist’s 75th birthday, which occurred yesterday (January 23): New Vibes: Gary Burton In The 1960s
  2. I'm interviewing Gary Burton tomorrow by telephone for my weekday afternoon show and am about 70 pages into his autobiography Learning To Listen, with plans to stay up late tonight and get up early tomorrow to finish it. It's an amusing and gracefully-told read so far, with lots of interesting side stories about Burton's interactions with artists such as Herb Pomeroy, Steve Marcus, and Hank Garland, and I'm only up to the early 1960s--can't wait to hear what he has to say about working with Stan Getz, Chick Corea, etc. Anyway, highly recommended on the basis of the opening chapters, for those interested in post-1960 jazz as well as Burton.