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  1. Hey, all- I'm very excited to share this project - long in the making and fraught with obstacles (this was supposed to premiere in 2020, and, well...). On Saturday, July 31, I'll be staging the online premiere of Apura, a work I initiated in 2018 as a way of exploring the bond between improvised music, a legacy of activism, and my Filipino American heritage. Joining me will be the extraordinary talents of the legendary Mr. Andrew Cyrille, Francis Wong, Lisa Mezzacappa, Rei Scampavia, and Patrick Wolff. (Lest it go unsaid, my endless thanks go to our own Alexander Hawkins + Louis Moholo-Moholo, both of whom were supposed to participate in this performance but could not attend.) Trust me when I say that if you're a fan of the classic Cecil Taylor Units, Francis Wong's work with the late Glenn Horiuchi, and the Apura recording with Messrs. Hawkins, Moholo-Moholo, and Trevor Watts, you will not be disappointed. Everyone came to play, and I've been humbled by the power and investment I've heard in this music. Tickets are available here: and a discount code you can use at checkout: @puraUS Details: Karl Evangelista's Apura with Special Guest Andrew Cyrille Saturday, July 31, 6pm PT/9pm PT *Video will be live for 2 days Streaming Online from Oaktown Jazz Workshops
  2. Hello, all- Sorry for the tragically long thread title - this is Karl / ep1str0phy. In summary, my avant duo Grex is hosting Lockdown 3, a livestream music festival commemorating the release of our new record. The festival itself has a crackling bill, featuring the great DC bassist Luke Stewart, Asian Improv aRts co-founder/personal hero Francis Wong, Jordan Glenn (of Fred Frith Trio fame), the great young poet Tongo Eisen-Martin, and a really eclectic mix of cutting-edge Bay Area improv, beat music, rock, and so on. Our music has a theme of protest baked into it, meant to address inequitable living conditions in Oakland and the Philippines. In light of recent events, we thought it appropriate to put the music to some practical use. All proceeds from the sale of our record, and all donations collected at this festival, will be directed to the ACLU and to support the continued work of percussionist, educator, and researcher Milford Graves (ailing, as of late). Lockdown Festival 3 / Saturday, September 5, 4-9pm PT If you're interested in tuning in, the event is entirely on Youtube, but we're collating details + streaming links here: And for the righteous anti-FB crowd, here's a direct link to Grex's set, which will be updated with streaming links to the other sets: Finally: here's the Bandcamp page for the new record. All sales here for the foreseeable future (including limited t-shirt sales) will be directed to the aforementioned causes: All the best to you all. K