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  1. Details here: Mosaic Records is releasing a Savory recordings set
  2. A recent Night Lights show that draws on selections from the recently-released Mosaic Records Savory set is now up for online listening: Savoring The Savory Collection
  3. Have you read thisß Limited Editions Upcoming Release The Savory Collection 1935 - 1940 Release Date: February, 2018 A Treasure Trove of Previously Unknown Music. Then came the shock of my life! Could it be? Basie,then Fats Waller, Ella Fitzgerald, Coleman Hawkins, and that was just in the first couple of boxes! The discs were mostly aluminum - that was unusual - and in varying states of decomposition, but some were absolutely pristine. Gene asked if I would like to take a few discs back to New York to sample. I managed a seemingly disinterested "Well, if you'd like me to", grabbed a handful, including an unblemished 12" Basie Honeysuckle Rose and got out of there before he could change his mind - Loren Schoenberg Imagine Count Basie at the Famous Door with Lester Young, just three years after Lester's recording debut. He was first heard on songs such as "Boogie Woogie" and "Lady Be Good" with Basie, and here he was performing them live. And alongside him was Herschel Evans, whose talent can now be reassessed. Or, revel in the showmanship and exuberance of Fats Waller from a place called The Yacht Club, where the fun and frivolity of a casual club date takes you deep in the world of these men and women who did this night after night. You couldn't see it at home - or Savory from his recording studio -- but you can imagine the spotlight hitting the microphone and Ella Fitzgerald or Mildred Bailey stepping into the light to hold a room - and a radio audience - in their hands. Those artists are all here on the Savory collection, along with Teddy Wilson, Albert Ammons, Benny Carter, Bobby Hackett, Chick Webb ... the list goes on and on. Savory's achievement in recording and preserving this material can't be understated. You could be at home around your radio, but you didn't have the equipment in the studio where Savory tinkered and invented. The glory of these broadcasts in many cases heard here is that he was capturing live music without the limitation of a 3 or 4 minute 78 rpm recording. If the club version of a song went for six minutes, no matter. Savory got every note of it.