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  1. everything is here, 5 new releases as described below: $12 each shipped in the USA, $9 each for all 5, $10 each for 4; $11 each for 3; $10.50 each for 2 my paypal is all prior orders will be shipped within 5 days; here's the Press Release: New from Allen Lowe: In the Diaspora of the Diaspora “Allen Lowe has re-invented free jazz” – Larry Gushee “Lowe's CD has become my go-to album when I can't decide if I am in the mood for the Art Ensemble, the Minutemen or Blind Willie Johnson" – Internet comment Saxophonist/composer/historian Allen Lowe is releasing 5 new CDs this Fall, most as part of his new In the Diaspora of the Diaspora series, and all on his label imprint Constant Sorrow. The first is Matthew Shipp Plays the Music of Allen Lowe (not part of the Diaspora series) in which pianist Shipp plays a number of solo piano pieces of Lowe’s work as well as in a larger group with Lowe on alto sax, Chris Klaxton on trumpet, Kevin Ray on bass, Eliot Cardinaux on second piano, Peter McLaughlin on drums, Ryan Blotnick on guitar, and special guest Michael Gregory Jackson on guitar. The In the Diaspora of the Diaspora series is described by Lowe as “representing my work with American song forms from the blues, pre-blues, country, hillbilly, and gospel, to bebop, post-bop, standard American song form, extended song and solo form, free jazz, new music, electronic music and sampling. It is intended as an offshoot of some of the historical work I have done, which has led me to conclude that the United States is made up of varying Diasporas within Diasporas, of communities and subcultures which have branched themselves off from the African and African American Diaspora, with an emphasis on American.” Guest musicians include baritone saxophonist Hamiet Bluiett, who recorded Lowe’s compositions for a CD called We Will Gather When We Gather, which features, in addition to Bluiett and Lowe, Matt Lavelle, Ava Mendoza, Ras Moshe Burnett, Kevin Ray, Jake Millett, and Lou Grassi. Another in the series is a soundtrack album called Man With Guitar: Where’s Robert Johnson? The music was written to accompany a play Lowe wrote about the bluesman Johnson, and includes special guest alto saxophonist Gary Bartz, as well as DJ Logic and Jake Millett on turntables, electronics, and electronic drums. Brian Simontacchi is on trombone, Lewis Porter on piano, and Jeff Fuller on bass. Next in the In the Diaspora of the Diaspora series is Ballad For Albert, named for the saxophonist Albert Ayler, and which features Matthew Shipp on piano, Lowe on alto saxophone, Kevin Ray on bass, and Jake Millett on turntables and electronics. It is a mix of neo-standards and open improvisation, all composed by Lowe. Last in the series, Where a Cigarette is Smoked By Ten Men features clarinetist Zoe Christiansen, drummer Miki Matsuki, bassist Kris Day, and Lowe, in a program of blues and ballads shaped over chord forms, standard tunes, and free improvisation. Of special note is a group tribute to Pee Wee Russell, called Beneath the Blues. Lowe plays both alto and tenor saxophones.