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  1. Hey all, another recent Night Lights show now up for online listening: Jazz Women of the 1980s Other entries in this series: Jazz Women of the 1960s Jazz Women of the 1940s Jazz Women Of The 1990s
  2. I'm looking for an Art Blakey record (CD) that we had at the radio station I worked at in college in the early 90s. I believe it was released in the late 80s. There's a track that has a lot of discussion, then Art chewing out the band. "You know what... you guys get in the studio, you try to make everything so goddamn clinical!..." and so on. I know that Essiet O. Essiet was the bassist, but I remember very little else about it. Any clues? I'm seeking the track and album names (hoping to find it on iTunes), but would be happy with just the album name for a used record search. Thanks in advance!